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Ranma had the feeling today was ending up to be one of those days as he walked home from school. Not only was he drained by Ms Hinako but attacked by all males of the Nerima Wrecking Crew. He had no idea what spurred all this but he was ready to eat and go straight to sleep – homework be damned.

As he walked, Ranma began to think about all that had happened since the failed wedding. The only thing different between before and after the wedding was that him and Akane seemed to be getting along much better and that he had some respite from the other Inazukes. Until today. Shampoo decided today was the day she started showing up again. Of course Mousse followed her and attacked me. He could not believe the audacity of that girl. She helped blew up his wedding, causing the chaos that resulted in him losing his cure. Then asks him on a date 3 weeks later. She didn't think to ask if he wanted to marry Akane, nor did she try to stop it in a non-violent way. The dojo was all but absolutely destroyed. The dojo I'm supposed to carry on. Even if she did not think he would marry Akane, you'd think she'd have respect for the dojo of my art, and not blow it up. Ukyo wasn't much better letting herself get wrapped up in Shampoo's scheme. Akane still hasn't much forgiven Nabiki for letting them on to the wedding, and still addressed her quite coldly.

Ranma and Akane had two weeks of awkwardness since the wedding before the tentatively began talking again. They were much more polite to each other, out of the shyness they had since the failed wedding. As a result, Ranma had fewer meetings with mallet-sama and they spent more time just being in each other's company. They spent most of summer break going to carnivals together – meeting there so they would not have to deal with their parents – and even just spending time together at the park or eating out. Akane practically knew where he was every second, being either with him, or knowing where he went. Akane had a lot less jealous rages because of that. Ranma was also free of the old lecher's bouts of perversion, having him drunk at the wedding and shipping him off to South America.

Ranma took of his shoes as he entered the house.


No one answered him, and he figured no one heard him. He walked into the dining room to find Cologne and Shampoo sitting sipping tea. Ranma's anger started to rise and he took a deep breath the calm himself. His soul of ice training did wonders for self-control when he evoked it. He glanced at the expressions of the people in the room. Soun and Genma were playing Shogi, seeming to be doing it to kill time. He looked over at Kasumi and she looked rather flustered and agitated in her own subtle way – eyes wandering, her hands fiddling in her lap, with an occasional bite of her lip. Kasumi didn't like them very much, and this was the most she could probably let her displeasure show. Kasumi always, however, played the perfect host whenever someone was over – be it friend or foe. Ranma then shifted his gaze to Akane, whom was sitting rigidly sipping her tea. Her eyebrow was twitching with the obvious effort to keep her expression schooled. Nabiki looked at the Amazons with an almost blatant, uncaring glare. It was a glare that said, 'you know I don't like you, I know you know I don't like you, so there's no point in hiding it.' Happosai was no where around.

Cologne began speaking, "It is time to discuss the matter of my son-in-law and his relationship to my great-granddaughter." Cologne turned towards his silent figure. "Ranma, it's time we talked."

Ranma narrowed his eyes and approached like prey entering the territory of a predator. He cautiously sat down right next to Akane, never taking his eyes off the old ghoul.

"What is there to talk about, old ghoul?" Ranma practically spat his words out. He was getting very tired of the Amazons.

"Why the matter of your marriage to Shampoo. I have been kind enough to allow enough time for you to fall in love with her, but as I can see, this didn't happen."

Shampoo almost retorted that Ranma does love her, but Cologne answered before she could speak.

"No, Shampoo. He does not love you. You just don't allow yourself to see the truth. However," Cologne began as if changing topic, "It is irrelevant if you love her. You defeated her in combat – twice might I add – so by your own action are you required to marry Shampoo."

Ranma sneered. "So I'm required to marry a girl that I fought without being informed of such..." he spat mockingly, "laws."

"It is your own fault for not asking to be informed."

Ranma took a deep breath and let out an angry sigh. "I've had it up to here with your bullshit, and I'm nottaking it anymore. I would never marry someone who at every turn tries to drug and manipulate me. I'm putting my foot down NOW. I'm not marrying her no matter WHAT!"

