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Soldier Boy

"Semper Fidelis, always faithful. You'll take the corpse off the battlefield even if it means your own life ... Alive or dead, they come back with you."

- Nancy Sherman

Samuel Winchester let out a small sigh as he stared out the window of the silver coach bus he was currently aboard with several other young men from all walks of life. It was strange really, he wasn't nervous like so many of his fellow passengers were. He sat calm and more or less quiet save for the occasional greeting and introduction with the other guys on the bus. In all honesty, the only real emotion he was feeling at the moment was relief. Relief of all things as he sat in this silver coach bus, relief that he was so far away from his father and brother, relief that they were safe. Relief of all things that, he was less than a mile from many have described only as Hell of Earth.

Less than a mile from the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina.

Now, one must be wondering just what the hell Sam Winchester was doing on a bus headed for the toughest Boot Camp in the whole of the United States Armed Forces. To simply put it, Sam Winchester was on his way to become a Marine. Another sigh escaped Sam as he pondered the reasons as to why he found himself in this current situation. Unlike many of his fellow recruits who were here to defend their country, follow in family tradition, or just because they wanted to join the army and blow shit up, Sam was on his way to Parris Island because he wanted to keep his family alive. As he stared at the dark shapes and shadows as they passed by his window, Sam's mind drifted to the nightmare that had served as the catalyst that led to where he found himself now.

The nightmare went like this...

Sam awoke with a start in the room he and Dean shared in their current home.

He was alone, the twin single matress across from his was empty, the sheets still neatly made and unused.


Where was Dean?

With a feeling of unease stirring within the pit of his stomach, Sam climbed out of bed and slowly, cautiously walked out on the bedroom to go find his missing older sibling.

The soles of his bare feet tingled as they walked across the hardwood floor of the hallway that led to the livingroom.

Sam paused by his father's room to peak inside.

The bed was empty, just like Dean's.

Where was his father?

Now begining to worry a little, Sam picked up the pace and walked down the hallway till he reached the livingroom.

It was empty.

" Dean? Dad?" Called out Sam as he looked around the room for his family.

All he got in answer was an eerie silence.

And then, a sound reached his ears that made his blood freeze in his veins.

" Sammy."

It was a small, plaintiff whisper.

It was Dean's voice.

" Dean?" Called out Sam, the seventeen year old was frantically looking around the room trying to locate his brother.

" S-Sammy." Came the whisper again though, this time, the voice was older, deeper.

John Winchester.

" Dad?" Called out Sam, this time seeking out his parent.

" Where are you guys?" Cried Sam. The young man was so frantic, he didn't notice the black swirls of mist that were solidifying into a dark, humanoid mass behind him.

A pair of gleaming, golden eyes shone with sick amusement at the teenager's terror before the thing lashed out at the youngest Winchester.

Sam let out a loud gasp as he was roughly yanked into a vice-like headlock.

The young man struggled wildly against his captor, clawing at the black, misty tendril-like arms that were nearly choking the life out of him.

" Now now Sammyboy, take it easy, no need to flip a disc." Came a gravelly, amused voice by Sam's ear.

Sam felt his body go numb, his arms flopping uselessly to his sides, his knees giving out so that all of his weight was being supported by his captor, his whole being in the throngs of an unnatural paralysis with the only movement being his chest heaving and his eyes trying to get a glimpse of who his captor was.

" W-Where's Dean and my Dad?" Hissed Sam.

His answer was the deep, demonic laugh that rumbled against his back and shoulders.

Then, Sam let out a small yelp when he felt something warm and sticky minutely splash onto his right cheek.

" Wha?" Sam began to ask when his captor roughly gripped his chin and wrench his hed upwards so that his gaze went upwards...

To the ceiling.

Sam's moss green eyes grew to the size of dinner plates as a loud gasp of horror escaped his lungs as he gazed upon the scene before him.

A scene that was ripped from the very beating heart of Hell itself.

Two pairs of familiar eyed stared back at him, glazed and dying.

There on the ceiling, pinned by some unseen force were Dean and John Winchester. Both men lay with their gut's slashed open and bleeding a deep red.


Sam struggled meakly, all the while screaming his head off.

" Just like Mommy." Came the gravelly voice, laced with sick mirth, making Sam freeze in his struggling as cold realization settled over him.

He new what was next, his father had told him of Mary Winchester's fate.

The innevitable loud roar boomed through the room as monsterous orange flames erupted behind the bodies of Dean and John, slowly begining to incinerate them both.

The Demon reliquished his hold around Sam, watching with a sick smile as the young mand collapsed to his knees, his wide eyes transfixed on his dying father and brother.

The flames soon fully engulfed the two people pinned to the ceiling, leaving nothing left.

The gravel rough voice echoed through the air around Sam as he turned his head to look up at the man with Yellow Eyes.

" This is all your fault Sammyboy. I'm gonna kill them, just like I killed your mommy. All for you."

It was after that dream that Sam had vowed to never let that happen to his family. To never let what he'd seen become reality.

Sure, he'd gotten into Stanford with a full ride but, he'd secretly called the college and declined their offer.

He'd gone on pretending that he was going, packed a duffle, walked out the door with his father's angry voice ringing in his ears, telling him to stay gone, to never come back, and Dean's heartbroken face and accusing eyes burned into his memory.

He'd forced himself to turn his back on his family, lied to the both of them and then boarded the bus for Parris Island with a bunch of other young guys.

Now, he was pulling up beside the famed building that existed for a single purpose, to make Marines.

The bus slowly came to a halt and Sam had time to let out a small, shaky breath before the yelling began.

" GET OUT OF THE DAMN BUS, MOVE!!!" Boomed a deep, male voice that held no room for argument.

The bus rapidly emptied and Sam soon found himself standing on the famous yellow footprints outside of the Parris Island Receiving Building with his fellow recruits, the Drill Seargent's voice ringing out.

" You lot are all about to leave your civilian lives behind and enter the United States Marine Corp, do you understand?!" He yelled.

" Yes Sir!" Yelled out the whole group. It didn't satisfy the Seargent.

" NO! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!" He yelled.

" YES SIR!!!" Yelled the group, louder this time.



From where he stood, Sam had a single thought going through his head.

" I'm at home already."