Plain Sight
By Ivy Adrena

Summary: Sakura hides in plain sight. Gen, Shippuden. Unbeta'd.

A/N: Just a short drabble for now, concerning something that's been bothering me. Might polish it later, when my fast-track summer classes aren't threatening to eat my brain... and I'm still trying to convince my brain that yes, finishing Chapter 3 of IYH soon would be a good idea, plskthx. Thank god for Memorial Day Weekend, eh?


Sakura hides behind baggy shirts, letting the encompassing cloth disguise her blossoming curves.

Ino had thought her crazy at first, tried convincing her to show off her "ample assets," as it were. The blonde had stopped almost as quickly as she began, though, when she saw her friend's expression: a startling mixture of shock and something chilling, just this side of terror.

So Sakura always purchases tops one size larger than required, and wraps her chest bindings just a little too tight, because when she looks in the mirror she begins to see disturbing parallels. They pile up in suffocating mountains until it is all she can do to breathe.

She thinks herself selfish, and clutches the feeling close. She does not wish to repeat mistakes not her own, even if her teammates have all but blindly chased that troubled path with open arms.

So she will have to save the boys from themselves, she decides, because someone has to remember that they are Team Seven, not the Sannin... and they deserve to become legends in their own right.