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Naruto - Golden Interference

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"All right class. Due to the number in this year's class the next team will have four members." Umino Iruka looked shortly up from his notepad to study the class, 'Let's see how they will react to this.' In the meanwhile Haruno Sakura sat in the first row chanting mentally, 'Please let me be in on team with Sasuke and PLEASE by all means not… him.' "Team 7: Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke…" 'YES take that Ino!' "… and Ryoushi Akuma."

Sakura's mental victory dance found an abrupt halt at the mentioning of the last name and she turned ever so slowly towards the last row, like most other students. There, at the far right of the row, sat the source of her shock: Ryoushi Akuma, nickname 'Shadow'. He was a youth a good two years older then most of the others, somewhere around fifteen. Long, black hair that ran down to his waist and piecing steel-blue eyes were his most outstanding physical features.

He was a good 170 centimeters tall and therefore pretty tall for his age. His way of clothing was nothing really unusual but fitted his nickname: black pants; a black shirt; a long black coat with sleeves only running down to his elbows, the intimation of two white sets of wings on it's back and fingerless, black gloves with red drawings on back of the hand, forming an intimation of a four-taloned pawl; his hitai-ate strapped around his left bicep. He had two kunai pouches, one strapped to each leg, and not only one but two Katana strapped to his left waist; not the kind of weapon you would expect a student of the Academy to wield. Most of the time his clothing would include a pair of black sunglasses but not today.

His blues eyes were fixed on Iruka's as if he was questioning their sensei's words but after a good moment of staring he just nodded his head in acknowledgment. 'Of all the people it could have been why in Kami's name he,' thought Sakura as she turned back to face Iruka and involuntary her mind drifted back to the day she had met him for the first time.


"Give that back!" "Make us you little baby!" A eight year old Sakura was chasing after some boys who had taken her blue ribbon from her, the one she just had been given by her mother the other day. The boys were a good twelve years old and running from Sakura through the streets of Konoha, throwing the ribbon in between each other, all the while laughing at the little girl chasing them.

After a few minutes of chase they had passed the gates of Konoha and were running over the fields, getting closer to the woods at the west of Konoha, approaching a lone tree on a small hill. "Please give it back," begged Sakura as the boys stopped under the tree. "No way," smirked their leader as he held the ribbon high into the air, laughing at Sakura's attempts to snatch it out of his hands. After some unsuccessful tries Sakura broke down, weeping softly into her hands.

"Way to go Shikagi," shouted the other boys while they were laughing at the crying girl on the ground. With one last jump Sakura tried to get her ribbon back but Shikagi hit her in the chest and send her flying with her back against the tree. Upon impact Sakura cried out in pain and the sound of breaking bones was evident for all people around. "Oh is the little baby hurt," mocked Shikagi as he walked closer to Sakura's crying form while she tried to touch her right shoulder with her left hand. "NO! Stay away," shouted Sakura as she tried to get back to her feet. "Make him," hollered Shikagi's friends as he reached out for Sakura with his right hand.

Suddenly something flew through the air separating Shikagi and Sakura and then a kunai was stuck in the earth behind the two. Slowly a cut formed on Shikoku's right cheek and from above them they could hear a cold voice, "She said leave her alone." Everyone looked up into the tree: there on the lower branches, with his left shoulder leaning against the tree, stood a boy in age closer to Sakura, dressed in a black T-shirt and pants, staring down at the boys with disgust on his face, "Didn't your parents tell you not to pick and girls unless they are kunoichi?"

"Who are you," barked Shikagi as he pulled out some shuriken. "My name is not important." Shikagi let loose several shuriken at the boy but said one evaded them with a mere sidestep, "Too slow." He jumped down from the tree branch and landed in front of Sakura in one fluid motion, "Step aside will you?"

Sakura nodded while she stared at her rescuer: he had long, black hair flowing down to around the middle of his back and now he reached for his belt and fetched another kunai, "You better give that ribbon back right now and then leave." "HA, who do you think you are? The Hokage?" "No. But I'm the one who will kick your sorry ass royally if you don't comply." "The maggot is talking big," snarled Shikagi as he charged the boy with a kunai in his hand. "Your funeral." What came next was too fast for Sakura to see until it was over.

