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Chapter 2

Harry sat proudly at the head table as he helped himself to plenty of bacon and eggs. He had worked up quite an appetite last night. His wife, however, wasn't very impressed with his breakfast as she had opted for fruit and porridge. Hermione looked absolutely beautiful and Harry couldn't help but slip his hand into hers on top of the table.

"Potter wipe that goofy grin off your face. It's annoying." Malfoy said as he made his way down the length of the head table to his seat on the other side of Hermione.

"Judging by your crumpled robes and messy hair, I gather Ginny is your reason for your tardiness this morning." Harry replied. He couldn't help but emphasis Draco's untidiness as he knew that this would highly irritate the Syltherin. Draco's hand immediately flew to his hair and he tucked away any stray strands Harry might have been referring to.

"So Granger I hear you're the sexiest witch here?" Draco said idly as he sat by Hermione.

Harry tensed and Hermione squeezed his hand.

"You know Potter, you really need to learn to take a compliment." Draco said.

"He's right."Hermione pointed out.

"It may be a compliment but it doesn't mean I have to like it." Harry replied roughly as he glanced down at the Gryffindor table. Mr. Crumpet and his friends were sitting at the far end of the table.

"You need to inform them that the rest of their detention has been cancelled." Hermione said following Harry's line of sight.

Harry groaned and stared at his empty plate.

"Go on," Hermione encouraged.

Harry reluctantly stood and made his way around the head table, down to the Gryffindor table. He walked the length of the table until he came to Mr. Crumpet.

"Mr. Crumpet." Harry said firmly.

The boy stopped eating his breakfast and hesitantly turned around to face Harry.

"Yes Sir?" the boy asked anxiously.

"I believe that the detention served last night is enough punishment and as a result I have cancelled your detentions for the rest of the year." He said firmly.

The boys' faces lit up.

"I don't want any more incidents like this to occur and please feel free to spread the rumour that Professor Potter doesn't approve of "

Harry was promptly cut off as the door to the Great Hall burst open and an old witch with a cane hobbled in.

"That has got to be in the ugliest witch in Hogwarts." Mr. Crumpet leaned over to whisper to one of his friends.

Harry heard the boy and he couldn't help but agree. The women looked ancient with a huge black wart on her face and a large nose. Her bone structure reminded him eerily of Dolores Umbridge and Harry cringed at the thought.

"Potter," she shouted as she pointed her cane at him.

Harry stood frozen to the spot. He had no clue who this woman was and he knew if he had met her before he would have remembered her.

"Mrs. Fugmeyer," Hermione said politely as she instantly appeared at Harry's side.

Harry had heard Hermione mention that name before and he was trying to remember what Hermione had been talking about at the time.

"I want Professor Potter fired!" she bellowed into the hall. Hermione instantly closed the distance between herself and the witch and tried to calm her.

The students all watched the scene unfold and Harry could hear some of his Gryffindors expressing shocked comments. Harry himself couldn't comprehend what was happening but from Hermione's reaction she had again figured out things before him.

"Mrs. Fugmeyer," Headmistress McGonagall said from the entrance hall. "Please come with me to my office."

"Minerva, I've found exactly who I've been looking for." She replied angrily to the headmistress.

"Mrs. Fugmeyer, please come with me to my office. You're causing a big disruption for the students." McGonagall said.

The woman looked around and found a hundred pair of eyes looking at her and she reluctantly consented. She limped out of the great hall in the direction of the Headmistress's office and McGonagall signalled for Harry and Hermione to join her. They walked slowly behind the hobbling woman and Hermione signalled for Harry to be quiet. As McGonagall reached the gargoyles she gave the password and she and Mrs. Fugmeyer started ascending the spiral staircase. Hermione chose this opportunity to pull Harry aside.

"Mrs. Fugmeyer was recently appointed as one of the school Governors. Her son is in Hufflepuff but more importantly he's part of the third year class you scared yesterday." Hermione said gravely.

Harry's faced turned stoney. This was not good.

"Harry, whatever she says it's very important that you remain clam." Hermione pleaded with him. "Please Harry."

Harry looked into his wife's loving eyes and promised to behave himself. She held his hand firmly and they ascended the stairs together. Mrs. Fugmeyer was already seated in a chair and Minerva was seated behind her desk.

"Mrs. Fugmeyer," Harry said addressing her. "I would like to apologize for the accident yesterday." Harry said calmly.

