Fandom: SG: Lantis Pairing: Sparky (Weir/Sheppard)
Notes: This was originally intended as drive-by spam, but then it got to long, and thus, this is for myqwirky. Yes.

A Difference of Opinion by ALC Punk!

"It's blue."

"It's green."

She knows he's only arguing because he's a brat. She doesn't care. Ezliabeth rolls slightly, bringing her naked body into contact with John's. "Blue."

His hand snakes down her side to grope her ass. "Definitely green."

"Mmm. No." Her leg hooks over his hip, and she pushes at his chest. "Blue."

"Green," he insists as he flops onto his back, hands steadying her at the waist as she straddles him.

"Blue," she teases, brushing against him just to watch his eyes go wide and dark before shifting and dropping down, feeling the pull and tug send shivers up her spine.

"Definitely," he manages, hands tightening on her waist, "Green."

Elizabeth takes a moment to collect herself, then begins moving, driving herself slowly insane with the feel of the man beneath her. "Blue," she blurts when his fingers tease her nipples.


Some might say Elizabeth Weir is at her best in a crisis. Some would be right. Her wits might scatter, but she's still doggedly determined. "Blue."

A moan is torn from Sheppard, then he bites out, "Green."

"Blue--" she says, then chokes on a gasp as his finger slides across her just there, and pleasure ripples through her.

He does it again, then again, until she's almost incoherent. Then he stops. "Green."

"I. Don't." She grabs his wrist and then slides her fingers between his, watching him as she strokes herself, "think so. Blue."

"God..." His brain has apparently shut down as his fingers tangle with hers, and there's a moment when they're both stroking her, and he's pushing his hips upwards, and Liz thinks she might dissolve from the inside-out. "Green," he whispers against her cheek as she collapses forwards onto his chest.

She bites his shoulder, feeling him throb inside of her, then chuckles as he comes apart, too. "Blue."

John's fingers tighten on her hip, then release as she reaches between them to catch the condom, carefully preserving its integrity. "Green."

Sliding off of him, she holds up the condom and raises an eyebrow, "Actually, I think it's black."


Elizabeth leans off the bed to drop it into the waste-basket.

Taking advantage, John reaches out and smacks her ass. "Wanna try again?"

She glances over her shoulder at him, then smirks, "You're not recovered just yet."

He gropes her ass, then turns on his side and waggles his eyebrows. "Oh, really?"

Pointedly ignoring the groping, Elizabeth stretches out in front of him and smirks. "Yes, really."

John pouts.

She sticks her tongue out at him, feeling oddly childish.

So he kisses her.


Maybe he was recovered. Just a little.