Reign of Fire: A New Beginning

Reign of Fire: A New Beginning

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Chapter 5: Moving on

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Benjamin felt the feeling leave his body. He sank to the ground. His mother was dead, gone…forever. Her image was perfect even in death. The fire dared not touch her. Her cloths were not even singed.

He wanted to cry but it came out a roar, long and deep telling of his pain. He was alone in the world his family was gone. The fear she felt before she died tormented his mind and would for the rest of his life. What if she had seen him, a monster like those that caused his brothers death?

Ben's arm trembled as he reached down and picked up his mother's limp body in his claws. The trip was slow and painful as Ben made his way back to the cave where Sara remained. He wanted to bury her somewhere where she would not be disturbed. Somewhere in the cave would have to do, there was no other place she would be safe and he could not bring himself to use his fire on her.

The sky crackled overhead as a heavy downpour drenched the land in an unforgiving torrent. The stars lay hidden by a blackened sky of smoke and ash. Lightning flashed above Benjamin but he took no notice. His mother was dead and nothing would change that fact. Distant calls of the monsters that destroy his life filled him with rage. He wanted to see them all dead, every last one of them!

"Benjamin?" Sara called hesitantly from the cave's entrance.

Ben looked up and nodded then twisted his arm so that Sara could see what had happened. Sara covered her mouth and looked as if she were trying to hide the fact she was crying. Sara had not been close with Benjamin's mother but she knew her well enough that it hurt to have lost her. Made worse by the fact Ben's family was now gone.

"Sara," Ben said knowing full well she could not understand him.

"Is she…" Sara asked, not sure if she was in fact dead.

He nodded only for as response and moved to the edge of the cave, laying her body lightly against the wall. Ben shook the water from his hide and tucked his head under his wing as he lay on the cold stone surface. He felt Sara's soft touch to his shoulder but did not want to look.

"Ben," Sara spoke softly, "I'm very sorry. I think she didn't suffer and that her last thoughts were probably about seeing you. She would have loved to be with you even like this."

Ben looked up. Her words had only made him feel worse but at least she tried to make him better. Ben slowly touched his snout to her, he could smell her fear momentarily but then it eased. "I wish you could understand me."

"Do you want me to help you bury her," Sara said uneasily. "It's just I don't want one of those things to come and take her way, she deserves a lot more than that."

He looked into her eyes and nodded slowly. Ben stood and gently picked up his mother's body. He moved towards the back of the cave. Sara walked by his side, occasionally placing her hand on his wing in an attempt to comfort him. They reached the back and Ben scratched at the ground, it was solid rock. He began to feel around for a soft area but found none.

"I think we'll just have to cover her in stones," Sara suggested but received no response.

Ben turned his body as if to look out the cave and with a hard smash of his tail he broke part of the cave and exposed the soft earth hidden behind its walls. Parts of the cave continued to rattle. Several large rocks broke free of the ceiling and shattered upon the ground with a tremendous crash. Ben took no notice and instead began to rip out the earth behind. He quickly found a rock layer not far into the earth. The hole was large enough however to hold his mother's body and it seemed that he could hide her from anything poking around in the cave.

With a gentle touch, Ben laid the body within the hole and felt his heart sink. She was truly gone. All he had left is Sara. His best friend and he was a monster like those that slaughtered his family. He cursed their very existence and hoped they would all die a slow death for what they had done to him!

Sara moved underneath Ben and placed her head upon his chest. She was crying. Ben looked down and felt his sorrow deepen. He lightly touched his clawed hand to her back but seeing the claws made him feel even worse. Slowly, Benjamin turned his attention to the grave and he placed the dirt back into the hole before sealing it with stone.

"May she rest in peace," Sara said softly. She moved away from the area and towards the little supplies that remained.

Ben looked at the jagged edge of the tomb and felt there was one thing he could do to ensure she remained undisturbed. He inhaled deeper than he had ever done and opened his mouth. A stream of liquid shot out of his mouth and burst into flames. The fire scorched the stone and turned it red. At last the rock began to melt and fuse sealing the spaces solidifying the wall once more.

Ben stopped and looked at Sara. She nodded in agreement that it was the right thing to do. His heart eased slightly but a crippling wave of pain shot though his body and brought him to the ground.

"Ben!" Sara shrieked and rushed to his side. She grabbed hold of his neck and hugged him. "What's wrong?"

"I-I-I don't know," Ben growled. Sara backed away. Ben realized how it must have sounded. Another wave pulsed through his form and he realized what it was, hunger. He pointed at his stomach the best he could and it seemed to work, she knew what it was about.

"Uh…You aren't having thoughts about eating me…right?" Sara said hesitantly.

He shook his head and then laid himself down by the entrance of the cave. He stared out into the pouring rain as hunger still rocked his body. He could hear the distant monsters, grounded by the lightning overhead. Their calls and roars, he could almost understand, if he were closer, he could. They he remembered the two that escaped, they must have told the others. Once the lightning stopped, they would come for him, he had to leave before they did, not in fear for his life but Sara's.

Ben looked at Sara. She was leaning against the wall of the cave. He had to speak to her, somehow. Ben looked around. Perhaps he could write to her, at least he should still be able to do that. He noticed a small bush along the outer edge of the cave. It would have to do. He walked over to it and using his teeth, ripped it from the ground, roots and all. He realized a fault in his plan. The cave was solid rock and it was unlikely he could find enough dirt in order to show her his massage. With a sigh he looked back to the wall where his mother lay buried. The scorch marks gave him an idea.

With out inhaling, he opened his mouth and let some of the liquid drop onto the bush. He watched as it began to burn and then with a heavy breath he put it out. Ben took one of the burned branches and held it in his mouth the best he could. He hoped it would work. Slowly, he began to drag it alone the cave floor. The burnt end left a visible trail and soon he was able to form letters however sloppy but at least they were legible. Sara notice and began to smile wondering why she had not thought of that. When he finished the letters were very large but he had written "WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW OTHERS ARE COMING SOON".

Sara's expression turned to fear. "What about the lightning and the rain."

"STAY UNDER ME. I WILL PROTECT YOU" Benjamin wrote and the stick broke.

"Ok," Sara said nervously gathering the supplies and walked slowly until she was underneath his chest. She looked up to see him looking down at her. He nodded and they were off. The rain drenched Benjamin but he didn't mind, it was not cold it actually felt nice against his skin. Ben checked every so often to ensure that Sara was dry and it seemed that his wings offered the most protection. As they reached a hill some ways away, he looked back and felt his heart sink once more. He would never return to the spot again…