Soun and Genma nodded vigorously in agreement.

Cologne seemed calm and expecting this. "You leave me no choice then."

The Amazon Matriarch flicked her wrist and two water balloons came out, one hitting each Akane and Ranma. Ranma grimaced as he shifted to a she. He turned to look at Akane only to notice there was something different about her. He began scanning her features to determine what it was. She had a hardened jaw with a slightly more noticeable cheekbone. She had a slight Adams apple and he moved his gaze down to find where once her dress clung to her bosom, finding it taut against a broader chest. Akane sat in shock, her mouth agape with eyes wide. Ranma's vision turned red.

Cologne's tea was interrupted as a delicate hand with extraordinary strength wrapped around her throat.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you," Ranma calmly hissed. Cologne tried to use pressure points on Ranma's arm, but her chi flows were so developed and flowing with chi in such a rage that she could not disrupt his energy flows. She tried to break his wrist and elbow, only to have a finger broke on each hand when Ranma deflected it violently. This happened in the span of 2 seconds. It began to sink into her mind that her son-in-law, the god slayer, was quite capable of killing her.

Shampoo's eyes widened at Ranma. She never seen him this angry accept one time... He would kill great grandmother. Her eyes began to tear up. He really didn't love her. He probably hated her. Especially now.

"Because I'm the only one who can unlock yours and Akane's curse," she finally croaked.

"Give it to me."

"Fine. Go ahead and kill me. You'll be stuck that way forever." Ranma flinched visibly. She put more pressure on the old ghoul's throat and dislocated her elbow.

"Next time, I might SHATTER instead of dislocate," Ranma said coldly.

"Fine. Do as you must."

Ranma's brows furrowed further in anger as she internally whimpered. She let go of her, dropping her unceremoniously to the floor. Cologne got up, leaning on her staff, half cackling and coughing.

"When you are ready to marry Shampoo, you know where to find me."

Cologne hopped out through the back. Shampoo stood in tears looking at Ranma, as she shook with anger divine. "Shampoo sorry, Ranma. No mean for this to happen."

Ranma turned a glare with the fire of the sun, yet with the frigidness of fossil found in subterranean Antarctica, towards Shampoo. She visibly flinched and took off in tears.

Ranma's aura was flowing around him flaring every now and then. He slowly drew it in. He turned to Akane who was just realizing her own situation. Her- his eyes began to fill with tears, which then silently flowed down his cheeks.


She took the now taller Male Akane by his arm and led him up the stairs.

Soun and Genma sat there shocked at the play of events and didn't know how to respond.

"Oh...my," Kasumi answered, however with a deep feeling that was never there normally.

Nabiki glared cold fire at the direction the Amazons went, and silently drowned in her guilt for causing the wedding the crash. Had she left it alone, this may not have happened.

Ranma led Akane to her room. Akane followed listlessly like a broken soul. Ranma shut the door behind then and sat Akane down. Ranma went into the closet and took out two travel packs. She set hers to the side and left the other that was her fathers, near her. She pulled all her fathers things out, and stuffed it with more of her clothes. She closed it back up, and took one last pair of clothes from the closet. She went across the room to the small dresser and removed several pairs of boxers. She put one with the clothes draped over her arms and put the rest in her pack.

She took a deep breath and sat on her knees, turning to Akane.

"Akane... I'm so sorry. I never meant this to happen to you. You would be better off if you never met me." Ranma's eyes drifted away from Akane as she made her confession.

Male Akane's eyes flickered with comprehension after Ranma finished speaking and his eyes widened. He slapped Ranma and grabbed her shoulders roughly in her emotion.

"Ranma. Never, EVER, say that. I could never regret meeting you Ranma," He noticed his voice was slightly deeper, yet oddly musical. He also vaguely realized that as a he, he was about as tall as male Ranma, causing him to tower over Ranma as a female, by a head.

"Why wouldn't you? I've caused you nothing but trouble. If it wasn't because I need to get you a cure, I should take off right now."