"Accident is that what you're calling it. You could have killed your entire third year class!" the woman told him furiously.

"It was an accident and I am indeed very sorry." Harry replied

Mrs. Fugmeyer pulled a small file from her handbook and placed it on the desk in front of her. She performed an engorgement charm and the file tripled in size.

"Mr. Potter this," Mrs. Fugmeyer said indicating to the file in front of her, "is a well documented file of all of the 'Accidents' you've ever had and I firmly believe that you are a hazard to the children of Hogwarts. Furthermore, I'm calling for your immediate resignation." she stated.

Harry was flabbergasted but he was heartened to see Hermione immediately start to defend him.

"Harry is one of the best teachers here. The O.W.L and N.E.W.T scores for Defence Against the Dark Arts are the highest they've been in fifty years. The students love him and he's the only teacher that's managed to survive the post for more than a year." Hermione said bluntly.

"Ms. Granger, I can hardly believe anything you say." Mrs. Fugmeyer retorted.

"Mrs. Fugmeyer, it is no longer Ms. Granger. It is Professor Granger-Potter." Hermione corrected.

"Precisely why I can't believe a word you say. You've been known to defend him blindly." Mrs. Fugmeyer stated.

"My wife has never needed to lie about anything concerning me." Harry said intervening into the conversation. He didn't appreciate anyone insulting his wife.

"What about the affair she's having with Professor Malfoy?" Mrs. Fugmeyer spat at him.

Harry tensed at the accusation and he felt Hermione's hand softly rub his back. He needed to keep his cool. Anita Skeeter, niece of the water beetle Rita Skeeter, had accused Hermione of having an affair with fellow Professor Draco Malfoy. The supposed photo that caused the uproar was a picture of Hermione kissing Draco on the front steps of Malfoy Manor. Harry had to admit that the photo definitely looked like they were snogging but having been there at the time, Harry knew she was kissing Draco goodbye on the cheek as well as giving him advice on what to get Mrs. Weasley for her birthday. The angle that the picture had been taken from conveniently made it look like more than a goodbye kiss and it didn't include Harry in the picture. Both Hermione and Draco had been absolutely furious. The accusations of an affair were hurtful and both Harry and Ginny did their best to comfort them.

Hermione researched Anita and found that she had an animagus form of a squirrel. Draco promptly put a sign up on his property stating that all squirrels were unwelcome and would be terminated on sight. A few days afterwards Ginny had tried to hex a squirrel but the little critter got away. The next day there were pictures of a tearful Ginny in the kitchen and Anita painted a picture of a heartbroken Ginerva Weasley crying over a cheating ferret. It was Ginny's turn to be upset as she had been cutting onions when the picture was taken and Skeeter had twisted events to her benefit again. Ginny had had to assure many of her co-workers at St. Mungos that she was not heart broken and needed no time off.

Anita never returned to the manor after the close call with Ginny's hexes but the story had been in the Prophet for weeks and she had been offering students money for any photos they could get of Draco and Hermione together. It had been utterly ridiculous and several students had taken to following Hermione around. The headmistress had promptly put a stop to that by declaring any student found taking pictures of Professor Granger- Potter or Professor Malfoy would be immediately expelled. As Harry thought more about it he realised that the students that followed Hermione were all male and his mind wondered back to the list.

"My wife is not having an affair. The articles you are referencing are biased articles written by a witch, who's followed in the footsteps of her Aunt, who had been writing rubbish about me for years." Harry stated as evenly as he could.

"I see you have misguided faith in your wife." Mrs. Fugmeyer responded.

"Mrs. Fugmeyer, I can not have you making any false accusations about my teachers. Everything Hermione stated about Professor Potter is true. If you feel there is a problem you can bring it before the other Governors." Professor McGonagall told her.

"Oh but I have." She said as she smiled brightly and handed McGonagall a letter.

McGonagall opened the letter and quickly breezed through it. She pursed her lips tightly and then handed it to Harry who started reading it with Hermione.

Dear Professor Harry Potter,

Recommendations have been received for the termination of your employment at Hogwarts. There will be a hearing on this matter on Friday June 5th in the Great Hall. Your presence is requested.

Althea Fugmeyer

Harry looked up angrily at her and was surprised that she was already on her feet.

"I'll see you tomorrow." The woman said smugly before hobbling out of the office.

Harry fearfully looked at Hermione.