'Black' had just slithered past Shikagi's legs and stabbed both of his tights before he was back to his feet in no time and held the kunai in front of his chest while taking a defensive stance. Shikagi wobbled on his knees but charge Black again who just sighed. He merely jumped over Shikagi, delivered him a roundhouse kick in the back and sent him flying into his friends and all three ended up in a heap after they rolled down the small hill. Black walked down to the heap of bodies and extended his right hand, "The ribbon?" A shaking hand move out of the heap and Black took the ribbon from it. "I'd say you make a fast run home to mommy now." And faster than Sakura could see the three were running back towards Konoha.

Black walked back towards Sakura and on the way fetched his other kunai from the ground and then placed both of them back at his belt, "Here is your ribbon." "Th… thank you…," stuttered Sakura as she tried to move her right arm only to stop and wince in pain. "Does it hurt much?" "I… I fear something… is broken…." He studied her for a second as if he was thinking about something before he walked behind her, "Hold still for a second."

Sakura nodded weakly and soon after that her shoulder was engulfed in a welcome coolness, dulling the pain to a degree where she thought her shoulder was back to normal. There was a short pressure on her shoulder before the coolness faded and then vanished. She made a few attempts to move her shoulder and surprisingly she felt no pain at all. "What's your name?" "S… Sakura…. And… yours?" "You can call me Akuma." She turned around to Akuma and saw that he had sat down at the food of the tree and was looking up to her. Sakura opened her mouth a few times to speak but always no worlds left her lips until, "Akuma…." "Hm?" "You… you… youwanttobefriends?"

End Flashback

Sakura was pulled back to reality as Iruka finished reading off his list and the class settled in a slight chatter, awaiting their seneis to show up. How was she supposed to go through with it? How should this work? "Just forget about him!" But she hadn't been able to forget him in a good four years.


The time passed by and one after the other team was taken by their sensei and soon only Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Akuma were waiting for their sensei to show up. After a good hour Iruka was getting ready to leave, "Well, my work here is done. A good day to you." As soon as the door closed behind Iruka, Naruto was all over Sakura but he just got her right fist on his head accompanied by a "Shut up Naruto!" before Sakura turned her attention back to wooing Sasuke.

Akuma in the meanwhile was still sitting in the last row, observing his teammates-to-be while he sharpened one of his kunai. His eyes traveled to Sakura giving Sasuke the biggest puppy eyes he had ever seen but even that got no reaction form the stoic Uchiha heir. Then his eyes staid on Sakura and he wondered if maybe he should have elaborated things a bit more four years ago. 'Maybe I should tell her; even though she probably put everything behind her.'


Three hours. THREE FUCKING HOURS! Normally Akuma was a rather patient person but their sensei, who ever he or she turned out to be, was slowly but steadily signing his or her death sentence. He was still sitting in the last row and was now sharpening one of his Katana, better said the only one he had drawn in the past six years since he got them. The second one was reserved for a special situation. He drew his attention away from the blade that was more then sharp enough and sheathed it again before he took out a kunai and let it swirl on the fingertip of his right little finger. He looked down to the first row and saw that Naruto tried to get Sakura's attention in any way possible.

He studied his team mates and couldn't help but wonder how this should work: Sakura hated him and Naruto, Naruto hated Sasuke and Sasuke probably hated all of them. Suddenly the door slit open and Akuma threw his kunai at the newcomer, who caught it mere centimeters from his face before he walked into the room and studied them, "What shall I think of this?" "That I was getting bored waiting," answered Akuma as he walked down to join his 'team' and studied the newcomer, 'Maybe in his thirties; he has seen his share of violence, that's for sure. But what's up with his left eye? Why is he covering it with his hitai-ate?' Akuma stretched out his right hand, "My kunai?" "Here you have it. Now follow me" The five left the class room and then the Academy at all.

Soon they were on one of the many terraces and their sensei turned around to them, "Introduce yourselves." "Introduce ourselves," asked Naruto with the stupidest expression Akuma had ever seen on his face. "Yes. Name, likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams. Just an overview of who you are." "Why don't you start? It is your idea." 'Damn Naruto are you really that dumb?' thought Akuma and he couldn't help but frown. "Hm…. OK. My name is Hatake Kakashi and what I like and dislike is for me to know and you to find out. My dream… well, I never thought about it. My hobbies… a lot of things." 'Very social,' thought the four Genin independently and all frowned mentally.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto and I love ramen and I hate the time I have to wait till it is finished. My hobby is to play pranks and my dream… is to become Hokage and be recognized by everyone in the village!"

