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"Raito-kun, I wish to inform you of a development in the case," L said solemnly.

Light sighed. "For the last time, Ryuuzaki, I am not Kira." He swiveled around in his chair to face L, who was standing in the doorway gazing at Light with his usual emotionless stare. "Well, what evidence against me have you come up with this time?" he muttered sarcastically.

L paused and looked thoughtful. "No, Raito-kun. It's a…far more delicate matter, something that I fear may jeopardize the whole case."

Light looked at him skeptically. "Come on, Ryuuzaki, it can't be that bad."

L sighed. "I'm afraid it is. I'm pregnant, Raito-kun."

Light stared at him for a moment and then snorted. "Haha. Very funny, Ryuuzaki. Never knew you had a sense of humor. No, what is it really? You said it had to do with the case."

"It does," L said calmly. "It will be difficult to remain in this case in this capacity while carrying a child."

Light sighed. "Be serious, Ryuuzaki. You cannot be pregnant."

"I have proof," L said gravely. He lifted his shirt and displayed the slight swell to his once cadaverous stomach.

"That proves nothing," Light scoffed. "You're just gaining weight from eating too much sugar. It was inevitable. But you are not pregnant. Men do not get pregnant!"

"The pregnancy test does not agree with you," L murmured. He settled into the chair next to Light and chewed his thumb contemplatively.

Light's eyes widened. "It read positive?"

"Mhmn," L watched him intently.

"Wait, where did you get a pregnancy test?"

"I sent Watari out to get it," L said simply. "I told him it was for MisaMisa's use."

"You know those things aren't completely accurate," Light said cautiously.

"Yes, I am aware of that," L said cheerfully. "That is why I used several different brands and now I am 97 sure that I am indeed pregnant."

Light sighed. "Okay, you're pregnant. Who's the father?"

"You are," L said pointedly.

Light looked startled. "Me?" he squeaked.

L frowned slightly. "riato-kun is my only equal and therefore the only person I ever truly cared for. He should not assume that simply because I slept with him I am also sleeping with Matsuda-san or-"

"It's alright," Light said quickly. "I didn't man to imply that you were a whore. It's just…hard to think about this as really happening."

"Yes," L agreed. "Even geniuses have trouble comprehending what is illogical."

Light sighed. "Why do you have to be so strange, Ryuuzaki? Not only do you figure out the hardest cases, but you've also figured out how to create male pregnancy."

L cocked his head to one side as he nibbled his thumb. "I did not wish for this to happen, Raito-kun. I would have prohibited your actions if I knew that there was a chance of this happening. But even I could not foresee something which was previously viewed as impossible."

Light sighed. "What do we do now?"

L looked at him with mild curiosity. "What does Light-kun mean by this?"

"I mean you can't suddenly be pregnant during investigations and assume no one will notice. Most of the investigators may be idiots, but even idiots notice some things."

"I suppose you're right, Light-kun," L said tiredly. "We shall have to explain ourselves."

Light winced. "My dad's going to kill me. He';; never accept us together."

"Yes, the idea seemed to infuriate him."

Light blinked. "What are you talking about?"

"Yagami-san already knows about that one event of indiscretion," L said calmly.


"Light-kun should not be cross with me, but I had to inform his father. Yagami-san was very worried about Light-kun and I did my best to assure Yagami-san that you would not be harmed."

Light groaned. "Good job, Ryuuzaki. You probably made it worse."

"I assured Yagami-san that I was the uke. I thought that would comfort him."

"Did it?" Light asked bitterly.

"Very little," L sighed. "Yagami-san is still very angry about it."

Light smirked. "I can only imagine what dad would do to you if I was the one pregnant. You wouldn't have to worry about Kira killing you: Dad would do it."

L rubbed at his eyes tiredly. "The whole situation is a disaster. First of all, the Kira investigation is most likely jeopardized and my reputation permanently ruined. And then, neither of us knows anything about raising a child."

"Most of that is instinct anyway," Light muttered. "If the baby cries, you hold him or whatever."

"There is no guarantee that I will long enough to even see our child," L said regretfully.

Light held L tightly. "It's alright. We'll get through this."

L's frail body sagged against Light. "Perhaps you are right. All of this excitement is wearing me out. It is much more difficult to do anything while carrying a child."

Light ran his fingers through L's hair. "You just take it easy for awhile and we'll get through this."

"Yes, I must rest for just a bit if I am to keep up," L murmured sleepily, his eyes slowly closing.

Light had no intention of letting L merely "rest for a bit". He would make sure the stubborn detective got plenty of sleep. After all, both L and the baby needed to be healthy.