Summary: After Metal Greymon defeated Etemon. Taichi was pulled into a dimensional hole and transported back to earth. But what if that wasn't what happened, what if the hole stranded him in a completely new world.

Altered Fate.

Time flows like a river, or so they say, with small ripples forming here and here, causing small waves to form across the surface of the river, but doing little to change the overall flow of time.

However, it is thought that if a big enough weave can be caused, it can actually change the flow of time itself.

Such a wave was created 26 years into the future after peace between humans and digimons had been archived.

That peace shattered as a power house of a synthetic digimon known as Arkadimon was ruthlessly unleashed on the digital world by a corrupted Chosen Child hell bent on becoming the supreme chosen one by destroying every other one alive.


Neo Saiba smirked as he gazed across the clearing, one hand curled up around his jet black D3 as he faced down the only remaining member of the most well known chosen children in history. "Haven't you fools learned it yet, I am the supreme chosen child, the one destined to rule this world."

His grin never fading as a massive roar erupted behind him, ne rather smirked wider as the heavily empowered dark area digimon that had been standing behind him, began to advance forward. "With this digimon by my side, I can destroy you all." His eyes narrowing as he gazed at the three mega digimons facing him on the other side of the battle field. "None of you can beat us, none of you!"

Taichi Yagami, now well into his late 30ties stood silently as he held onto his digivice, Wargreymon towering up over him at his side, the protective metal empire digimon practically glowing with anger as well. "Neo Saiba, for the last time, you are under arrest for death of over 3000 chosen children and their digimon partners."

The unspoken fact being that the majority of those chosen had been his friends, several of the, dying in an attempt to save their own children who had gone into battle with this human monster first. "I've been ordered to offer you this last chance to surrender, so take it."

"To hell with that Taichi, let's just kill him." The cold objection came from his left side as Sora Takenouchi stared down Neo with nothing but a desire for death in her eyes, her hands curled up tight enough to draw blood as a massive dark digimon hovered behind her. "Just let Deathmon blow him and his little freak show away."

Taichi shivering a bit as he took a quick glance at her, trying to figure out if letting her come along had been a good idea after all.

For while he had known Sora most of his life, the one he had befriended so long ago were simply nothing more then a memory now, her only reason to live according to herself being nothing less then the need to kill Neo.

As for how she had become that way, he had to admit the memory made him want to seek vengeance as well, as the loss of not only Yamato hurt him too, but to Sora, the breaking point been when her children was attacked as well.

The news of which drove her catatonic at the time she learned of it, and as hard as it had been to see her like that, it had almost been better then to see her as this.

This mockery of what she once been after he had told her of Neo's attack on the American east coasts team of chosen, an attack that had turned into a full out battle with the last of their friends as they attempted to reach Mimi and her friends before they were all killed.

And while they fought, he had been forced to attend a late night meeting at the UN to discuss the damage being done, something he had and still did resent the governments for, as it had meant that while his friends had done their best to stop Neo, he had been sitting in a chair listing to complaints and arguments over what should be done when Neo were captured.

Daisuke had been the only one who had survived the rescue attempt, something which had been a barely at most since the younger man having been blown off a cliff along with Ken as they had attempted to prevent Neo from entering the real world.

The former digimon Kaizer, and best friends of Daisuke had died in the younger man's hands as he succeeded in transferring over partnership of Wormmon to him with his last breaths, the death of him scarring Daisuke deeply, as did all of the others deaths.

The memory of that fight, leaving him angry as it hadn't been just his friends who had died on that day; the battle had been his son as well, the loss of him leading him to thrown down his briefcase and the role as diplomat of the digital world for the need for revenge.

It had taken several of the still living chosen to stop him, and even longer for him to see what his anger were doing to him, and to the others. In his rage, he could have gotten killed as well, and if it hadn't been for him, both Sora and Daisuke would have gone after him before they were ready.

But even now he had his doubts about their readiness, already Sora were out for blood, and if he knew Daisuke right, he would be so too.

The thought of which had him staring to the right, as the younger messy haired man simply crossed his arms across his chest, signifying that he wouldn't back down from fighting. "She's right you know; I say we just destroy him here and now and get it over with."

