Voice of Reason

Sequel to Who Am I?

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Warnings: Rated for language, violence, and sensitive issues, so if you get squeamy please don't come running to me you have been warned!

Note: I am picking this story up not far from where I ended Who Am I? So if you haven't read that I suggest that you do first and then come back here for the rest...



A screech of tires made the three men stare at each other in silent horror 'could be Caleb.' Bobby said finally breaking the sudden quiet.

'Bobby? Dean? You guys in here?' Caleb called sprinting into the house and colliding with Bobby.

'Damn it Cal slow down son before you have a coronary.'

'The demon ... he's back.' Cal panted as he collapsed against Bobby, 'that Doc Mac is with ...'

'Caleb?' Bobby called out frantically checking the younger man for injuries but found none. 'Must just be sheer exhaustion.' Bobby looked up at Dean and then shifted his gaze to Sam, 'you boys alright?'

'We're going to be.' Sam said softly, 'and we'll be ready for him won't we Dean.'

'You bet Sam, we're in this all the way.' Dean said placing a comforting hand on Sam's good arm and squeezing it slightly. 'All the way.'


Sam wiped his forehead and panting heavily eased himself down onto the chair, he glanced up at the wide grin gracing his brother's face. 'So Dean what are you staring at?'

'You Dude.'


'Coz I know how much it annoys you!' Dean smirked, 'do you realise that you have just completed six laps with the bars without stopping and without support?'

'Ah ... yeah.'

'Dude that was freaking amazing, honestly I didn't think you had it in ya.'

In response, Sam threw the damp towel and hit Dean on the chest, 'thanks dude I always knew you had a soft sensitive side.'

'So Sammy ... honestly how is the leg?'


'Yeah dude honestly.'

Sam took a deep breath, stood up and walked towards his brother with only a limp showing his injury, a big grin spreading across his face as he made it across the room without stopping and without any support whatsoever. 'Whatcha think?'

'Dude you been holding out on me haven't ya.' Dean's smile grew wider and he clapped Sam on the shoulder, 'and the arm?'

'Getting there, still a bit shaky but getting there.' Sam said trying to catch his breath, 'damn it.'

'Hey Sammy don't worry you're doing great.' Dean said as he helped Sam into the wheelchair, and then waited for his brother to catch his breath completely.

'So tired of this Dean,' Sam said wheezing slightly, 'this is not me.'

'Nope it aint, but ... it's more you than two months ago.' Dean said crouching down in front of Sam and cupping his face Dean forced his sibling to look at him, 'hey I give ya another two weeks and you're going to be outta this thing all together.'

'Dean I ...'

'Nope not gonna listen Sammy, man what you have been through ... your body has to have time to heal Sam.'

'I know but...'

'Nope no buts so you want to hit the shower now or what?'

'Shower and then I might do some work on the computer.' Sam sighed, he felt so tired lately, not just physically tired, but he emotionally. He hated being such a burden on everyone. Bobby, Dean and even Caleb they have all been fussing over him and helping him with his recovery and rehabilitation since his ordeal began.

'Earth to Major Sam ...'

'Huh? Oh sorry Dean I guess I'm more tired than what I thought.' Sam admitted a shadow passed over his face as Dean stared at him.

'Okay, that tears it, shower and bed for you dude.'

'Dean I'm not two...'

'Yeah well stop acting like that, you can muck around on the computer in bed but you are going to get some rest.'

'Yes Sir.' Sam couldn't resist answering Dean like the one they used to answer their father.

Dean pushed Sam's chair up the ramp he had Bobby had fitted to accommodate the wheelchair, a temporary one they both kept reassuring Sam, he chewed his lower lip as he pushed trying to think of how to keep Sam feeling positive about his condition and recovery. His heart heavy as he thought of the day so long ago now it seems when he found Sam in that hospital, not remembering anyone or anything. How broken and lost he looked and now he is still faced with an upheaval battle in his return to full health. Each time he made significant progress, either some person or some demon had other ideas. Dean couldn't even come close to knowing how Sam was still alive after everything he has endured.


'Yeah dude?' Dean answered distractedly as he put the brakes on and set about fixing the shower for Sam.

'Dean do you remember ... do you remember mom?'


'I – I know that she died when I was a baby, I understand that I couldn't possibly remember what she looked like ...'

'Do you remember seeing her spirit about a year ago?'

