Chapter 6: Yuna the Honor Student?

This is bad.

This is beyond bad.

Yuna is kneeling by the unconscious Kobayakawa. Her eyes were wide with shock and tears were beginning to well in them.

I'm a monster. He…didn't deserve this—even if he is a slime ball.

Rina broke through the line of on-lookers and ran over to Yuna and hugged her. "It's okay, Onee-chan! It's okay! I don't know what happened, but it's okay now!"

At that moment, Yuna was so distant that she barely heard Rina through the haze in her mind. I tried my best… I really did. Is my best not good enough to change? I…have to change… I must change!

Yuna's head began to become hazy as she buried her face into Rina's shoulder. Her body felt numb and she did not remember anything after.

When Yuna finally returned to her body, she found herself in the principal's office. She wasn't surprised that she would end up here, but she didn't remember coming to this room. Rina was sitting next to her and Kobayakawa was also there—now conscious and baring a bruise on his cheek and a neck brace.

Yuna's eyes were stinging and she realized that she must have been crying pretty hard, even though she doesn't remember it. Was she that frightened? Her? The Great Randou scared of a middle-aged pervert?! It was something that she thought she would never experience. As a guy or a girl. She thought she was strong enough to avoid such things. In the end, she was, but she did not feel good about it. This feeling of regret confused her.

"Is it true?!" The principal asked, seeming to beam with excitement. It was possible that such a thing hadn't happened in the school for some time. As Randou, Yuna did stuff like this all the time, but she kept everything behind the scenes.

Kobayakawa nodded and answered, "It is! This girl used violence against me!"

Waving him off, the principal specified, "No, no. Is it true she flipped you over onto your back?! Amazing! She's such a petite-looking girl!"

Yuna couldn't help but blush at being called "petite." She didn't quite understand why.

Before the teacher could retort, Rina barged into the conversation, "Wait a minute! My sister is a gentle person. Never once has she ever done this to someone! She had to have a good reason to need to defend herself."

Nodding, the principal agreed, "Yes. Such a girl with a good reputation around the school wouldn't do something like this without cause."

Good reputation? Is that true?

Kobayakawa pointed at Yuna and accused, "This girl tried to manipulate me into giving her the answers to the midterm!"

Yuna's face shown shock as she yelled, "That isn't true! I would never do such a thing!!" Well, I did…as Randou, but…

Rina stood up. Yuna had never seen her look so angry. "Kobayakawa-sensei! I'm ashamed that you are my teacher! Accusing an innocent girl?!"

The principal nodded and added, "Plus, you have a reputation of making some…advances toward your female students." He stood up, even though he was smiling, something told Yuna he was actually angry. "Besides, Kurimi-san here has a wonderful record with scores during junior high. So long as she scores decently on the exams, that'll be proof enough."

"That's righ—" Yuna stopped short. Oh, no! My real record isn't good at all! I'm horrible at school! If I get bad scores, it's over!

Knowing this fact, Kobayakawa smirked. "Indeed. Well, I'll let the exams speak for themselves."

He chuckled and walked out of the office.

Rina and Yuna walk out together. Once out, Rina stopped and looked at Yuna. "Onee-chan, I know you must have had a reason. I know you're different, but… You seem a lot less wild now than when you first came back. I'm not sure what sensei did to you, but we need to do some serious studying!"

"W-What?" Yuna blinked in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Rina also blinked. "What do you mean? It's like the principal said, you need to score well to prove your innocence. Because of your amnesia, you need to study to remember the information."

"Rina…" Yuna's eyes were shining, but then she slumped. But in reality, I don't have amnesia and there isn't any information to remember... I'm just doomed.

However, Kobayakawa seemed intent in proving his false story. It didn't take long for the students to find out that he had significantly increased the difficulty of the exam to corner Yuna.

A group of students glared at Yuna as she walked down the hall. Some of them jeered her:

"Good job, Yuna!"

