My word, this has been a long time coming. Here is Chapter 10 to set the scene. It's only upon re-reading that I've noticed some typos in the other chapters - I will fix these soon! I will finish this story; it's just taking 5 years longer than expected. Enjoy =)

Chapter 10

Stoneybrook Middle School stood proud on that dusky evening. Usually closed and locked up for the evening, lights shone through the windows. Inside moved the shadows of the people within.

The school gym had been thoughtfully prepared for the evening. Circular tables surrounded by groups of chairs were arranged around a shining dance floor in front of the stage. A passageway divided the way and it was from this to the doors of the gym that a red carpet ran. The invitations had stated "smart-casual" in terms of dress, but the organisers knew that every year, some people would push the boat out, wanting to show their former peers how well they were doing, how they wanted to show what they had become.

A sign hung over the stage, stating "Welcome, class of 1990!" A piano and microphones were placed on the stage, an indicator of the dancing to come.

A fancy flower arrangement graced each table, along with a golden envelope. Anxious waiters, smartly dressed in their dress-shirts and black trousers checked that he cutlery for the meal was in place; that each table was as perfect as possible. Fancy name cards stood at each place and Alice, the school secretary stood at the end of the carpet, ready to greet the guests and show them to their tables.

A make-shift bar had been set up toward the side of the room. It was from here that Mallory Pike grabbed a small brandy to settle her nerves as she moved towards her office to make a final check of the plans for that evening. She paused to glance in a mirror, her red hair fastened in a simple French twist, a plain but elegant green wrap dress complementing her auburn locks and she stood tall in a beautiful pair of nude coloured high heels. She wiped away a speck of mascara and gave herself a nervous nod of approval as she slipped into her office.

She could hear in the distance the sound of strings as the band tuned up. Outside there was the quiet growl of a car drawing up.

The first guest had arrived.