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Chapter 1 The return

Side note: this chapter takes place 6 years ahead all the charicters are now 16.

note: slanty letters are thoughts

note: bold means extreme yeeling or a signal or a flashback and ect.


Flash back

"Mikan I love you!" said Natsume with a serious expresion.

What?! he-he LOVES me?

" I-I-Ahhhhhhh!" whos grabing me i cant breath! help! Natsume! Natsume Im sorry...

"Mikan! Let go of her you Bastards!" Mikan I'll save you! Suddenly someone from behind grabed Natsume and knocked him out cold he fell to the ground and lost conciousness. Mikan...Im sorry...

End Flash Back

Mikan ran as fast as she could toward the acadamy gate while she heard gun shots in the back ground.

"Come back here you little bitch!" yelled one of the guys holding a M16 three other guys followed him.

"Never you rinkled up old bastard!" she yelled back. Mikan had changed alot since the acadamy ever since she got kidnapped by the AAO ahe has mastered her two alices Nullifucation and coping others alices. She has been trying to escape for years and her dreams finally come true. But her personality has turned arrogant, manipulating, and rebelious. She has no respect for others anymore and will not take anything she dosent like and thats where this story takes place when she finally makes it back to where it all began.

Once she made it to the Acadamys front gate she walked right through it using one of her mutiple alices. The guys chasing after her tryed shotting the gate but it was no use she was already in the realm of alice acadamy and was safe.

"Ha Ha Ha thought I would'nt make it out of that one!" she sighed this acadamy hasnt changed...AT ALL! (btw she didnt think that in a sentimental way.) well I guess I should tell the head master that Im enrolling...I wonder if my old friends still go to this acadamy...just as she was about to have a flash back there was a threatening male voice that yelled out in the dark.

"Whos there?" it demanded.hmph sounds like some old bastard...well I guess I can play.

"And what if I dont tell ya?" she asked in a voice that was begging for trouble.Sudennly a flashlight was shot up into her eyes.

"Turn that damn thing off!" she yelled annoyed.

"M-Mikan?" the male voice said slightly confused.Mikan looked up to see blond hair and puple eyes staring at her as if they were in a dream.

"Narumi?" she said back in the same questioning tone.

"Mikan is that really you?" he asked with dout and hope in his voice.

"Yes!" she screamed in happiness it felt as if all thoughs years of torture were gone. She ran to him and jumped in his arms sobbing into his chest and whispering "father father". Narumi felt like crying to but he could'nt because he was supposed to be a man but if you looked close enough you could see a single tear slid down his cheek as he returned the embrace.

"Mikan how did you get here?" he said pulling away from the embrace. She wiped the tears from her cheeks and smiled warmly at Narumi.

"I escaped and ran here." she stated as she shivered alittle from the cold.

"YOU ESCAPED! NO ONE HAS EVER ESCAPED!" he yelled extremely suprised. He sighed. "Well it getting cold out here lets go discuse this with the head master.Do you have anywhere to stay?" she noded her head left and right. "Ok then you'll enroll here as a student." she just smiled and followed him to the head masters office. Where they discused everything and got Mikan settled in.

1 Day Later

She arose from her bed at 7:00 and got ready for school (school starts at 8:00) she picked out an out fit for the day. She refused to wear the uniform. The head master made an exception.She got the cloths by going shoping the previous day. She put on a black tank top that had a broken red heart on the breast that said ' Love sucks'. A jean mini skirt, black lace up boots, a hundered silver braclets on one arm, and a black choker on.As for her face she had on black eyeliner, black masquera, and her hair was pulled back into a pony tail.

As soon as she was done looking in the mirror she went down to breakfast.She caused alot of uproar. As she walked in she heard tons of different responses like 'Whos the slut?' and 'That chicks smokin dude!'. Ofcourse she heard the slut comment but decided to let it go for once.

As soon as she was done with breakfast she made her way to class.

Dammit I cant believe Im late! Stupid acadamy do you have to be so damn huge!!! As she kept cursing the buildings in her mind she came to stand in front of a highschool building that said 'Class: B' this is it! Finally! Before she opened the door she recollected her self and took a deep breath.I wonder if they will still except me even though Im not naive little Mikan anymore...her heart saddened at the thought well whatever if they dont likr me screw'em! She opened the door in a fast swooshing manner and entered as if she was supposed to be late.

"Ah Mikan you came!" said Narumi he smiled at her and noticed the fear in her eyes of not being excepted.He just patted her on the shoulder and whispered "Introduce yourself" he then smiled and yelled at the class to pay attention.

"Class we have a new student today although some of you might know her, miss please introduce yourself."

She looked at the class "Hi my name is-" she was about to finish when Sumiere (sp?) yelled out "Just say your name, you slut!" from the whole class you could hear giggles and snickers except for two students, Hotaru and Natsume, who looked uninterested about the situation. ( remember they havent seen Mikan in 6 years so they cant recognize her.)

Mikan just smirked because she knew that Sumiere was gonna be super suprised. Narumi saw Mikans devilish smirk and sweat droped she really has changed...

"You want to know my name Permy?" Permy only one girl ever dared to call me that...thought Sumiere.

"Well if you really want to know my name its..." She smirked even more before she revealed her name " its Mikan Sakura."

Sumiere gasped, Anna started crying, Koko went into shock, and Natsume and Hotaru just examined her until Hotaru's icey layer finally cracked "MIKAN!" Hotaru cryed out as everybody that didnt know Mikan stared in confusion.

Mikan that really you? thought Natsume.

End Chapter


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