Reddish brown hair waving lightly in the air, he chuckled as he looked over his shoulder at his own ultimate level digimon, the once proud ancient dragon digimon were now a twisted dark version, the white colors remaining, while a light variant of black had replaced the blue colors. "Imperial-Dramon can blow him away in a second."

Daisuke, once the most positive of the chosen children, were now just a shell of his former self, all that remained was a cold, hollow man who sought nothing but vengeance, one who had removed all feelings other then anger from himself in the quest to avenge all of his fallen friends.

Ignoring their comments, Taichi stared down Neo as the young boy chuckled at him. "Saiba? What is your answer?" Mouth turning into a thin line, the messy haired ex diplomat hoped to get the answer he wanted, the answer he needed to hear from that, murder. "Well!"

Neo, on his part, simply yawned as he lifted up his D3, dark powers glowing around it as he chuckled once more. "Come on Yagami, do you really have to ask." Pulling out a small object from his pants pocket, he smirked as he held it up before him, letting the three adults stare at it. "Your sister and her digimon, and all the others of your old team, they had the only thing I have ever needed."

"This crest was born to do only one thing." Slipping it around his neck, he smirked as he watched it glow with a dark light, a sick replica of a normal crest's light. "They had the power of one of the four holy beasts, as well as power to overcome some of the most powerful digimons ever, power that just had to become mine!" Laughing as he tossed his head back and raised his D3 up as high as he laughed his head off. "Now watch, the birth of the most powerful digimon ever!"

Dark light flare out from both the crest and the D3, light that were nothing short of utter corruption of the light and hope it had once represented, reliability, purity, friendship, knowledge and Kindness now nothing but a mass of dark energy floating into Arkadimon, the powers of their fallen friends tarnished and perverted by one young fools dream of greatness.

"A new age begins today, my age!" Raising his arms up over his head, he laughed at the heaven as dark clouds boiled overhead, lighting flashing across it as he felt the darkness behind flare up, growing stronger then he had ever believe possible. "I am the ultimate chosen child, the supreme one."

Lowering his head, a pure insane look flashed across his face as he held out his free hand. "And now I will be destroying you six, the last of the legendary heroes remaining."

Behind him the darkness parted to reveal a digimon more twisted then even Belial-Vamdemon, it's body covered in thick silver colored armor, with massive tendrils like hands, and shoulders, its lower body nothing more then a pear shaped mass of the same tendrils, and a single dark glass like eye on its head that stared unblinking at them.

On the ground, Neo Saiba laughed as he nearly dropped his D3, he had done it at last, the ultimate power he had always been destined to gain was right here, he was the most supreme life form, the true chosen one. "Now, face my partner, Arcadimon, in his super ultimate level."

Then he froze as a low moan came from his partner, the corrupted power flowing out of his again, the super ultimate digimon regressing back to his normal ultimate stage. "What the, this can't be, everything was perfect" Glaring down at his crest, he screamed as he watched it dim, refusing to let him use any of the stolen powers he had gotten from the legendary chosen. "No!"

Neo's cry of denial filling the air as Taichi simply glanced at each of the two besides him, his eyes holding nothing but cold determination as he pointed one hand forward. "Kill them, kill them both." His mouth parting to reveal a sick grin of his own as Wargreymon took flight, powers floating in around him. "Show no mercy!"

Sora on the other hand let her thirst for vengeance take hold as he watched Deathmon open his main eye, demonic powers flaring up in it as both of her demon lord digimons hands were held out, an eye in each palm opening as well. "At last Taichi, you should have let us kill sooner."

Tilting her head forward, she laughed as she watched the dark chosen. "Now die, die like you kill Yamato and my children, die like the animal you are!" her last shrill laugh filling the air as she snapped out one hand. "Deathmon, use all of your power, don't hold back!"

Imperial-Dramon not even waiting for a command from his partner as light flare dup from his cannon, the attack aimed right at the recovering Arcadimon as he struggled to regain his balance after getting forcefully regressed. "Positron laser!"

Deathmon staring right at the chest of Arcadimon as his dark powers flowed out in one direct attack at him as he followed the command of his partner to the very end. "Explosion Eye!"

Above the battle ground, Wargreymon spun around as power flowed into his hands, forming hsi trademark attack as he faced down the digimon and a dark chosen below. "This is for all of our friends, and everyone else you have killed Saiba, Gaia Force!"

