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To those who are about to begin reading this. I've some information. I'm presently rewriting Frozen as seen in (Frozen Remastered). The Original while near and dear is a fledgling affair with a variety of issues that needed addressing (Grammar and Spelling, I'm looking at you). The new version will fix some pacing issues as well as adding a few new arcs to keep things fresh for old fans. I should also mention that I will not be changing too much of the core story elements, so no worries there but do expect some differences. To new readers, I would suggest hoping on board for the rewrite, unless of course you desire to push forward with the completed original tale, to which I say. I hope you enjoy.


Chapter 1

Broken Hearts

It's late, well after midnight I suppose. The party's dying down by the sound of it and the music's stopped. I hear the sound of dishes being gathered and people saying their good-byes. They celebrate the anniversary of Ultimecia's defeat. The sound of their laughter echoes in the dance hall and find that it annoys me. I don't know why I bothered to come back. Perhaps because I've no where else to go or maybe I'm just hoping they'll come back for me.

I don't know why Squall and the others let me stay. Out of pity I suppose, damn them. Not that it matters though, I'm still an outcast. Whenever I walk the halls people point and stare, even more than they used to. Their hushed whispers of accusation assail my ears like restless spirits. None ever speak to my face though. Not that they ever did, and I prefer it that way.

Once, I was acknowledged at least, but now I'm like a bad memory, existing but ignored. I've come so far only to become a pariah in my own home and I hate them for it.

Even those closest to me betrayed me, I still can't believe they left me behind. After all we've been through together. We were a team. No, we were a family.

"Everyone needs a family right?" That's what I used to believe as a child.

Now though, I know better. Squall knew the truth; you can only rely on yourself, depending on others only gets you hurt. Useless to worry about it now, they're gone and only I remain.

"What do I do?" I wonder.

"What I always do, survive."

The cold air stings my lungs, but I don't care. Leaning on the railing I watch the frozen landscape drift beneath me. Balamb Garden was in route over the frozen northern wastes. The area is beautiful in its desolation, the ice sparkles like a sea of gems under the Garden's lights. I've always enjoyed the cold, it reminds me that I'm alive, and of what I've lost.

"Alone" My thoughts race back to that again.

"I don't need anyone." I try to convince myself.

"Alone, now more so than ever." Who am I trying to kid, you cant lie to yourself. Slumping wearily I try to lose myself to kinder thoughts. Then I hear footsteps, someone's coming! I had hoped to have the balcony to myself. Not wishing to be seen I step into the shadows with the hope that they'll soon leave.

"Come on Squall its your turn!" Selphie whined merrily from the stage.

The crowd cheered in agreement. Shifting awkwardly in his seat Squall waved her away while Rinoa who sat next to him urged him playfully.

"Come on, go up there you party pooper. You've such a lovely singing voice." She said grinning. Squall looked at her incredulously.

"No." He replied gravely.

"Sorry Selphie, he's no fun." Rinoa apologized to the pleading woman

"Aw you spoiled sport." Selphie pouted cutely and stuck her tongue out at him before looking over at Zell with a huge grin.

"Zell will do it. Won't ya Zell?" She said leaning over the stage to regard the blonde, tattooed maverick. Zell, who was never shy about anything, nodded vigorously and gulped down the remains of the cake he'd been eating.

"Maw Fraight!" He mumbled around a mouthful of flying crumbs.

Loosening his collar he jumped onto the stage and waved at everyone with a wide, silly grin. Nicole, his girlfriend from the library, cheered him on loudly. Wiping his mouth on his sleeve he regarded Selphie curiously.

"Any requests?" He asked with brightly.

"Hmm?" Selphie looked up thoughtful for a moment then grinned wickedly. "How about, loose lips, fast hips?"

"Aww that again." He protested.

"But you look so cute." She giggled and smacked him on rear.

The crowd egged him on and soon the music started. Squall buried his head in hands and Rinoa cheered. Selphie hopped off the stage and returned to her seat next to Irvine. He wrapped an arm around her and she snuggled against him. The two then proceeded to whistle wolfishly as Zell began crooning and writhing in a burlesque fashion.

Cid and Edea, who'd chosen to sit a bit away from the others, smiled warily at the display. Worried, Edea placed a hand on her husband's arm.

"Dear, he's taking off his shirt. This isn't going to get out of hand is it?"

