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Sasuke Uchiha was not your average teen age boy. Nope, he is a vampire, a prince. To humans he would be the age of around nineteen, but he is over a hundred years old. His mother really wishes for him to get a mate, but he says that there are much more important things than girls. His father also wishes for him to get a mate. His father keeps saying, "Go and bite a girl's neck instead of sitting here and doing my paperwork." His mother always says, "Sasuke, go get a girl! I want grand-children!"

Today was once again where his parents use those famous sayings. Oh how he despised his parents sometimes.

"Sasuke, go out today and bring me back some grand children while you are at it." Sasuke's mom whined.

Sasuke did not look at his mother, he just replied with a 'hn'. He continued to do his father's paperwork and his mother left with a pout.

Then Sasuke's father came. "Sasuke stop doing my paperwork and leave this kingdom now!"

Sasuke was pissed. He slid his chair back, stood up, then slid the chair back in. He glared at his father. "NO." After that Sasuke went to the kingdom's garden.

"Hey Sasuke-teme!" A blonde hair guy yelled.

"Dobe." Is all Sasuke said in a reply. Sasuke continued to walk around the garden, following the stone path.

"Sasuke-teme, did your parents talk to you about a girl again?"

Sasuke just nodded.

"I think you should listen to them, I mean, I am lower than you and I have a girl already." Naruto put his hands behind his head.

Sasuke stopped walking, which caused Naruto to crash into him.

"Hey! Why did you do that!" Naruto yelled.

Sasuke's bangs were covering his eyes. One of his fangs was showing. Sasuke's made a fist and then punched Naruto in the face, which sent him flying.

Sasuke cracked his knuckles. "Dobe."

Sasuke grabbed a cape and put it on. Then he pulled the hood over his head. Sasuke ran off from the castle, into the small village, Kohona. It started to rain, he needed something warm, and a shelter till the rain passes.

He saw a sign that said they were renting rooms and service. So, he went in.

As he opened the door a bell sound was made. It was soft but loud enough to hear.

"Moshi Moshi." A girl with pink hair said bowing. "Welcome, are you here for shelter?"

Sasuke nodded.

"Follow me." The girl said. She led Sasuke to a small room with a mattress. "Here is where you will be staying. I will be just down the hall call me if you need anything."

"Oh, I forgot! My name is Sakura Haruno." Then she left.

As she walked away, he looked her up and down. He noticed that she was skinny and had all the right curves. Her hips were wide, perfect enough to give birth to like, twins. Her pink hair looked so soft. Her emerald eyes were so fascinating. Her lips looked so inviting.

Sasuke was suddenly filled with lustful emotions. She was the one. The girl he would make, his mate.

With Sakura…

"Father we finally have a guest." Sakura said excitedly.

Her dad came and gave her a huge hug. "Sakura this is good. Now we can start paying off my debts. I won't have to go to prison."

"Don't worry dad, if this plan dose not work, I will sell myself for you." Sakura said.

"No, no it will work. The man must be pleased, then he will go tell others and they will come, it is all planned out."

"Okay dad." Sakura sighed.

"Now go and please that man, get him anything he needs."

Sakura saluted her father and then ran off towards the man's room.

"Sakura! Get the hot tea for the man first!" Her father yelled.

Sakura scurried back. "Right, I forgot." Then she left.

With Sasuke…

Sasuke took pulled his hood from his head, then took off his soaked cape. His clothes he wore now were also a bit damp. He wore a fancy black and red, silk, long sleeve shirt, and black pants. He had on ninja gloves (like Kakashi's) and black ninja shoes. (Like the ones he gets when fighting Garra in the exams.)

There was a knock on the door. Then it slid open to reveal the Sakura girl. She had a tea set in her hands on a tray. He noticed that she changed her outfit. She wore a red and white kimono. It revealed a bit of cleavage, which was revealed more when she bent over.

Sasuke's lust grew. He watched as she knelt in front of him and placed the tea on the floor.

"Gomen, I did not even think to ask if you like tea." She blushed and he could tell that she was scolding herself.

"Hn. It's okay." Sasuke said.

Sakura blushed at how hot he looked, he looked like a prince. Sakura scolded herself for thinking that.

Whoa, He is so hot!

Stop that! He is not that hot, besides, I bet he is rude.

So what if he is rude or not he is still hot! I am in love!

Go away! Talking to you makes me look like I am crazy!

Inner Sakura left.

Sakura could feel him staring at her. It made her feel like she was wearing nothing.

Sasuke smirked. She was definitely one beautiful girl. He took a cup of tea and started drinking it. She just sat there and waited for if he wanted anything else.

"Sir, do you need anything else?" Sakura asked.

An evil glint appeared in Sasuke's eyes.

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