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Chapter One


Rogue(Marie) D'Ancanto sat in the kitchen of her home in Anchorage, Alaska. She had always dreamt of coming to the Land of the Midnight Sun. Even before everything had happened. Her mutation coming into gear, her running away from her home state of Mississippi, tagging along with Logan(aka Wolverine), going to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, almost dying at the hands of a Metal Maniac, joining the X-Men, breaking up with Bobby after seeing him kiss Kitty, getting the 'cure'...

Yes, Rogue got the 'cure'. The shot that took away her curse of being Untouchable...


Almost Nine years ago

After the pain of her transformation back to a 'human', Marie walked out of the Cure Center. Looking around she saw the faces of those who obviously thought the 'cure' a nuisance and the faces of those just like her. People, Mutants, who's powers controlled their lives.

She just took a deep breath and walked on down the street. She was no longer a Mutant. She no longer had to worry or care about what happened. Though, deep down inside she did.

"I can't believe it." Marie heard a voice coming from behind her. A voice she recognized all too well. A voice she missed.

Closing her eyes, she slowly turned around and let out a small breath she'd been holding. She opened her eyes and there he stood. He wasn't the same though. His hair was no longer the color of deep brown, it almost looked like the fire he obsessed over. He looked stronger and confident. His eyes though, were the same.

"Hello, John." She said. She knew she was supposed to be angry with him. After all he did leave and join the Brotherhood and was now an enemy, but... She couldn't.

"You took the 'cure'." He stated with slight malice in his tone, "How could you take the cure?!"

Rogue looked around. She didn't want to meet his eyes. She wanted to focus on anything but him. So, she focused on the alley entry they were standing in front of.

"How could you do something like that for the Ice-Prick?!" John accused, "Your so pathetic."

Rogue's head snapped up, her eyes narrowed in a glare, "Ah didn't do this fa Bobby." She said. The hurt present in her tone at remembering him and Kitty kissing on the iced over fountain. "Ah did this fa ma self, John." Her eyes started to water as her glare dispersed. "Ah did this so ah could feel, so ah could touch." She started to walk closer to him, "Do you have any idea what it's like to nawt be able to touch anythin', anyone." Her southern accent was really coming off with her explanation. "You go ahead and tell ya self ah did this fa Bobby, but you shouldn't accuse when you know nothin'."

Rogue was now only a mere inch away from John. Her jaw was clamped down and she was trying very hard to glare at him, but the forming of tears wouldn't let her.

John looked down at her with a fire in his eyes that startled Rogue. She'd never seen that look before. It was full of want, lust and if she let herself believe, love.

Rogue bit her lip, while looking up at him, the tears in her eyes subsided. Bobby had never looked at her that way. Never.

Before she knew it John's lips had crashed down on hers. At first there was shock, but the feeling of his warm lips against her was, and the knowing that she wouldn't suck out his life force, she responded in the only way she knew how. She kissed him back with just as much want and lust that was in John's eyes. Her arms went around his neck and his around her waist. His hand slightly going up the back of her shirt, massaging the lower part of her back, making a small moan escape from Rogue's lips.


John's eyes opened and he was staring at a white ceiling. He raised his head up a bit and found he was definitely not at the brotherhood base. He suddenly realized the dark brown hair that was scattered over the right side of his chest. And then the white streaks... Her bare arm was laying over his torso and his right arm was under her.

He smiled as he remembered the nights events. Everything was perfect. He smiled even more as he realized he was her first.

He remembered back when Rogue first arrived at the Mansion. He was the one to fall for her first. He had told Bobby and Bobby made it his life mission to take her before John could do anything. Damn, the ice-Prick!

But, then again he had her, now. Then, it dawned on him. He didn't have her. She was still with Bobby (or so he thought). She would probably say it was a mistake and that it was something they should forget about. John frowned. He wouldn't be able to forget what happened. It was the best thing that ever happen to him, how could he forget?


Rogue smiled as she awoke, though her eyes were still closed. She stretched her arm out and found that, what was supposed to be a full space, was empty.

Her eyes snapped open and what her hand told her was true. John was no longer there. She sat up with haste and looked around. Only her clothes littered the floor. She stood up, the blue hotel sheets wrapped around her. She winced a bit with the sudden pain, but just carried on. She went to the bathroom and looked he wasn't there, either.

Her breathing started to get heavy. And she started to shake slightly. Was that all he wanted? Maybe she did mistake that last look. But, no matter how hurt she felt and how much she wanted to forget that night, since he left, she would never forget how he made her feel. Wanted.



Rogue picked up her coffee cup with her gloved hand. The so called 'cure' had been a scandalous lie. It was not a permanent injection. It was a fraudulent device, she told herself as she remembered what happened eight years ago. Her heart gave a pull and the sadness from when his leaving filled her being.

"Hey! I home!" Called a young a female voice.

Rogue pushed all her troubles away and looked at the back door where an eight year old girl with natural brown hair and natural blonde streaks came in from the back yard.

"Uncle Logan just dropped me off. He told me to tell you hello." The girl said setting her backpack on the floor and taking her shoes off. Trying to make a run for it to her room.

"What did you do this time?" Rogue asked her the girl, standing up.

The girl turned around and plastered a cheesy smile on, "Billy Turners desk just kind of..." The Girl scratched her head, "...caught fire."

"Peyton!" Rogue exclaimed. "You know betta than to use ya powers at school!"

"But, m..."Peyton tried.

"No, Peyton Pyro D'Ancanto-Allerdyce!" Rogue said firmly. Peyton winced as her full name was said. It was just too long, "Get to ya room." Rogue told her daughter.

Peyton's green eyes glared up at her mother and then she stomped off up the stairs to her room, slamming the door in the process.

Rogue sighed and then sat backdown. This was the seventh time someone's desk set fire and Peyton was sent home for it. She was so much like her father. Too much like her father. Not only did she inherit his hair and eyes, but his temper, attitude, and Mutation. Only she could create and manipulate fire.