Reign of Fire: A New Beginning

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Chapter 1: Dragons

Benjamin Silverman sat gazing out an open window at the sky, the soft grey clouds drifting in the wind, the white smoke rising upward from the chimneys, and the soft light bathing the city. The soft rustling of leaves and cooing pigeons filled the air. The smell of the exhaust from the busses filling the air until he could taste it as the class went on.

Soon his attention turned back to his work and quickly finished the last two math problems in the assignment. Benjamin quietly closed his books and stretched out in his desk. He sighed as the final bell rang. Slowly he walked though the crowded halls to his locker and pulled a note off it, throwing it to the ground.

"Don't let it bother you," a student said.

"Oh…hi Quinn, see you tomorrow."

"Yeah see you tomorrow, bye." Quinn replied before disappearing into the crowd.

"Thirty one… twelve… nineteen…" He mumbled to himself and heard the click of his lock. Gradually he opened the door and grabbed his backpack, quickly stuffing tomorrow's homework in. Quickly Benjamin closed the locker and before long exited the school. Benjamin slowly walked past the busses and turned off to Oakley Street.

"Where do you think your going?" A soft female voice asked from behind.

"I've decided to walk home today Sara," Benjamin said and turn to face her, "My mum won't be home till eight o'clock today, she's working late again."

"Oh, would you mind walking me home then?" She asked softly, moving her long blond hair to reveal her deep green eyes. "A lady shouldn't walk home alone."

Benjamin rolled his eyes and laughed slightly, "Yeah… I guess I could." He then noticed one of the teachers handing Quinn a paper. "Do you think Quinn's in trouble?"

Sara looked at Quinn then back to Benjamin, "No, I don't think so," she grabbed his arm and pulled him towards Oakley Street.

Slowly the two made their way down the crowded, car lined street as they headed towards Albert Bridge. Horns blasted as people tried to get down the busy road. Though it was not rush hour, the traffic was still bad. Houses lined both sides of the street up until the last block where several stores replaced the homes.

"So… you have any trouble today?" Sara asked in a soothing tone.

Benjamin slowly nodded. "Not as bad as yesterday though."

"They didn't try and hang you from the flag pole again…did they?" She asked with a low, almost saddened tone.

"No," he sighed, "just a note on my locker."

"Ok, that not to bad." Sara sighed with relief. "Why do they pick on you anyway?"

"I don't know… this happens to me at every school I've been to. I hope it ends soon, I'm tired of it."

"It's not so easy being an exchange student is it." Sara said and pushed a crosswalk button.

"I've been here for six months now but people still treat me as a new guy."

"Well at least you made some friends in the school."

"You and Quinn are my only friends," Benjamin sighed and looked down.

"Oh you'll make more, it just takes time." She said and placed her hand on his shoulder. "We better hurry; the light is going to change."

Soon they reached the bridge and quickly crossed. The murky waters below, reflecting the little light reaching it, was alive with traffic. Horns blasted from the boats. The heavy smell of smoke filled the air. Before long, they reached the other side and turned eastward.

Benjamin and Sara soon found themselves walking along the riverside. Trees lined the walkway, paths lead into a park with several soccer fields, and a large white building rose above the trees. The smell of a barbeque filled the air with the strong smell of steak and burgers, the exhaust from the boats seemed tiny by comparison.

Suddenly a low rumble shook the earth beneath their feet, followed by a loud explosion. A huge dark object rose into the air, casting a large black shadow over the city. A thunderous roar echoed through the city, screams of panic followed.

"What…what…what is that?" Sara stuttered as she stared at the object in the sky.

"I don't know," replied Benjamin, unable to look away.

Another roar shook the city and object landed on the tallest building in the area. Slowly its head rose up, exposing its chest. Suddenly with tremendous speed, as if to roar, the creature's head snapped downward. Two faint lines came out of the mouth and in an instant, a raging torrent of fire engulfed the street below. Screams, cries, and then silence filed the air. Dark smoke rose into the sky and people scrambled to get away. All of a sudden several more explosions rocked the city.