"Why did you have to take everyone down with you?!"

"Did sensei reject you or something?!"

"Grow up!"

"Tomboy freak!"

It took everything in her being to keep herself calm from the slings, but she endured successfully—just barely, though, Keiko had to stop her from throwing a book at one girl who made a comment about her virginity. It was probably something she wouldn't have been able to pull off a few weeks earlier.

She walked into class and the girls were there waiting for her.

Midori slapped Yuna on the back. "Don't worry! We have you covered!"

Laughing, Keiko commented, "Speak for yourself! With the nastier difficulty on the math exam, I'll need to study much harder than I already am. I'm not a genius like you guys."

Yukie sighed. "One thing's for sure, we need to tutor Yuna tonight and tomorrow night if she hopes to score high enough to prove her innocence."

Rina nodded and admitted, "Yeah. Onee-chan had really high scores in middle school. She was the top of our class."

The pieces in Yuna's mind finally snapped together. She stood up, slamming her hands on her desk. "You girls mean that I have to be the first in the class to prove my innocence?!"

Resting her elbow on Yuna's desk, Midori replied, "Seems that way."

Slumping, Yuna chuckled darkly to herself. "That's…beyond impossible."

Yukie lifted a finger and said, "Look, even though your scores suck, Yuna, that doesn't mean all hope is lost. You just need the right motivation."

Midori smiled and suggested, "Right! Like a boy you want to impress or something."


Someone…I'd like to impress.

Yuna looked over at Rina. Rina tilted her head curiously when she noticed Yuna look at her.

A new look of confidence shined on Yuna's face as she exclaimed, "You're… You're right! I… I can do it!" What the hell am I saying?!

Keiko nodded and clenched her fists. "That's the spirit, Yuna-chan! You can do anything!"

As they left the school, the idiot trio—also known as Takahiro, Takuya, and Saiyouji—approached the group of girls bearing a frightened nerdy-looking boy.

Smiling at Yuna, Takahiro said, "We all heard about your midterm problem, Yuna-sama, and decided to solve it for you! This guy here will swap his test with yours!"

Scuffing, Midori yelled, "Get out of here! Only scum would cheat on a test!"

Yuna sweated guiltily at that proclamation, but remained silent.

"Yeah!" Keiko said as she pushed Yuna down the path to leave the school grounds. "Yuna-chan doesn't need your kind of help. She'll succeed fair and square!"

Yuna laughed and looked back at Keiko and said, "Y-You really believe that?"

Keiko remained silent for a few seconds and then answered, "I…hope so."

Slumping a bit, Yuna thought, That's what I thought…

Rina announced, "Onee-chan, I know you can do it! You'll get first place in the school for sure!"

The group of girls stopped and started at Rina. She blushed and admitted, "That's asking for a bit much, isn't it?"

Midori crossed her arms and said, "Let's focus on one goal at a time, please. Yuna just needs to pass her midterm with a good grade. That's it." She added under her breath, "That seems almost impossible by itself…"

Yuna gave Midori a glare in response to her repressed comment. I heard that! I'm not sure if I should be insulted or relieved that there's someone here who understands reality…

There was silence in the ground from that point until they finally reached Rina and Yuna's house. When they walked in, they were shocked to find the house a mess. Rina's mother was struggling not to clean as police officers investigated the scene. Yukie and Keiko gasped at the scene before them.

Dropping her bag, Rina ran over to her mother and asked, "Mom! What… What happened?"

Her mother placed a hand on her cheek as she replied, "I stepped out to get something at the grocery. When I came back, the house was like this. The upstairs is fine, though."

Yuna rushed over and yelled, "If I find out who did this, I'm gonna—"

"Going to what, dear?" Rina's mother asked. "You're just one girl, after all. These things sometimes happen."

