Summary: After Metal Greymon defeated Etemon. Taichi was pulled into a dimensional hole and transported back to earth. But what if that wasn't what happened, what if the hole stranded him in a completely new world.

Altered Fate.
Part XVI.

Taichi Yagami here, last time, we went up against Chaos Seadramon and kicked his metallic hide, still, the way Z'd Garurumon took him out wasn't what I had expected.

Still, it put us ahead, as we only have 3 remaining lords of Chaos to deal with, but right now, they don't matter, what really matters to me is finding Magnamon and getting Taiko back, that stupid knight digimon kidnapped her and forced me into facing him in a fight to the finish.

Man, does that girl have a knack for getting into trouble or what?


The simple ticking of a clock sounded throughout the room as Wisemon hovered within it, his eyes half closed as he mused over the past events, how they had played out, and how they might affect the one thing he now lived after, the one thing he nearly thought about every minute.

"For there shall be born a controller of a darkness beyond the darkest night, with the fires of destruction at its beg and call, the world shall be flooded by darkness, opposing this controller, shall be two stars born from another realm, around them shall spin four lights, before them, human and digimons blood shall spread, and when the time is right, the stars shall released an arrow that will split the heavens apart."

Facing his chess board, a deep thoughtful sigh escaped him as he gazed at the lined up figures. "So much have happened since they arrived here, riding on that wave of darkness, breaking the shield and fighting against then corrupted powers of Karatenmon."

As he spoke, he looked at the discarded figure of a bird man like digimon, then over to one of a young boy with a devil like digimon figure next to it. "Then it was Hikaru and his servants, Devimon and an Airdramon, but without winning." The next figure in the pile, had shattered, dark colored angel wings. "Holy Angemon, deranged and fuelled by his own hate fell to the first of the four outsiders, Majiramon, but it was the second one, Vajiramon was." The dragon and ox figure were lying off to the side a bit.

Picking up the next one, he chuckled as he looked at it. "Yes, Santiramon, for all her big talk and trickery, she fell easily, followed closely by battle with Karatenmon, a battle that none of them won." Lifting up the largest pieces, it looked mostly unfinished, and had a more sphere like form to it. "Milleniumon, the dark overlord from another world, summoned into this one, his arrival were signalled by the death of Majiramon and Makuramon, the last two devas from that world, in the process, Hikaru's slave Etemon rebelled and won over Majiramon."

"Together, Taichi and Taiko triumphed over Milleniumon by evolving Agumon into Wargreymon."

Sitting back, Wisemon brooded over it as he tossed the piece representing Milleniumon back down again, his hands gathering before him in a thoughtful pose. "So much power in those two, the stars from the other worlds, however, those four lights I saw around them, I wonder what they are, what they signify."


"Awake my young captive?" watching Hikaru as he struggled to get out of his bonds, Nairu grinned as he petted him on the head, the raw fury from the young boy merely amusing him as he turned away, moving towards his comfy chair. "Now, the following part will be very important to you, so do your best to follow along."

Leaning back in his chair, Nairu could barely contain his laughter as he watched the scene before him, Magnamon were once again doing just as he had expected him to do, rush into a battle with no real understanding of what he was facing, or even if he could win, relaying on brute strength and luck to overcome all.

And while it would hurt to lose the knight, the fact that he wasn't here right now, meant that he had no problem carrying out the more complex part of his plan, controlling evolution was only a small part of the overall scheme, the feeling of godhood that came with that control was a rather nice boost.

The more complex and insane level of lust for that power he had shown also helped throw his few spare allies off, leaving him with amble time to plot, plan and carry out his true plans.

Plans which were reaching completion any time now, already the first phases had been carried out, the board swept clear of the foes who might had ruined everything for him, but just as he remembered it all, the only ones left in the end of the war would be him and Hikaru.

None would escape his vengeance, not even those two from the other worlds, the girl was a true gift, her powers of light the one component he had thought lost forever, and the other kid, this, Taichi Yagami, he had shattered the shield that had held him at bay for so long, granting him access to Refugia, and he would also reveal the secret of travelling between worlds.