Neo Saiba, turning his head up at the triple attack cries, felt his body go numb as each attack streaked right towards him, a moment of doubt flowing through his body before a giggle fell from his lips, followed by more and more as he dropped to his knees. "Damn you all, this isn't what should have happened!"

Holding out his D3, he continued to giggle as his used his own programmed portal program to open a gate around him and his partner, somehow hoping he could escape their vengeance. "I should have won Yagami, but don't worry, I'll be back again" Clenching his free hand down around his crest, he spat out one last hateful curse at hem as he felt the sides of his crest dig into his flesh at first, then bend and crack as he put to much pressure on the small item, heat flaring out as the stolen power rejected him again. "Huh?"

His eyes lowering to it, Neo didn't speak as he felt his hand go numb as pain unlike any he had ever thought possible tore through it, forcing his hand open as a light grew fourth from his crest, mixing in with portal he had attempted to open. "No."

The gate crashing as a massive blast of wing ripped out around him, a miniature black hole slowly growing fourth before him, its fuel coming from the power of his own dark digimon and the powers he had stolen, the pull of it increasing as his hand shattered. "NO!"

Then the last power of the crest ripped out as all three attacks hit him, the sudden addition of extra powers flaring up like a super nova, the heat burning through both human and demon lord digimon as a explosion rivaling a small nuke went off, taking out the last of the legendary chosen and their digimon partners as well along with a good portion of Server.

The main part of the attack drawn into the black hole, wrecking havoc with the flow of time and space as a massive time space wave shot out through the rive of time, impacting both future and past alike, the stream that made up history twisting and turning as it tried to withstand the unleashed power, but failing in the end.

Several points in history getting by the effects, history changing and giving life to new time lines as events were altered, one line becoming one where the dark Masters rule supreme as no chosen children were ever found, another one resulting in one where the chosen children became corrupt with their own strength and took over the role as Dark Masters.

Far back into the past, a digital monster known as Moon-Milleniumon beat his own partner as a wave of dark power crashed into the digital master of time of space, giving him the power to imprison his own chosen child in a block of crystal as he set out to make create the perfect world for them, only to lose out against the very first chosen children who utterly destroyed him.

In a more recent date, Apocalymon were fighting the very same first chosen, only to have a part of him fall off and merge with a member of those chosen as he was forced into the darkness beyond the firewall.

And even more recent, the most well known chosen children were fighting against a digital monster called Etemon, a battle that ended with a dark hole opening up, an event that allowed their Taichi Yagami to return to earth, or it should have, had the wave not impacted this portal, and altered it's exit point, to a far different location.


It was over, they had beaten Etemon and his dark network, the mad monkey digimon getting pulled into one of his own space time holes, his screams of denial and fear ringing out over the battle field as Taichi Yagami, leader of the chosen children smirked. "We did it buddy!"

Before him, Metal-Greymon grinned as he allowed himself to relax, his massive body and armor undamaged from the fight, the only sign of his still glowing body and the fact that he felt lightly drained of strength. "Yeah, we did it Taichi, we did it!"

Their reason for triumph clear as the black hole caused by Etemon dark network closing before them easily, the wind dying down as everything were beginning to return to normal. "Etemon's gone for good!"

Their victory talk mirrored in loud cheering rising up from the other chosen children and digimons from their vantage point far behind them, the loud victory cries from the other six kids and six digimons reaching even them.

"Taichi, we should head back to the others." Metal-Greymon voice showing some concern as he felt the wind pressure increase around him, overpowering the others voices as sand drifted past him, lifting up towards the black hole that seemed to pulse. "Taichi, get back, it's going to."

Metal-Greymon voice cut off as the black hole tore open once more, the last power from Etemon's network flaring up brightly and powerfully, arches of dark lighting shooting out as the black hole increased in size, pulling on his body with far more strength then before. "What's happening?"

Behind him, Taichi had to do a nose dive to avoid getting hit by one of the lightning bolts, only to find himself not falling over a she had expected, by rather flying as he was caught up in a sudden powerful wind, pulling him towards the rapidly growing vortex.