'No, when?'

'We were doing a job that just happened to involve our old house, well we finished it and then you had a feeling that it wasn't all over ... you got trapped in the house with the malevolent spirit and just after I got in to help you ... mom appeared to us.' Dean's voice broke as he retold the events of that hunt, seemingly a lifetime ago.

'What – what, did ... did she say anything?'

'Yeah she said what a handsome guy you turned into,' Dean said, 'guess she doesn't see too good now.'

'Oh funny Dean.' Sam gingerly stood up and waited for a moment of dizziness to pass, 'what did she look like?'

'An Angel, and so beautiful.'

'Thought you said that you don't believe in Angels.'

'This you remember?' Dean huffed as he settled his brother in under the warm water, 'I'll just be in the bedroom, call if you need me.'

'Yeah, yeah now get outta here.' Sam waved Dean off with his good hand; he rested his weaker one on a new railing bracing himself while he enjoyed the water cascading down his long, lean body. Unconsciously his hands ghosted over his most recent scars, he may not remember everything from his childhood but he remembered the each and every one of the later ones.

As the water cascaded down Sam's back, his mind was somewhere else. He felt the chain around him and the feeling of getting dragged behind the motorbike, his muscles twitching in response to his memories. Unbidden and dreaded, they came flying back as Sam's leg gave way and he slumped to the floor of the shower sobbing uncontrollably as the pent up emotions, and fears came bubbling up and boiling over.

Dean glanced once again at the bathroom door; he could hear the water still running when he knew that the hot would have well and truly run out by now. 'Sammy?' he called tapping on the door knowing how much his brother craves privacy especially now. 'Sammy?' When he received no answer, he opened the door and hurried to the shower. 'Oh God Sammy?' he gasped when he found his brother curled up on the bottom of the cubicle, the cold water splashing over his naked form. 'Sammy?' Grabbing some towels, he turned the water off and wrapped the towels around Sam and gently he lifted his brother out of the shower, subconsciously realising just how light he still was.

After he laid Sam down on the bed, Dean sat down and stared at his younger brother, the bruises and cuts were all but gone, his scars glistened with pink new skin they were all there each with their own tale, each with their own pain attached. Though Dean's heart started to shatter when he took in the gauntness of Sam's long frame. The fact that he could easily count each rib, the way his hipbones protruded in sharp points and the shallowness of his cheeks, all together made Sam look emaciated and ill. Months, weeks or days the time frame no longer made any difference, from the first attack by the demon Sam was no longer the same person. He may resemble the former Samuel Winchester, son of John and Mary and brother to Dean, physically but now

There was a new and not so improved Sam Winchester, one who tired easily, with a broken body and fractured memories, who often cried himself to sleep in fear because nothing is familiar anymore.

Taking a deep breath, Dean shook his head and tried to pull himself out of the depression he was sliding into again. Tenderly he finished drying his brother and then dressed him in warm tracksuit pants and a long sleeved T-shirt before covering him with blankets, Sam stirred and murmured something under his breath before a soft sigh passed from his lips and he fell into a deep exhaustive sleep. Brushing a stray hair from Sam's eyes, Dean felt the tears prickle again, his anger flared and he turned away from Sam stormed through the door and ran down the stairs and out the front door.

As his feet hit the road Dean cursed himself and let the guilt points wrack up, he replayed the chain of events repeatedly in his mind, each time another point got added, his self-contempt and ineptness flared opening older and still festering wounds.

'Gonna go and get some food, whatcha feel like Dean?' Sam asked tired of watching Dean clean his guns again. He may be a slob about everything else but his guns were always meticulously cleaned and oiled.

'Hmm burger, pizza, beer whatever dude ... need money?' Dean asked without looking up.

'Nah I got it, so you want a burger pizza with a topping of beer?' Sam smirked grabbing his coat and heading towards the door, 'want pineapple as well.'

'Whatever dude!'

Sam laughed and snagged the keys to the impala before Dean had a chance to realise it, the door closed behind him with a soft click, blinking Dean looked up and then shrugged his shoulders before returning to his task.