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke and I hate a lot of things and hardly like anything. I'm no dreamer but I have a goal: to rebuild my clan and kill a certain someone." 'That was expected; from both of them,' thought Kakashi while he was mustering the rest for their reaction to Sasuke's words. Sakura was astonished while a slight hint of shock was evident on Naruto's face. Akuma's face was hidden in the shadows so Kakashi couldn't really see his expression but his posture was totally relaxed.

Then Kakashi's eye traveled back to Sakura who started to blush slightly, "M… my name is Haruno Sakura and I like…," a short gaze at Sasuke followed by some giggles, "… I hate NARUTO… and my dream…," another gaze at Sasuke followed by even more giggles. 'Great. An amorous girl, doesn't that beat all?' Now all eyes, except for those of Sakura, were resting on Akuma who was still standing in the shadows, not moving a single muscle.

After a good five minutes he opened his mouth, "My name is Ryoushi Akuma and people call me Shadow behind my back because of my habit to be like one. My likes… well, I like to be on top of the game as long as it's within my capabilities. I dislike treachery, unnecessary violence, mendacity and people ignoring things in front of their eyes. My hobby is to train past my boundaries and my dream… to get revenge on those who destroyed my past and build my own future on the ruins of the present." 'Now this one seems to stand out from the crowd,' thought Kakashi as he tried to see past the obvious meaning of the words. The rest of Team 7 was a bit surprised at Akuma's answer and even Sasuke couldn't hide it.

"Alright, so tomorrow we will have our first mission." "What's our first mission? Come on sensei, spit it out!" 'This Naruto will give me a headache if he keeps this attitude,' thought Kakashi, a single pearl of sweat forming over his right eye, "Before we set out on the mission we will have to take care of something else." "Something else?" "Yes. Survival training." "But sensei we have done enough training at the Academy." "Alright Sakura, I'll tell you something. It's not normal training because… I will be your enemy." Kakashi chuckled slightly which immediately drew everyone's attention. "What's so funny sensei," asked Sakura already feeling like some black shadow was looming over her. "Well, if I tell you what exactly this is all about you will be speechless."

"Try us sensei," said Akuma, still standing in the shadows of the tree but Kakashi could detect a hint of wariness in his voice. "You know," said Kakashi while resting his chin in his left hand, "This training is actually a test; a test to decide who will become Genin. Only nine students are supposed to become Genin but for this year the number has been raised by one because of the total student's number. In other words: two thirds of you will fail and be sent back to the academy."

The four Genin-in-training fell silent and Kakashi smirked at their expressions. Sakura and Naruto were shocked and close to insanity while Sasuke and Akuma took it better then he expected. 'Both of them seem to be confident in their abilities. We will see how good they truly are.' "Fine, you know the training grounds around Konoha?" A confirming nod from all four of them. "We will meet at the one most east understand? And be punctual: at dawn and not one minute later." He handed them a few instruction on paper before he left them alone.

'Hm, battle equipment,… no breakfast? Ha, no breakfast my ass,' thought Akuma as he scanned through the list of things he was supposed to get ready for tomorrow. Nothing that he wasn't already carrying around every day, maybe he would pack up some stripes of smoked meat but that was it. He looked up from the note only to see that Sasuke had already left and from their faces he read that neither Sakura nor Naruto had noticed how. "Sakura-chan…." "Don't even think about it Naruto, don't even think about it." Sakura was starting to walk away as she accidentally brushed her arm against Akuma's as he started walking into the opposite direction but she ignored it.

After a good two minutes of walking Sakura noticed an additional piece of paper in her left hand and was about to throw it away as she saw that it was a note.

Dear Sakura,

I know that I'm probably the last person you want to even think of but we have to talk,

if you're willing to hear me out. If you are then you know where you can find me. Meet me there

at 7.30 pm but as I said: it's your decision if you want to do this.


Sakura had stopped dead in her tracks and stared down at the note. "WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?" For once Sakura had to agree with her inner self, 'After all this years he thinks he can fix this with a simple talk? Wait a second….' Her mind drifted back into the past as she recalled something similar.


Sakura, by now eight years old, was heading for the usual place she met Akuma these days: the very tree where she had met him for the first time. The two had developed a weekly schedule in meeting up and talking, or better said: she talked while he lent her an open ear. She talked about everything with him from her dreams down to her problems with her parents. She often told Akuma she envied him that he was living alone with no one to order him around. When he talked he was mostly telling her legends of old times she had never heard of before. Of people who wielded the elements with their minds will alone, of great battles and great inventions and of times where ninjas where nearly unknown to the world and although she didn't belief this stories they were entertaining.