They would both be allowed to live as slaves; both of them were more then powerful enough to warrant entry into his future project, ones that Michi, Juni and Yamato were not.

A god needs servants, worshippers and enforcers to carryout his visions and plans, soldiers to enslave and subjugate the lesser creatures, but mostly, he needed selected servants, monsters of power and terror to enforce his will, to lead the armies of Nairu to ever greater glory.

And as he needed, so would he created, his were already in the making, soon the worlds would tremble before the combined might of his four horsemen, as both the digital realm and real world submitted to the eternal rule of Nairu, the new master of evolution, supreme lord and master of all things digital and organic.

Turning his eyes to the side, Nairu smirked as he watched a screen flare to life, the image of someone special greeting him as he watched the show unfold before him, the floor lighting up below him as several machines he had burrowed from Gennai activated. "Soon, all shall be as I wish it to be."


The smoke rose lazily upwards from the burnt out remains of over four dozen wrecked houses, the data of a hundred digimons floating upwards along with it.

"So many deaths in one moment and still so many places remain." Muttering out the words, Chaos Dramon continued his trek though the burnt out desert village, keeping his eyes and sensors primed to spot even the smallest survivor that might have lived through the shower of death from his cannons.

Crushing a small chair and the chuumon hiding under it beneath his red color foot, the mighty chaos lord stopped and turned to regard the one behind him, the fires still burning giving the appearance of a god of destruction for all to see as a small pillar of light arose before him, the shape of a young man taking form. "So you finally show yourself, fated enemy of the light?"

Shimmering into better view, the hologram of Nairu didn't show much emotion as he faced up to the towering ultimate stage digimon before him, the shadow easily covering him and the area around him for several meters. "I see someone had done a fine job of introducing me to you."

Giving a wide swipe of his hand to indicate the area around them, Nairu narrowed his eyes in disgust as the final fragments of data faded away. "I'd ask you nicely, but I doubt you even care, so I'll merely state this, leave my future slaves and worshippers alone."

"Or what?" Chaos dramon grunted out as he levelled both of his cannons at the human before him. "My job is to destroy all who holds a fragment of darkness within them." Stomping forward, he towered up over the smaller creature. "And that includes you, little one."

Giving of a short burst of laughter, Nairu dropped the emotionless face and allowed a twisted, cruel expression to form on his face. "Fine, then I guess I'll just have to destroy you instead, or maybe enslave you?"

Turning around, he looked over his shoulder at the chaos lord. "Still, I don't feel like fighting you just yet, I'm not really ready for such a struggle." Snapping his fingers, he smirked at the red armored digimon. "Tell you what, until then, how about you deal with the two humans for me, and my wayward servant."

Eyes narrowing as he spoke, Nairu didn't bother to hide the sick joy he was feeling. "Seems he's disobeyed me, and has gone to fight the humans." Waving one hand in a dismissive manner, he ignored the heated glare aimed at him. "While I couldn't care less about it, I thought you like to know about it, before he begins slaughtering every remaining digimon as well, all for the revenge of his former human partner."

Not responding at first, Chaos Dramon merely watched Nairu before turning to face the horizon. "You're mad, even the most dim-witted of Numemon's can see you have a trap planned, so what is it? What do you get out of this?" Levelling his Megadramon like claw at the hologram, he waited for several seconds for an answer. "Well?"

Laughing out loud at the demand from the Ultimate stage digimon, Nairu folded his hands across his chest, his eyes napping wide open as he looked up at Chaos Dramon. "What I get, is simple." Holding out his left hand, he spread out the three middle fingers and smirked. "I have 3 objectives I need to have deleted to succeed, the two human kids, the traitor Magnamon, and the Chaos Lords, I think that should be enough for even you to figure out what my plan is."