One look around the room, Yuna could tell something was wrong. This wasn't an ordinary break-in. If you are going to break into a house, then why only the downstairs? The most valuable stuff is in the bedrooms… They were looking for something. They came to here for a specific reason…

Yuna glanced at Midori and found her brows furrowed and an intense look in her eyes. She could tell that Midori was thinking the same thing she was.

Rina took her mother's hand and asked, "You're okay, though? Was anything taken?"

Waving her free hand, Rina's mother replied, "I told you, I wasn't here when it happened. And that's the strange thing. From what I can tell, nothing was taken." Before any of them could think of anything more to ask, she was shooing them toward the stairs. "You girls go on. You'll only get into the officers' way down here."

The girls took one more look at the mess before doing what they were told. They went into Yuna's room and Rina took out a table from under Yuna's bed. It was a small Japanese-style table with bendable legs to fit under objects for storage. The girls sat around the table and took out their books.

Yuna muttered, "I can't believe we're actually going to sit up here and study when that kind of thing is happening downstairs."

Slapping her hand on the table, Rina exclaimed, "What else can we do, Onee-chan?! Look, I feel just as disturbed as you do about some strangers breaking into our house, but Mom was right. If we're down there, we'd only get in the way."

Yukie put her hand on Rina's shoulder and looked at her with concern. "It'll be okay, Rina-chan. At least they didn't come up here."

Keiko looked at Yuna and said, "We should at least get something accomplished. Your midterm is a real problem. We all need to work together!"

Nodding to Keiki, Yukie agreed, "Exactly. Rina-chan, for now, let's just help Yuna-chan. Is that okay?"

Wiping some tears from her eyes, Rina nodded. "Yeah."

Yuna sighed. She knew that they were just using her poor grades as an excuse to get Rina's mind off things because there was no way her tiny problem compared to this.

The five girls worked for the rest of the afternoon on their homework. It turned out that Yukie knew a lot about math, Keiko was really good with English and Japanese, and Rina seemed to have a knack for Biology. Combined, they really did help each other. What surprised Yuna was that she actually felt like she was learning. It did serve as a good thing to get their mind off the break-in because the whole time, no one talked about it.

This changed immediately, of course, when they walked downstairs for dinner and found the place still in moderate disarray. It looked like that ones the officers got all they needed, Rina's mother had started cleaning right away. Although, it looked like she would still be busy for a little while.

Rina said quietly, "Sorry we didn't come to help, Mom."

Her mother smiled. "No, it's okay. I peeked in and so you were working so hard… I didn't want to disturb your studies."

The rest of the night Yuna spent studying with Rina—even after the other three girls left and Rina fell asleep at the table. Yuna was driven to prove herself. I really hate studying… It's torture… But this is for Yuna. It's for her. I'll do anything…

Yuna spent her free time in between classes at school the next day studying. She didn't just study math, either, but she studied all her subjects. People attempted to talk to her, but she all gave slight recognition noises in response.

Midori smiled and said, "Looks like she found something to fight for. I would what it is."

Blushing, Yukie thought out loud, "Maybe she met a cute boy"

Keiko rolls her eyes. "I can't imagine her getting like this over a boy."

"I can't see it, either," Rina agreed and giggled.

Yuna's eyes flattened and she muttered, "You know, I'm still right here! Stop talking about me as if I'm not!"

Keiko shrieks, "Eek! Yuna-chan! We didn't think you could hear."

"Just because I'm reading doesn't mean I'm deaf!" Yuna yelled.

When they got home, it was much of the same. Yuna hit the books hard with the other four girls and only stopped to eat dinner. Right before the three girls were about to leave, they decided to use the quizzes in their study guides to see if they have improved.

Rina gasped at the results. "Yuna-chan! You've…gotten much better! I knew all you needed was some studying."

She handed Yuna's quizzes back and Yuna's jaw dropped. All of her scores were in the nineties. Tears came to her eyes and she sobbed. "This is the first time I felt this good about grades… It's weird."

Tilting her head curiously, Yukie asked, "What do you mean, Yuna-chan? I thought you got grades like this all the time."