"Zell just like to showboat." Cid responded calmly. "I hope." He added under his breath and took a sip of wine.

Quistis was the only one not participating in the festivity; instead she stood quietly in a darkened corner of the hall. Her face was like a porcelain mask, unreadable and still. Over the last year everything had settled down, everyone was happy and the world was a peace. In the time since Ultimecia's defeat she'd been reinstated as an instructor. She welcomed the job, she missed the students and, it kept her preoccupied. Lately, boredom had become her mortal enemy, it gave her time to think, and that always led to thoughts best left buried. Unfortunately coming to the party and seeing everyone together made those thoughts come back like vengeful ghosts. Old wounds were torn open and now bled freely. She realized she'd been on autopilot all year and was just going day by day, faking a sense of normalcy.

She managed a thin grin as Zell leapt off the stage and into Squalls lap were he then proceeded to serenade him. Squall, bless him, tried his best to keep calm but was failing miserably. The grin was fleeting however as her gaze drifted to Selphie. The girl was whispering playfully in Irvine's ear while rubbing his thigh. He twitched awkwardly in response and gave her a randy grin. Selphie was always a carefree spirit with a heart of gold. She possessed a fiery passion for life and that made her hard to keep up with at times.

Irvine had tried for a year to win her over and now that he had, he had his work cut out for him. Quistis glanced at him thoughtfully. He was a good man, a braggart and a flirt at times, but a good man nonetheless. He'd treat her right and Quistis had no doubt the two would be happy for some time to come. It came as little surprise when the two lovebirds quickly excused themselves for the evening.

Meanwhile Zell finished his karaoke and bowed for the crowd. Nicole greeted him as he stepped from the stage. Entwining her arms around his neck she kissed him warmly. Quistis shook her head as they too wished everyone a goodnight. Walked hand in hand the two made their way out of the hall. Headmaster Cid made his way to the stage and got everyone's attention. Taking the microphone in hand he addressed the crowd.

"Well everyone, it's been a great year. I know there've been many changes, but be assured that we'll get through them. Now then I'd like to take the time to thank your operations leader. A good man, whose come far in the last two years." Cid turned and smiled proudly at Squall.

"He and his team helped save us all and for that we owe him a hearty round of applause. Squall, you're doing a great job. We're all so proud of you." Cid motioned for him to stand and everyone clapped in agreement. Rinoa smiled warmly at him and prodded him gently. Squall stood and waved awkwardly to everyone before slinking back down into his seat. He cut Rinoa an icy look and she beamed back brightly at him in response. Quistis watched them, her crystal blue gaze quivering slightly. She wished them well, she really did. Rinoa was like a sister and Squall like it or not was like a brother.

She'd tried to be more but he flat out spurned her advances. She resented him for that at times but deep down she still harbored feelings for him. She sighed deeply as everyone rose and began to depart.

"Parties over I guess." She thought glumly.

The interior lights grew bright and she winced at their intrusion. Blinking back tears she looked around and noticed Rinoa approaching.

"Quisty? I thought you left and hour ago. Why are you sulking around back here for?"

Quistis smiled thinly and rubbed her temple.

"Sorry I just have a killer headache, the lights" She lied, not wanting her friend to worry over her. Rinoa regarded her through thin eyes not believing any of it but not wanting to press her.

"If you say so. I'm here if you want to talk." She offered sincerely.

Quistis faked another smile and nodded.

"Thank you hon its nothing a good nights sleep can't fix."

"Okay then." Rinoa said sounding unsure. "You do that, get some sleep you look so tired." She hugged her friend lightly then walked back over to Squall.

He was talking with Cid and Edea about the new batch of students that had recently arrived. Quistis took the opportunity to leave and walked toward the balcony. She opened the door and a gust of cold air greeted her as she stepped outside. Sighing heavily she looked up at the stars. The chill was biting and she rubbed her shoulders for warmth. Her black evening gown offered little protection from the cold and she shivered slightly. She laughed bitterly to herself.

"Perhaps I should just stay and freeze to death" She thought grimly.

"Stop thinking like that you ninny. You're stronger than this, besides, that would solve nothing."

"Wouldn't it? My life has no meaning anymore. I go day by day living my boring little life all the while trying to convince myself that my students need me. The truth is, I need them. They make me feel wanted. It's selfish I know but it's all I have anymore."