"Ranma... I don't because...," he trailed off as the true reason flittered across her thoughts before he continued, "just because. Alright?"

"Don't worry about it Akane. After I fix you, I'll be gone," Ranma-chan said dejectedly.

Akane-kun started to get angry and forcibly calmed herself down. "So what's all this for?" She looked at the travel packs.

"Um, I thought we should go on a training trip, to get you used to your new body. Even if Cologne unlocks it, you are pretty much stuck with it. I flooded the springs when I fought Saffron. I don't think there is a spring of drowned girl anymore."

Akane-kun blinked. He had to hold back the tears for being stuck with this forever. He looked down to examine himself. He ran his hands over his chest, finding nothing, and continuing down. He stood and felt his balance, and something new that wasn't there before. His hand felt it that 'something new', and shuddered at the complete feeling of wrong that accompanied the realization of the differences.

Ranma watched this silently, already knowing what he was going through. She handed Akane her clothes, interrupting Akane's exploration.

"You might want to put these on."

Akane-kun looked down at the clothes he held. He raised her eyebrow at the pair of boxers on top.

"You pervert! Why do I need your boxers?" As you can imagine, this sounded odd from a masculine voice.

Ranma-chan sighed. "Akane, walk around the room for a sec."

Akane-kun harrumphed and began walking. Every now and then Akane would raise his leg up awkwardly or reach down with his hands to adjust his underwear. Akane-kun furrowed his brow.

"How am I supposed to walk with this," He grabbed himself, "between my legs."

Ranma-chan blushed ashamedly at the graphic gesture. "Um. Not wearing panties might help. They're made for someone who doesn't have anything down there."

Akane-kun grumbled under his breath. "FINE! I'll wear your boxers, pervert." He began to change, seemingly forgetting that Ranma was there in his state after-shock.

Ranma-chan blushed and turned away. She blinked at her reaction, and berated herself for getting embarrassed about another guy.

Akane-kun noticed the movement out of the corner of his eyes as he was bending over to put on his boxers, and looked over at Ranma. He realized she turned away because of his state of dress. He looked down at his new manhood and blushed. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore her curiosity and pulled up Ranma's boxers. Soon Ranma's blue pants and a nice yellow shirt, he remembered Ranma wearing that time Ryoga was trying to hug him, followed.

"Done," he said.

Ranma-chan cleared her throat, more to break the awkwardness, than for actual need. "Well, I packed you a pack with some of my clothes, and I have my pack, so I guess we're ready to go."

"Um. Don't we need to tell our family first?"

"I don't know about you, but I don't feel like putting up with our fathers' antics right now, do you?"

"Point taken. I guess we could leave a note then?"

Ranma-chan mused and nodded. "That sounds good."

Ranma-chan went and opened her school bag, taking out a pen and paper. "Here."

Akane-kun took it and began writing. He talked as he wrote. "Going on a training trip with Ranma." She glanced at Ranma-chan. "When are we getting back?"

"Oh, about a week."

He continued writing, "Be back in a week." He paused again. "Where?"

Ranma-chan said that they didn't need to know. Akane-kun sighed and set the paper on the dresser.

"But where are we going Ranma?"

"To the other side of Mount Terror. They will obviously check the side we went before, but not the other side."


Ranma hefted her huge pack with one hand, and opened the window with another.

"C'mon, lets go out here so no one will see us leave to follow us."

Akane picked up the other pack and followed Ranma.

Akane-kun had been running with for a while with Ranma-chan and realized he couldn't hold it any longer. He had been holding it for a while now, trying to avoid the obviously inevitable need to relieve himself. He had begun slowing down. Ranma-chan called a halt to their jog.

"What's wrong Akane? Don't tell me you're tired already? If you want to make it to the woods before nightfall, we can't go that slow."

Akane-kun rubbed his knees together and whimpered. He considered holding if for longer, then his eyes flickered over to see a gas station. It probably had a bathroom.

"I...I just need to go to the bathroom..."

Ranma-chan blinked, and raised an eyebrow wondering why he held it for so long.