"Everything will be fine." she reassured him as she gave him a tight hug. He easily circled his arms around his wife's small waist. He wondered what it would be like hug Hermione a few months from now when her pregnancy would be clearly visible.

"Harry you'll need to prepare a defence for tomorrow. It would have been helpful if she had told us what was in the file but Hermione listed some good points that you should expand upon. I understand that the list might be embarrassing but you might need it for your defence. Several of the Governors are male and might feel sympathetic to your plight." McGonagall said in that lecturing tone of hers.

Harry was still shocked about the turn of events and found it difficult to focus on what his old Professor was advising him to do but he knew Hermione was listening for him. He believed her when she said everything would be fine. She had said it to him many times during the war and it had been true but he also knew that he couldn't put the burden of his defence on her. He didn't want to put too much stress on his pregnant wife. It was his fault that he was in this position and he would fix it.

"Come on Hermione, we have a lot of work to do." Harry said as he placed his hand on the small of her back to lead her out of the room.

McGonagall nodded and indicated that she would send the statistics for the Defence Against Dark Arts class. Hermione asked her to send it to Malfoy Manor as they had dinner with Ginny to celebrate the pregnancies.


Ginny, Hermione and Luna were in the kitchen preparing dinner while Draco and Ron were joking around trying to take Harry's mind off of the hearing but it wasn't working. Harry kept staring angrily out the window while muttering about how he messed things up again.

"Mate is there a squirrel out there or something resembling a reporter?" Ron asked in a joking tone.

Harry glowered at him.

"Look mate, everything's going to be fine. Hermione has gathered so much information in your favour, it won't even fit in the Great Hall." Ron elabroated.

Harry gave Ron a look and he modified his statement. "Ok it won't fit on your desk."

"What if it isn't enough?" Harry asked. "What if they fire me? What will I do?"

"Oh Potter stop wining. They won't fire you because Hermione will never let that happen. You have the headmistress in your corner as well as the rest of the staff and Ron and Luna will be there as well." Draco pointed out.

"Dinner's served," Ginny called happily from the dining room.

Ron was the first one up and Draco and Harry followed behind him. Each man took a seat next to his wife and each couple toasted to the new baby that would enter their lives in 8 months.

"So who's due first?" Draco asked while helping himself to a nice portion of potatoes.

"It doesn't matter Draco. You're not winning that ridiculous bet." Ginny said "Besides right now we should be concentrating on the nursery."

Draco rolled his eyes. In the full day that he had known Ginny was pregnant, all she could talk about was the nursery.

"I don't know what colour to put the nursery in? Draco wants Green and Silver and I think Red and Gold are good colours." Ginny confessed.

"I haven't even thought of that yet." Hermione said.

"I was thinking orange would be a good colour." Luna said.

"I agree with that." Ron said happily.

"Why are all of your problems always solved with the colour orange?" Draco joked.

"I was thinking a neutral colour since I don't know what the baby is yet." Ginny said as she ignored her husband's comment about her brother and sister- in-law.

"You can find out soon." Hermione told her.

"I don't know if I want to know. I think I want it to be a surprise." Ginny replied.

"I'm finding out as soon as I can. I want to be fully prepared when the baby comes and I don't want to fret about having the wrong type of clothes." Hermione stated.

"We want it to be a surprise as well." Ron stated proudly.

"I support my wife in whatever decision she makes." Harry said lovingly.

"Speaking of clothes, we need to go maternity shopping." Ginny said reasonably.

"I hear they have some nice robes for pregnant witches." Luna said

"We can go shopping on Saturday. I have the day off." Ginny said

The girls continued on talking about shopping while their husbands talked about the recent Quidditch scores. Soon dinner was finished in no time and the couples each retired for the night.


The next morning, Harry entered the Great Hall with Hermione besides him and Ron and Luna behind him. He was surprised to find it packed full of students and fellow professors as well as Ministry personnel. The house tables were still there but in front of the tables there were two smaller tables with three seats behind each. Draco was seated with his house and he gave Harry and encouraging nod. The Governors were seated at the head table were the teachers usually ate. As Harry neared the front of the hall, he realised that Anita Skeeter was seated in the front bench taking notes and as she noticed them she snapped a picture.