"What's wrong with me." Whimpering softly she sunk to her knees onto the cold balcony floor. The tears came frighteningly easy and unhindered and she held herself as if to keep from shattering. She was lost and she knew it, there was nothing for her, anymore. She felt so alone recently, everyone was going on with there life even Squall, hell even Zell. She buried her head in her hands feebly and loathed herself for loosing control. It wasn't like her to succumb to self-pity; it made her feel like a lost child.

"Perhaps, that's all I am. Not that anyone cares."

"Rinoa tried to help."

"Out of obligation, she resents you fawning after Squall."

"That's not fair." She chided herself and weakened further for doubting her friends.

"They love me I know they do but no one understands. I just want more from life. I am tired of waking up in the middle of the night frightened and alone, always alone."

I see the woman break down before me. It's as much unexpected as awkward. I've always held a grudging respect for Quistis, and to see her reduced to this quivering wreck was unnerving. I decide it'd be best to remain silent. Odd though, in another time I'd laugh, but now her sorrow hits to close to home. I have a clue as to what the problem is. Even I noticed how she looked at him in the past and how she changed when that silly girl came. How her heart sank as another woman won his heart. Spurned now, Quistis, who could have anyone she wanted at a whim. Instead she chooses to cry for him, to self-destruct, all for him. Now she's spent and ruined and none but I bear witness. We've a lot in common I realize. So much alike in many ways and suddenly that scares me.

"Could I end up like her?"

What if I already am, and just to stupid to realize it. I get angry, how can she give up like this it's not like her and he's not worth it.

"STOP IT!" I shout unexpectedly and immediately regret it. Damn it I let myself be known.

Quistis jumped with a start and looking around.

"Who's there?" Her voice quavered and she stood visibly frightened. Wiping her eyes and cursing herself, she quickly started regaining her composure. She looked timid and lost a shell of the strong woman most knew. She saw a figure in the shadows and stepped back. The figure shifted a moment as if unsure what to do.

"Damn it Rinoa I said I was fine." Quistis shouted angrily at the intrusion.

"NOT RINOA." The voice said firmly.

She stepped out of the shadows like a demon, her lone, crimson eye shining in the darkness. Her silver hair was frosted from the cold and glittered in the light. Her skin was paler than normal and had faint blue hue.

"She must've been out here all night." Quistis thought with alarm.

"Fujin?" Was all she could stammer.

Fujin stood with her arms folded over her chest, as always she wore her royal blue dress uniform. Stoic and statuesque she was unreadable.

"What do you want?" Quistis blinked in shock and grew annoyed with embarrassment.

"YOU CAME." Fujin pointed out.

Quistis ran her hands through her hair and groaned. She felt so foolish and nearly laughed aloud.

"Out of all the people to breakdown in front of." She thought and looked up at the woman regarding her.

"You want me to leave I take it?"

Glaring at her unblinking, Fujin shrugged impassively, her arms still folded.


Quistis thought about leaving, but what was the point, it couldn't get worse now. She turned and leaned on the railing. She could still feel the other woman watching her.

"You must find this hilarious huh." She said morosely.


"Ever the conversationalist." Quistis joked sourly.

"FUCK YOU." Fujin responded bluntly.

"Nice mouth." Quistis sighed and looked over at her odd companion.

"It's not her fault your upset, don't be so defensive." She scolded herself.

"Sorry." She said softly, the edge vanishing from her voice.

Fujin nodded and leaned back against the wall. Neither spoke for a long while and uncomfortable silence hung in the air as they watched the night sky.

"So, have you been out here all night?" Quistis said quietly.


"Aren't you cold?"


More silence, even longer this time and Quistis started to feel awkward. She looked at Fujin again; the woman stood staring mournfully at the heavens. Quistis could sense something amiss. Curious and needing something to take her mind off her own troubles she decided to try to talk to her.

"Are you okay?" She started simply. Fujin ignored her efforts and paid her no mind. Expecting as much Quistis continued undeterred.

"I mean you seem distant." She paused thoughtfully a second. "That is, even more than usual." She offered a disarming smile.

"I've been told I'm a good listener, who knows I may be able to help."

"LIKE YOU CARE." Fujin snapped irritably. She could care less for whatever Quistis was trying to prove by offering her help. A sneer of contempt crossed her face and she turned away.

