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The Digimarket

Still in the forest the group of digidestend were still searching for the Guardian of steel and ice. While Ganomon was searching on his computer, but without any results jet.

"Where do you think she can be?" Davis asked.

"I don't know, but shouldn't Ganomon found her already on his computer? Her digivice should give a signal right? We haven't heard from Ganomon for hours." Yolie said.

"Maybe she has been taken and they destroyed the digivice." Ken suggested.

"I don't think she is. Didn't you see that place? It was thorn apart. I think she ran away." Davis said.

"And I think there is a possibility she could be taken." Said Ken.

"You always think so negative. Can't you for once think positive?" Davis said.

"I'm not always thinking negative." Ken said getting irritated.

"You are." Davis said.

"Am not." Ken shouted back.

"You are." Davis shouted.

"Am not." Ken shouted back even louder.

"Uhm guys?" Yolie said.

"WHAT?" Davis and Ken shouted in unison.

"I just got a message from Ganomon, he found her again. She's not too far away from here. Just a couple of miles to the south." Yolie said.

"I told you she was not being taken." Davis said.

"I didn't say she was, I said she COULD be taken." Ken said.

"Oh for god sakes stop this arguing for once and let's go find that girl." Cody said almost screaming it.

"Fine." Both Ken and Davis said not facing each other.

"What's the matter with them? Their friends." Veemon said.

"I don't know. I don't get it." Wormmon said.

"Sometimes even the best friends fight, but they always make it up together, I don't know why. Humans can be so complicated sometimes." Hawkmon said.

"You said it." Armandillomon said.

All the digimon sighed and kept walking behind there partners. After the couple of miles to the south they arrived in a town.

"Keep your eyes open, guys. This place is crowded." Yolie said.

"You can say that again. Look at all those digimon. Their so many of them." Davis said astonished.

Everywhere where they looked they saw digimon. From In-training to Mega-Level.

"I have never seen so many digimon in one place. What is this for town?" Cody asked.

"You don't know this place? Who doesn't know of the biggest digitown in the digiworld. This is the place to buy everything you want. This town is called The Digimarket. Although I don't get it why they call a town like that, but it is because of all the goods you can get here." A Rookie digimon said.

"Oh, for all those time I've been in the digiworld and I don't even know of the biggest digitown. That is to be ashamed of, sorry." Cody said.

"It's ok, no biggy. The digiworld is big and I'm sure you have been busy saving it and not noticing this town. That can happen." The digimon said.

"You know of us saving the digiworld?" Yolie asked.

"Well, of course. Everyone around here knows about the digidestined. All what happens around the whole digiworld. They're talking here about that like crazy. News spread here like a speedtrain." The digimon said.

"Do you know if anyone has seen a girl of our age?" Ken asked the digimon.

"Uhm, let me think. Oh, I think the Meramon over there knows where she went." The digimon said pointing to some Meramon.

"Thanks." Ken said and bowed.

Then they went to the Meramon and asked them if they seen the girl. They sent them to some other digimon and so they went from digimon to digimon.

"Man, I'm getting tired of this. Where is she?" Davis said.

"That's precisely we wanted to know too." Some digimon said.

"Who are you?" Cody asked.

"We are Tuskmon." They said.

"I'm wondering why all the bad digimon we have to fight are dinosaur-type." Hawkmon questioned.

"Good question and I have no idea." Yolie said.

"Enough talking. You're in our way. Slamming tusk." The Tuskmon said and attacked. They all ducked away from the attacks. Davis tried to evolve, but nothing happened.

"This is not good." Said Davis.

"What do we do now?" Asked Yolie.

"Run." Said Cody.

The Tuskmon kept attacking while they ran away from it. Then suddenly one of the attacks revealed another spirit.

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There keep getting attacked. And who's spirit has been revealed.

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