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"Simple Life"

By Dark Shining Light

Pairing: Sasuke and Sakura

Rated T


Summary: Sakura and Sasuke had lived off on their own since their parents deaths. But when the Hokage informs them that they have to go to school to train, will it separate their relationship or make it stronger? Especially with all companion?

Notes: I don't know if Sasuke's clan was part of Konoha (or Konohagakure), but I'm going to make it that Sasuke comes from the far end of Konoha, alright? Also I won't use Kun, sun, chan or any of that (since I haven't mastered them yet) except sensai but I'll also add a few Japanese words. That's all!

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"My my my Sasuke, you're grow so fast!" The old woman stated, making the young Uchiha blush in embarrassment. "Last time I checked, you were up to this high." The woman placed demonstrated by placing a hand that was at least to her ankle.

"But that was a long time ago," her husband concluded, smiling brightly. "And in a few years, Sasuke will probably be as tall and strong as Itachi!"

The younger boy froze and hung his head; embarrassed and a bit of ashamed. "I…I don't about that."

"Now, now, Sasuke. Don't doubt yourself so easily! You're more than what you see yourself! After all, when our ninja have grown old, we'll need a hero in Konoha to protect us and I'm sure you will be that hero!"

He looked up at his grandfather, his words sinking into his heart. He beamed. "You really think so!"

The elder laughed. "Of course! But of course you'll need to train very hard and try your best!"

"I will!"

"Good! Now, shouldn't you be heading off somewhere?"

Sasuke turned a slight shade of ashen. "You're right! I'm going to be late to school! Ja Ne!"

"Take great care Sasuke!" The old woman called out as he began to run. He looked over his shoulder, calling out "I will!" before waving them good bye.

(Scene Change)

The little girl stayed hidden in the tree as the boy departed from his grandparents. Heat began to rise in her cheeks. 'Wow! So that's Sasuke! Now I really have to meet him!' After making a few hands signs, she disappeared.

(Scene Change)

He continued to run towards his school, though it was still about a mile away. 'Damn! I'll never get there on time! Why did I have to sleep in and then stop and talk to my grandparents! Why!' As he continued to curse himself in his thoughts, he failed to notice a tree a foot away until a "KONICHIWA!" came and an upside down head appeared right in front of him.

"AAHH!" He cried, landing on his butt and stared at the girl. She laughed out loud at his reaction while he tried to control his heartbeat. She flung herself back onto the tree then slid off, landing on her feet. She offered him a hand.

He stared at her before accepting her offer. Slight pink came upon her cheeks and the thought of thinking he was much handsome up close didn't help calm it down.

"Thanks." He spoke, dusting himself and gazed at her again. "But who are you?"

She smiled and stretched out her hand for him to shake. "Sakura Haruno! And I take it you're Sasuke Uchiha?"

He blinked at the girl. He was pretty sure that he's never seen her; after all you couldn't forget if you've met or seen a pink haired and green eyed girl who was slightly shorter than him. "How do you know my name?"

She sighed. "Well, my mommy and daddy were coming here to talk to your mom and dad as a um, 'surprise visit'. Mommy told me that there was a boy around my age to play with and his name was Sasuke Uchiha."

He couldn't help but blink again. "How did you know I was here?"

She panicked, blushing vivid. "Well, I was walking around while mommy and daddy talked before I heard someone say 'Sasuke.' I got curious and followed the voice until I saw you and two old people." She bowed her head. "And----And I followed you after you left. I'm sorry for following you. I was just curious who you were."

He repeated all her words in his mind before placing a smile in his features. "It's okay. I would have probably have done the same thing."

She blinked before grinning. "So…you forgive me."

"Yeah! But don't ever scare me again!"

They both laughed and she agreed. They spent minutes talking, asking random questions about one another such as 'what's your favorite color?' or 'What part of Konoha do you come from?' As time passed by, Sakura slowly stood up. "I have to go now." She stated, waving sadly at him. "I'll see you later!" And ran down the road.

"Bye Sakura!" He called out and watched as she disappeared. Suddenly, something clicked into his head. "OH NO! SCHOOL!"

(Scene Change)

White clouds passed above him and the gentle wind played with his locks of black hair. It was almost time.

(Scene Change)

The little pinked hair girl walked down the dirt road, humming softly to herself. 'Wow, Sasuke is really…um…what does mommy say? Oh yeah! Interesting! I hope we could be really good friends.'

She looked out into the wide open space of the forest. She closed her eyes and smiled. 'Its so pretty out here.'

Sakura re-opened her eyes and blinked. A couple of yards away was a man, staring into the open space. Curious of who he was, she ran quietly down the path and jumped into a bush that was near by him. She moved a couple of brushes and leafs to get a better view of this man. 'Wow! He has black hair like Sasuke and what's that called? Oh yeah! Sharingan! Is he Sasuke's big brother? Hmm…?'

"I knew you're in there. Come out now and I won't have to kill you." The man spoke, not even tearing his gaze from what he was observing.

