Warning: YAOI, sensei-molesting

Warning Summary: Naruto likes Kakashi, and basically wants to seduce the older man. please comment only if you have something nice or constructive to say.

It was night time.

A cool breeze swept across the forest floor, rustling the leafs in the trees softly. It was quiet.

In the middle of a small clearing, a tent had been set up. To one side, there was a slowly dying fire burning the last of its embers. To the other side, four lightweight backpacks were flung onto the ground carelessly. There was a river a little off in the distance.

Inside the darkness of the tent, the young blond ninja was finding it hard to sleep.

Frustrated, he tried turning to one side, hoping to feel sleepy. He blinked his blue eyes in the dark, sighing. Quietly he examined his friend's face, lifting a hand to swipe back stray strands of hair falling over the Uchiha's eyes.

Sasuke twitched his nose slightly, making Naruto giggle.

He rested his hand on Sasuke's shoulder, shifting a little closer. Carefully, he tried slipping his hand over Sasuke's waist. The Uchiha grunted slightly in his sleep, abruptly turning over onto his back and making Naruto withdraw his hand.

Naruto gave an unhappy sigh, flopping over onto his other side.

Maybe his sensei would be better to hug, rather than cuddling Sasuke.

Smiling to himself all of a sudden, he found himself rather eager to cuddle with his sensei. He had always admired his new sensei. He was everything; talented, dangerous, perverted in a friendly sort a way, and unnaturally handsome…

Biting his lip, he shifted a little closer to his sleeping sensei.

He hesitated slightly, running his fingers over his sensei's mask, wondering what he looked like.

Carefully, he wrapped an arm around his sensei, draping his sensei's arm back over his. It was warm and heavy.

He smiled and snuggled into his sensei, inhaling softly.


He gasped as suddenly his sensei turned over, their arms entangled only dragging Naruto on top of the elder man. He froze. Did Kakashi wake up? He lifted his eyes and checked the sleeping man's face, sighing with relief.

Kakashi yawned in his sleep, making Naruto freeze again as he felt the elder man's muscles ripple beneath him.

He gripped onto the man's shirt, shutting his eyes and praying that he wasn't awake.

Something hard was pressing into his stomach.

His breath hitched as his sensei stretched one last time, causing Naruto's stomach to rub up unintentionally against Kakashi's crotch. His sensei moaned slightly.

Naruto paused, listening to Kakashi's low moan.

Smiling a bit, he tested grinding himself down onto Kakashi softly. Strong hips bucked upwards making Naruto's heart beat faster.

He slipped a hand between their bodies, excited, as he fumbled over his shorts and began to rub himself roughly through the fabric. He couldn't believe he was doing this, on top of his sensei, for that matter. But he couldn't help it.

He gasped Kakashi's name to himself, clenching onto his sensei.

Without warning, he felt two firm hands run up the back of his thighs and holding onto the curve of his ass, gripping slightly. They rubbed gently, causing Naruto to moan.

Worried that Kakashi was awake, he began to struggle to sit up properly, blushing as he felt himself sitting on top of his sensei's hardness. It felt so good, having something hot and hard rubbing against him. He just wanted to press down even further, feel more of that delicious bulge…

…then he heard a low voice in the dark.


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