Harry took a seat at the appropriate table with Hermione and Professor McGonagall sat with them. The Chairman of the Governors stood and asked Professor Potter if he was ready to begin. Harry indicated that he was ready and Mrs. Fugmeyer started by detailing the incident in Harry's class room. She pulled out Ministry documents listing a series of magical accidents Harry had had when he was younger. She stated that Harry had been warned about his use of magic and came close to expulsion from Hogwarts several times. She called on Mrs. Dolores Umbridge to testify about Harry's behaviour while at Hogwarts. Harry wasn't in the least bit surprised that the women were friends. Maybe they were relatives. They did look quite alike. The in breeding between magical families certainly hadn't helped their appearances.

Mrs. Fugmeyer called her son to testify as well as the entire third year class. Madame Pomfrey also testified to the injuries sustained by the class. A terrible picture of Harry had been painted but when Hermione stood up to rebut everything, Harry felt assured things would be fine.

Hermione started off with an overview of the students grades that Harry presently taught. She then displayed grades for the last fifty years and there was no disputing the fact that since Harry started teaching the average grade in Defence Against Dark Arts had risen at least 10. She also pointed out that Harry was the longest serving Defence teacher in the last ten years. Hermione then referenced previous cases of Professors that had been brought before the Governors and the ruling at the time. There was even a Professor that had accidentally caused the death of a student and the Professor had been allowed to continue teaching. There were definitely precedents set that allowed Harry to continue.

Hermione called on the headmistress, fellow Professors as well as numerous students from all the houses to testify that Harry was in fact a good teacher and it would be a lost to Hogwarts if he were let go. A few parents testified that without Harry their child would never have passed the subject.

Hermione explained what had caused the magical display from her husband and produced the list for the board members to read. She also requested privacy and asked that only the board members read the list. As predicted most of the men cast a sympathetic look at Harry but then proceeded to check Hermione out. She quickly wrote Harry a note reminding him that his job was on the line and picking a fight with the Governors wouldn't be a good idea. Some of the female Governors were outraged and one even commented that her son would be in big trouble. At that time a boy somewhere in the back of the room exited quickly. After the board had finished reviewing the letter, Hermione gave Harry the opportunity to explain his actions.

Harry stood and cast a sonorous charm on himself so the entire hall would hear him.

"Good morning everyone," Harry said forgetting the protocol Hermione had told him. "I want to sincerely apologize for what happened. I assure you that it was unintentional and I deeply regret what happened. I was upset when I read the list and I don't like to see my wife disrespected. Some of the things said on the list were very insulting and as her husband, deeply upsetting to me. I vowed, even before I realised that I loved her, that I would always protect her. She is the most important person in my life and I tend to be very aware of threats to her." Harry explained making eye contact with the Governors, just like Hermione instructed him to.

"I can guarantee that should any event similar to this one happen in the future, I will handle it better. I will not have another incident similar to this." Harry emphasised to the Governors.

"I am very sorry for what happened." Harry repeated again before he sat back down.

The Governors decided to deliberate on the decision in the headmistress's office and vacated the Great Hall. As soon as they left, conversations broke out all through the hall. Various witches were commenting on Hermione's shabby appearance and questioned what was wrong with young wizards these days. A few of the wizards were leering at Hermione and Harry made sure to send them a threatening look. Professor McGonagall went to calm her students as a few fights had broken out between the students that testified on behalf of Harry and those that testified for Mrs. Fugmeyer.

"How can you sit there so calmly?" Harry asked his wife. Harry was very anxious and he found it difficult to just sit there and wait.

Hermione looked perplexed at Harry, "Didn't I do a good job?"

"Yes, you were absolutely wonderful. If all these people weren't here I would have ravaged you on the spot." Harry said sending her a sexy smirk.

"Harry!" Hermione said punching him lightly in the arm. "The squirrel is listening. The last thing we need is for that comment to be twisted into the tomorrow's headline for the Daily Prophet."

A bright flash later and they found Anita Skeeter standing in front of them. "Care for a comment before they return?" she asked with her quill hovering above a piece of parchment.

Harry and Hermione both ignored her. They had learned that any word said was always twisted and turned to suit her purpose so the best solution was to make no comment and hope she went away quickly. She stood there staring at them with her beady eyes while her quill scribbled away. Harry wondered what she could possibly be writing if they hadn't said a word to her. They were spared from having to tolerate her presence any longer as Ginny and Draco came to offer support to Harry. Ginny sent a deadly glare to Anita and she was smart enough to scamper away.

"I came as soon as I got off my shift." Ginny said to Harry. She had been at St. Mungos all morning attending to patients.