"I see." Chaos Dramon muttered as he watched the hologram faded away, to be replaced with a map detailing where Magnamon were waiting for Taichi. "No matter who is deleted, you'll come out on top, with one less problem in your path."

Turning to leave, the massive cyborg digimon grunted as he looked to the sky. "Still, this is too good a chance to miss out on, if all of us attack, there might just be two problems eliminated."

"Actually, there is one other thing." Nairu muttered out behind him, the hologram flickering as he smiled at Chaos Dramon returning his attention. "I was wondering, if you'd like to join me, be on the winning side, help me crush the human world and subject it to a millennium of darkness?"

Opening his mouth to respond, the massive cyborg digimon levelled one of his cannons at the hologram projector. "Me, join you, I think you need to learn some..." The last of his comment lost as several black gears tore out of the sky, surrounding him. "What, you think they break through my chrome digizoid armor?"

Still smiling, Nairu face gave off a truly dark presence as he waved his hand, the gears moving ever closer to their target. "No, but since I have watched you for hours now I have figured out what your one true flaw and weak spot is."

"Weak spot!" Roaring out the words, the cannons on his back powered up as he stomped forward, his mouth opening up to add is visage of terror. "I have no..."

From his lair, Nairu shook his head as he watched the black gears strike, Chaos Dramon's horrified expression telling him all he needed to know.

True, his armor had nearly the most perfect defence parameter, but as a cyborg digimon, he still had his weak spots, inside that glorified defensive shell of his.

All he needed was to find a way past it, and what better way, then through that oversized mouth of his.

Leaning back in his chair, Nairu grinned as he watched the massive digimon struggled to avoid possession, his eyes showing nothing but hate as he crushed the hologram projector. "Fight all you want Chaos Dramon, it won't help you, you'll be mine eventually."

Nairu chuckled as he reached for a second set of controls, these ones flaring up with the image of Magnamon and a out cold Taiko, the holy knight digimon watching the centre of the ruins before him with anticipation. "So, he still hasn't shown up I take it?"

Head turning, Magnamon cast one look at the small hologram that had lit up from the digivice place on a broken pillar. "I do not need your input Nairu, this is between two warriors, and has nothing to do with you."

"Wrong." Leaning forward with a dark expression on his face, the more human of them levelled one finger at the knight digimon, a heavy feeling forming around him. "I have managed to intercept a message between the lords of chaos, seems you been spotted."

Moving back into a more relaxed stance, he shot a cold glare right into the eyes of his subordinate. "If they attack before you can finish your objective for revenge, I want you to leave the boy to the lords of chaos." Waving off the protest about to emerge from Magnamon, he grinned as he folded his arms across his chest. "Let them deal with this Taichi Yagami clone, while you secure not the just the digivices I need, but the girl, the child of light as well."

"No one will the wiser to our little scheme." Turning around as if he were going to leave, the hologram started to gain some static as the color drained from it as is slowly faded. "You get your revenge, I get what I want, and everyone is happy."

Watching as it faded away completely, Magnamon clenched both his hands in an effort to calm down the raging hate flaring up, the feeling of utter disgust at having been ordered to carry out such a cowardly way of fighting. "By your will, 'master'."

Returning to his Virgil, Magnamon continued to watch for the signs of the approaching false heroes. "Our fight will be more then just a mere play child; I'll destroy you or die trying."


It would have looked really dramatic on a TV screen, Victory Greymon mused as he aligned before the ruins, the big damn hero swooping in the save the damsel in distress and what not, too bad it really sucked when it was him that everything now depended on, the weight of failure and possible mistakes filling his head as they landed.

At least they had been able to bio merge, or the trip would have taken a lot longer to complete on foot. "So, we're here, and once more, I find myself hating this place."

The comment spat out as Taichi and Agumon fused together into Victory Greymon looked around the empty, wrecked spectator rows lining what clearly Etemon's coliseum, the place where his current worst mistake had taken place, the horror of Skull Greymon's rampage still clear in both of his minds.