Sara pulled Benjamin into a tight embrace and began to cry. Benjamin tried to comfort her but it was no use, she continued to cry. Suddenly a blast of wind struck them, then again. The sound of heavy flapping followed each blast of air. Both Benjamin and Sara turned their gaze towards the river and slowly upward.

A long thick tail touched the water's surface, midway up, a thin membrane formed and widened until it reached the body, spreading to both legs. The bulky legs of pure muscle ended in long clawed feet. The broad body, a little thin, supported massive bat like wings, creating massive gusts of wind. The hide of the creature, covered in large scales, was a very dark grey. The shoulders were wide, the muscles rippled with the slightest movement. A downward flap of the wings revealed long rows of ridges running down each side of the back and along the spine. The body went from broad to narrow as a long neck protruded upward into the sky. Long scales acted like armor plating, running the width of the throat. Atop the neck sat a large triangular head, three long spikes ran along each side and curved outward at the back of the head. Long dagger like teeth filled the gaping maw. Large red eyes, pupils growing and shrinking as they tried to adjust to the light, lay fixated on the two humans. Suddenly the creature's head rose higher into the sky, its chest expanding .

"Run!" Benjamin shouted and began to run, pulling Sara behind him. A large stream of flames splashed against the ground and quickly followed them down the path, burning all the nearby brush. Sara soon took the lead, forcing Benjamin to run faster.

"In here!" She said and pulled him towards the heart of the park.

They started crossing a field and soon the flames subsided. Halfway across the field a massive gust of wind struck them, causing Sara to fall to the ground. Suddenly the massive creature let out another torrent of flame, surrounding the two in a wall of fire ten meters tall. The creature disappeared behind the wall of fire and soon the earth shook slightly. A dark shape rippled in the flames and soon a large two-fingered wing reached through the blaze. Before long, the entire animal stood in front of them, the head towering several meters above Benjamin and Sara. A low deep hiss vibrated through the air.

Sara slowly stood up and embraced Benjamin tightly, crying on his shoulder. He tried his best to comfort her as the beast started inhaling deeply. Suddenly the crackle of gunfire filled the air and an icy blast of cold water soon followed, putting out the flames.

"Get out of there!" A voice shouted over the crackle of the guns. "Hurry! Run!"

The animal roared in furry as the cold water prevented it from using its flames. Sara began to run to their rescuers. Benjamin took a second to react but soon followed. Suddenly the creature managed to clear its head of the water and let out a massive inferno catching the fire truck it its crosshairs. A second wall of flame cut Benjamin off from the remaining people, several screaming in pain from the burns. The creature quickly turned its attention back to Benjamin and slowly moved between him and the flames.

"Go away!" Benjamin yelled at the creature. Suddenly he realized what the animal was or at least looked like…A Dragon.

The dragon turned its head slightly and let out a large stream of flames blocking any chance of escape. Benjamin noticed two liquids that came out of either side of the animal's mouth, combining to create the flame. Several more explosions rocked London and several deep roars thundered out of the city's heart. The dragon stood in front of Benjamin and began to inhale deeply, exposing its chest. Suddenly the dragon snapped its head forward, its gaping maw only meters from Benjamin. Every detail in its mouth was visible. A deafening roar escaped the throat of the dragon. Benjamin covered his ears, trying to block out the sound but to no avail.

Suddenly a low grown came from deep within the dragon and a clear liquid escaped its throat, covering Benjamin. His black shirt clung to his body as if glued and his jeans darkened. Benjamin screamed in pain as the liquid burned his skin. For several long minutes, it burned him until the pain abated and the substance disappeared, though he felt sick. The dragon lowered its head until it looked Benjamin in the eyes. With a low growl the dragon took to the skies, dozens of smaller dragons flocked to its side, and soon they were gone. Suddenly a wave of dizziness overcame Benjamin and he collapsed to his knees then fell unconscious.