"Go ahead then."

Akane-kun briskly walked to the gas station and asked the clerk where the bathroom was. Ranma-chan was right behind him. The clerk told her it was over in the corner and she went to use it. Ranma-chan patiently waited for him by browsing the store's candy isle. She heard the bathroom door open and close shortly after Akane-kun went in. Akane-kun walked over to Ranma-chan nervously. Ranma-chan looked at him confused.

"What?" she tentatively asked.

"I...," he trailed off, then reluctantly asked in a meek voice, "How?"

Ranma-chan blinked. It then dawned on her that Akane-kun had only used it as a girl before. Ranma-chan tried to think of how to explain it.

"Um... you pull down the front of your pants, standing, and pull...er... it out. You then aim it like a hose or water gun."

Akane-kun absorbed that and then began fidgeting. "Um...could you...help me?"

"H-Help you?" Ranma-chan almost choked on her tongue.


Ranma's eyes darted around trying to calm down and think. Her eyes eventually fell back on Akane-kun who was blushing with embarrassment and biting his lip. He was fidgeting trying to hold it. Akane's eyes eventually looked up to meet with Ranma's. Ranma-chan took a deep breath and sighed walked towards him, pushing him back towards the restroom.

Ranma pushed him in and shut the door behind them, locking it. She turned back towards Akane. She took another deep breath to strengthen her resolve. Ranma pulled down the front of her own pants demonstratively, although not touching the boxers.

"You pull your pants down like this, and take it in your hand."

Ranma-chan still could not believe she was doing this.

Akane-kun pulled down his pants and squeezed his eyes closed trying not to think about what he was touching.

"Now aim it at the toilet. The tip."

Akane didn't open his eyes, only guessing where the toilet was.

"You can't do this with your eyes closed, Akane. You're going to have to get used to seeing yourself sooner or later, just like me."

"Okay." Akane opened one eye and looked down. "I think I'm aimed."

Ranma sighed again. "Okay now...let it flow."

Akane let his hold on his bladder go and saw pee coming out the tip. It hit the edge of the toilet and then he quickly readjusted it. Akane began to moan in relief and Ranma pointedly turned around trying to ignore the sound of disgusting pee and Akane's oddly distracting moans.

When she heard it stop she said, "Okay, now shake it a little and squeeze it to get the remainder out. Not too hard."

Akane yelped on his first try.

"Stop." She looked at Akane. "If you do it like that you'll get it everywhere and on yourself."

Ranma hesitantly put her hand over Akane's to help him. She began doing the motions with her hand over Akane's hand.

"You sort of fling it towards the toilet water. And then you squeeze gently to clear the rest."

Ranma absently got tissue with her other hand. "If you want to be picky, you can dry the tip off with a small piece of tissue, but most guys don't do this."

Ranma took a firmer grip with Akane's hand, causing her to touch Akane where her hand wasn't. Ranma put the tissue to Akane's tip, not realizing just how intimate that was. She pressed and let it absorb. Then she threw it in the toilet. She reached with the same hand and flushed. She never realized she didn't take her other hand of Akane.

Akane's felt himself shudder as Ranma accidentally touched him. He felt her apply the tissue and began to feel flushed. His heart began to beat faster.

"Now you're all..." Ranma trailed off when she turned her attention back to her hand on Akane's member. She could see it slowly expanding. She blinked. She looked up at Akane's face, finding it was flushed. She snatched her hand off, brushing Akane in the process. Akane gasped at the sensation. Ranma began to feel rather awkward and she backed away nervously.

At the sensation Ranma caused, and the sudden movement, Akane looked down. His eyes widened as he saw his manhood grow. He briefly was awed and wondered why it did that, until she remembered sexual education. His eyes widened even more and snapped towards Ranma to see her looking at him nervously. Akane blushed with embarrassment and pulled his pants back up.

They stood in silence for a while. Eventually Akane broke it.

"Um. Guess I'm all done now. We can probably go now. Err... Thanks a lot Ranma."

