You're gone.

How could you?

The sea has claimed you, and now I'm left to wander alone, become the vagrant soul that I always feared you yourself to be.


I'm not quite sure who to blame, if anyone. Nothing but a cruel twist of fate, perhaps, the whims of the Sea and her Master.

You'd still be alive if you hadn't acted so boldly, so rashly. You'd still be alive if you had only listened to me, if I had moved quicker and rescued you, come to your aid.

If I hadn't been so demanding.

Now I'm alone in the midst of chaos, soaking wet from the salt and the spray, my hysterical cries ringing out over the crash of the Sea.

But my soul is dry, parched, like the Desert.

There's nothing left, nothing but a vacant shell of emotion, of weak flesh. Some Captain I am, when I could not even save you, take your place, spare you the pain, the agony.

Now your hollow eyes, your pallid face, your shallow breathing…these shall haunt me for an eternity.