November 13, 2016
12:00 PM PST

As soon as Marty Jr opened up his eyes, he realized he was back at Tabitha Palmer's apartment. He sure felt strange to realize that he was, once again, corporeal. He and Harmony were both resting on the bean bag chair, which was soft and comfortable.

"So, how was it?" Tabitha asked, as soon as she noticed that Marty Jr and Harmony were beginning to stir. "Fortunately, there was no real incident. Although, Aaron did call here last night - and he sure wanted to know if you would be up to to practicing with the band later this afternoon. He said he just wrote a new song yesterday."

"Uh, yeah, sure," Marty Jr stammered, as he blinked his eyes. "You know what's so funny? I really feel as if I'm well rested - even though Harmony and I were floating around so much, back in 1955. I guess it's because our bodies were resting."

"That's right," Tabitha replied. "So, what all did you find out about that fateful day? I mean, from what all you've told me, it sure was an event filled day. Of course, I am aware of the famous Hill Valley lightning storm - but I guess it was just part of it."

"Oh, it was," Harmony said, stretching. "My grandpa and Marty's dad were there two times. Of course, the first time sure was when my grandpa was native to 1955 - and he hasn't even time travelled, yet. He was so inexperienced back in those days."

"Yeah," Marty Jr added, nodding, "he couldn't even figure out that Dad actually went back from the year 1985. He kept insisting that it couldn't be possible, and he pretty much went into shock. I guess he was quite worried that something went wrong."

"We also found out that Biff was just as bad as his grandson," Harmony added. "He held views that really were misogynistic. I mean, at least Griff actually let a female into his gang - even though he does sometimes harass Marlene and myself."

"Well, Biff was a slightly different sort of a bully," Marty Jr explained. "He didn't have all these bionic implants, but he was still a big bully. I was so shocked, though, when his gang members had abandoned him. It was really strange to see that Biff actually was reduced to tears. Now, if only we could see Griff become reduced to tears."

"I really don't believe in hating anyone," Harmony added, "and we have even seen how much hatred has been real destructive to Biff's grandmother. She really hated her father, she took it out on her son and grandson - just because they both pretty much resembled her father. I believe that it was very unfair to both of them."

"I don't disagree with you, Harmony," Marty Jr replied, "but I sure can't think of any redeeming values that Griff has. He's not exactly shy about using intimidation to get what he wants, and his father just encourages him to bully other people around."

"Anyway," Tabitha said, "why don't I just make the two of you something to eat? I'm real sure you two could be feeling hungry now. Anyway, why don't you tell me about Marty's grandparents? That was the day that the two of them actually fell in love?"

"That's right," Marty Jr said, smiling. "Dad had sure done a lot to encourage Grandpa George, and it was such a reprieve to see Grandpa George break out that evening. I felt so bad for him, and it was rather nice to see him finally get his revenge on Biff. I really would hate to think that I might have ended up being like Grandpa George."

"Yeah, he did have quite the inner strenth in him," Harmony replied. "I guess he felt too intimidated by those bullies, so he was too afraid to stand up to them. You know what was especially interesting about the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance?"

"I'm sure you enjoyed watching Marty's grandparents kiss for the first time," Tabitha suggested, smiling. "I can imagine how it would be a real sight to see. Maybe I could plan a trip back in time, myself - and possibly witness my parents' first kiss."

"Well, there is certainly that," Harmony replied. "Big Marty was playing Earth Angel, which was the song that George and Lorraine kissed to. He was just starting to fade out from existence, though. It was sure nice how his parents managed to kiss, right in time! I could sure imagine how fading away would be a real scary experience."

"He then played Johnny B Goode," added Marty Jr. "Everyone seemed to love this song at first - but, after he started to play hard rock and do all those stage antics, then the dancers were all quite stunned into silence. I think it was when he kicked the amplifier over, that it really took the cake. Think of how it may look to them."

"When he was strumming behind his back, tapping, and jumping around," Harmony added, "I'm sure they found it to be odd, but essentually harmless. By kicking over the amplifier, though, then they were probably convinced that he was a madman."

"The times have quite changed," Tabitha commented, smiling. "It really wasn't much over a decade ago that hoverboards have been invented - and hydrators and thumb plates, as well. Also, the Smart Speaker. You know, we may not even have all these things, if it wasn't for your grandpa. He really is a wonderful genius, you know."

"The Clapper was invented in the '80s," Harmony said, "if I understand correctly. So the fact that we use our voices to control objects rather is a slight advancement. It's just amazing, however, that you can actually generate as much as 1.21 gigawatts of electricity with the Mr. Fusion. It used to be that only a bolt of lightning could do it."

"Hey, don't forget about plutonium," Marty Jr reminded his girlfriend, "and I think a nuclear blast could also generate that amount of electricity. I certainly do see what you mean, though. You know, it's a good thing that your grandpa didn't just stay in the Old West. We wouldn't be anywhere as advanced as we are, without him."

"You mean, besides the fact that I wouldn't even be born?" Harmony teased. "I think that could even create a very huge paradox - although, I guess he could've had Dad or Uncle Verne pass those inventions down the generations. Still, it would be risky."

"And you also never would've been born," Marty Jr added, as he leaned over to kiss Harmony. Turning to Tabitha, he added, "Harmony and I have been best friends our whole lives. In fact, we were in diapers together. It was only just a few months ago, that we finally expressed our desire to take our relationship to the next level."

"There have been some negative comments over that," Harmony added. "Some see that as being almost as bad as incest, even though we are not related. It's just risky to take our friendship to such a romantic level - but it has a lot of benefits, after you really think about it. Relationships like ours may be a bit rare, but it does happen."

"Actually, William from my father's side of the family," Marty Jr point out, "and my mother's ancestor with the same name as her had this type of relationship back in the turn on the 20th Century. They did eventually break it up, however."

"I'm sure you two are destined towards a happy future," Tabitha said, smiling. "Say, I could hydrate a pizza and some breadsticks. I know that the two of you really love the Pizza Hut kind, and you really love the cheese lovers brand. Am I right?"

"That's correct," Marty Jr replied, smiling. "It's nice that we have a way to dehydrate food - and it's really nice that we have things like the nanowave and the microstove. That way, we don't have to do all that waiting around - when we're feeling hungry."

"I understand Grandma Clara really doesn't like those things," Harmony pointed out. "I suppose it's because she actually came from the Old West, and it took a lot longer to prepare food. She probably thinks we, as a society, have become too impatient."

"Well, older is not always better," Tabitha replied, smiling. "Anyway, it really does give us a lot more time to get out and enjoy life. Anyway, we've sure gone a long ways with curbing this huge pollution problem that we used to have. The air's real clean, nowadays. One thing I also really love are the rejuvination overhauls."

"Yeah, technology really has helped us to advance in medicine," said Marty Jr. "We sometimes do wish we could've been teenagers in the 1980s - but, when all is sure said and done, this era really has lots of pretty great benefits to it. We do have my girlfriend's grandfather to thank for all of this. He is such a genius."

"Yeah, and your father is quite a famous rock star," Harmony replied, "and you want to follow in his footsteps, too. You know, Marty, I wonder if our future son will decide that music is his career, too. Even if not, though, he will still be one precious boy."

Marty Jr and Harmony glanced at each other, as they realized just how fitting it was that the two of them planned to marry someday. They would finally unite the ties of two of the greatest living heroes Hill Valley could boast about: Martin Seamus McFly and Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown.