I did warn you.


The sun set in the distance, disappearing from view again, and she was still alone. Waiting for that one day when he would return, she wasn't sure how she was going to be able to wait that long. It had only been just over two months since she'd seen him last, how was she supposed to wait another 9 years?

It was hard being without Will, without anyone. She was truly alone now. Her Father was gone, Will was almost lost completely, her whole world had folded in on itself. Everything that she once had was gone.

Her return to Port Royal was not like coming home, it was familiar to her, but it wasn't good memories. She remembered her father, remembered growing up with Will by her side, and then her time spent here together with Will; time they would never have again.

When word came from England, and her Aunt that she hadn't seen since she left all those years ago, she realised that it was the only option to her. Stay here alone, or return to England and have some semblance of a family. It was an easy decision.

They had only left Port Royal that morning, with a very long journey ahead of them. She had left a letter for Will with some fishermen down by the docks, maybe they would come upon The Flying Dutchman in their travels. It was the only way Elizabeth could think to contact him. She couldn't see herself returning to Port Royal at any point in time.

There was another reason for her return to England, one that she couldn't do by herself. She run her hand softly over her stomach as the sun disappeared from view completely. It wasn't noticeable, barely a bump, it would be though by the time they reached England.

It was time to make a new home for them both, while they waited to be reunited with Will again; for that one day. A home for her child, Will's child, their child.