"Metal-Greymon." Screaming out the name of his partner with nothing but fear, he felt a wave of relief wash through him as he was grabbed out of midair, Metal-Greymon holding him back with his mega claw. "Metal-Greymon, we have to get away from that thing."

It wasn't clear if the armored dinosaur heard him, but if he had, it wouldn't have mattered as he was too swept up from the ground as well, dragged mercilessly through the air and towards the vortex along with Taichi, both of them screaming as they were swallowed up.

Taichi staring back at his friends as he vanished, getting one last look at those he felt he had know for so long, yet had practically only just met.

Sora, his best friend, the one he always hung out with, Koushiro, they had met by pure chance when he had protected the little guy from some punks on the first day of camp. Joe, he had never really known him, but he was always there when his help was needed, even if he was reluctant to do so.

Mimi, she was always complaining, but still ready to help. Takeru, the little guy with the big heart and the one who had were almost as full of courage as himself, always ready to believe in the best in digimons and finally there was Yamato, he never did know where he stood with him. They were so alike, yet just as different, like oil and water, but he was still a friend despite all of their arguments.

Reaching out a hand he tried to reach them as time seemed to slow down as the vortex swallowed him, the last thing he saw were Sora running towards them, and then nothing as darkness enveloped him, as he entered the flow of time and space itself, getting tossed into a wild ride with no control.

Then a wide range of colored swirled around him as he fell first one way, then another, his hands grabbing a hold of Koromon when he passed by him in the fall, the small pink digimon screaming loudly out fear if his open mouth was any indication.

The messy haired boy finding a small moment of amusement in noting that he couldn't hear anything, then felt panic entered him as Koromon began to struggle, forcing him to get a much tighter grip on him.

As the ride grew worse, Taichi shut his eyes and prayed for the trip to end real soon, getting his wished granted as this mad ride grew less troublesome, but still faster as his found himself going straight down, his messy haired style whipping around his head as he sent out a silent scream as well.

I was even worse then the time he and the other kids was pulled into the digital world, but finally the rough ride came to an end, not a gentle kind of stop as he had wanted, but a real fast one.

One moment he was falling, the other he was completely still, facing a sight far different from the one he had just left behind, the far reaching desert region of the Server continent replaced with a deep forest of pine trees and a cloudy sky above him. "What?"

Koromon fell from his hands as the effects of the sudden stop of the free fall caused him to drop to his knees and down onto the soft grass covering the ground, doing his best to keep whatever food he had eaten down and failing as he found himself emptying his stomach into the forest floor before he spoke again. "What happened to us?"

His stomach taking a few more seconds to relax then his other body parts, His eyes closing as he finally felt calm enough, he fall back and simply breathed in and out as his body shivered, his eyes staring unfocused up at the sky above. "Koromon, you okay?"

Koromon, still sporting unsteady eyes from the short trip, did his best to reach Taichi when he called, the pink digimon impacting the human boy's side at his first attempt, before stopping his drunken movement as he had to fight his own stomach as well. "Taichi, what happened?"

Pushing himself up into a sitting position, the messy haired boy shook his head as he did his best to regain his bearings, and find some kind of answer to the question Koromon had just asked him. "I remember the black hole, and how it went nut with, shooting off all those lighting bolts."

Snapping his eyes fully open as he remembered seeing Sora running towards the black hole, Taichi was up on his feet in a second, his eyes scanning the area as he turned around to check in every direction. "The others, what happened to them, did they get sucked up as well?"

"Taichi?" Koromon slowly spoke as his body tensed, his eyes drawn to the sky above as a hold in the clouds drifted over them. "You should really see this."

Lifting his head up, Taichi Yagami nearly fell to his knees again as he saw the one thing he had never expected to see, for on the other side of the clouds, glowing like a blue and green jewel, were a planet, a planet with four large continents and a single island, all of them clearly visible to him. "Koromon, where are we?"

"You're in the forest of nightmares." The answer came as a humanoid digimon seemingly emerged out of the nearby tree, a crow like head staring at them as the digimon opened his wings while pulling out two swords. "And it will be the last place you ever see."


AN: A new digimon story, drawing on the Infinite Realities story I wrote years ago and gave up on, but this time, I think I can make it work, as I have a main outlining of a plot in my head, as well as an idea of where to go with it.