She mused over the last story Akuma had told her; a story of eight youths who saved the world from extinction in a long journey over the whole world. It was funny how Akuma could lose himself in those stories as if he had been there and watched everything. She once had asked him when those times had been and his answer had been, "At least 10 generations ago, in a time where the elements were still the center of the world for those who knew them." She had laughed at him as he said this. 10 generations? Hardly any village could retrace their roots 10 generations. She had asked who had told him those stories but he had never answered this question.

Sakura by now had reached her destination: the lone tree on a small hill and even though she was a bit late she was the first to reach the place, 'This is strange; Akuma has never been late in two years.' She then noticed a note tapped to the tree with a kunai that she immediately identified as one that belonged to Akuma. It wasn't a simple one you would use in a fight but with a filigree blade, formed like a leaf and I with a slightly greenish shade. She assumed something had interfered and Akuma wouldn't be coming today so she took the kunai and the note from the tree and read it:

Dear Sakura,

I know that this will break your heart but I must tell you that we can't

come together as friends anymore. It has nothing to do with you but only with me and my past.

Don't try to speak with me; it will only make things worse.

With deepest regrets,

Ryoushi Akuma.

And since this day the two had never even spoken a single word with each other.

End Flashback

By now Sakura had reached the front door of her parents' apartment and walked straight to her room. She pulled out a small box from her drawer, opened it and pulled out a small, wrapped up object. She placed the object on her bed and carefully, as if she feared the content would turn to dust if she went to fast, unwrapped the textile. Before her lay a green, leaf-shaped kunai and she carefully traced the blade with her right index finger. 'Why am I still keeping this thing?' "Because you can't let go!"

And for the second time this day her inner self was right. She didn't want to let go of those happier times; she wanted to conserve them as long as possible and this kunai reminded her not only of sad times. Sakura sighed and drew her eyes away from the kunai and looked at her clock. '6.43 pm. If I'm going to meet Akuma then I will have to decide now if I go.' Sakura carefully wrapped the kunai up again and placed it back in its hiding place and closed the drawer, letting out a deep breath. She would meet Akuma; her curiosity had gotten the better of her.


Sakura was slowly walking over the plains around Konoha, drawing closer to her destination. She already could make out the tree and even that someone was standing next to it; some one with long black hair and his arms crossed behind his back. Within a few minutes she stood next to Akuma and both looked at the setting sun, not once looking at the other. They stood like this for a good fifteen minutes and Sakura was close to going home again when he finally spoke.

"All the time I have spent in Konoha I had access to powers no one ever had and hardly any people know about them these days; the power to wield the elements with my will alone. I always held them in check but… one night I lost control and a good fifty people nearly died because of me. It was that night that I decided to isolate myself from everyone as good as possible until I had those powers under control again. But even until now my work isn't even half done. The training at the Academy has helped me to gain more control but still it's not what it used to be. It was because of those powers that I cut the ropes to you so harshly."

He paused shortly and Sakura was about to lash out at him for calling her out here to lie to her when he continued, "I don't expect you to believe a single word I said; I don't even expect you to say something. All I would like to ask you is to… try to understand my dilemma; but even this would be megalomaniac of me given the time that has passed since this day. I know that it is no satisfying explanation but it's all I can offer to you." For some time they just stood there, neither one daring to say anything, before Akuma turned around and started to walk back to Konoha. "You still have something I own," said Sakura without turning around to him, her eyes fixed on the horizon. "I guess you want it back."

Sakura heard some rusting of clothes and the sound from metal against metal. A soft breeze washed over the fields and something soft landed on Sakura's left shoulder. She looked down and saw what had landed there. It was a blue ribbon. The one Akuma had retrieved for her and the one she had then given him as a sign of their friendship. She took the textile in her right hand and studied it for a bit. The textile was used but still in rather good shape. She finally turned around to look at Akuma but all she could see was his vanishing form, holding two Katana in his left hand. Once more Sakura looked down at the ribbon and a single tear was soaked in it. It was ultimately over.


The evening had made space for the night and Akuma was sitting on the roof of his apartment. 'Why? Why me? Why is it always me who gets stuck with the short end? Is my very existence such an affront for the beings out there that they constantly fuck with my life?' He lay back on the roof; his arms crossed behind his head, 'But then again, better me then anyone else. I wish for no one to get this curse, not even them.' Akuma closed his eyes and his mind was fogged in a mixture of dreams and memories.

