Warning: YAOI, sensei-molesting

Warning Summary: Naruto likes Kakashi, and basically wants to seduce the older man. please comment only if you have something nice or constructive to say.

...he heard a low voice in the dark.


A strong pale hand grabbed him by the back of the shirt, dragging Naruto back onto the sleeping matt.

Naruto almost cried out, blue eyes widening as soon as he heard Sasuke. He fell onto the matt, eyes flickering back and forth between the sleeping Kakashi and the angry look on Sasuke's face. His heart was racing.

"What were you thinking!"

He could swear Sasuke's eyes were glowing red.


Naruto swallowed thickly, suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

"You what?" Sasuke hissed.

"I... couldn't... I couldn't sleep..." He whispered, turning red.

Sasuke only responded by rolling his eyes, before flopping back onto his sleeping matt.


Naruto looked up to the ceiling of the tent, feeling stupid. Sighing, he slipped down on his sleeping matt.

"Dobe," the raven snorted quietly. "You can hug me if you want. Just don't do stupid things again."

The blonde blinked, before giving a small grin.

"Arigatouuuu," he whispered quietly, rolling over and wrapping his arms comfortably around his friend.

They fell asleep shortly.


The third day of the expedition.

Birds twittered in the skylights, a soft breeze rustling the tree's.

Naruto's eyes opened slowly, finding the empty sleeping matt next to him. Sasuke was already awake then.

Sighing, yawning, he stretched languidly before crawling out of the tent.

He looked up at the tree, seeing Kakashi sat there as usual, reading his little book. He blushed, remembering the previous night... how the warm bulge in Kakashi's crotch rubbed up and hard against his...


His thoughts were jerked, blushing crimson.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. He had just come back from morning fishing for food.

"H-hai..." Naruto scrambled to help set up the cooking, lighting a fire as Sasuke pierced the fish with sticks.

"You know..." Sasuke said quietly, "you shouldn't do that to sensei..."

Naruto looked up, a confused look on his face. "Why?"

"Because," the raven said frustratedly. "It's bad."

"Bad?" Naruto whispered, glancing up at the silver haired man sitting in the tree.

"Boy's don't do that."

"Do what?"

Sasuke stopped piercing the fish, looking at Naruto. The blonde had a look of confusion. Dismay.

"Boy's don't cuddle other boys in tents."

Naruto blushed fiercely.

"I wasn't cuddling," he protested. "I was... I was just lonely! You let me cuddle you..."

Sasuke gave an exasperated sigh. "Well, don't do it again. I know it's your first time in a tent but..."

"Sorry," Naruto whispered, dumping the rest of the sticks onto the fire.

It was his first time having friends.

Boy's don't cuddle other boys in tents.

Boy's don't do that.

Clenching his fists tightly, Naruto burrowed his head into his sleeping matt.

It still felt off. As if something was missing. At home, he had his big pillow to cuddle to sleep but now, he just felt empty. And a little lost.

Boy's don't do that, boy's don't do that...

He turned over frustrated, blue eyes unable to shut themselves and sleep. He stared through the darkness blankly at the sleeping Uchiha's face. The pale arms carefully placed by the side of his head, peacefully resting.

Huffing, Naruto turned over sharply again.

Stupid Sasuke.

His eyes softened as they ran over Kakashi's face.

Soft cloth, smooth skin. Silvery strands of hair tickling his eyes.

Kakashi was.

Naruto scrunched up his face slightly, trying to think of what Kakashi was.

He reached out slowly with one hand, putting it quietly onto the older man. It was warm. Heavy and pleasant.

Kakashi radiated protection.

All thoughts slipping out of his mind, Naruto shifted closer to the silver haired sensei and rubbed his cheek against the rough anbu shirt, closing his eyes. The soft heavy breathing tickled the top of his hair, the breathing body in sync with his.

Kakashi's arm moved numbly over his smaller body.

Naruto froze quietly.

Kakashi's hand was rubbing his back gently.

His eyes shot open, his heartbeat quicked. Panicking, he tried to untangle himself from the older man.

But the hand pressed against his back firmly, keeping him in place.

"It's ok."


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