1The Case of Gender Bending Plays

By: 1xmocha

Pairing: OT5

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of tennis nor the characters.

Summary: It's Ryoma's senior class project, a play of which the likes you've never seen. And who better to come to it then his crushes who he hasn't scene in 2 years? Uh-oh...

Note: I know that none of you care, but hey I got A's on all my finals(go me! LOL.) Starting tomorrow I will be at camp so I came up with a little something to compensate for my time away. Although it will probably make you hate me more cause I won't be able to update this as well...

Chapter 1

'Excuse me?" Ryoma said again as he stared as his principal with horror.

"Mr. Echizen need I remind you that this is your senior year so there for you are needed to participate in the senior project because you are your class representative. Besides, it was a unanimous vote that you were to play the main part."

Ryoma had resist the urge to go kill something. Literally.

Who in there right mind would vote him, a GUY, to play the main part, a GIRL?

Ryoma stormed down the hall to his next class.

"Ryoma-kun?" Sakuno spoke. Over the years she had realized that Ryoma never and never would like her like that so they sorta became "friends"I guess you could say.

He sat down at his seat, fuming.

Sakuno laughed nervously, "I guess you found out then...about the play I mean."

Ryoma just looked at her with a small pout, "Why would they cast me as a girl? I don't look girly do I?"

Sakuno looked from the pout, to his girly but muscular form, his red cherry lips, and his hair long enough to put the top layer of hair into a ponytail with a barrette keeping some of his bangs up.

"Of course not!" Sakuno lied. Ryoma looked like a girl if she ever saw one.

"Che. I got tennis practice. Come get me after that so we can work on that "play." He spoke distastefully.

Sakuno waved him goodbye. If he was mad now he was gonna be furious later when he found out what the play entitled.


Momoshiro looked at the pissed look on his best friend's face. He had to resist the urge to laugh at whatever pissed the young prince off.



"...che. Apparently, for my senior project I have to do a play."

"So what?"

"I'm the main charaacter..."

"I don't see what the big..."

"A girl. I have to dress up like a girl."

Momoshiro looked at him. Ryoma was fidgeting and had a small blush on his face that he couldn't cover up with a cap.

Ryoma could probably pull the part off better than any girl ever could and that's sad.

Ryoma glared at him and stood up. "You're so not helpful. I gotta go, tell everyone hi for me. I have play practice."

True Ryoma hadn't seen any of them in 2 years but he saw Momo almost regularly. All of the schools from the Kantou region had all went to the same college, Tokyo U.

Sometimes he thought about taking a picture of them just to see what they would say about his girly features. That and he could make some serious money off of those 4.

Momo picked up his phone and dialed a number. This was just too funny to ignore and for the fun part, and Ryoma's safety, he wasn't gonna tell them what part Ryoma was playing.

"Hey Eiji guess what? I just met Ryoma and guess what his senior project is?"


Eiji sat on his boyfriend's lap as they ate lunch.

His was heaven.

His boyfriend and tennis friends all together in the same college. Oishi and him had been dating for 4 years now. As well as Momo and Kaidou, and Fuji and Tezuka had this sorta off and on relationship with Atobe keigo and Sanada Genchirou. Well Ryoma was also somehow invovled he just didn't know how. They all liked him and vice versa but something happened between them he just couldn't figure it out. And today they were all sitting together eating lunch. However Momoshiro was absent today due to having "plans".

So peaceful...

Until his phone rang.

Everyone's eyes turned to him.

"Hoi, this is Eiji." he spoke into the phone

"Eiji guess what I just finished doing?"

"Yeah just what did you do today that you couldn't have lunch with us?"

"I met with Ryoma just a little while ago."

"Aww..ochibi. He's a senior now isn't he? We haven't seen him for awhile now because were in college. Still as cute as ever?" Eiji smirked as he caught the 4 glares sent his way.

"Looks more like a girl each time I see him.Well guess what his senior project is?"

"I remember that. We had to do some carnival type thing, what's he doing?"

"A play and guess who has to be in it?"

"Are you serious?"Eiji laughed, "This is priceless. We have to all go see it."

The others were looking at him curiously now.

" I'll see you back at class and we can talk about it then. My burger is getting cold." Momo spoke trying to wrap the conversation up.

"Okay then! Bye." Eiji spoke as he hung it up.

"Well?" Oishi spoke to him.

Eiji smirked.

"Were going to a play."


Ryoma stared at the director as if she had two heads.

This was so not his thing.

She looked him up and down and sighed dreamily.

"You are perfect for the part!"

Okay then...that was not a very comforting thing for a guy to hear he looks like a girl.

He frowned at her.

"Can we get this over with?"

"Oh Ryoma-kun! It's just beginning!"

"That's what I am afraid of." Ryoma bit back sarcastically.

"Don't be so negative. Now then. Let's talk about the plot. It's sort of a gender bending plot. You see the main girl character is played by a boy because back in Shakspere's time all actors were male so you were going to have to be paired up with a guy but this is where it gets interesting. You see since you're so small were gonna have a girl play the guy part." He ignored the lustful looks thrown his way and excitful giggles and focused on glaring at Sakuno, who was some how taller than he was now. That scheming bitch...


He hated this play already.

"Ryoma-kun will play a girl named Ella, who is a whore in New York to make money for her family, but finds her one true love at a pool bar and what turns from a one night stand into love is more than they could imagine. Ella has to deal with her sick mother, her drunkard of a father, and her cocaine addicted brother. It's a tale of love, hope, and mistakes. It's going to be the best play ever put into production!" the director gushed.

Yeah he was gonna just play a whore and...what?!?

It was official.

He was in hell.