… "Please don't kill them!" "Akuma?" "Take me instead!" "Akuma!" "Please no!!" "Akuma!!" "NOOOO!!!" "AKUMA!!"

"GHAAAA!" With a scream Akuma shot out form his mind's realm and looked around franticly until something orange caught his eye. 'Na… Naruto?' "Hey Akuma, you alright? Hey watch it!" Naruto had tried to reach out for Akuma as said one shot to his feet still looking around rapidly, 'It was… only a dream…?' "Naruto, have you been the one calling out for me?" "Yeah, you've been surrounded by a kind of silver aura and you were shouting and panting so I thought it was better to wake you up." 'A silver aura…? Damn, it nearly happened again! What is wrong with me…? Wait…. What was similar to the last time? Emotional instability, stress; all the good stuff that makes life spicy.' The last thought was accompanied by a sarcastic snort as Akuma turned to leave but Naruto suddenly grabbed his arm, "Say, do you… have another being inside you?"

"What makes you think this," hissed Akuma as he fixed Naruto with a cold stare and his right hand closed around the handle of a Katana, which in turn made Naruto release him. "I… I just thought…. Ah crap, who am I kidding; you probably knew it a long time ago. I house the Kyuubi so I know what it looks like if you have an internal voice shouting at you." Akuma let go of his Katana and slumped down on the roof again and motioned for Naruto to sit down, 'He's probably the only one who can partly understand what I'm going through.' "You are right; there is another voice inside me." "So you house a demon too, huh?" "I don't know for sure but…," Akuma sighed heavily while he closed his eyes, "… but in the long run it's probably the same."

Both teens sat on the roof, staring up into the sky for several minutes before Naruto spoke again, "Akuma… do you and Sakura have… a kind of history?" "What makes you think we have?" "Neither of you ever spoke with the other and Sakura totally refused to look at you after we left the classroom." "Hehehe, why do I get the impression that you're not as dumb as you want the others to believe?" Naruto abruptly turned to face Akuma, whose left lip was drawn up in a small smirk, and Naruto asked after a short pause, "What gave me away?" "Nearly everything but mainly: our apartments are in one line with the training grounds and I often enough heard you heading there even before school. I followed you a few times and saw you train the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and various other things."

Naruto smiled weakly after Akuma had finished, "I have been careless." "Why the act Naruto? Answer me this question and I'll answer yours." "Fine…. I just… don't want to draw that kind of attention to me. If people knew how good or clever I really am they would fear me even more, thinking that it was the Kyuubi breaking through." "You speak very high of the demon. You know it personal?" "He has been training me since I first dipped into his Chakra. But now you."

"Alright," Akuma sighed as he directed his eyes up to the stars, "Yes, Sakura and I have a history: until three years ago we have been best friends…." "What happened?" "I happened. Due to my birth I have access to powers like no one else Konoha. Remember the great fire from a bit more the four years ago? The one that burned down several blocks and left nearly fifty people close to death?" "Yeah, and you were involved in that mess?" "Involved? HA, I was the fucking cause of that inferno." "YOU'RE KIDDING?!" "I wished I was but sadly no. Here, look at this."

Akuma stretched out his right hand and closed his eyes. A small fireball appeared over his palm and Naruto gaped at the sight; there was no Chakra involved. "My birth and early life give me the ability to manipulate the elements to my bidding." Akuma threw the small fireball into the air and it vanished into the nightly sky. "And… it was due to those powers that… you cut everything with Sakura? To protect her?" A small smile graced Akuma's lips as he turned to face Naruto, "Are you sure this question is appropriate for someone with your intelligence?" "HEY," shouted Naruto at first but then he chuckled, "You're right. The Naruto everyone knows would probably just look at you confused instead of asking intelligent questions."

"I also noticed something else. Over the last few weeks you seemed to have lost a bit of your… infatuation with Sakura." Naruto sighed sadly as both teens simultaneously laid back on the roof. "And once more you are right. You could say I… just gave up on it. She's always all over Sasuke and… you know what she thinks of me." "Yeah: an annoying piece of meat, just like me. Huuuh, which will be our biggest problem…." "What do you mean?" "We have been organized in teams so I think it's save to say that we should work as one but with this constellation… good luck for us, because we will need all we can get."

They lay there for several more minutes before Akuma rose to his feet and stretched, "I'm turning in; wouldn't work to fall asleep while waiting for Kakashi-sensei tomorrow. See you Naruto." And with that said Akuma jumped into his apartment while Naruto headed home.


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