Yuna's eyes widened and then she giggled. "I mean, this is the first time I had to work so hard for them. It's a different feeling."

"Ohhh…" Keiko realized and then nodded.

Midori smiled at Yuna warmly. "That's what they call a feeling of accomplishment."

Yuna put her arms around Midori and Keiko, since they were the only ones she could reach. "You guys… I couldn't have done it without you!"

Keiko and Midori looked taken aback because Yuna had never been affectionate to them before and then they smiled.

Midori snickered and said, "You better not forget that, either! You owe us!"

Rina laughed and pointed casually at her sister. "That's right. How about you treat us after school tomorrow to celebrate the midterms being over?"

"Ehhh?" Yuna whined, "But I was saving my money for…" She stopped when she noticed the other girls suddenly put on sad expressions. Feeling her heart break, Yuna threw her hands in the air. "Okay! Fine! I'll treat you to say thanks."

Yukie snickers and commented, "Works every time."

Yuna was tense that morning when she woke up. Even Rina wasn't her usual cheery self. She had a look of impending doom on her face and she was trying to do some last minute cramming at the table during breakfast.

Rina's mother picked the book up and ordered, "Eat. The time for studying is over, dear. If you try studying more now, you're only going to get nervous and make your scores worse."

Sighing, Rina mumbled, "Yeah, Mom…"

Yuna attempted a smile, but it came out an awkward grin.

"You have nothing to worry about, Onee-chan, your scores are higher than mine. You'll do fine." Rina reassured Yuna with a pat on her shoulder and then went back to eating.

As it turned out, Rina was right. Yuna went from one midterm to the next and made it through with relative ease. It was the first time in her life that she actually understood things on tests. It was a good feeling. She wanted to feel like this again. However,t his all changed the moment she got to Kobayakawa's classroom. The entire room was heavy with a thick atmosphere of panic. She was greeted with threatening stares as she awkwardly took her seat.

The old feeling of being caught off-guard and unprepared for a test was beginning to sink in. Kobayakawa walked into the room and put the stack of test sheets down with a thud and smirked at Yuna. She glared back him stubbornly, not letting her panic show. Confidently, he passed at the exams and right away people were groaning. Yuna, as she looked over the exam, was also feeling intimidated by the questions.

Turning to Rina, Yuna looked desperately at her. Rina mouthed back at her, "It's okay! You know this! Just calm down, okay?"

Yuna closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then, reluctantly, she took another look at the test. Her eyes dawned with recognition. These questions… After looking closer, I know them after all!

She smirked and made a cocky look at Kobayakawa before filling out the answers. Kobayakawa looked shocked. He didn't seem to understand where her look of terror went.

The test came and it went and Yuna did not sweat the rest of the day. After the exams were over, everyone got into line to receive their scores. Rina and Yuna got their scores and then walked away. They looked at each other and nodded. They gave each other their scores and looked.

Yuna's eyes widened. Rina scored really well! She got third in the entire school in her cumulative score. Wow… I knew Rina was smart, but… I guess I'm kinda jealous.

She looked at Rina, who was smiling brightly. She turned the score card to Yuna and she made a double-take at her own scores.

Of course they weren't as good as Rina's, but…she scored fifth in the school?! How… How could this happen? Not that I'm complaining, but I have never been smarter than a box of rocks—to be honest with myself.

However, before she could properly celebrate, Kobayakawa came over and glared down at her. "I'm not how you did it, but I'm certain you cheated. A little airhead like you couldn't have possibly scored that high!"

Rina stepped in front of Yuna and exclaimed, "Stop bullying her! You never saw my sister as anything more than a plaything, but she is more than that. I knew she could score this high the entire time, she just needed to apply herself. If you honestly have that little faith in your students, you should just quit!" With that, she took Yuna's hand and pulled her away.

Kobayakawa was left in total shock. Then, he clenched his jaw. "Those…Kurimi brats…"