"You're a monster."

Those were the words that set me off. Those were the words that drove me insane. Those were the words that seperated me from other people. Those were the words that hurt me more than anything. Those were the words my mother had said to me before I ripped her head off. It hurt so much, those words. I tried my best to be kind and caring towards others, but no one saw me as more than a hideous beast. It was the worst kind of pain possible.

Those words were bouncing around my head like mad as I silently and quietly slaughtered every single living thing in my village, both man and animal. I laughed with maniacal glee as I held a small baby's heart within my fingers before crushing it. I let my emotions and desires run wild as I feasted on the organs of the man I once knew as 'father'. Even as I did all that, I knew it wasn't truly I that was a monster. It was the curse seal.

Every slowly agonizing day, I scream to the gods, demanding them to strike me down where I stand. I do not wish to kill, yet I do. I do not wish to hurt and destroy, yet I do. I do not want to feel warm crimson blood splashing like waves across the ground, yet I do. If I truly wanted to stop harming people, then I would kill myself. So why can't I do it? Why can't I end my own life?

Unable to seemingly kill myself, I lock myself away forever so that no one can get hurt again. However, that didn't last all that long.

Now, as I travel along with Team Hebi, I realize what I must do. I must find one who is strong enough to kill me. Someone who can finally avenge the countless that have died at my hand. I just hope that my curse seal doesn't put up too much of a fight...

A/N: Besides this being about Juugo, there are no spoilers. I also don't really know what to think about Juugo's plans as a member of Team Hebi...