Pacing the room Dean stared at his watch again, two hours, no way it would take two hours for pizza and beer, hitting the speed dial Dean waited impatiently as the cell phone rang out, this time even voicemail didn't click on. 'Dammit Sammy.' He growled more out of worry than anger though, grabbing his leather jacket Dean stormed out of the motel room and came to a skidding stop. The impala sat innocently in its park, the driver's side door closed but unlocked, the keys still in the lock. A pizza box and a six pack of beer on the ground in a bizarre form of abstract art. The pizza topping oozed through the cardboard box, with a large footprint embellished on the top, the beer swirled around the tomato sauce, cheese and some sort of meat in a foaming mess, shards of glass finished the look. 'Sam!' Dean yelled turning around in a full circle, he stared at the nearly empty car park and darkened rooms of the motel. 'Sam!'

His breath came in heaving gasps as he ran laps around Bobby's junkyard, forcing himself to run faster with each lap, not wanting to give in to his aching muscles or sweat slicked skin. Images of Sam in the hospital surfaced, threats of force-feeding tubes, that nurse Kelly watching Sam like a hawk. The fits Sam threw, terrifying jumbles of memory and disempowerment caught in Dean's mind, stuck, static and repetitive. A hoarse cry came from deep within as he finally stumbled and fell onto his knees, his hands scrapping on the dirt and gravel. Kneeling there in the mud and stones heavy, heaving sobs ripped through him as the tears fell. His stomach cramping along with the sobs and he expelled his breakfast and lunch in one large retch another piece of technicolour abstract art to add to his imagined collection.

'Sammy.' He moaned sliding backwards, he sat on his heels and lifted his tearstained face to the sky, just as the lightest touch of misting rain caressed his cheeks. Cooling the heat emanating from him. slowly he climbed to his feet and stumbled back to the house, back to his new life, tending his disabled brother, housebound and retired from hunting ... well full-time hunting anyway.

'Should be careful you know Dean, running in the wet, might have an accident and fall, might even hurt yourself and then what would your brother do?' A mocking voice came from just out of Dean's peripheral vision, turning he frowned and stared at the shadows between the piles of wrecked cars.

'Who the fuck are you?'

'Now, now, Dean that's not nice.' The voice whispered seductively, twisting itself around Dean, 'come closer and you will find out.'

'Fuck off I am so not in the mood for this.' Dean snarled before turning back to his original destination.

'I can help Sam.' the voice came at Dean again, this time from directly behind him.

Spinning around he stared at a hooded shape floating ethereally in the air just behind him.

'Who the fuck are you and ... nah know what? I don't give a flying fuck who you are or what you want. Just leave me and my brother alone.'

'Afraid I can't do that Dean.' the figure moved closer, gliding over the rocky ground effortlessly.

'I know what happened to Sam, I can help him regain his strength and all of his memories.'

'What do you know about him? Nothing it's all just a trick and I aint falling for it.'

'Fine then, so what if I take you instead?'

'Like I said aint interested so why don't you go and sell your hoodoo crap somewhere else.'

'Dean think about this, I can be very reasonable if I choose to be.'

'Hmm, nope not gonna change my mind.' Dean bit back another round of cussing, turned on his heel and deliberately strode away from the shrouded intruder.

'Hey Bobby you here?' he called out as he bent to take his muddied runners off, 'Bobby?'

'Yeah Dean,' Bobby appeared at the door with his permanent scowl, 'Sam's awake and been asking where you're at.'

'Tell him I'm right...' But, before Dean could finish what he was saying, he vanished before Bobby could register what happened.

'Dean!' he yelled and searched the area with a quick visual, 'Dean where are you?'

'Bobby what is it?' Caleb came running up towards Bobby, only arriving in time to see Dean disappear, 'what happened to Dean?'

'Dunno, ah fuck I'm getting too old for this shit Cal.' Bobby grumbled pushing his baseball cap back and scrubbing his hands over his bearded face, 'what am I gonna tell Sammy?'

'Tell Sammy what Bobby?' A weak but determined voice started both of the men, turning around Bobby stared in amazement at Sam, who stood grasping the railing with a death grip, 'what's wrong?'

'Sam did you just manage to get downstairs by yourself?'

'Ah ... yeah I guess I did, I – I heard you calling for Dean and got worried.'

'Boy will you go and sit down before you fall down,' Bobby chided Sam gently, wearing a proud grin he helped Sam to a chair and then sat in the one opposite waiting for Caleb to come in and give him some back up.

'Bobby what's going on?' Sam asked again, 'what is it? Where's Dean?'

'Ah I dunno how to tell you this but...'