"Don't be hostile, I was only trying to help." Quistis said quietly.

"YOU NEED IT MORE." Fujin said icily.

Quistis looked hurt and nodded.

"Fair enough." She said simply and turned her gaze back to the horizon.

Fujin eyed her sourly and blew a cloud of frosty breath before looking back to the night sky. Silence reigned once more as the two women stood watching the heavens. Fujin glanced back at Quistis curiously. She wondered why she tried to reach out. They'd known each other for years and had hardly said a word to each other. Besides it was no secret Seifer and her hated each other with a passion, why then would she want to help someone so close to him. Fujin sighed inwardly at how easy her thoughts went back to Seifer. She frowned not wanting to think about it and let her attention fall once more on Quistis.

"COLD." Fujin said, more of a statement than a question.

"I'm fine" Quistis murmured and closed her eyes. She was so tired and the alcohol she'd been downing all night wasn't helping. She slumped heavily against the rail and after a while spoke again.

"Fujin?" She asked quietly.


"I'm sorry." Quistis said softly, her voice, small and distant.
"FOR WHAT?" Fujin blinked in confusion.

"Losing him…. I know what its like." She sighed. "To loose someone you care for."

Fujin didn't response, not that Quistis expected her to.

"Tired." She whispered weakly and sank to the ground.

She was fast asleep by the time she was wrapped in a coat and lifted off the ground.

The next morning Quistis awoke with a start. She looked about not sure as to where she was. She relaxed upon realizing she was in her apartment. She looked down at the deep blue dress jacket she was entangled in.

"Who?" She mouthed curiously, and then she remembered.

"Fujin…" She whispered softly, looking out the window. Sitting up on the edge of the bed she folded the jacket in her lap. She replayed what she could of last nights conversation.

"How odd." She thought and glanced at the clock on the nightstand. It said: 10:00AM she'd overslept. With a groan she stood up and went to the closet after a brief search she removed a simple black skirt and white blouse and laid them on the bed. She then headed to the bathroom and came face to face with her reflection.

"Ugh." She scowled at her reflection. Mascara streaked her blood shot eyes making her look like some gothic drug user.

"Shower.." She grumbled in a tone more befitting a zombie. Turning away from the specter in the mirror she removed her dress and left it in a heap by the door. After ridding herself of earrings and underwear she stepped into the shower. The water was hotter than usual and she welcomed it, the sting quickly snapped her to full awareness.

It was five in the morning when Fujin awoke. Running fingers through her silvery-white hair she grumbled irritably. It was impossible to do anything with and she kept it shoulder length to keep it out of the way. She rolled her eye in disgust, having more important things to think about than fleeting thoughts of beauty. After a quick shower she donned a black tank top and gray sweatpants. By five-thirty she'd already started her daily routine. No one was in the halls at this hour and she was thankful for it. As she stepped out of the elevator she walked briskly to the cafeteria. Zell was the only other person up this early on a weekend and stood waiting patiently for the breakfast line to open. He was oblivious to the world; the headphones he wore blared loudly and he sang along with the tune, albeit poorly.

With a dry smirk Fujin stalked up behind him and stood in line. Meanwhile, Zell smiled cheerily as the serving woman appeared. He ordered a couple of chilidogs and sweet rolls and was already stuffing his face when he turned around. He nearly choked when he stumbled into her. Fujin could've moved, but instead she stood like a brick wall. Zell nearly jumped out of his shoes but to his credit he was able to keep his tray in order.

"Hyne!" He shouted in frustration. "Don't sneak up on a guy like that!" He looked her over sourly. "Don't you have babies to eat or something." He added sarcastically and shoved past her.

"SOD" She snapped back. An uproarious belch was his reply as he took a seat.

"Uncouth imbecile" She thought and turned to regard the lunch lady who stood watching with obvious displeasure. Fujin ignored her and picked out her breakfast. A simple affair consisting of eggs over easy, plain unadorned toast and some unsavory slab of processed meat that tried so very hard to be ham. After her meal she washed it down with a glass of orange juice and dumped the tray. As she headed out the door a sea of yapping children suddenly flowed around her, all of them screaming and laughing merrily.

"THE DEVIL?" She cursed in a mix of annoyance and shock. She recognized none of them. She surmised them to be the new students and waded through them unceremoniously. Several stared and pointed, others avoided her as if she were a predator. She was never fond of children; they were loud and had a smell about them.