He looked at her and felt some stirring, driving feeling, and ended up giving Ranma a quick peck on the lips. Ranma eyes widened with shock and Akane promptly opened and walked out the door. Ranma exited the bathroom to find Akane waiting at the door with his pack on his back, ready to do. He was pointedly avoiding eye contact with Ranma.

Ranma silently scooped up her own backpack and started leading again. When they reached the street they took off at a brisk jog again.

They made it to forest a little after nightfall.

"I'll get the fire ready. You can go ahead and set up your tent."

Akane absentmindedly nodded and began setting up his tent.

Ranma got some firewood and scouted for a stream to bathe in and get water from. She came back and dumped started a fire. She put some rice over it and got a can of stew out of her bag, adding it to the concoction. She then got bowls and filled them up.

Akane finished a little bit before Ranma finished cooking, and sat watching her. He looked into her deep eyes and down to her button nose and full lips. He then followed her form, flowing over her nice perky breasts hidden by her shirt. Images of them flashed through his mind. He had seen them many times. He followed her slender arm that was stirring the stew. His eyes flickered to the round and pert rear.

"Dinner's ready." Ranma announced.

Akane snapped out of his reverie and realized what he was thinking. He didn't think of girls that way. He tugged at his pants absently. They seemed tight again. Akane moved closer to the fire and took a bowl from Ranma. He began eating with Ranma.

"Tomorrow, we will work on your balance, adjusting your katas to your new body. After we get to where we're going."

Akane nodded.

"I thought the next day we could probably rework your new range into your style..."

Akane nodded. "Um. I feel pretty sweaty. You did find a stream or something we could bathe in, right?"

"Yeah, of course Akane."

There was silence, the sounds of the night filling where the conversation was prior.

"So... What are we going to do about...being stuck like this?" Akane asked quietly.

Ranma looked upset for a moment before answering. "I...we should talk about it later. For now we have to train you."

They finished eating quietly.

"Could you show me where the stream is?"


Ranma and Akane got their bath supplies and bowls down to the stream. They cleaned the bowls first. Then Ranma spoke up.

"Um... I'll just wait for you to finish."

Akane nodded absently before thinking about what he said. He really didn't feel like being alone right now. Ranma's comforting presence was the only thing keeping her from dwelling too much on how he was not in his right body. Also the fact he may have to give Ranma up to be a woman again.


Ranma turned to look back, raising a questioning eyebrow.


"I...don't leave me okay? Its not like I haven't seen you before, and you're really a guy, so it shouldn't hurt you to see me this way."

"Um...but..." Ranma desperately tried to come up with an excuse, but couldn't. She sighed. And began undressing.

Akane undressed next to her, and was spending more time staring at Ranma then he would allow himself to consciously admit.

Ranma glanced over at Akane, quickly taking in his form. It was a slender body with sinewy strength shining through. It was similar to the streamlined athletes build but more slender. The muscles moved with every movement, but weren't big and bulky or overly cut. It was a silent natural strength. It was practically the same type build as Akane's female form but masculine. The slender quality gave Akane an angelic appearance; not quite male, but not female either. He was bishonen, effeminate, like. Their eyes caught one another's roaming eyes and they quickly looked away from each other.

Ranma sat by the stream lathering, Akane shortly following. Ranma washed Akane's back in an almost sensual grope, feeling the muscles' details and working out knots. Akane returned the gesture. He found Ranma's skin in this form soft, yet he could feel sinewy strength beneath the skin. Akane realized he was breathing hard and snatched his hand away. He patted Ranma's back to let her know he was done and jumped into the water. The water's temperature instantly killed his arousal and the same with Ranma when she jumped in. They saw each other in the moonlight dripping wet and laughed at how the other looked. Their bathing degraded into a full splashing free for all. They giggled as exited the water and got dressed. The fun had released their tension, both the mental and sexual.

They returned to camp smiling at each other. Akane sighed and entered his tent preparing to go to sleep. He was slightly restless, so he got out to help Ranma pitch her tent. He got out to find her curled up on the ground shivering with her back turned to him. Akane's jaw dropped in shock and surprise. Why was Ranma out here freezing, trying to sleep without a tent?