"I know you did Ginny." Harry said kissing her cheek gently and offering her his seat. Ginny sat down gratefully.

"How did it go?" Ginny asked hesitantly as she looked up at Harry.

"I don't know." Harry replied honestly.

"It went well." Hermione said confidently. "Harry's just a bit worried. You know how he is."

"This is our future Hermione, of course I'm worried." Harry told her.

Hermione reached forward and held his hand. "Harry, you know whatever happens, I'm not going anywhere. I promised to spend the rest of my life with you and I intend to do just that." she reassured him.

"I don't think you're going to get out of raising the new sprong so easily." Ron said jokingly to Harry as he slapped him on the back.

Hermione glared at Ron.

"Hermione you were fantastic." Luna said

"I suppose you're covering this for the Quibbler." Draco asked.

Luna nodded.

"The Governors are coming back." Ginny said indicating to the back of the hall.

"Good luck mate," Ron said as he offered Harry a reassuring hug.

"The Cherrywinkles won't let you leave Hogwarts." Luna said before she left to join her husband at the Gryffindor table with the rest of Harry's students. Harry knew better than to question Luna about strange creatures.

"Good luck Harry." Ginny said as she kissed his cheek and gave him a reassuring hug before going to Draco's seat.

"I hope you finished your lessons plans for McGonagall. She'll toast you if you haven't finished them yet." Draco said before shaking his hand and going to stand protectively behind Ginny at the Slytherin table.

"Those were certainly encouraging words." Hermione replied with a small smile.

"Not really, I haven't completed my lesson plans yet. Maybe it won't be so bad if I'm let go." Harry informed his wife who frowned at him. She was about to go on a tirade about completing things early when the representative for the Governors stood to make an announcement.

"The Governors have reviewed the evidence presented and have voted in favour of keeping Professor Potter." There was a loud uproar of happiness from the students and Hermione jumped in Harry's lap.

"I told you there was nothing to worry about." She said as she crushed him in her embrace.

"Yes love, but if you don't let go soon, you would have accomplished what Mrs. Fugmeyer was trying to." Harry pointed out to her.

"Sorry, I'm just happy. When Hufflepuff wins the house cup, I'll get to gloat over you for the whole summer." Hermione said happily.

Harry groaned at the mention of the house cup. There was absolutely no way that they would be able to close the large gap between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. The race for house cup was between Slytherin and Hufflepuff now and Harry knew Hermione was going to blow Draco away.

"Quiet." McGonagall called for.

The Governors indicated that Harry's behaviour would be watched for the rest of the year and should Harry step out of line once he would be terminated immediately. Mrs Fugmeyer glared at Harry the entire time and as the Governors were leaving she informed him that she would be watching him.

McGonagall invited all the guests to stay for lunch and she informed the students that classes would resume after lunch. There was much disappointment at this announcement but one glare from McGonagall quieted any protests. Harry ate lunch in the staff room with his friends and in no time at all it was time for his next class.


The following morning, Harry as usual was the last one out of bed. He could smell the breakfast that Hermione was cooking for him and he was hungry. Again, his wife had caused him to work up an appetite during the night. The Quibbler was lying on the counter as Harry entered the kitchen and there was a big picture of him and Hermione on the front page. He scanned through the article and as expected Luna reported it fair and accurately.

"Do I have to compete with the Quibbler now?" Hermione tried to ask seriously but the smile tugging at her lips gave her away.

Harry looked at her confused. "Why would you be competing with the Quibbler?"

"You're supposed to kiss me when you come into the kitchen then read the Quibbler. Not read the Quibbler first." Hermione informed him.

"If I kiss the sexiest witch at Hogwarts, it'll be lunch time by the time we sit down to eat breakfast." Harry replied with a mischievous grin.

"I can take that risk." Hermione replied seductively.

"Oh no you can't, breakfast is an important meal. Draco was telling me we had to ensure that you girls didn't miss a meal. Food is vital to the baby's development." Harry told her.

"Really, I wouldn't have guessed." Hermione mocked.

"No need to be sarcastic love." Harry said as he moved closer to her and dropped a kiss on her forehead. He pulled out two plates and heaped a mountain of food on to them.

"Harry, why does my plate have more food on it than yours?" Hermione asked horrified as she looked at the plate her darling husband had prepared for her.

"Isn't it obvious, you're eating for two." Harry said logically.