She flinched, frightened. But she obeyed his command and walked out of the bush. He spoke no more. She blinked and sat next to him. She glazed at him before looking at the beautiful area. She smiled. "Its pretty." She whispered.

He didn't respond but she didn't feel that he needed to. She went on her knees, grinning widely as she picked up some flowers. Unknown to the little girl, Itachi watched her as she placed the plants into her little hands.

After collecting about five, she turned to him, who was gazing back at his normal spot. "Um mister?"

He turned slightly to her. She smiled and held up her flowers. "Here. Keep them." Sakura placed them into his hand. Then, she grinned and started to walk back up. She waved. "Bye!"

But he didn't respond to her departing gesture; instead Itachi watched her as she made it out of view.

(Scene Change: Later at Night)

'Oh I am SO LATE!!!' Sasuke yelled in his mind, running quickly through the halls of the city. Then he wished he hadn't. He gasped in horror, stumbling back as he did. "No…" he whispered. There on the road were bodies of the Uchiha clan; their positions weren't what meant there was an accident. Plus the blood was fresh.

He shook his head. "No." he said, then louder. "No! No! NO!" The tyke held his head in his hands, tears starting to come out. Suddenly, he raised his head up in quick motion. "Mom…dad…"

He started running, heading for his precious destination until he reached it. 'The lights aren't on.' He thought in worry. 'And it's too early to have them off.'

Sasuke opened the door open. "MOM! DAD!" No response. He breathed in and out, feeling like crying again. 'This CAN'T be happening.'

"MOM!...DAD!..." He ran through the house until he reached the main room. He slammed the wooden door open, horror-struck. "No…" he breathed. There were his parents, dead and piled on one another. But as he noticed, there were two bodies buried underneath. And at the slightest edge, there was a strand of pink hair.

'Well, my mommy and daddy were coming here to talk to your mom and dad as a um, 'surprise visit'

"Sakura..." he whispered, remembering her words.

"Hello Sasuke." A deep voice greeted, startling the poor boy. He glazed up to meet the eyes of his older brother.

"Itachi…" He gasped, stunned as the man came out of the shadows. "No…Itachi…you-you didn't!"

"But I did Sasuke…and I have no regret of it." Then, it happened so quickly, Itachi used Tsukuyomi.

(In Sasuke's Mind)

'Uh? Where am I?' He thought. Then he saw all his clan members out on the street, being thrown by Itachi. "No!" He yelled. "Run away." He wanted to run to them but he couldn't and they couldn't hear him. Men ran over to Itachi with all their weapons but were killed by the man. "NO!" Sasuke yelled. Then Itachi began to kill off the other members.

"Make it stop! PLEASE!" The tyke pleaded. Then, the final scene came. "Mom…dad…" he whispered. And there was Mikoto and Fugaku with what looked like to be Sakura's parents…but no Sakura. They were having their last conservation, though they didn't know it. Then his older brother appeared behind them. "RUN!" He screamed but it was too late.

(End of Tsukuyomi)

He collapsed, breathing in and out while trying to control himself. He gazed at his brother but he looked back, taking out a kunai. "NO!" Sasuke yelled, running out of the household, stumbling as he did. 'No Itachi…how could you? We trusted you!'

He ran through the streets, desperately trying to escape but stopped dead in his tracks. He took a step back as his brother appeared before him.

"No Itachi…please…spare me…" He begged.

"It was to test your ability." Itachi spoke to unspoken question. "If you want to avenge our clan…put all your hate and anger toward me…and kill me…"

Then he disappeared as drops of rain began to fall.

(Scene Change)

Sakura glazed outside her window, waiting desperately. 'Damn! Where are they?! They said they wouldn't take long!'

But only rain seemed to be outside and she sighed loudly. "Ahhh…" She got off her couch and began to pace around. "Where are they? What are they doing?" She gazed at the clock; almost ten. "Grrr…"

She jumped back on the couch and looked outside. But this time, she saw a little boy outside. She blinked. 'I wonder what he is doing here. And all alone too.'

Sakura ran to the door, a gust of wind greeting her as she opened it. "Hey!" She called out. The boy only stopped but did not gaze her way. Then he collapsed to his knees. She gasped and ran to him.

"Hey! Hey! Are you okay?!" Once she reached him, she noticed who it was. "Sasuke."

She put her arms around him. "Sasuke what's wrong?" She noticed the tears coming out of his eyes. "Why are you crying?"

He sniffed and buried his face on her chest, holding her firmly. Sakura gently pushed away his black locks of hair, trying to give him comfort as he explained. "They're gone Sakura…they're both gone…"

"Sh…its okay Sasuke…its going to be okay…"

"It's not Sakura. Its not! Both our parents are dead along with my clan."

She didn't reply but continued to stroke him. Though tears were coming out of her face.

"I don't know what to do…" He whispered. "I'm all alone…"

"No you-you-you're not!" Sakura stated; her voice breaking. "You've…you've got me…I-I promise…I won't leave you…"

(To be continued…)

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