"Oh, my head!" Merton groaned taking his head with both his hands. He slowly opened his eyes but a sudden, throbbing pain somewhere on the back of his head made him close them again immediately. It was then that he realized something heavy was sitting on his legs, and eaten by curiosity Merton forgot about his head-ache and tried to see what it was. To say that he was surprised to see Tommy sleeping peacefully on the end of the bed were Merton was currently lying was an understatement. The raven haired boy slowly pushed himself up but the movement woke the sleeping werewolf anyway and suddenly two pair of amber eyes looked straight at him.

Merton looked at Tommy and for a moment he realized how beautiful he was and how lucky the Goth was for having him near, before he remembered that Tommy had amnesia and had forgotten all about their relationship. That simple reflection stabbed him in the back and hurt me more that his head was doing in that moment. Merton smiled a little embarrassed as Tommy stood immediately up, running at his "only a friend" side in a blink of the eye.

"You are awake!" Tommy exclaimed and Merton's face turned deep red as the werewolf touched him tenderly on the forehead, "How do you feel? Are you hurt? Are you hungry? Am I asking too many questions?"

"Relax, Tommy! Is just a head-ache!" Merton laughed, secretly pleased at Tommy's words. Just then the door suddenly opened and Lori came in, relief written all over her face. Merton looked at her bandaged arms and suddenly realized they were in the hospital. Tommy greeted Lori with more cheerfulness than ever, making Merton a little jealous, but then he looked up at the Goth and sent him a soft, sweet smile that made the raven haired boy's heart beat rapidly against his chest.

"I'm going to call your parents, now, they were so worried. Should I bring some food for you too?" but before Merton could answer, Tommy was already making his way to the door. The werewolf looked at Merton once again and smiled at him once more before exiting the hospital room at last.

Merton stared at the now closed door, surprised, when suddenly Lori sat down on the end of Merton's bed, shaking every thought out of the injured boy's head.

"Frank's dead… the police found his house burned to the root the other morning…" Lori said, starting conversation. "Tommy's secret is safe, again…".

"Oh…" Merton nodded and looked at Lori's bandaged arm. "Are you hurt?"

"Nah! It was just a scratch, really! Nothing I can't handle!" Lori bragged and Merton snorted. "You, on the other hand, sleepy boy? Are you okay, now?"

"I'm fine…" Merton said then asked: "Wait, how much did I sleep?"

"Two days and Tommy had been by your side all this time!" Lori said, smiling a little. Merton's eyes widened and looked at Lori enquiringly.

"Did he…?" he tried to say but the words just couldn't leave his mouth. Nevertheless Lori understood:

"I really don't know…" she sincerely said, "He didn't tell me anything…"

"Oh…" Merton was disappointed. Lori looked at him but didn't talk. Suddenly the door opened and a teenage girl entered the room in a hurry, followed shortly after by her parents. All sad thoughts left Merton's mind as he greeted, highly surprised, his family.


"The doctors said you can leave today, if you want…" Tommy said sitting on the edge of Merton's bed. Merton nodded from the other side of the room and continued searching for his clothes. Tommy looked at him, opened him mouth to say something but regret it almost immediately. Merton glanced at him but didn't ask what was on his friend's mind. On the contrary he opened the baggage his mother had brought him that morning and started rummaging for his staff.

"I'm glad you're okay…" Merton suddenly said then. Tommy looked at him, smiled and slowly stood up. He made a few silent steps and stopped just behind Merton. The Goth suddenly felt Tommy whispering to his ear: "I'm glad nothing happened to you too…".

Tommy's breath tickled his neck and sent shivers down Merton's spine. Merton's hands started to trembled but when he finally turned around the door closed behind Tommy with a soft click.

"What the…" Merton said to himself but regarded the incident as a trick of his mind. He tried to stop his heart beating so fast.

No, he said to himself, Tommy doesn't remember me. He doesn't! He just doesn't!


Lori accompanied the Goth home that evening and when Merton asked her if she had seen Tommy since that morning, the blonde girl just shrugged. It was suspicious. For a moment Merton thought that Lori and Tommy were dating behind his back and didn't know how to tell him yet.

"That's ridiculous…" Merton said to himself but looked at Lori's smiling face a little suspiciously.

When they arrived at Merton's house, Lori said something about her brothers and left him alone in front of the Lair's door. Merton felt more and more suspicious now but seeing Lori really making her way to her house, he slapped himself for those thoughts and shyly entered his beloved room.

What he saw left him speechless.

The Lair was dark but lighted candles illuminated the space well enough to see Tommy standing in the middle of the room. The werewolf had his best clothes on and was looking at Merton with a look of mixed fear and delight.

Merton made to switch on the lights but Tommy spoke, making him freeze on the spot.

"Do you remember that time when you said you like confessions in the dark?"

Merton looked at Tommy, not really understanding what was going on. Tommy made some steps forwards before speaking again:

"Or that time when I first touched you?"

Merton's bag fell on the floor but the raven haired boy couldn't speak. Tommy saw this as a sign to keep on talking:

"I'm sorry I forgot you and all those years we spent together…" Tommy said, his voice shaking with regret. "I'm sorry for hurting you and for saying stupid things straight in your face. I wonder why you keep talking to me…"

"You had amnesia…" Merton finally said and his eyes traveled around to the lighted candles. Merton did remember that day when he had said he would like to hear someone special confess to him in a dark but romantic place. But… what was going on? "You had been hurt and you had amnesia…" Merton said. He felt like crying. "What was I supposed to do? Hate you? You know I wouldn't…"

"I remember everything now, though…" Tommy laughed a little, "I should thank Frank for that…"

"I don't want to hear that jerk's name ever again!" Merton said.

"Yeah, I know…" Tommy made a step forward again. Merton thought he saw him blushing.

"Anyway, I'm glad you remember now…" Merton said. "Because you remembered, didn't you?"

"Everything…" was Tommy's laconic answer. "And I'll make sure I'll never forget again…"

Merton looked at his friend enquiringly but then his heart just stopped as Tommy kneeled down on his knees.

"Merton Dingle…"

He couldn't believe this.

Merton couldn't believe this.

"Will you marry me?"


"I don't believe this!" Lori said looked once at Tommy then at Merton. "You told me you were up to something, but this…" Lori didn't know what to say: "This is unbelievable!"

"I know!" Merton said and pulled Tommy closer to him. The werewolf laughed and kissed the Goth on the lips. Lori looked at them both and smiled wickedly:

"I want nieces to play with! Don't disappoint me!" Lori said then laughing as the couple turned ten shades of red.

"LORI!" they shouted but the blond girl just laughed.

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