And while the place looked like it had been attacked by a horde of Skull Greymon's, it were still standing, and looking much like it had in his own world. "We're here, now come out!"

"Well, you made it, I'm almost impressed, and just to get it out of the way, the real Taichi would have been here sooner." Magnamon commented as he stepped, his armor gleaming as he lowered his head to watch the digimon before him. "I've been told this place served as the main arena of combat for the dark man millenniums ago."

Hovering upwards and then down, the blue colored dragon man digimon smirked as he landed, the emperor's tribune towering up over them both, an awake Taiko tied down to the stone chair glaring death at him. "As for your girlfriend, I decided she should have the best place, it's not often I get to fight the dark ones anymore."

Spreading his arms, the power given to him by Nairu flared up, his eyes narrowing as he took in the sight of the digimon across from him. "And since Hikaru and Devimon have been dealt with, you're all I need to delete."

Forming his sword, Victory Greymon levelled it with calm, it's tip pointing right as the golden digimon across from him, his won eyes narrowing as he prepared, for what should be an easy fight. "Look, We're an ultimate stage digimon, you're just, what, a perfect?"

Chuckling, Magnamon shot forward, sliding in under the sword jab, and kicked upwards, the attack hitting perfectly, Victory Greymon yelping from pain as his thumps got hit, the trident sword falling down, just as Magnamon shot upwards, his left fist glowing. "Magna Punch!"

The shock, rather then it's power sending the larger dragon man digimon backwards. "You're like him, but my Taichi learned that size and power does not automatically equal a sure fire victory!"

Looking up, Victory Greymon laughed a bit as he straightened up. "And you sound like you spent a bit too much time with Koushiro." Spreading his arms out into a battle stance, he grinned as he started edging left. "And thanks for the advice, I'll think about it after I kick your ass and save Taiko."

"You think you still have an advantage?" Tilting his head, Magnamon snapped out his right hand and gripped the trident sword easily. "I studied your combat data in Nairu's computer; you need this sword to use your attacks." Lifting it up over his head, he smirked as he watched the shock on Victory Greymon's face. "And now, it goes bye bye."

Tossing it away, Magnamon chuckled loudly as the weapon landed near Taiko, the metal blades scraping across the ground loudly. "Now then, shall we continue?"

Jetting down, he laughed as Victory Greymon slid into a defensive stance, the useless gauntlets only good enough to block his attacks with now. "Magna Kick!"

Despite being weaponless and out of attack options, Victory Greymon still had one thing going for him, something that Magnamon simply didn't have in the same amount of brute strength and defence.

Going with the attack, the massive dragon slid back to minimize the impact of the strike, grinning as his opponent went sailing right into a perfect spot for a nice punch to the face, the digimon sailing downward harshly, hitting the ground with enough force to crack it. "Who needs a flashy attack to kick you butt, I'm doing just fine without em."

Rolling to avoid the follow up attack, Magnamon grinned as he gazed right into Victory Greymon's face. "Still, they do come in handy against a brute like you, Plasma Shoot!"

Letting lose with a roar of pain, Victory Greymon stumbled backwards, his face twisting up with pain as he rubbed his eyes trying to remove the bright purple, blue and red spots dancing before them. "Shit, what kind of an attack was that, right into my face, you."

"Magna Kick!"

The world slid to a silence as Victory Greymon felt pain like none before, his eyes watering as he fell down, his hands shaking as he tried to overcome the anger boiling up with such a cowardly attack. "Asshole, I'm going to rip you apart just for that."

Not letting up, Magnamon spun back, and held out both hands as his missile chambers slid open, each of the deadly weapons inside gleaming as they slid out into a ready position. "There's no real unfair fighting, in battle, it is always anything goes if you want to win."

"Nice to know." the reply came, along with half the sand on the ground, the cloud of it rising up to covered Victory Greymon as he reached back and tore lose part of the tribune, the massive block of stone barely weighing anything to him. "I'll take it into consideration!"