'But what Bobby? Caleb what the hell is going on?'

'Dean must have gone for a run, he ah just got back and was taking his sneakers off when...' Bobby stopped speaking and stared at Sam for a moment all traces of his smile gone, 'when Dean just vanished Sam.'

'Vanished? How?'

'Just like that, poof gone, one minute here the next he's gone.'

'No ... no, not Dean.' Sam muttered his voice breaking, 'he can't be gone Bobby.'

Dean stared around in disbelief, one minute he was talking to Bobby next minute he's waking up in another place entirely. Groaning softly he squeezed his eyes shut trying to block out the bright lights.

'I wish that you had just let me help you Dean.'

'You again, I shoulda known, so gonna show me your face or what?'

The figure cupped its hands around Dean's face and tilted his head back, slowly Dean opened his eyes and stared in horror at the sight before him.

'Who the ... who or what are you?'

'My name is Greglorious, I am a demon yes but not one like you are used to.' It said tightening its grip on Dean's face. 'You can call me Greg if you want though.'

'So Greg what the freaking hell is going on now?' Dean snarled curling his upper lip in anger, 'take me back to Sam.'

'I am afraid I cannot do that Dean.'

'Why? You brought me here you can take me back.'

'It's not as simple as that.' Greglorious sighed, letting go of Dean's face it moved away slightly, 'it was either you or your brother does not matter which.'

'What do you want?'

'Believe me Dean if there was any other way,' the demon smiled then, the true face of evil appeared to crack and dissolve revealing a more human countenance. 'Is this better?'

'So okay you are one fugly demonic thingy but what does that have to do with Sam or me?'

'A lot, did you ever wonder exactly who took Sam to begin with?' the demon smiled and ran a forked tongue of its teeth. 'He was rather delectable really.'


'Hmm in a word yes.'

'But you're not ... I mean I saw the demon who ...'

'Just one of my various personas, depending on who or what I am torturing or screwing with minds, doesn't really matter.'

'So Greg, what do you want me for?'

'I wanted Sammy back actually, he was so delectable.' Greglorious sighed, 'but he is too protected where he is, with the three of you hunters and all of your paraphernalia.'

'What a shame.'

'I have had my minions in the past snag him for me but what can I say they can only do so much and then they're worthless.'

'You still haven't answered my question, why me and why Sam?'

'Well, it's like this ... Sam's abilities and memories are worth a small fortune on the demonic market, originally I took him because of that ... power and stuff but then ... then I got to taste Sam, his essence, his blood, his sex.'

'I am going to kill you slowly, and then bring you back so I can kill you again,' Dean threatened his lips curled back in a lethal mix of snarling anger and pure honesty.

'He could really take the pain ... your father taught the two of you well, nothing seemed to make any difference to him. Chains, whips, floggers, blades, used em all and nothing seemed to break him. until ... I showed him your death.'

'You what?'

'Your death, it was quite poetic actually ... I shed a tear for you.'

'Hate to break it to ya Greg but dude I aint dead.'

'True, though that can be rectified, no I just needed Sam to believe it and well he did.'

'You tortured him, raped him and then forced him to watch my so-called death?'

'In a nutshell ... yes.' The demon smirked enjoying the look of shock turning into horror turning in fury across Dean's face. 'Oh I wish I had a camera!'

'Let me go and I'll show you a camera.' Dean fought against his bonds, as though he only just realised that he was restrained – the ropes bit into his wrists behind the back of the chair and his into his ankles where they were tied to the rear legs forcing them into an awkward angle.

'Now, now, temper, temper, we have enough time to get very well acquainted.'

'What the freaking hell does that mean?'

'It means dear boy, you are going to be my guest until that delectable brother comes for you.'

'If you haven't noticed, Sam's paralysed.'

'Something tells me that a simple little thing like that will keep you brother away.'

Dean opened his mouth to shoot off a well worded retort when he stopped himself, as much as he wanted to deny it, he knew it was true, no matter what Sam will come looking for him.

'Yes, yes now I have to make a phone call, do you mind if I borrow yours?' the demon grinned waving Dean's cell phone in front of him, 'no? I didn't think so.' He waved a hand and a gag tied itself around Dean's head, effectively silencing him.

'Hmm let me see oh yes, here it is ... speed dial gotta love it.' Greglorious smirked and hit the small button, 'Why hello Sam, long time no speak ... how you doing?'