"Much like Zell" She chuckled inwardly.

Rinoa leaned over the railings overlooking Balamb's lobby. Squall stood by her side watching the new students burst into the cafeteria. They only barely noticed Fujin heading towards the gymnasium.

"Squall?" Rinoa said smiling faintly as dorm heads tried to round up the children. Squall, watching the proceedings in amusement glanced over at her.


"I'm worried about Quistis."


"Don't you think she's grown more and more, I dunno darker, withdrawn ever since the Sorceress War?"

"War changes people." Squall said smoothly.

"No it's not that. It's something else. I think she handled the war better than any of us."

"She's got her instructors license again, she should be happy." He shrugged.

"You know she loved you." Rinoa said quietly. "I think she may still."

Squall winced and rubbed his temples; he didn't want to get into this.

"You should talk to her." Rinoa suggested.

"That's not my problem." Squall huffed irritably.

"Squall Leonhart, that's just rude, I mean, she is our friend!" Rinoa all but shouted. Squall blanched and pulled her close.

"Keep it down. What do you want me to do about it? She liked me; I didn't like her, end of story. She should get over it!" He stated with finality.

Rinoa sighed heavily and tried a different approach.

"Squall I'm just saying we should try to do something to cheer her up." She looked thoughtfully for a moment then smiled. "Her birthday is coming up soon, right? Do you have anything picked out for her?"

"Soap on a rope?" He offered dryly.

Rinoa's eyes nearly shot out their sockets.

"Your serious aren't you." She said in disbelief.

"Why, are we joking? Yes I'm serious."

"Your hopeless." She said exasperated, throwing her hands into the air she walked off. Squall was dumbfounded by her reaction.

"What'd I do now!?" He called to her.

Selphie answered the door after about five minutes of knocking. She wore an extra long T-shirt that hung to her knees. Rinoa nearly laughed aloud at the sight of her. The girl looked like she'd kissed a cow. Her hair was a tussled mess that stuck up far to straight for common decency.

"Omigod, Selphie I'm so sorry." Rinoa stammered behind giggles. Selphie blinked uncomprehendingly and staggered away from the door gesturing for her to enter. Rinoa entered and looked around. There were clothes everywhere and she nearly tripped over a giant pair of cowboy boots.

"Ack." She cried out and Selphie caught her then giggled putting a finger to her lips.

"You'll wake the pumpkin king."

"The what!?" Rinoa laughed, afraid to ask.

"Never mind " Selphie giggled. "Just keep it down." She said grinning while shutting the bedroom door. A heavy bellow that was hopefully snoring could be heard echoing within the darkened room. She walked to the couch and caught her reflection a mirror nearby.

"Ewwww, Ick. " She yelped in disgust and horror.

Rinoa exploded into laughter as she sat down. A groan and a heavy thud echoed somewhere in bedroom. Selphie meanwhile patted feebly at her hair in a pathetic attempt to tame it. Grabbing a nearby brush Rinoa motioned for Selphie to turn around.

"Here let me." She said with a motherly grin.

Turning around Selphie scooted to her, and soon Rinoa was working the brush with a single-minded vigor in hopes to vanquish the vile thing perched atop her friend's scalp.

"Not that I'm complaining Rinoa but what's up, its a little early for visiting?" Selphie asked curiously.

"I just wanted to talk about a few things and Squall is no help at all." Rinoa sighed.
"Ya don't say. Squall, no help in a talk?" Selphie giggled and made a cute face. Rinoa swatted her playfully.

"Be nice, anyway it's about Quistis." She started then looked up as the bedroom door opened. Irvine lumbered out of the room like a bear just wakened from hibernation. He was clad only in boxers and was unceremoniously scratching his rear with frightening determination. He was oblivious to all but the refrigerator he was heading towards.

"Hon whatever you're digging for is gone for good or there to stay." Rinoa said with a huge grin. He jumped with fright upon hearing Rinoa.

"Hyne have mercy!" Shouting in shock he nearly tripped over himself trying to run back to the bedroom. The two girls looked at each other then collapsed into laughter.

Quistis stepped out of the shower; it woke her up but did little to improve her mood. Wrapping herself in a towel she sat on the edge the bed and gazed solemnly at the tall mirror that lay by her dresser. She looked drawn, tired, and old beyond her years. The word spinster came to mind and she nearly wanted to cry.

