Title: Officer Grayson

Author: Touch of the Wind

Dedication: Simon920 since this story was inspired by 'Father's day'!

Rated for Language

Summary: Officer Grayson helps the teens in his patrol area by playing a little basketball.

Disclaimer: I own Richards soul…I wish…sadly I don't, I don't anything, except for my Laptop! SO HANDS OFF IT!

Posted: 25/05/2007

PS I know nothing about basket ball so if I get something wrong, please forgive me!

There wasn't anything particularly special about the area. Bludhaven wasn't anything out of the ordinary to be frank. Officer Grayson was just finishing his shift when a basketball bounced in front of him and out of instinct he caught it.

"Dude, ball?" Richard Grayson turned to see a teen stood there with his hand out, smiling Richard tossed the ball to him.

"Thanks dude." The teen caught it awkwardly.

"You should catch from your wrist, not your elbow." He said to the now shocked teen.

"Up for a little one on one?" The teen asked. Dick sighed but nodded. The teen began to bounce the ball with some skill, but Dick knew he was better, but the teen had talent. Dick could see this kid doing well in this game.

Moving forward he was able to steal the ball and threw the ball into the net with precision, he caught the ball as it fell and threw it at the teen who caught it, this time from his wrist. "Always keep your eye on me if possible." Dick said.

The launched back into the game again and played for a long time before, at the end the teen had improved a lot with Dick's tutoring and the young man found himself going more and more challenged than when they started. They were now sweaty and breathless, Dick checked his watch, and they had been at it for two hours.

"Shit, you beat me." The teen gasped out.

Dick just smirked; it was then that he noticed a girl sat a little bit away from them watching them with interest.

"Hey kid, go ask that girl to join us." He said the teen looked at him as if he was mad.

"Why? She won't be able to play to our standard." The teen frowned.

"Now kid." He stated. The teen got up and moved over to the girl. Dick listened and could hear the smile in the kid's voice as he asked her. Now with an extra member it was decided that they would play against Dick. Again they threw themselves into the game, Dick tutoring them when needed.

However they did bet him, the girl turned out of have a good aim and he only remembered her missing the net one or twice. He said goodbye to the two kids and tossed the ball to them suggesting they play together.

"Hey, what's your name dude?" The kid asked.

"Officer Grayson, but you guys can call me Dick." He said smiling.

"I'm Katie." The girl, now named Katie, said.

"And I'm Jack. You should come hang out with us sometime, maybe I'll ask some friends to come and play with us, I'll even ask Katie to come play."

"Sure kid, I'll drop by sometime." Dick walked away smiling as he heard the two kids start another game and there teasing laughs fill the air.