Forbidden Love.

Summary: Hello!! Well this MAY be a oneshot but if you guys want me to continue with my story just say so!!

Anyway this story is about Kagome being a princess ruling over the humans and mikos and Inuyasha who is the prince of the demons. Kikyo is Kagome's beloved older sister and Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's hated older half brother. The two kingdoms were at war. Neither of them couldn't accept each others differences. They were just too... Different.

When Kagpme and Inuyasha were only youg they hadn't really known about this raging war. They secretly met up with one another and play, making a great relationship. But all this would shatter when there older siblings find out and become really angry... But even though they still met up for they were in love with each other at a young age. But now that they are at the age of 16 they are the worst of enimies. What happened? Is the love truly gone? What happened to make them hate each other? And what the heck is happening??? This will be a really exciting war...




The both yelled at each other as both of their swords clashed. They were in the middle of a battle field with the mikos and demons ripping at each others throat. Blood splattered everwhere. Demons killed the mikos but the mikos quickly counter attacked with purification arrows and energy. So far they were evenly matched. It was dawn and the sun was fairly up but the air was still crisp cold as the wind brushed their face.

Inuyasha and Kagome were in the middle of the war, fighting each other with both of their swords. Inuyasha had the most experience with his sword Tetsusaiga while Kagome started later than him. This gave Inuyasha an advantage. They attacked one another. Inuyasha's sword came down to Kagome's head but Kagome quickly brought her sword up to block it. Her sword... It was valuable treasure to her family and to her. For reasons that will be explained later. Kagome bends down on one knee as Inuyasha brings his whole body weight onto the sword. Kagome groaned trying to bring the sword up to no prevail.

Inuyasha continued to bring force down making Kagome bend backwards. Inuyasha smirked as beads of sweat fell down from both of their faces. Kagome couldn't take the pressure anymore an moved slyly away to the side avoiding the sword. She scrambled away as she stood up and stood into her fighting position once again. Inuyasha was now facing her with another fighting stance. Both of them were panting heavily.

"Well. Isn't this an interesting position?" Inuyasha smirked.

"Oh shut up. If this is interesting to you then imagine how intereting it will be when I have my blade pressed across your neck!" Kagome yelled out and leapt towards Inuyasha.

Inuyasha blocked her attack with ease. They were both panting as Kagome drew back again. They have been fighting for more than two hours now and neither side was giving in. Kagome glared at Inuyasha as he returned the glare with a smirk. "You were always weak. You could never beat me when we fought."

"Shut up! I'll defeat you if it's the last thing I do!"

Kagome lunged herself to him with her blade above her head aiming to slice his head in two. Inuyasha once again blocked it. CLANG. The two swords were in suspension. They were in the same postion they were in earlier. They were both pushing each other trying to bring the other one down. Kagome used her Miko powers and focused them on to her sword giving her an advantage. Inuyasha was being pushed back from her sword.

"Keh! Not bad wrench!" Inuyasha then pushed forward harder overpowering her. "But it's not good enough." He pushed her down on one knee again. "Come on Kagome. You can do better than this!"

"Ha! If this is the best you've got than you'll have an early grave!" Kagome retorted but deep inside she was pretty terrified.

Inuyasha's eyes narrowed. "You'll be the one with the early grave wrench!" He said as he quickly moved his sword under hers and flung it out of her grasp. Kagome gasped and went for her sword but Inuyasha grabbed her hair and held the Tetsusaiga to her throat. He twisted her head so that she would face him.

She was scared yet angry at the same time. 'Why won't he take me seriously and actually fight me without holding back for once!' She glared at him. There faces were only inches apart. The battle noise aroun them were long gone as they only saw each other.

Inuyasha stared at the chocolate brown orbs he fell in love with. The pouting look she makes when she complains in or out of her mind. The way her cheeks turn pink when she's exhausted. How soft and silky her hair feels beneath his hands... 'Gah! What am I thinking?!'

"Prepare to meet your doom princess..." Inuyasha then let go of her hair and brought the sword up to end her life.

Kagome stared up. Her chocolate orbs staring into his golden ones. 'I used to love his eyes... And I still do...I still love him...' Kagome then let a tear fall down her cheek as she slowly smiled. Inuyasha hesitated with a slightly shocked look on his face.


Kagome just smiled wider. A sad sort of smile. "Well Prince Inuyasha... I guess this is really goodbye huh? Hehehe... I accept defeat. I will not beg for mercy. You may have slain me but there is no doubt that my people will take this assassin lightly." She stared into his eyes once more as another tear slid down her face. She was really trapped. Now everything is over.