"You're being irrational. Things were fine until recently. The party just brought up bad memories." She told herself reasonably.

She looked in the mirror, scowled then threw a pillow at it.

"Liar." She hissed.

With a heavy sigh she got dressed, put her hair in a ponytail and headed out the door.

It was past ten and the gymnasium was starting to get crowded. Fujin had stayed far longer than she normally did and she was aware of people watching her. Annoyed with the unwanted attention she settled the weights she'd been using back onto the bench. Her chest and arms screamed in protest at the abuse. Though short in stature, she was wiry and nimble, built for speed and power rather simple brute force like her foolish brother. With a sigh she rolled her shoulders to loosen them then stood. She decided to take a quick jog before lunch and headed for the exit.

As she was leaving a young man approached her. He was a good deal taller than her and solidly built, with short-cropped black hair. She'd seen him before, he was the new head disciplinary committee. The very thought made her want to retch and her disdain was clearly visible.

"You're Fujin?" He said flatly and folded his arms.

She read more than enough from his body language to tell of his hostile intent and she considered several strategies to take him down before he even finished his statement.

"AFFIRMATIVE" She said glaring up at him.

"You used to be on the committee?" He said snidely as another youth appeared behind him. This one was as tall as Kinneas and built like a bull, unlike his friend however he didn't seem to intent on causing trouble. She eyed the two calmly.

"CORRECT." She answered mildly, but was already coiling for attack if prompted. Already in a dire mood she had no intention to put up with adolescent bullshit, especially from this upstart. The stranger smirked humorlessly.

"Ah good, well then, I'm Luccian. In case you didn't know I'm the new head of the committee. I keep things in order around here"

Fujin wasn't sure if she was supposed to be impressed or not but she found his statement laughable.

"Now, I recall a few years back you and your boyfriend used to make life a living hell for me and my friends." He huffed and the youth behind him chuckled slightly. She had the sudden urge to throttle him senseless but dismissed it. She scowled wishing he would make his point.

"Well, it seems times have changed and Seifer's not here anymore to protect you. You'd do good to keep on guard" Luccian said dangerously and moved closer to in an attempt to intimidate her with his height.

"A THREAT?" Fujin said sourly.

"A PROMISE." He said mockingly, then emphasized the point by jabbing his finger into her chest.

By the time Quistis arrived at the cafeteria the line was well into the hall. With a groan she accepted her fate and took her place in line. After several minutes she felt a presence come up behind her.

"Shit" She thought sourly.

"First thing in the morning too, this is going to be hell of a day." She put on her best, good morning; I'm not a wreck face and turned around.

"Squall." She said dryly, her suspicions confirmed.

Squall said nothing.

"Bless him, he's an idiot sometimes." She thought with a smile and waiting for whatever gibberish he was about to spout, figuring Rinoa sent him.

"Here's the new student roster for first quarter you wanted." He said simply.

"Usually Xu gives me this stuff Squall." She responded and took the file from his hands.

"Yes." He said blankly.

"Pardon?" She said sourly. She could usually read him like a book but now he was acting down right strange. A commotion erupted somewhere in the distance catching their attention. Squall looked over his shoulder but the racket had already died down. He turned to look back at Quistis who glared at him.

"Anything something else?" She asked.

He blinked and frowned, he hated doing this kind of thing.

"Do you have a problem Quistis?" He said mechanically.

"What?" She said loudly.

Squall rubbed his temples this was going no where fast and she was being difficult.

"What I mean is. Are you in trouble?" He tried again

They were drawing a crowd, most of the news kids had only seen Squall when they first arrived, and to many he was a hero. That combined with fact that Quistis's fan club watched them eagerly sidelines made him wish he were elsewhere.

"I said, what the hell are you implying!" Quistis said sharply snapping him back to reality.

"I'm not implying anything. I'm just." He said in growing aggravation.

"Squall so help me if you say your worried I am going slap you senseless." She thought angrily and set her jaw. He was making a spectacle out of the both of them.

"Now is not a good time for this Squall." She said evenly, her blue eyes flashing intently.

"Fine!" He huffed and stormed off. Inside, he was to be gone. He'd tell Rinoa he tried to talk to her but she chased him off. As he exited he past Fujin who stood leaning by door. He didn't notice the foul look she gave him as he disappeared up the hall.