Shaking his head in a sad manner, Magnamon watched the stone block went flying, in the completely wrong direction, the sound of it impacting the other side of the arena and breaking several others stone all the signs needed to let the idiot know he had shifted position. "You sure have Taichi's idiot style of fighting down, but it's not going to help you, it takes more then cheap imitation to pull of a victory through brute strength alone, Plasma Shoot!."

Taking off into the sky as the missiles detonated all around him, Victory Greymon glanced down to make sure he had hit the right spot and smirked. "So, ready to give up yet?"

Hovering in the air, Magnamon spluttered at the arrogance it had to take to ask that question. "Surrender, I'm not the one losing, I'm the one with the..." Eyes narrowing, Magnamon clenched up both hands as rage flowed through him. "You think, a cheap trick like that will work, I am a holy knight, not a damn fool!"

"Magna Punch!" Rushing forward to wipe off that smirk, the smaller blue and white dramon man like digimon hit nothing as Victory Greymon moved with the hit, using the chance to plant a massive fist in the back of Magnamon's head.

Then a second hand closed around his tail, and sent him into a second close encounter with the ground, this time hard enough to crack his armor.

Still, the last attack was the rudest one, a foot smacking right into his stomach and lungs at once, sending him back up in a fine arch as bile and air explode from his mouth in one nasty shower.

Staring down at the twitching Magnamon, Victory Greymon cracked his knuckles as he took his time to approach. "Are you ready to die, or will you surrender?"

"Taichi, look out behind you!"

The shout from Taiko all the warning he needed, his head turning at the last second to see the one thing he never wanted at that moment, the presence of Chaos Piemon, the clown like digimon standing on a broken pillar as he twirled his swords around. "In the name of Chronomon and the purification of the digital world, you shall all be deleted!"

"Magna Kick!" Behind the dragon warrior, Magnamon grunted as he lashed out, hammering his foot right in the exposed back head of Victory Greymon, sending the ultimate digimon forward with a yelp of pain. "About time, now help me take this bastard down!"

Supporting himself, Victory Greymon felt rage well up inside of him, his head turning to face Magnamon as the blue and white digimon moved backwards. "You have no pride, no honor." Flexing his muscles, the massive fist shot forward, the smaller digimon barely moving out of the way in time. "You can't be the chosen partner of Taichi Yagami!"

On the stand, Taiko grunted as she looked down at the fight, the few bonds holding her almost gone thanks to the trident sword planted nearby by Magnamon, the fool clearly not thinking things through enough to see that she could use it.

Having observed the small exchange between Magnamon and Victory Greymon, Chaos Piemon shook his head in a negative manner as he narrowed both eyes, his four swords levitating up around him. "All of you shall be deleted, the girl, the fused monster and you as well, false knight."

"Trump Sword!" the four swords released in a cold manner, two of them aimed at Victory Greymon, one at Magnamon and one right towards Taiko, the messy haired girl screaming as she felt the bonds holding her vanished just in time to allow her to roll to safety.

Jutting off into the air, Magnamon cursed as the sword turned direction in midair, homing in on him even as he increased his speed. "Bastard, I'm on your side now!" Slamming open every simple missile launcher on his body, he grunted as he felt his power flow more cleanly through him now that he had nothing to concern himself with besides the purity of this battle. "Plasma Shoot!"

Ducking and wavering around each weapon, Victory Greymon cursed as each sword cut a bit too close for comfort, the gleaming blades nearly ramming straight into him rather then just cut him on the surface. "Damn it, don't I have enough crap to deal with; do the worlds hate me so much?"

Watching the missiles as they approached him, Chaos Piemon merely waved his hand and shot upwards, the explosion below barely facing him as he held out one hand, the sword using against Taiko shimmering into view. "Fight all you like, it won't matter in the long run."

"Plotmon evolves too, Tailmon." The smaller white feline digimon grinning as light once more flared up around her, her body glowing with raw power. "Tailmon Evolves too, Bastemon!"

