Greetings my readers.

It has finally come to this. Yes, the dreaded day is here: by this notice this story is officially discontinued.

In the past months I have made several dozen attempts to keep writing but... eh...

my reasons are rather simple and many may not understand them but I will write them down anyway since I feel like I owe you an explanation.

#1 is also one of the biggest: the pairing Naru/Hina; while back in the day I really enjoyed reading and writing it I have come to actually loath the idea. Well, not as much as loath but finding it god-damn boring. It's become predictable and anything truly predictable is bound to end up being boring. I simply can no longer write the two together as a couple, simple as that.

#2 is the Naruto World that I have come to really dislike. With that I mean the setting and not the characters (there are a ton of characters I still find awesome in basic design). I simply can't enjoy it anymore.

#3 is the Lucifer Damned to Heaven manga. I stopped back in the day when Kabutomaru was bringing back everyone and their dog that ever had a heavy impact on Naruto's character development. I have tried again and again to get back into reading it but... sorry, no longer can I bear the idiocy I face. Whole chapters arguing about a freakin' armadillo being male or female? Seriously? Sasuke butt-kissing and handing him power after power on a silver plate? Fuck this shit.

This is why I am going to exit the Naruto fandom set in the Elemental Nations/Countries/whatchamaycallit. I may still write about the Naruto-characters in other 'verses but from now on the Naruto section will no longer be in my target area when searching for a good read.

If I have offended you with any of my above statements: tough luck. Opinions are like assholes: everyone has one, everyone's is different and that's it.

So with this I take my hat and coat and bid you all a farewell. Maybe you can find a decent read in my other works (which are NOT going to die) or in my future works.

*takes his hat and bows before leaving the stage*

- Nelo Akuma