Title: Cherry

Author: kenihiko

Fandom: saiyuki

Rating: PG13


After a long tiring day the Sanzo group was relaxing at an inn with a bowl of fresh fruit in front of them. Each had a portion on a plate and were eating the succulent dessert. Even little Hakuryu was indulging in some tiny morsels.

Sanzo being the slower eater had a bit more on his plate then goku or Gojyo and was savoring the juicy sweetness. Unfortunately he turned his head for a second and when he looked back some of the fruit was gone.

"All right who took stuff off my plate this time?" He scowled around the table at everyone.

"What stuff you picky priest?" Said Gojyo smiling slyly.

"I had some sweet cherries I was waiting to eat."

"You know I did not touch any thing on your plate Sanzo and neither did Hakuryu I can assure you of that." Stated Hakkai.

"Oh man you had some of those." Whined Goku.

"You bastard." He yelled at Gojyo. "You did it. You stole my cherry."

Gojyo snorted then laughed out loud. "Oh cherry-chan is that how you really feel about me?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Giving me credit for stealing your cherry?" Gojyo was trying hard to muffle his laughter as Sanzo stared at the redhead blankly.

Hakkai seem to catch the meaning and let out a loud gasp. "Gojyo don't say such things."

Goku looked at everyone not knowing what they were talking about.

"What's gone is gone Sanzo." Said Gojyo popping the last cherry in his mouth. "You can't replace a cherry once it's been popped." He smiled wickedly.

"What the hell….oh god dammit you asshole." Sanzo blushed.

Gojyo was rolling on the floor trying to avoid getting shot and hit with the fan from a furious and embarrassed Sanzo.