Head turning around, the lord of chaos merely watched as the light flared up, the small feline digimon growing far more humanoid and curvy. "Trying to gain an extra player?" Lifting his sword to strike while she were locked in mid evolution, the virus digimon didn't stand a chance as a massive fist impacted him, the force of the punch shattering his concentration and slamming him head first into the side of the arena.

Panting as he towered up over the smaller clown like digimon, Victory Greymon grunted as he looked off to see Bastemon emerged onto the battle field, the perfect stage digimon grinning once in triumph before reaching down, and hefting up the trident sword. "Hey Big Guy, want your oversized weapon back?"

Tossing the massive sword as she questioned him, Bastemon slowly turned to regard Magnamon as the smaller armored digimon landed nearby, the swords chasing him having halted in mid flight. "As for you coward, I owe you a beat down for kidnapping my Taiko!"

Jumping upwards, her hair flared out as she swung out both her hands, her claws gleaming in the air as she gained a feral grin on her face. "Helter Skelter!"

Rising upwards like a vengeful monster, Chaos Piemon recalled every single one of his swords, his eyes narrowed in anger as he lifted up the one already in his hand, preparing to strike down Victory Greymon from behind. "Your attacks are useless against me!"

The lone sword blocked as Victory Greymon had already grabbed the dramon breaker and moved to counter him. "You know, your timing of arrival here sucks, yet I'm still going to kick your butt despite it!" Pressing forward, the smaller virus digimon were sent flying as the much more muscled dragon man digimon added more pressure to his blade. "Trident Gaia!"

As he yelled out the attacks words, power soared in around the trips of the sword, forming the familiar sphere of positive energy. "Let's see if this works." Slashing out, the sphere turned into a massive half arc of orange energy ripping across the area, lifting up the clown digimon and smashing him into the upper part of the coliseum. "Alright."

Looking down from his landing place, Chaos Piemon didn't speak as he lifted his hands, the four swords flashing into place around him. "Pitiful."

On the ground, Victory Greymon felt a small tick form near his left as he lifted up his sword, the blade splitting apart and attaching itself to his gauntlets. "Pitiful, then try this one, Trident Gaia!"

Grunting, Chaos Piemon shifted almost unseen to the left, the sphere of destruction passing by him with a centimetre's distance, before obliterating the entire upper part of that section, and shattering not just the lower part, but also the ones to the sides.

"Strong." Turning back, the four swords swung in before him as Chaos Piemon watched Victory Greymon charging forward, power literarily glowing around his hands. "Stronger then I had expected."


Lowering his arms from their attack pose, Chaos Greymon froze as he felt, faintly through the bond shared between the chaos lords, the flare of panic and pain completely unexpected as he released the digimon he had been about to impale with his right hand dramon killers.

Around him, the ground were cracked and strewn over with the remaining survivors of the rather unexpected targets of covering digimon hoping to escape the total deletion of this world and its darkness. "The fool, he should have waited for us to be there, they're far more powerful then they should be."

His mind going over the various reasons for this sudden panic attack, the dragon man digimon shoved it away as he tossed the small digimon aside, braking it against the wrecked hut as he shimmered with red light, then frowned, before glowing red again. "Shit, I could have been there by now, why can't I teleport."


Standing perfectly still, Chaos Dramon barely moved a muscle as the various images of the battle played out before him, the sounds of combat louder then ever as he witness the dance between Chaos Piemon and Victory Greymon, the dragon man digimon doing his best to actually hit the clown digimon, and prevent the four swords from getting used against him.

His eyes uncaring as the battle went the wrong way for his servant, the ground shattering around the clown like digimon as he were flung backwards, a trident Gaia attack levelling even more of the arena. "Master, they're doing better then you said they would."

Leaning back in his chair, Nairu shuddered with delight as he watched Chaos Piemon recovered, and send out his swords in a multi direction attack, several fresh cuts appearing on the dragon man digimon as he stumbled backwards a bit. "Such power, yes, but he is far too reckless, if Chaos Piemon plays his cards right, he may actually win this battle."