Inuyasha stared at her blankly before he frowned. 'Damnit just kill her already! Why won't you do it?!' He gripped his sword tighter as he prepared to strike. He watched her bow her head accepting her fate. 'Just kill her already! Just end it all and move on!'

Inuyasha's thoughts were quickly distrubed by another Miko. "Kagome!"

Inuyasha turned and stared at the Miko. Kikyo was running up to them purifing every demon that dared come on her way. Inuyasha quickly turned to Kagome who still had her head bowed low and was quickly going to end it until he heard another shout.

It was Kagome's and Kikyo's mother Midoriku. "Get away from my child!"

Inuyasha, frusturated with all the interruption turned to Kagome again. 'Kill her now!!'

Inuyasha was about to kill Kagome when he felt a surge of power engulf both him and Kagome. Kagome looked up and stood up reaching her sword. Midoriku was chanting a spell with Kikyo helping her. They were concentrating there powers to put a barrier around both of them. Unfortunately Inuyasha's Father was there too. Inutashio was a full demon. His long white robes reached the ground.

"You shall not interrfer with me son's battle. Have you no honour?!" He boomed keeping a straight face. Midoriku didn't here though as she was concentrating all her energy trying to bring Inuyasha down. Inuyasha then started to scream in pain as he fell on both knees and grasped his head. Kagome went wide eyes as she knelt down beside him and glared at her mother. "Mother please stop! This is not your battle!"

But she continued. She wanted him dead. Both him and his family. She wasn't just about to stop and let this only oppurtunity get by just because of honour. Her entire people count on making them dead. And Kikyo had the same idea too.

They continued to power up the barrier as Inuyasha screamed louder from the pain. Kagome stood up and glared daggers at her family. Her eyes burned with rage. "Stop! Look at what you're doing! This is MY fight! I vowed that I will be the one to take him down!"

"We cannot do that Kagome!" Kikyo yelled yet not breaking her concentration. The barrier began to spark out energy as Inuyasha screamed again gripping his head more. "You can't defeat him! You are to weak! You were about to die by his hands!"

Kagome's eyes grew shallow as she stared at them. 'They think I'm weak? I-I thought they believed in me...'

Inutashio yelled again as he charged for the two Miko's deep in concentration. "You filthy human beasts! You deserve to die!!" He charged for them with his razor sharp claws out. He then made contact with Midoriku's shoulder causing her concentration to break but releasing an unmeant power out. The great power was realised at contact and the energy went through out the battle field. This caused many demons to be purified but unfortunately this caused a few Miko's to feel the pain as well.

Inutashio also felt the pain. 'What is this?! What is this power?' He glared at her and saw a jewel come out of the deep gash shoulder. 'The Shikon no Tama!' He thought as he saw the jewel tuen bright pink and engulf the entire battlefield.

When Inutashio gashed Mirdoriku's shoulder Kagome felt the surge of power go into her. 'No! Mother should not get hurt! T-The Shikon no Tama!' The energy grew bigger and she screamed in pain and knelt right beside Inuyasha. Inuyasha was feeling like he would die at this point. He screamed again, louder than he ever did and Kagome noticed this. 'He's hurt! He'll die! This is not how it's supposed to be!' She thought as she too began to gather up her energy. 'It is I that will bring Inuyasha down. We will fight with our swords and die at each others hands. We can't die like this!!'

She gathered up all her energy and screamed as she put a strong barrier protecting them as the burst of pink energy totally engulfed them.

Minutes past. It seemed like hours. The entire battlefield were full of dead or injured demons and Miko's. The pink light quickly went away as the jewel rose up from the ground and into there only to be shattered to dozens of pieces from the explosion of energy.

Dead bodys were everywhere. Midoriku was dead. Or at least we think she is for her body wasn't there. Neither was Kikyo's or Inutashio or any other poor being that was withing a 10 metre distance. Inuyasha held onto Kagome as she was umconscience. He was panting and sweaty all over and he was exhausted. He held the unconscience closer as he lay on the cold ground. 'Kami... You saved me Kagome... I just wonder why. Is it because you still love me... or that you wanted to kill me by your own hands?' He thought and sighed as he was falling for a deep slumber. "I love you Princess Kagome..." He silently whispered as he fell asleep with Kagome in his arms...


Well what do you guys think? I'll continue if you want me to because I don't want to keep typing if no one even reads it. Anyway thanx 4 giving ur time 2 read this... I hope its not too bad...