This is the real final chapter!

Final Chapter

This chapter began from where In Angel Land left off…

"The Ancient? You mean Omega of the 4 Abominations?" asked Roy in surprise when Snake mentioned The Ancient.

"Yeah, I just wanted to know whether he or Shinryu is stronger, since they both are in the same league," said Snake.

"That is a tough question you asked there," said Mewtwo. "Shinryu and Omega are recognized by the world as the most powerful beasts to exist. A fight between them may very well end up in a tie."

"I always heard about the 4 Abominations," said Yoshi. "How exactly powerful are they?"

"And what exactly are the 4 Abominations?" asked Pit. "I did hear about of this term before, but never really know what it really is."

"The 4 Abominations are four of the most powerful beings in the world, just like Mewtwo said," explained Fox.

"But that's not just it," added Samus. "The 4 Abominations are part of the 3 Powers of Tooneria."

"Shinryu and Omega, along with the infamous Godzilla," said Mewtwo, "are three of the monsters belonging to the 4 Abominations. If all four of them run loose, they may very well destroy the entire world."

"That's so scary…" said Yoshi while trembling at the thought of it.

"Godzilla… That monster was so scary…" said Popo as he remembered their encounter with the monster in Tokyo.

"Only the remaining two powers, the Shichibukai, also called 7 Armed Seas, and the 3 Espers of Justice, are able to stand up against them. These 3 Powers must be kept in balance at all times, or else peace will shatter."

"You mean supervillains we fought in the past aren't enough to mess up the world already?" asked Kirby.

Mewtwo gave him a serious look. "The destruction that these 3 Powers can cause is even worse than what they can do! Be happy that we are fighting enemies of our league rather than them!"

"Just when I thought the whole battle with the Darkling is more than enough…" said Peach in awe.

"There has been no recent activities nor has there been any news on Omega and Shinryu, so their status as of now are unknown. Godzilla is perhaps the only worry that the world must face, since his status is unpredictable."

"What is the fourth one?" asked Popo.

Mewtwo gave him an eye and said, "I'm sure most you have heard of the fourth one. His name is pretty well known throughout the world. He is said to be the strongest man in the world."

"The Ancient, The Most Powerful Dragon, King of Monsters, Strongest Man in the World…" Ness said to himself. "Cool nicknames!"

"You know Crocodile, right?" asked Roy. "He was also one of the Shichibukai, and I defeated him! That means I have the strength of the 3 Powers!"

"Don't be too cocky," Mewtwo told him. "Crocodile is probably the weakest of the Shichibukai. The rest are said to be far more powerful than him. You are like a grasshopper compared to them."

"Hey! Don't underestimate me!"

"You are overestimating yourself too much! I admit; even with my power psychic skills, I am not confident enough to face the 3 Powers…"

"Indeed, they have powers beyond human imaginations," said Fox. "7 Armed Seas, 3 Espers of Justice, and 4 Abominations…"


For real

The mentioning of the 3 Powers of Tooneria must be an exciting thing for you. I cannot assure you that the 3 Powers will play a role or not in Rise of the Negativities. However, they will eventually be revealed little by little. But One Piece fans should know who are all the Shichibukai are already. The other powers are made up by me, but the members are definitely NOT my OC.