Read "Sleep" before reading this one, or else you may be a bit confused.


Ban woke up lying down. That was not how he had fallen asleep the night before. He sat up and looked around. Someone moved in the dark room and Ban heard Paul softly say: "You're awake now, Ban?"

"How long have I been asleep?" the brunette groggily asked.

"It's early morning," Paul answered. "Too early, go back to sleep."

Not for the first time Ban wondered why Paul was so gentle and nice to him. Ban fell back on whatever he was lying on and said: "Where's Ginji?"

"He insisted as a 'thank you' that he would clean the shop for me," Paul chuckled. "And when he realized he was wide-awake an hour ago, he started cleaning. You didn't wake up, so I carried you here."

Ban felt embarrassed about that and mumbled: "I should help him."

But before he got the chance to stand up, Paul was already by his side and gently poked him down on the bed. "You're not going anywhere," Paul said and brushed a few strands of hair from the Jagan-user's face.

Ban stared at Paul, then blinked and yawned. Paul took the opportunity and tucked the drowsy youngster in. Ban closed his eyes when Paul began to give him a light massage on his face. Thumbs pressing gently against Ban's cheekbones, fingers working soothingly on his temples and he groaned softly. He felt Paul's lips on his eyelids and tilted his head up. Paul ran gentle kisses on his forehead, his cheeks, hell even on his neck but never on the lips. Ban did not complain; he knew that Paul was not interested in him sexually. He knew all the places where Paul kissed; the kisses were meant to calm him down and help him fall asleep. It worked very well. Ban was asleep in a matter of minutes. Paul stroke Ban's hair and smiled. Then he got up to check on Ginji's progress.


Ginji walked into the small room behind the shop a few hours later. Ban was asleep on the bed, just as Paul had left him. Ginji gently lowered himself down on the mattress and lay down next to his partner and best friend. He began stroking Ban's hair and smiled softly. Ban mumbled something that made Ginji squeal because it sounded so damn cute!

He snuggled into Ban's neck, inhaling Ban's salty scent while making bold strokes on Ban's spine, under his shirt. The skin of the Jagan-user was always cool and soft. Ginji traced the small lines of scars and then removed Ban's shirt altogether. Ban shivered and Ginji took the brunette in his arms after removing his own vest and shirt. He knew this sounded weird and wrong but he loved feeling Ban's skin against his own. He felt Ban sneak his arms around Ginji, unconsciously seeking comfort and security. Ginji happily gave him that and let sleep take him.


Paul looked into the room when the shop had quiet down somewhat. Natsumi had school so Paul had been alone. He smiled when he saw the sleeping form of the two retrievals. He snuck in and checked them both, his fingers dancing over their skins as he put a blanket over them both. After that, he closed the door to the room and went to sit behind the counter.


Later when Hevn had arrived with Natsumi, he had hidden hid face behind a newspaper and only grunted to them both. Shido and Madoka came in followed by Kazuki and Juubei. Only then did he lower the paper, and all of them noticed the small smile he had on his lips. But when they asked what he smiled about, he merely shook his head and dived into the paper again.

That smile never left his lips for the whole day as he knew the two youngsters sleeping close by, and he felt a wave of fatherhood crash over him. He would keep them safe.


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