"Which suits me fine, I have no interest in him, besides his possible aide in ridding me of your fellow chaos lords, I only need one of you anyway." Moving his attention to a different section of the screens, he smirked as he watched Taiko struggle to free herself from her bonds. "She's the one I want, her light, pitiful it may be, is the last power I need."

Moving his focus to Magnamon, he sighed as he sunk further down into his chair as Bastemon kneed the armored digimon right in the face. "And you, your usefulness is over, this battle shall be your last one." Crushing his hand together, he snarled as he sat up, dark laughter ripping out into the room at long last. "I should have known better then to relay on a stupid digimon, far more stupid then his idiot partner ever were."

Eyes narrowed with anger and hate, Nairu focused all of his attention on Magnamon. "At least prove yourself useful, and get me the digivice she got from Michi!"


Holding onto all four swords, Chaos Piemon grunted as he rose back up, his eyes narrowed as he watched Victory Greymon moved ever closer. "Trump Sword!" Only to be forced into stopping as all four swords once more raced through the air, cutting digital flesh and ground with ease. "This world is corrupted, ruined by you humans, killing you all before purifying this world would only be the right thing to do."

Ducking and waving around the blades, swing his own dramon breaker blade, Victory Greymon and Taichi grunted as one as they watched the clown retreat even further away, his mask mocking them as he flicked his hands back and fourth, commanding the blades at will. "The chosen humans from this reality may have hurt your world, but I'm not one of them, and as such, I refuse to pay for their crimes."

Slamming out with his trident sword, the dragon man digimon grunted as he deflected two of the four blades away from himself. "Ever since I came here, I've faced down devas from another world, a corrupted alternate version of my little sister, the evil overlord from the deva's world bent on destruction of all things, my own inner darkness and now you four jerks."

Shooting up into the air as Chaos Piemon commanded the swords to strike from four different directions at once, he grunted as he hovered in the air. "I don't care how many of you show up, if its one by one or all at once, I'll face all of you and win over you, cause I refuse to give up!"

"Brave words." Chaos Piemon spat out as he recalled all four blades, their metal glimmering as he rose upwards. "Care to test your resolve?" Holding two of the weapons back, he grinned as the other two swords lined up before him. "Let's see you stand up to this one child, Trump Sword!"

Firing off the two first swords, followed by the remaining two right after that, the chaos lord watched calmly as the swords moved in perfect sync through the air, the big orange dragon man digimon doing just as he had expected him too after his little speech. "Die human and free this world of your wretched presence."

Steeling himself, Victory Greymon pulled back on his sword, his mind slipping into a strange state as all sound faded, his full attention going to the two first swords moving ever closer, time slowing down to him as he tensed up. "How, Victory Charge!"

The first movement cut down the first to swords, sending them tumbling off to the right, then the dramon breaker swept back through the air, getting that one in a billion hit, the sound of metal against metal ringing out for a split second, then Chaos Piemon let lose with a scream of pain as he fell back.

Grinning, the dragon's roar field type digimon grinned as he noticed the twin swords sticking out of the chaos lord's chest, the pained look on the clown like digimons face as he reached up to remove them. "This is it; this is your final moment."

"Dramon Breaker!" Rushing forward in a bust of speed, the trident sword gleamed in the light as it was swung upwards in a wide arc, only stopping as the dramon digimon couldn't move it any higher, his face cold and serious as he looked down at his opponent, a bit of digital blood falling down from the trident blade as he lowered it.

Watching it, Chaos Piemon slowly chuckled before breaking out into a cold laughter, his mask shattering as a thick line ran down through it and his head below, his body itself shattering as it separated across his upper chest, the lower and upper part ripping apart into a cloud of digital data he continued to laugh.

Halting his laugh as his neck started to fade, Chaos Piemon glared right at Victory Greymon as he smirked. "Foolish little child, with each of us you delete you merely bring our master closer to his revival, and the purification of this world through fire!"


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