Though the official SSBB website is revamped, we still have no news on new characters. Being very bored with not much to do, I decided to do another story on my popular SSB series.

However, this story is not canon. It is more like a special episode that deals with stock footages of past stories. But everything will be in proper format. This is your chance to see my old script stories made into proper format!


In a darken room with no lights or sounds at all…

The quietness was suddenly broken by a voice. "Is everything read?" said the voice.

"Not yet."

"What are we lacking?"


"Then we're ready! Open the lights!"

Then the lights turned on and we see Master Hand and Crazy Hand in a room that resembles a studio. "Welcome to the Super Special Moment show!" said MH loudly.

"YAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" laughed CH.

"Today is a very day where we will share with you the experiences and adventures of the Smashers!" said MH. "We will be showing you everything via this big screen."

"Of course, this is only a fan fiction with words and no pictures, you can't see anything," stated CH.

"Right… But you all have our own imaginations that act as a movie theater, right? Picture everything in your mind and you will see everything! That is the power of your mind!"


"So where do we start?" asked MH.

"Let's begin with the part about my love life back in my younger days!" replied CH.

"Let's begin with the first time the Holy Weapons are used against the vile villain, King Starman!"

CH sulked into the corner and said in a sad tone, "Nobody ever wants to listen to my stories…"

"The following scene is first seen in Holy Weapons vs. Dark Force! Let's see how it's being remade!"


"Die!" shouted Roy as he charged towards King Starman with the Sword of Seals in his hands.

KS simply stretched out his arm and pointed his finger at Roy and it somehow halted him in place like telekinesis.

"What the?!"

Then KS hurled Roy to the side with ease. "Take this!" roared Bowser as he hurled himself at KS, ready to body slam him. However, Bowser is froze in midair by the same attack and hurled in the same direction of Roy, and he got flattened underneath. "Oof! That guy is just like Mewtwo!"

"Get off me!" shouted Roy from under his heavy body.

Mewtwo appeared before KS and attacked with a blast of snow. "Blizzard!"

"Umbra Beam!" said KS, and he stretched out his hand and fires a black colored laser beam. The beam collided with the blast of snow and created an explosion of darkness and snow.

The explosion is big and blotted out the sight, and Master Hand suddenly shot out from the smoke and towards KS. "Time to finish this!" he shouted.

"You won't stop me!" said KS, and he fired Umbra Beam at him.

MH easily stopped the attack by letting it hit his palm and somehow blocking the blast. Then he fired several bullets at him. "Bullet Blast!"

"PSI Shield!" KS created a shield absorbed the bullets and made them disappear.

Crazy Hand appeared behind KS and fired several bullets. "Crazy Bullet!" However, KS saw it coming and quickly jumped to the side to avoid it.

"Missed me!" he said.

Mario came next and he made his Fire Rod stretch forward and tried to hit KS with the tip of the rod. KS stepped to the side to avoid the hit and grabbed the rod, and using his strength, he picked up and swung the rod around and around with Mario still holding onto it before throwing him away.


"Mario!!!! Stop hurting my brother, you!!!!!" Luigi shouted at KS.

"Then die along with him! Dark Fireball!" KS lifted up his hand and created a black colored fireball and hurled it at Luigi.

"It's coming towards me! Don't!" cried Luigi in fear while holding his Thunder Rod.

Ness appeared in front of him and swung his Ultimate Bat at the fireball, sending it flying somewhere else and hitting the wall. "The Ultimate Bat can deflect anything!" he said.

"Let's see if you can deflect this! Meteor of Hell!" KS lifted up both his hands and a portal appeared above him, and several meteors flew in from the portal and towards Ness.

"I'll try my best!" said Ness bravely. He swung the bat at the meteors and amazingly enough, sent them all flying away!

KS is surprised by the feat. "You're good, kid. The Holy Weapons are more powerful than I thought!"

"Aurora Beam!" shouted Mewtwo as he appeared in front of KS and then fired a rainbow colored beam.

KS saw the attack coming and quickly countered with his own. "PSI Hellfire!" He shot out a small fireball that exploded into a blast of heat when it collided with the beam. Being fire in nature, it easily overcame the ice beam and kept on going and hit Mewtwo.

"Ugh! Didn't see that coming!" cried Mewtwo as he got burned in a few spots.

"Pichu!" shouted Pichu as he performed a Skull Bash towards KS with the Crash Helmet on his head.

