Ginji looked over at Ban. His head was pillowed in his arms, his arms resting on a table in the booth in the corner of Paul's shop. It was near midnight, and Ban should be asleep. Ginji silently thanked Paul for letting them stay inside. He had complained a little about it but said he had to have the heater on or else the shop would have been Siberia in the morning, so they might as well crash there over night. Ginji sat down next to Ban in the booth. "Ban-chan?"


Ginji smiled; Ban's voice was drained from all the energy he had showed on their last retrieval. Slowly, to not startle Ban Ginji laid a blanket over his best friend's back and shoulders. Ban looked at Ginji and mumbled: "Ginji?"

"Sshh," Ginji softly whispered in Ban's ear, "it's alright. Everything's okay, just go to sleep."

Ban moved slightly and sleepy, sapphire eyes darted up to Ginji. Ginji looked into those blue eyes and smiled. He stroke Ban's hair tenderly and the brunette's eyes fluttered close. Ginji kept on patting his friend's head until he was sure Ban had fallen asleep. He slid up on the table and then down on the sofa again, just this time with his back against the wall. Gently, he took Ban and carefully moved the body until Ban's side was leaning to Ginji's chest. Ban's head was positioned on Ginji's shoulder and his breath a ticklish feeling on the blonde's neck. Ginji spread the blanket once more over Ban and huffed around for some time before finding a nice and comfortable spot. When he did not have anything sharp digging into him Ginji took a look at his friend, drank in Ban's calm expression, and moved one hand to stroke a pale cheek. Ban moved slightly, but did not wake up. Ginji put his hand on Ban's head and yawned before joining his friend in sleep.


Paul shuddered in the cold air. 'It's too freaking cold!' he thought as he unlocked the door to Honky Tonk. As he stepped in, he quickly closed the door and sighed happily at the warmth in the shop. Then he laid his eyes on the two retrievers and smiled. Ban had curled up to Ginji, his head buried in Ginji's vest. Ginji had his arms around Ban, making sure Ban felt safe. Paul moved to them and carefully spread the forgotten blanket over them. As he look up, he met two pairs of eyes; sleepy and confused brown orbs, and a pair of normally cold and emotionless sapphire eyes who now were sleepy and content with the situation. Paul knew, as the colder the weather got the more Ban wanted to curl up and sleep through it. He patted them both on the head and said: "You guys just continue to sleep. The shop won't open in a few hours."

Surprisingly, Ban was the first who closed his eyes and snuggled back into Ginji's chest. Ginji looked at Ban, smiled and proceeded to fall asleep himself. Paul straightened up and smiled himself. It was so rare to see them so content. Especially Ban. Paul moved towards them when he knew both were asleep and lightly touched Ban's cheek with his fingertips. It was cold and Paul tucked them in with another blanket. Ban opened his eyes again and caught Paul's hand before he could move it from Ban's cheek. To his surprise, Ban did not crush his hand or something else hurtful as Paul had thought. Instead Ban laid Paul's hand fully on his cheek and mumbled softly: "You're warm Paul…"

"Idiot, you're the one who's cold," Paul chuckled and stroke the cheek. He sat down on the booth and massaged Ban's face lightly. Ban purred in response, a sleepy smile tugging his lips.

'Screw the shop today,' he thought some time later after just having watched the two friends. 'It's too damn cold anyway…'


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