She answered quietly, "What?"

"Why are you sleeping on the ground in this cold?"

"Um. Because pop probably took the tent out of my bag incase you and me go on another training trip. That's all I can think off."

"Ranma...," he began exasperatedly, " Come on, you can use my tent."

Ranma still hadn't turned to face him.

"It's alright. I'll be fine."

"You can share it with me, you dummy!"


"But nothing." He stomped over and grabbed Ranma by her pigtail. He dragged her into her tent that was lighted with a lantern. He sighed as he began to get into his sleeping back.

"Where's your sleeping bag Ranma?"

"It's not there either..." Ranma pouted. She curled into a ball and began trying to sleep. She looked so pathetic to Akane's eyes. Akane grabbed her and pulled her into his sleeping back.

"I guess we can share this as well. I can't have you getting sick if you're going to train me right?" It was a cover for her concern.

"Yeah...get sick..."

They lay there trying not to touch each other. They were practically pulling the sleeping bag apart. It kept trying to force them closer together. Finally Akane decided to speak up.

"Um... I think we are going to tear the bag like this. Maybe you should get closer."

"But I'd be touching you while you sleep..."

Akane sighed. "I rather have you touching me and be comfortable, than to sleep straining against the sleeping bag."

"I'll just get out...don't worry about it." Ranma began to move but Akane gripped her waist with one hand and pulled her closer. Ranma had turned over when pulled, making them end up face to face. Akane's hand was still on Ranma's waist, and Ranma's ended up on his side. They stared at each other for what seemed to be an eternity, breathing rapidly.

Akane saw those full lips and couldn't help deep engrained instinct as he leaned in and kissed Ranma. Akane pulled Ranma closer with the hand around her waist and moved his other hand to caress Ranma's cheek. Ranma had responded by shifting the arm on Akane's side under his arm and gripping his shoulder from the back, pulling him closer. They eventually realized what they were doing and reluctantly pulled away. Both of their eyes opened slowly like they were just awaking from a dream. They found each other's eyes again. They blushed.

"Um," they both began at the same time.

"Maybe we should get to sleep now, training and all," Ranma said, still a little flustered over what happened.

"Yeah...training," Akane repeated breathy.

Ranma turned her back to Akane, trying to collect her thoughts. She decided to try to sleep on it. She had a hard time of it; she could feel Akane behind her by mere inches. She could feel Akane's breath on her neck. She shivered at the sensation. She felt Akane's hand move onto her waist. He snuggled closer to her. Akane pulled her to him like a large teddy bear.


Akane blinked as he realized what he did. He quickly covered for himself. "Just was a little cold...that's all."

Akane's hand slid more comforting around Ranma, moving from her waist to holding her midsection.

Ranma found her heart pounding and she was breathing faster. What is Akane thinkin?

Akane had a need for comfort from all he went through that day. He also cared for Ranma more than he cared to admit, and after that kiss felt affectionate. This body, pumping with its hormones, was responding to the beautiful young flower before him. He didn't have the experience with a guy's body to know how to cope, and he felt oh so much bolder both because of the body and the successful kiss earlier that Ranma had not even protested. He found himself feeling rather amorous because of all these things. He found himself smelling Ranma's hair, taking in the sent which smelled oddly like fresh cut grass in spring.

Ranma felt Akane's nose in her hair. She felt like she was going into a panic attack. She was confused and way too excited. She felt Akane's hand brush the bottom of her bust and she whimpered as her mind realized what her body was telling her.

But Akane's a guy! I can't feel this way about her!

'You love her no matter form,' a small voice said.

It was then she realized something was pressing against her rear and ...was moving slowly back and forth across it. She suddenly had the urge to scream and slap Akane, but it was so weird a feeling that it was dismissed rather quickly. She heard Akane make a light moan behind her as he pushed harder against her rear. The hand that was only tempted before took a light squeeze at Ranma chest. Ranma's heart pounded in her head, and she began to feel flushed. She felt an adrenaline rush that felt similar to panic.

