1The Case of Gender Bending Plays
By: 1xmocha
Rating: T
Pairing: OT5
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis nor the characters.

Chapter 4

Momoshrio concluded that Ryoma was utterly...
The boy waked on stage, as he did in tennis, as if he owned it.
That and he was wearing a dress to boot.
Plus he had to do that seductive winky thing when they found out who Ella was played by.
Some cheered, some passed out, some questioned their sexuality, and other had to go...relieve themselves.
But he was the only one in the group that wasn't still shocked.
Even without the bra or the wig he still looked like a girl.
He hoped he never got drunk with Ryoma because he'd probably end up telling him about it.
Which would leave him hurting the next day and not in a good way either.
But it had been pretty surprising that that Sakuno girl played the male row.
"Wow."Eiji spoke beside him.
Wow...that pretty much summed it up.
Finally they all snapped out of it and had a small laugh.
They were all still gay after all. "Wow Ochibi looked so much like a girl I couldn't even tell."
"Senpai he still looks like a girl."
"Eiji be nice! But really it was quite surprising. But, after all, we haven't seen him in two years."
"What did you think Atobe?"
"I think I need to go to the bathroom."
Fuji watched that as soon as ryoma saw his glance at him he got scared and started running...just like before.
Obviously they were going to have to try the direct approach.
"Saa..I see, I'll come with you then. Tezuka and Genchiro can come help us."
"Where do you think they're going...hssss?"
"Probability they will go to the bathroom 90 . Probability that they will go then wait for Ryoma off stage...100 ."
"I hope they work everything out."
"We all do Inui."
Ryoma quickly changed into his pair of low rise jeans and a loose t-shirt.
He had to get out of here and fast.
Sakuno stood in front of him.
"Move." he stated angrily.
He couldn't let them catch him he just couldn't.
"No." she glared back steadily at him
"Stop I can't let them..." he trailed up. Sakuno snapped.
"What are you so afraid of?" "..."
"Well Ryoma? What is it? Afraid of being loved truly for once? They've giving you plenty of space to get use to it...2 years in fact! How much more time do you need?"
"I just..."
"Just what? Please just stop it Ryoma. Stop hurting yourself over this. If you refuse the love you are lonelier your heart emptier. Everyone deserves happiness and that includes you!" Sakuno said as she started to tear up a little bit.
Ryoma stared at her and sank to the floor.
"I'm sorry...I just..." he spoke in shock.
"It's fine. Just go be happy Ryoma...they're waiting for you."
Ryoma slowly stood up and made his way to the door.
He stopped in front of the door.
He could either brush the issue off like it never happened or he could finally give them their answer.
He took a deep breath and slowly turned the nob.
He opened the door and true to Sakuno's words, they were there waiting.
Like they've always been...
He stared at them ans slowly walked into Fuji's open arms.
"What? No more running away?" Atobe teased.
Ryoma snuggled his face into Fuji's chest.
"No...I think I'm finally ready."
It really didn't matter what happened back then because back then wasn't what mattered.
It was now.

The End