Quistis stood fists clenched and eyes closed as she counted to ten in attempt to calm down. Fujin observed her curiously, she seemed no worse for wear, of course she seemed no better either.

"Why do I care either way?" Fujin frowned and thought back to last night.

Quistis had fallen asleep or passed out one, either way she was out like a light. Fujin pushed off the wall and walked over to her sleeping form. Quistis looked so fragile lying there, curled up like a babe abandoned in the woods. Fujin frowned as unwelcome memories flooded her mind. She forced them back and stepped out of the shadows. The magical lights of Balamb Garden gave her pale skin and silver hair a blue radiance. Standing silently like a frozen sentinel she gazed curiously at the woman at her feet. Quistis was trembling visibly now; her skin was pale, and her lips blue. The evening gown she wore did little to fight off the cold and Fujin realized if left alone she'd likely die.

"Perhaps she wants to die? Who am I to stop her if that's her wish?" Fujin thought with a frown.

"FOOLISH" She murmured to no one in particular as she unbuttoned her dress coat. Kneeling down she looked into Quistis's ashen face, even in sleep the woman found no peace, her features taunt and worried. With a gentleness that came surprisingly easy Fujin wrapped her in the coat and lifted her from the cold ground. Quistis murmured softly as Fujin settled her in her arms.

She was careful to avoid being seen as she made her way to Quistis's quarters. Her care was more for Quistis sake rather than her own. Fujin was used to being persecuted and being made fun of. Quistis on the other hand had already laid herself bare to one person and Fujin assumed no one else needed to see her like this. It took a bit of resourcefulness but she made it to Quistis's room with little trouble. Standing at the door she realized she had no key and Quistis's dress had no pockets.

"DAMN" She cursed quietly and carefully sat Quistis down. She looked about then regarded Quistis thoughtfully. With a smirk she slid a pin from the sleeping woman's hair. With deft ease she picked the lock, scooped Quistis up and slipped inside. She looked about the apartment curiously. It was well kept and had an orient style motif. A neatly groomed banzai tree lay atop the table by the door. Various paintings of benevolent spirits and relaxing nature scenes lined the walls. The overall effect was a cozy one and Fujin nodded her approval. Searched for the bedroom she found it behind a sliding door and entered quietly careful not to unsettle anything. Gently laying the still shivering Quistis on the bed she looked about for the thermostat. Quickly finding it she turned up the heat.

She returned to Quistis and pulled the blankets around her sleeping form. Quistis murmured cutely in her sleep and snuggled into the thick blankets. Fujin smiled faintly then frowned. She was not one to smile and smirk and doing so unnerved her. She turned to leave only to stop and look back. She didn't like to see Quistis like this. She knew how much they had in common and it scared her. Both strong and confident, and abandoned by those who they held dear. She hated to admit it but she did have feelings for Seifer though she'd never tell him or anyone that. She hated thinking about it. She knew she too could potentially fall apart and then she'd be reduced to the sad shell of the woman she really was. Quistis had fawned over that fool Squall only to loose him.

"His loss." Fujin thought grimly only to surprise herself. She stepped back startled and shook her head lightly, her silvery hair dancing in her face.

"TIRED" She said aloud then winced fearing she'd wake the sleeping woman. Stepping quietly she leaned over Quistis. She studied her quietly never having done so before.

"So alone.." She thought solemnly.

Carefully she slid the glasses from Quistis's face and settled them on the nightstand. Then without a sound she slipped quietly into the darkness.

A child brushed past and snapped Fujin back to the present. She focused and realized Quistis was looking at her and met her gaze with a guarded expression. Quistis felt a bit awkward but didn't look away. She envied Fujin in a way, not a care in the world, untamed and wild. The woman always lived by her own rules but still remained disciplined and in control. She'd always been strong and Quistis admired that about her.

"What the hell am I going on about?" Quistis blinked befuddled by her thoughts. Curious as to what Fujin wanted she made a move to speak but by then the woman had turned and walked away.

"She probably wants her jacket back stupid. How could I be so inconsiderate, she carries my sorry carcass back to my room and I leave her jacket in a heap at the foot of my bed? I don't even know why she bothered, she hates me."

She now had one more thing to think about. Baffled, she returned took her place back in line.

End Chapter 1

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