Well here's chapter 7. I told you it wouldn't take that long.

Chapter 7

Rollheart stood shocked, "But Clawstar-"

"But nothing. GhostClan is planning something, I can feel it in my bones. We need all the warriors we can get these days."

Rollheart dipped his head and meowed, "Who will be his mentor?"

Clawstar thought a little bit and then answered, "You."

Shocked even more if that were possible, Clawstar turned back to Wolf. "What's your name?" he asked.


"Wolf," he said, "Tell me about where you came from."

Hesitently at first, Wolf told him about the farm and his family and friends. When he got into it a little more he told him about the prophecy and the twoleg stick, and Nutmeg. When he got finished, Clawstar had bowed his head. "Wolfheart," he murmered, "he was a good warrior. A good deputy."Without another word, Clawstar walked out of the den, flicking his tail for the rest to follow.

He walked over to a patch of rock and some steps carved out of it by twolegs. Sitting on the first step, he signaled to Wolf to sit on the one below it. Rollheart took his place on the right side of Clawstar.

Once they were settled, Clawstar called out in a loud voice, "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather here, beneath the steps for a clan meeting!"

At once, cats began streaming in the clearing below from every direction. Murmers went through the crowd as Autumnleaf took their seats on the left side of Clawstar.

Clawstar broke the murmurings by saying, "You have all probably heard of Wolf by now. He indeed comes from a twoleg farm, more than likely on the other side of ForestClan." From there he launched into Wolf's story. He felt very exposed on the front step in front of everyone and shrank back a little, hoping to disappear. There was silence after the story, but Clawstar continued.

"He seems to be a very good fighter, despite his heritage. For that reason, I think he should be made an apprentice."

There was a short gasp from what Wolf guessed was the apprentices, but Clawstar ignored it.

"Today we gather together to name one new apprentice," Clawstar yowled the starting of the apprentice ceremony. There were a few hisses from the clan. "Wolf, from this day forward until you have earned your warrior name, you will be known as Smokepaw."

Smokepaw thought. It had a nice ring to it. He perked up his ears with knew excitement.

Clawstar turned his head to where Rollheart was sitting. "Rollheart," he continued, "You are ready for another apprentice. I expect you to pass on everything I taught you to this young apprentice and share with him the skills you learne from me."

Rollheart jumped on the bottom step where Smokepaw was sitting. He lowered his head to touch Smokepaw's nose.

No cat said anything or moved. There was dead silence in the clearing as the clan stared up at him with huge, confused eyes. Smokepaw hung his head. He knew this would happen, no one would accept him in the clan.

The silence was broken by a mew from somewhere in the back.

"Smokepaw! Smokepaw! Smokepaw!"

Smokepaw looked up and to his surprise, the cat, Badgerpaw, who had smirked at him earlier was starting a chant for his name. Pretty soon, another apprentice, a ginger one, started too. Beside him Rollheart joined in and a long-haired black warrior from the crowd. Pretty soon the whole clan joined in in the chant, except for a few cats who had their ears lowered and didn't look too happy.

Rollheart nudged him to jump down, and when he hit the ground, he could feel the stares from the clan just burning into him. Keeping his head held up, he walked over to where the other apprentices stood. Badgerpaw bounded up to him to Smokepaw's surprise. This was the cat who wanted to run him out!

"Hey Smokepaw!" he mewed. Giving his ear swipe with a sheathed paw, he finished, "Now I'm not the newest apprentice any more!"

"Just the stupidest," an apprentice who had long, smoky black and white hair said.

Badgerpaw jumped around and hissed at the other apprentice, "Shut-up fox dung!" he spat, "At least I have a cooler name then you do!" A black and white speckled she-cat giggled. Smokepaw couldn't help smiling.

The older cat let out a mrrow of amusement. "How could Badgerpaw ever compare to a name like Jaypaw?"

Badgerpaw sniffed, "Badgers could take out a Blue Jay with one swat of their paw."

"Blue jay's would flog Badgers. Besides," Jaypaw held his head high, "I'm going to be a warrior before you, so it really doesn't matter."

Badgerpaw growled at him until a tabby tom came over to the group. "Jaypaw," he meowed, "Were going on a hunting patrol. Find Pepperfur and get him over here too."

Jaypaw dipped his head, "Yes Tigerfoot," to Badgerpaw he hissed, "Mouse-brain," and walked away to another tabby tom.

"Bee-head!" Badgerpaw hissed back.

Tigerfoot shook his head and muttered something like, "apprentices" and turned to Smoepaw to study him for a little bit. After a while, he said, "Congradulations Smokepaw. Were glad to have you in FarmClan."

Smokepaw felt some relief wash over him. "Thank you… Tigerfoot," he remembered the tabby's name.

Tigerfoot smiled and walked away toward the camp entrance.

Badgerpaw glared after Jaypaw. "Mouse-brained idiot," he muttered. Turning back to Smokepaw, he mewed, "Anyway, as you might have known, I'm Badgerpaw, that fox-dung, mouse-brained idiot over there is Jaypaw," he turned to the black and white speckeled she-cat, "that's Snowpaw," flicking his tail to a fuzzy black and brown tom he said, "that's Leafpaw, and," turning to the ginger she-cat, "that's Amberpaw."

Amberpaw looked at Leafpaw and Snowpaw and then back to Smokepaw. "Welcome to FarmClan," she mewed. Snowpaw and Leafpaw muttered the same.

Smokepaw nodded to the three of them and looked at Badgerpaw with a glimmer in his eye, "Still going to run me out?" he teased.

Badgerpaw flattened one ear and batted his ear again, "Yeah right," he said, "Clawstar would kill me. Besides, I said that before you became a member. Why would I want to chase you off now?"

Smokepaw felt warmth surge through him for the first time he since he had came here. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all with at least one friend in the clan.

"You'll still never beat me," Badgerpaw's tongue went on, " One day, I'll be clan leader!"

Smokepaw snorted. "The only thing you'll be leader of is ICannotHoldMyTongeClan!" He dodged a blow to the ear by a sheathed paw.

"Very funny," he sniffed, "I have a way with words."

Smokepaw was about going to reply when Rollheart and Blueheart padded up to them. "We're going to patrol the borders," Rollheart said, "We'll start at the barns and cross the thunderpath."

"All right!," Badgerpaw dashed off to the side of his mentor and immediately started asking questions. "Do you think one of those GhostClan cats have snuck onto our territory again? I bet they have. And have stolen prey. When is the gathering again? It's been a long time scince we had one. I bet it's either tonight or tomorrow. I-"

Smokepaw shook his head and padded after his mentor out of the clearing and around the old twoleg nest. Looking out over the green hills, his breath got caught in his throat. He knew there was a lot to the world, but back at the farm, the ground was flat. The land here was broad and hilly, so you could see the old farmland for thousands of fox-lengths. A field stretched out in front of them, and to the right he could see three old barns clustered together. Those were the one's he saw when he had came here. To his embaressment, he thought that the barn in the front-made out of a red rock structure-was the one he had left behind. Now he realized it was a total different barn.

Soon a black, long-haired she-cat came up with Amberpaw, and sat down by Rollheart. "I'm ready," she said.

"Hello, Cinderfur," Rollheart greeted the black cat, "Let's get going." The black and white cat started walking down the hill to the barns, flicking his tail for the rest to follow. Smokepaw followed him, feeling excitement flow through him with every pawstep.

Just to clear this up; If I write "Wolf" anymore It's supposed to be "Smokepaw". R&R

- Smokestar