Disclaimer: not mine. Rating: 13+ Genre: er... silly, UST, etc.
Set/spoilers: Season two, Siege 3!
Summary: He'd really done it, this time.
Pairing: Sparky. (Weir/Sheppard, for those watching at home)
This one's for myQwirky who was all cute, and SENT MINIONS to eye me while driving earlier. Telepathic squirrels are scary, man.
Ficlet. 490+ words.

Popped by ALC Punk!

Elizabeth decided it really was the last straw.

"I can't believe you did that, major."

The man she was directing her statement at paused in handing over his report, his expression baffled. "Doctor?"

"Major Sheppard." She considered, narrowing her eyes at him. "What you did was unthinkable."

"Unthinkable? All we did was trade some building material for corn, Doctor Weir."

He had no clue why she was upset. It just made her irrationally more irritated. "That's not all you did, major."

"Then you're going to have to explain it to me, doctor, because apparently, I woke up stupid this morning." He snapped, patience thin.

Tensions had been high for weeks while they worked out ways of defending against the wraith, even if the wraith thought Atlantis was destroyed. Some day, they might be back. And they needed to be ready. Elizabeth grabbed onto the edge of her temper, hitting it with logic. Sheppard didn't know what he'd done.

"Popcorn, major. You ate the last bowl."

"Now, Elizabeth," Oh, yeah. He knew he was in trouble. His expression turned puppy-dog-like, "Your name wasn't on the bag."

"My name didn't need to be on the bag, major."

His best innocent expression took form on his face, "Then why was it yours?"

"Because I'd said it was. And you were there when I said it."

"Didn't the Daedalus bring new supplies?"

"They didn't bring popcorn."

"Oh." He dropped the innocent look, and tilted his head, "I'm sure I can find a way to apologize, doctor."

"I'm sure you can, major." She narrowed her eyes at him. "But until then, you don't get any chocolate."


"One luxury for another. John."

"I will make you re-think that, Elizabeth." He leaned one hand on her desk and loomed forwards, eyes glinting.

"You can try."

"To quote a famous man, 'Do or do not, there is no try'."

She snorted, "I'm not sure that's exactly the right person to quote here, major. Unless you've suddenly been gifted with the Force?"

"Well, no..." He leaned even closer and kissed her nose. "But I have other talents."

Elizabeth grabbed his collar and yanked, he over-balanced and landed on her desk with a grunt. "But good balance is not one of them."

He glared at her, pulling himself up and away and trying to look suave and assured. "Yes, well, you startled me."

"Mhmm." Elizabeth picked up the file she'd been reading. "I'll see you later, major."

"Not if I see you first."

"Oh, I doubt that." She smiled sweetly at him, then flipped open the file.

"Fine. Whatever."

"Thank you for the corn, major."

"You're welcome, doctor."