Yeah, these are supposed to be short stories, not real plot line. However, they all connect to each other. Sorry, this was not beta read.

Author: Ongaku

Genre: Humor

Pairing: Slight Kallen and Lelouch

Summary: After a nights rest, Kallen wakes up with a dilemma.

Disclaimer - I do not own Code Geass. (of course)

His Face, Her Dilemma

(Part Three)

Even though Kallen was a part of the Student Council, there was hardly ever a time when she would visit the Council building. One reason was because she was always out with a supposed illness. The other thing is she just didn't feel that comfortable with being in the place where Lelouch lived.

Today, however, she was not able to get out of it.

"Come on Kallen! We got to finish filing stuff and then we are going to have a small party."

Kallen never understood why the Student Council president liked to have parties so often. She would find a reason to have a party for the smallest of things. This time it was to be glad she was back after being absent for over a week.

She felt a little guilty. She wasn't even out of school for the job. She just didn't feel like going. She spent most of her days sleeping. Her stepmother scoffed at her but left her alone for the most part. Her real mother would have been all over her if she wasn't lying comatose in the hospital.

Walking in the doors she smelled something vaguely familiar but couldn't remember what it was.

They continued to walk to the back, where they had the files.

Inside was the entire group, working quickly and being quiet. It was a strange site, not seeing them be loud and hyper. She supposed they were the Student Council for a reason.

Kallen took some of the papers and started to file along with them. The smell, she noticed, had only gotten stronger as she walked further in the building. It was driving her crazy since she couldn't figure out what it was.

Just when she was about to ask there was a light nock on the door.

"Come on in Nunnally."

The sound of her wheelchair could be heard as she rolled into the room.

"I finished making the cookies. I hope they are to everyone's liking."

Milly grabbed onto Nunnally in a bear hug. "Oh! Thank you so much. I'm sure they will be lovely."

Lelouch laughed. "Let go of my sister you perv."

Milly only held on tighter. "No, you just want her for yourself."

Nunnally's childish laugher could be heard and Kallen couldn't help but smile.

The Student Council always made her feel like there wasn't a war going on. They were like a family to her.

"Okay!" Shirley stood up from her chair. "Let's get the party started!"

"Right on!" Rivalz said in response.

They all huddle out the door in the direction of the party.

There was treat and snacks of all kinds. It made her wonder how they were supposed to eat all of that.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time but Kallen just stood on the side and watched.

"Why aren't you eating anything?"

Kallen jumped when she realized Lelouch had just snuck up on her.

"I'm, not all that hungry."

Lelouch handed her a drink and she took it without question. Truth was, she wanted to eat and laugh with them but she felt like she really didn't belong.

"You really shouldn't distance yourself from all of us. They are having this party for you after all."

Kallen looked Lelouch in the face and blushed. Even after a whole week had gone by she still couldn't get the dream out of her. It was even harder now that she had kissed Zero. She was beginning to get strange thoughts in her head, like if kissing Lelouch would be the same or different.

"Come on." He grabbed her by the wrist gently and dragged her to the party table.

"Kallen said she wants a little bit of every thing."

Hearing this Kallen pulled her wrist away. "I did not! Are you trying to make me fat?"

The group howled with laughter, except for Shirley. She knew the girl had a thing for Lelouch and always seemed to feel uncomfortable whenever Lelouch gave her any attention.

Lelouch walked by Kallen and the gush of wind brought the smell back. Deciding now was the best time she asked.

"What is that nice smell that I smell?"

Milly laughed, "It's the snacks!"

Kallen sweat dropped, she should have been more specific. "No, I mean the faint perfume-like smell."

"Oh!" Nunnally said in surprise. "I'm surprised you can smell them."

She then rolled towards a closet and opened it up. "It's the smell of Lavender."

Kallen eyes widened. She wondered why she couldn't have figured that out sooner.

"For some reason, we kept getting Lavender things in the mail but Lelouch isn't happy about it so he makes me put it in this closet."

Kallen looked in his direction. "Why is that?"

Everyone was quiet, as if afraid of saying the wrong thing. Kallen wished she had never asked.

"It was our late mother's favorite smell." Lelouch finally replied.

"Oh." Kallen wasn't sure what to do now. "It is a lovely smell."

"I agree!" Nunnally said with enthusiasm. "That is why I have Sayoko use lavender smelling laundry soap."

Kallen thought this over long and hard. So, Lelouch smelled like lavender because of the soap. Then something clicked in her brain. Zero had smelled like lavender as well!

She wondered why a man of his stature would smell so, girly, but maybe C.C. did his laundry.

It was a little far fetched but it was the best she could come up with. She didn't want to think of the alternative, that Lelouch could be Zero still.

"Kallen, are you okay?"

Kallen blinked out of her daze when she heard her name being called. "Yeah, but I'm getting tired. Thanks for the party but I think I should head home now."

"Aw," Milly began. "That's too bad. Have a save trip home and get plenty of rest. We hope to see you tomorrow."

Kallen smiled and waved her goodbyes. "I will. Goodbye."

Once Kallen was outside she began to mumble to herself. "Why can't I stop thinking about Lelouch and Zero?!"