"R-Ranma..." Akane all but moaned.

Ranma found her hand going to cover Akane's, encouraging the treatment of her breast.


Passion enveloped them.


Akane snuggled closer to the soft fleshy things he was laying on. They felt really nice and smelled nice to. He also felt something moist and warm around him down there. He smiled dreamily in his half-awake state. He began absently grinding in and out of this nice moist and warm thing. It felt really good; sooooo good. Akane suddenly tensed as he felt something spill from him in spurts.
He moaned out what he was thinking...

"I love you, Ranma/Akane." The echo caused him to snap his eyes open...

"Oh god."

Ranma wrapped her arms comfortably around whatever was laying on top of her. It felt nice and warm, and had something nice and warm filling her down there comfortably. She smiled dreamily at her comfort, still half-asleep. It felt soooo good. She moans out what she was thinking...

"I love you Akane/Ranma." The echo caused her to snap her eyes open...

"Oh god."

They stared at each other for a while, Ranma staring into Akane's deep brown eyes and Akane's into Ranma's vibrant blue-gray. They were still in embrace, too shocked to move. They slowly realized how tired they were and the night's premiere event flushed to the surface of their mind. At the same time their eyes opened wide as they realized what they did. Thoughts mirrored through their minds.

But...He/She's a girl/boy.

I'm not gay... am I?

I love her/him. There was a pause.

I guess the form doesn't matter that much.. he/she is the same person regardless.

Besides, it was ...!

They blushed at that thought. They leaned together simultaneously and kissed affectionately. When they broke, they echoed the answer to the statement they said earlier.

"I love you, too," they said at the same time. They giggled at their echoing each other.

Ranma let her head fall back. She groaned. "I don't believe we did that!"

"You think I do any more?"

"Well if you weren't feeling me up!"

"Oh Shut up. You loved it." Akane emphasized it with a stroke from his now returning 'vitality'.

Ranma gasped. "That was a low blow. Besides, I kinda thought my first time would be as a guy!"

Akane grumbled. "Well, with you around, nothing ever happens the way it's supposed to."

Ranma sighed and nodded in agreement.

Akane's voice dropped to a seductive pitch. "I never knew you guys had it this bad. I can't help but want to pounce you. It's practically irresistible. How do you deal with it?"

"You eventually become desensitized to the little stuff or learn how to make your mind change topic. There is also the little thing of a 'man to hand relationship'."

Akane's eyebrow raised. "Man to hand relationship?"

"Ya know...jacking off, jerking off...masturbation?"

Akane blinked and then recognition settled in. "Oh." She paused. " OOOoohh."

Ranma asked, "What, girls don't do that?"

"Um." Akane seemed to want to avoid the question. The answer was perverted, but girls can't be perverted. He couldn't tell Ranma that...Who was he kidding?

"Um...yes...they do. I just don't think most need it as bad or as often as I think I'd need it in this body."

Ranma mused on that for a second. "Yeah...I never did feel the urge as much as a girl..."

Ranma continued, "I guess we should hurry and break camp. We need to make for our real destination."

Akane yawned. "Right now, Ranma?" She emphasized the statement with a stroke.

A moan escaped Ranma's mouth involuntarily. "Yes now! What you want me to be walkin' bow-legged? How are we supposed to make good time that way?"

"But Ranma," he play-pouted, "I'll have a hard time walking if my pants are too tight. You won't help me with that?"

Ranma kept her resolve firm. "We're going noW –mmmmmmmm..."

Ranma grumbled as she pulled her pants on. She had to put some tissue in her boxers because she was dripping so much obscene fluid(s). She muttered loudly enough for her company to hear.

"And I'm the pervert!"

Akane flinched, and then thought of a reasonable retort. "Well, guys are perverts, and I look like a guy right now, don't I?"

"Stupid tomboy."

Akane almost got angry, and then laughed. "I'm not a girl right now."

Ranma kept muttering as she left the tent.