Ch. 4: Who the Heck is Lily Andrews?!


I read through the dusty cover the words, "Lily Andrews."

Something in my sub-consciousness, deep inside my mind, a tugging of my memory started. This was queer. Usually if I remembered something, it wouldn't feel like this. But this was different. This was like remembering my human mother and father, but deeper.

The sensations now were something I haven't felt since I had become this monster. This was like my human memories were being revived. The memories of my mother and father were grounded in me, the fundamentals of my mind. But this was totally different. It was as if this now-to-be-revived memory was always inside of me, but I just hadn't acknowledged it until now.

I tried it again. "Lily Andrews," I murmured silently.

This time, it was pain. The place where my non-beating heart was located started to lurch. It wasn't pain, it was discomfort.


I started. I turned up, and Bella- I had forgotten that she was there, which I had thought impossible- was staring at me with widened eyes. She was scared.

"What's the matter? What hurts?" She leaned over toward me on the bed, and scrutinized my expression, which was probably frightening to see looking at her face.

"N-no," I breathed, panting. "I'm fine."

She raised an eyebrow, "Your hand is clutching your chest."

"I'm fine, Bella," I reassured. After a long silence, I added, "Really."

"Oh-kay," She stretched the word. "If you say so, but aren't you indestructible?"

"More or less," I said, dropping the hand that was clutching not my chest, but my heart.

She scoffed, "Then why did you look like you were hurting?"

I shrugged, and told the truth, "I have no clue, Bella."

"If you hurt again, tell me, okay?" She asked.

I nodded. But what could she do if I was in pain again? Bring me to a doctor? Then what? Or Carlisle, what would he say?

"Let's read her diary," Bella suggested.

I was cautious. "Okay."

We opened it up to a page in the middle of the book.

The handwriting was again in flourishes.

Dear Diary,

Today the Spanish influenza spread throughout the town further more. I was terrified for everyone, and I thank God for being so merciful to me, for you see, I haven't yet caught it.

But my love had. I went to see him in the hospital yesterday. There was no school, for so many people are diagnosed with the influenza. I take pride in my bravery. People were bustling all over the place. People were moaning in pain and coughing and I even saw my neighbor being carted over to another room. She looked deathly pale.

I went from room to room, searching for the one where my love was situated in. I walked by a room, and I caught sight of a flash of bronze. Immediately, I knew it was my love.

I then walked to his side, and he was unconscious. He would wake up now and then and whisper my name with that beautiful voice of his.

Bella then turned toward me and smiled, "Edward, my grandmother was in love with a person with a beautiful voice, just like I am!"

I smiled back at her lovely face, "I am sure that you are the most beautiful of all women, though."

She blushed and tried to hide it by turning back to the diary.

Who knew that would be the last time I'd hear it. Because, today, I went to visit him once more.

I noticed tear stains around this spot on the page.

Bella was starting to cry, and I lifted her onto my lap and put my lips to her hair. Her breathing calmed.

I went to his room, and his mother, whom was there before, in the bed next to his, was gone. I shudder to think what happened to his dear mother. Elizabeth was like my dear aunt. I'd known her all my life.

When I glanced around, I saw that my love was no longer in the room.

I dashed over to the secretary, frantic, and almost yelled at her, "Where is he?"

I almost took hold of her collar, but thought it rude, so I did not.

"Who?" She whimpered.

I sighed, as if it was obvious who I was speaking about, "Edward!"

"Please, ma'am, full name," She asked.

I shrieked, panicking and impatient, not bothering to maintain my manners, "Edward Anthony Masen!"

I couldn't read any further, for Bella had fainted in my arms.