Fate Chapter 1

"I'm hoooome!" Rory's daughter Lauren said as she walked into her house. She, Rory and Lorelai all lived there. The three Lorelais. Lauren's real name was Lorelai, but they figured it would be kinda confusing, them living in the same house and all, so everyone called her Lauren.

"Hey, babe." Lorelai said. "Your mom just went out to get some coffee. We're all out; can you believe it?"

"Hardly," Lauren said. "Well can you call me when she gets home with it? We didn't have any in the morning, either so I couldn't have before I went to school."

"You bet," Lorelai replied, and Lauren went to her room. This was the same house in Stars Hollow that Lorelai and Rory had always liveed in. Lauren went to Chilton and Lorelai still worked at the inn, and Rory was editor of the Stars Hollow Gazette.

Lauren started her homework, but she didn't have much left because she had gone to the library after school. She quickly finished the little she had left and went downstairs, where Lorelai and Rory were having coffee.

"Lorelai!" Lauren said. Even though Lorelai was her grandmother, she never called her that because Lorelai said it made her feel old. She wa sonly 54, after all. "I thought you were gonna tell me when mom got home."

"I...She...isn't home yet?" Lorelai tried.

"Sure," Lauren said, sitting down with them at the table, but not forgetting to grab a cup of coffee first.

"So," Rory said. "Tonight. Takeout Chinese, Takeout pizza, or Luke's?"

"I...have a date tonight," Lauren said.

Lorelai gasped, and leaned closer for the juicy gossip. "What's his name?" she asked.


"And where does he live?" Rory asked. She was excited for her daughter, but she, being the mother, was a little more concerned. It wasn't like her sixteen year old daughter hadn't gone on dates before, but she didn't want what had happened to her and Lorelai to happen to Lauren. She had a promising future. she was top of her class at Chilton and wanted to go to Yale, just like her mom had.

Rory had also had a promising future. A Yale graduate, she was going on to write for the New York Times. That all changed when she got pregnant with Lauren. She went back to Stars Hollow to live with her mom, so she could help her out. And even though she was sucessful, The New York Times was much more respected than The Stars Hollow Gazette. But even still, she never resented having Lauren. Never.

"He lives like, twenty minutes away from here."

"Where did you meet him?"

"At the library." That's good, Rory thought. He can't be that bad if he goes to the library. She didn't know that Lauren had left out the part where he was paying twenty five dollars for a book he wrote in.

"How old is he?" The questions were endless.


"Where are you guys going tonight?"

"His apartment." This was where Mom Rory had to step in.

"Woah, woah. Alone?"

"No, his dad's gonna be there."

"He better be."

Dylan had picked Lauren up at 7:00. He had said hi to Lorelai and Rory, wondered why they were staring at him like that, and then left with Lauren.

"Dad, we're here," Dylan said as he and Rory walked into his apartment.

"Hey," Dylan's dad said as he walked into the hall.

"I'm Lauren," Lauren said.

Dylan's dad nodded and said, "Jess."

"Dinner's ready, in the kitchen," Dylan said. "You can come sit down." Lauren nodded and she and Dylan went into the kitchen. "You coming, dad?" Dylan asked.

"One minute." It had to be. Those eyes...they were the exact same as Rory's. It had to be her daughter. Had to be.

"So, Rory," Jess said as he walked into the kitchen.

"Dad," Dylan said. "Her name's Lauren."

"Right," Jess said. "So how 'bout you tell us about you family, Lauren."

"Well, my mom's name is actually Rory. And my grandmother--well, she doesn't let me call her that because she's only 54--her name is Lorelai. Well, really, all our names are Lorelai, but we all live in the same house, so we figured it would be kinda confusing."

"And your dad?" Jess had to know. Was it that bastard Logan? Or even Dean? Or was it just some guy that Jess hadn't even met; some guy that came into Rory's life after he had already left?

"I...don't know him." Oh shit, Jess thought. What if it's me? Wait. That can't be right; she doesn't look anything like me.

Lauren kept wondering why he was staring at her so strangely and why he seemed kinda spacey. Rory and Lorelai had never told Lauren about Jess. It never seemed the right time, and it was never really relevant. Besides, why tell her sometihing she didn't need to know? It would only hurt Rory to tell and it wouldn't do anything good for Lauren. So they opted to not tell her, and everyone was happy.

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