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He thought he should feel relief, elation something besides the dull emptiness that seemed to dull the scene before him and yet somehow make it clearer, to clear. He knew consciously that it was finally over, all he had to do was stare down into the clouded red eyes to know he had finally killed the man who had killed his parents and so many others yet somehow he couldn't believe it was over.

He supposed it was because he was still alive. Every other time he had imagined this day he had thought he would have to die in order to take the bastard with him. It wasn't that he wanted to die, he just had not ever imagined life after the bastard. He guessed that was normal after all he had been kind of busy trying to stay alive.

Ripping his eyes away from the red eyes of his enemy he surveys the battle field or what is left of it. He had finally found 'the power the dark lord knows not' and it had ripped apart the land for miles around.

Thankfully no one but death eaters had been around. He hated to think what could have happened had his friend's been around him. He was not sure he could have controlled it enough to have prevented his power from hurting them. Once more he remembers the feelings that had filled him as he had looked up at Voldemort as he had been about to kill him.

The terror he had been feeling since Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange and a dozen others had kidnapped him had disappeared as the wall that had blocked his power had shattered into nothing. He still remembers as the power had surged through him he had felt freer than he had ever felt and at peace. He had quickly pulled his power back when he had noticed the destruction around him but not quickly enough

Wind swirls around him teasing his hair and with a wrench he pushes his power back his heart beating in terror. Terror at how close he had come to losing control. He didn't even have his wand and yet his power was still as strong and focused as before. At the thought of his wand he looks around for it but a vague memory surfaces in his confused thoughts of his wand shattering as his power had broken free.

Still in shock he shakily gets to his feet ignoring the bodies and parts of bodies that litter the ground around him.

His limbs ache from the numerous crucios he had been subjected to in the last few hours and several deep cuts are bleeding freely down his sides yet he barely notices. He stumbles forward wanting to see his friends and make sure they are safe. Suddenly light surrounds him and the next thing he knows he is stumbling forward in the parlor of Grimald Place.

He hears a terrified scream and sees out of the corner of his eye several wands come to point at him. Unconsciously he brings his power to the fore preparing to kill these new threats but a familiar voice stops him. "Harry."

Harry looks up into the warm cinnamon eyes of Remus Lupin and feels like crying out in joy at the sight of him safe and sound. Still as tired and worn as ever but relatively unharmed.

"We don't know it's really him. We don't even know how he got in here. The aparation wards are still intact and whatever the hell that was that he used to get in here sure as hell didn't look like aparation," Mad-Eye Moody growls savagely pointing his wand steadily at him.

Remus completely ignores him as he moves to envelop Harry in a hug but Harry quickly moves back shouting "No." Remus stumbles back as a wave of power ripples out from Harry and the rest of the people in the room collapse to the floor unable to with stand the force that he has unleashed without Remus's werewolf unhanced strength.

"I'm sorry," Harry tells him and is surprised as he feels tears trailing down his face. "I am dangerous now," Harry explains wanting him to understand.

"No Harry….," Remus starts but Harry quickly cuts him off. "Yes, ….I am Remus. This is barely the tip of my power. You have no idea……," Harry pauses struggling to gain control of his emotions before continuing "And I don't want you to know. I just wanted to make sure that you and everyone else were safe." He smiles warmly through his tears at the only real family he has left and says quietly "I killed him and the rest. You don't have to worry about them anymore."

Remus stares at him in sympathy. "Harry…," he starts pushing forward despite the force trying to push him back. Harry just smiles gently "I hereby declare Remus J. Lupin as my sole heir and that in the event of my death or disappearance he is to inherit all my worldly goods and wealth."

Remus looks at him in horror as he finishes and a golden light surrounds them both finalizing what he has just declared. "Harry, oh please no….," Remus begs struggling towards him but Harry simply shakes his head. "I'm sorry. I am simply too dangerous. I can't control it," he tells him.

He looks one final time at the people in the room, at Ron and Hermione, the Weasleys, and other members of the order before closing his eyes. He knows they will be alright now and he has just ensured that Remus will never want for anything. He allows his magic to fill him once more before willing himself out of this world hoping briefly that he will be able to see his parents and the rest of his family in his next life. Maybe even have a chance to be a good son for them.

Remus watches in despair as a white light surrounds Harry growing brighter and brighter until he can no longer see him. Then slowly it shrinks leaving nothing of the boy who had been his surrogate son. He whimpers slightly curling on the floor as he realizes that he has lost Harry as well as James, Lily, and Sirius. It may have been true that he had only known Harry for four years and in those four years had only seen him for all of a month when he wasn't his teacher but he had still loved him. Gentle arms wrap around him and he leans into a shoulder crying himself out until he falls into the welcome darkness of sleep.