The light of dawn shone lightly over the roof tops of New York City as the birds spread their wings and rose into the sky.

The streets started filling up with crowds of people rushing to work or just to have their breakfast. The street lights, one by one switched off as the city grew brighter. Noise started filling the air and the city was filled with hustle and bustle as the subways drove loudly underground, and the trains zoomed from one place to another.

Deep in the city, stood a tall building dividing the two streets. On the building was written in large red letters; DAILY BUGLE.

'Your fired!' exclaimed Mr. Jameson with a cigarette in his mouth.

'..but why?' said Peter Parker, sitting across his desk.

'Because these pictures are crap!' said Mr. Jameson trashing the pictures onto his desk. 'I can't see a thing! I need pictures of Spider-man doing what he really does!'

'Saving people?' said Peter brightly.

'HAH!' Mr. Jameson said as he picked up the phone on his desk. 'What is it?'

'It's you wife, sir,' said the clerk. 'She told you to pick up some flowers on your way home.'

'Flowers?! What would she want flowers for?'

'She says its for the house,' said the clerk lazily, as she chewed her gum.

He slammed the receiver. 'Parker!'

Peter looked up at his boss eagerly.

'Get me a bouquet of flowers and a picture of Spider-man doing something nasty!' said his boss.

'Something nasty?' asked Peter.

'Get a picture of Spider-man with his hands in a cookie jar!' said Mr.Jameson again. 'Now, quickly! The door is over there!' he said as he picked up the receiver and started talking.

Peter slowly lifted himself off the chair and left the Daily Bugle.

Pictures of Spider-man doing something bad? he thought. Spider-man doesn't do bad things.. He's turning the whole city against Spider-man. sighed Peter and he rode his motorcycle to Aunt May's house.

'Hello,' said Peter as he entered the house.

'Oh, Peter!' said Aunt May and kissed him on his cheek.