Hermione ignored his comment sat down at the kitchen table opposite him. She looked at the mountain of food and decided to humour her husband for a little while but as took her first bite, she promptly stood and headed to the bathroom. Harry looked mystified as she retreated to the bathroom. He tasted the food but it was fine. Hermione returned shortly afterwards and opted for a banana instead of the elaborate breakfast she had cooked for Harry.

"It tastes fine Hermione." Harry told her.

"That's ok. I think its morning sickness. You enjoy your meal." Hermione told him as she looked away from the food he was eating. She normally enjoyed eggs and sausage but at that moment her stomach was insulted at the thought. Harry continued to eat before he realised that he hadn't seen the other newspaper for the morning.

"Hermione where's the Prophet?" He asked her as he watched her start on her third banana.

"Oh that trash, I cancelled our subscription." Hermione said plainly.

"When?" Harry asked. He couldn't remember her mentioning it before and he was sure he read the paper yesterday morning.

"Today," Hermione replied.


"It's about time we stopped reading that trash." Hermione said casually.

A loud banging was heard at their door and Harry went to the door. A mad Ginny came storming in followed by a calm Draco.

"I tried to calm her down but I think the pregnancy hormones are making her over react." Draco stated quietly to Harry. The last thing he needed was Ginny rounding on him for referring to her hormones.

Ginny was frantically pacing back and forth in front of the fire place when Hermione entered the room to see who had arrived though she already had a sneaking suspicion of who it would be.

"Hermione, what's the easiest muggle way to kill Skeeter." Ginny said angrily to her.

Hermione looked past Ginny and frowned at Draco.

"I tried." He said helplessly.

"Tried what?" Harry asked as he looked dumfounded between his wife, Draco and Ginny.

"They tried to hide this from me." Ginny said as she threw a crumpled newspaper at him.

Harry uncrumpled the newspaper and found a huge picture of him kissing Ginny on the cheek. The headline read, "St. Mungos Healer carrying Potter's love child".

Harry started laughing and Ginny looked at him as if he had lost his mind. This was not the reaction she expected him to have.

"Harry, why are you laughing? That witch is claiming my child is yours." Ginny shouted hysterically.

"Ginny, yesterday I could have lost my job, compared to that, this is hilarious. Anybody who knows us Ginny would never believe this nonsense." Harry stated as he tossed the paper into the fire. "Hermione cancelled our subscription; I think it's time for you to do the same." Harry said.

"I think it's time to appeal to the Wizengamot." Draco stated.

"You can do that after I torture her." Ginny said angrily.


"Don't Gin, me Draco. I've had enough of that woman trying to insinuate things. For crying out loud, Harry and I broke up years ago." Ginny yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Ginny, I don't think the whole school heard you yet you might want to try again." Draco told his wife dryly.

Hermione interceded before Draco suffered the consequences for his actions. "I think Draco's right. Maybe we can lobby the Wizengamot to do something about the trashy articles."

"That's a good idea." Harry said.

"But that wouldn't solve the present problem."Ginny pointed out.

"No but it would prevent it from happening in the future. I don't want my child to have to live with this. Yesterday, I wondered what type of future I would be able to give my child if I was fired from Hogwarts. Today I know I want my child to be happy and safe. Our actions no longer affect just us. If I can stop the bad reporters then I will partially accomplish that goal." Harry told her.

"When did you become so wise?" Ginny asked as she calmed quite a bit.

"Well, when you're married to the sexiest witch alive, things do rub off on you?" Harry said cockily.

"The list said sexiest witch at Hogwarts, not alive. I have that honour." Draco said as he wrapped his arms around a blushing Ginny.

"I'm sure you two can debate my title as much as you want but I would like my husband for the rest of the day. I'm curious to see what else I can rub off on him?" Hermione said teasingly.

"Stop, I don't need the mental picture." Draco said as he grabbed Ginny's hand and left the couple alone.

Harry looked at his wife standing by the entrance to the kitchen and thought she was the most wonderful woman alive. He decided to take her up on her offer and walked over to her. He kissed her passionately and felt her knees grow weak as she transferred her weight on to him. He easily scooped her up into his arms and carried her to their bedroom.

"You better enjoy me while you can Harry. I probably won't be the sexiest witch in a few months." Hermione said while she nibbled on his ear.

"Hermione you will always be the sexiest witch to me." Harry said softly in her ear as he decided to enjoy the present and forget about the future for the time being.