KS pointed his finger at Pichu and froze him in midair and then hurled him away easily.

"Take that!" shouted Jigglypuff, and she fired a beam out of her Magic Rod.

Ks swiped the incoming beam using his bare hands and canceled out the attack just like that! "That didn't even hurt my arms at all!"

"Let's crush him!" shouted MH.

"Right on!" said CH. Both the Hands flew towards KS from both sides, trying to 'clap' him in between.

KS stretched out his arms in both directions and amazingly stopped them both in their tracks! "What?! How can he be this strong?!" gasped MH.

"Beat it!" growled KS angrily, and he hurled them away.

"Take that!" shouted Link as he fired a Silver Arrow at KS, but he easily caught it with his hands. "What the?! Impossible!"

"Nobody can stop me! This is the extent of my powers!" said KS. "I have the ultimate power capable of taking over the world! Not even the Holy Weapons can stop me now!"

Then he felt rumbling underneath him and he looked down, only to see Bowser shooting up from below him all of a sudden. Because this came so suddenly and without a warning, KS was struck very hard and is sent flying backwards.

"Ugh! I got careless!" he growled.

"Now's the chance!" shouted Bowser. "Let's get him!"

The other Smashers wasted no time in charging forward to attack KS. Mario and Luigi smacked him with their rods. Bowser slashed him rapidly with Sharp Claws, Peach whacked with her Frying Pan, and Yoshi struck with Meteor Mace. Link and Young Link attacked with their own sword. Sheik whipped him using Snake Whip and Ganondorf attacked with Poseidon's Trident. DK smacked him with Giant Axe, CF attacked with Hunter Spear, and Kirby slashed him with Boomerang Dagger. G&W swatted him with the Fly Swatter, Marth slashed him with Durandal, Ness whacked him with Ultimate Bat, Fox and Falco fired from their guns, and Samus blasted him with Hyper Beam. The Ice Climbers hammered with the Quake Hammers, Pikachu and Pichu electrocuted him, Jigglypuff fired beams at him, Mewtwo blasted him with Shadow Balls, and Dr. Mario hit him with his stethoscope.

"ARGH!!!!!!! YOU'RE ANNOYING ME!!!!!!!" shouted KS at the top of his voice. "RAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" He stood up and screamed out loud, and an aura burst out of around him and everyone is sent flying backwards.

"Whoa! That was a shock!" said Ganondorf.

"He's really angry this time!" said Samus.

"I'm going to kill you all!" said KS in an angry tone. "You have crossed my path! I will show you my ultimate power!" Right when he was about to do something, Roy slashed him from behind hard. "YAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"

"I won't let you do whatever you want!" he shouted. "Hiya!" And Roy proceeded to hack and slash him rapidly, not giving him a chance to fight back.



"Flare Blade!!!!!!" Roy performed a powerful downwards slash and it created a massive explosion that engulfed King Starman.


"GUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed KS as he is burned severely and sent flying across the room and straight into a wall very hard.

"Yes! You did it, Roy!" shouted the others.

"Not yet!" said Roy as he kept on eye on KS, who is slowly getting back up.

"Ugh… This is not possible…" he groaned. "How can I lose to Toonerians…?"

"Do not underestimate us just because you're an alien from outer space!" shouted Roy.

"Why must… this happen…?" said King Starman weakly, and he collapsed onto his knees. "Why must… I die…? Beware… the terror…" And that was his last words before he fell lifeless onto the floor, and slowly, his body disappeared into nothing.

"He's dead…" confirmed Master Hand.

"WE DID IT!!!!!!!" exclaimed the other Smashers.

"Well! That was exciting!" said Master Hand as the 'movie' finished.

"Wow! That was exciting!" said Crazy Hand.

"King Starman used to be a good friend of mine, but he was corrupted by evil and became how he was…"

"Now then, let's us talk about the story of my life!" said CH.

"Let's take a break and then continue again with the best moments of the Smashers!" said MH. "Hope to see your reviews so that Game2002 will be happy!"

Hearing this, CH sulked into the dark corner again and cried, "Nobody loves me… Boohoo…"


What do you think of this special story? Maybe you want to compare it with the original one to see the differences. I hope you leave behind good reviews!

1. Ultimate Bat was originally called Homerun Bat.
2. Mewtwo's original Holy Weapon was called Spell Book, but was somehow transformed into the current Psychic Spoon by Master Hand.