:Warning this story contains mild Incest:

Ok this story was supose to be a lemon but I cant write that sort of stuff. No please take into consideration that I was "made" to write this story for a friend (she wouldnt leave me alone about it so I made it to shut her up and now she bothers me for the me next chapters) Im on Chapter...-thinks- 23 so updates should be quick. This story started out on paper and my friends (I got some other friends into riading it even though they dont like incest) would read it during the day. I started this like in November of 06 but then along the way I ran out of ideas and stoped then started again some time after winter break. And my friends were left hanging just when it was geting good due to the fact the school is over and I'll probly wont see most of them again (the friend that I made this for is in 7th grade going to 8th Im officialy in 9th grade since I know I passed so all we got now is the internet) So yeah uhm theres also a bit of yaoi between Sasuke and Naruto but its no big deal its more like shounen-ai then yaoi realy. So anyways most of my friends who read this dont like (or aprove) of incest but like (or love) it anyways (one of them- im not even sure if she watches naruto) so I hope you guys will read it anyways. Remember im working on chappie 23 and the story still isnt over but most of the begining chapters are pretty short ( my friend who im not sure watches naruto she read all 22 chaps in like less then 2 skewl days and this was like on our last days of skewl -then again shes a fast reader-) OK i think iv taken up enought story time all readys so please R&R

Declaimers: sadly I do not own the show Naruto or any of its characters if I did trust me it would be nothing like it is now -evile smile-


Chapter 1: Water sucks!

"You known you can't swim Gaara!" Temari ,the oldest of the sand sibs, yelled to her youngest brother and so called 'independent' brother.

"Yes I can and you are NOT the boss of me!" Gaara yeld back to his 'know it all' sister. He wanted to quickly cross the river in order to get away from his sister's nagging on how he hasn't cleaned his room in weeks. She had followed him for almost an hour now all around the forest, the three were staying in konoha for a few months- why? no clue they just had to, and he was becoming very annoyed at this moment and he wanted to get as far away from her as he posibly could. So he 'had' to cross the stupid ,and deep, river. So like he always dose he ignores his son called 'beloved' sisters warnings about the water. So he began to cross the river and due to their last battle ,whatever that was, Gaara 'temporary' lost his gourd so he was hopeless ,or helpless, now but continued to cross anyways. (a/n I love this part)
"Gaara! Gey your lil' raccon butt back here!! RIGHT NOW!"
"What did you say!?" At this point he was almost to the middle of the lake and the water was about up to his neck.
"You heared me, I said make-"
"GAARA!" He had fallen all the way to the bottom of the lake, and since he cant swim- he was in troulble. He started to panic and was slowly running out of air 'Not good- not good- Temari!' He was yelling in his head. 'Dang...I-I guse for once -Temari...is...right-'

He's out of air and quickly running out of time. "Gaara! Gaara! Oh you IDIOT!" and with that Temari jumped into the water so save her 'stupid' little brother. 'Now where could he be?'

She looked around francticly -sp- for him 'Gaara where -there you are!' She quickly swam over to him then brought him back onto the lakes shore where she laid him down. "Gaara...are you ...ok?" she said softly- hopeing he wil be alright "Gaara..."

Tainta: Well what do you think so far?
Gaara: I hate you-
Temari: GAARA!
Gaara: -glare-
Tainta: Uhm...so yeah well no worries it WILL get better! -whispers: hopefully-
and please forgive and ignore and -sp- and gram mistakes i don thave -sp- check anymore and as for grammer...dont ask so yeah I hope to hear from you guys and see you guys in the next (22) chapters, well baibai 4 now!
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