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September 6, 1991

Harry woke up and rubbed his eyes blurrily. He fell out of bed as a smiling Vatarin, complete with fangs, leaned over him and chirped a good morning.

"What in the hell!! You're a vampire why in the bloody hell are you so chipper in the morning," Harry shouted glaring at his new friend as he rubbed his now sore butt.

"That's a misconception. Vampires have no problem with the sun. We prefer to hunt at night and feed at night but just like humans we can be morning or night people. Besides we only need five hours of sleep a night to be well rested," Vatarin chirped happily as he sat on the floor beside Harry still laughing slightly at Harry's use of swear words.

"And I am guessing you are a morning person," Harry grossed as he clambered back on his bed.

"Yep," Vatarin said bouncing onto the bed beside him and Harry was vividly reminded of an over excited puppy. Smirking evilly he grabbed a pillow from the bed. Turning to an oblivious Vatarin saying sweetly "Well I shall just have to break you of that habit."

Vatarin looked at him questioningly then his eyes widened as he saw the pillow flying toward him. The next thing Harry knew he was swinging at empty air and once more found himself on the floor. Looking up he scowled darkly at a smirking Vatarin.

"How..," Harry started and Vatarin laughed wagging a finger at him as he explained "Vampire remember."

"That is so not fair," Harry sulked.

"Don't worry about it. Maybe if your nice I will make you my brother in blood," Vatarin reassured him as he dragged him to his feet and pushed him to the shower, barely allowing him to gather his bathroom essentials in his haste to start the day.


A still miffed and sleepy Harry was dragged to the great hall. He perks up momentarily as they moved into the great hall and the founding tree greets them. Vatarin froze and looked around the great hall curiously.

"Harry, did you feel that," he asked and Harry just nodded fighting a yawn.

"What was it," Vatarin asked excitedly as he sat down beside him. Harry blinked at him as he fumbled for the juice jug and Vatarin taking pity on him picked up the jug and poured them both a cup of morning tea. Harry was rather relieved that it was not pumpkin juice. He never had developed a taste for the stuff.

"Well what was it," Vatarin asked him impatiently looking at him expectantly and Harry shrugged.

"It was the founding tree saying good morning. Didn't you hear it," Harry asked after he had taken a deep drink of his tea in order to wake himself up some more.

"No, I didn't hear it. I have an affinity to fire and air but not earth. I did feel a warmth rush over me but I didn't hear any words," Vatarin told him.

"Well it wasn't really words it was more like feelings and impressions condensed and refined into a greeting," Harry told him unsure how to explain exactly what he had felt.

"Oh," Vatarin murmured and Harry simply yawned still half asleep. He made a mental note to himself to use a sticking charm to keep Vatarin in his bed in the morning so he could sleep in.

"Kal," Vatarin suddenly shouted from beside him and Harry turned to scowl at him making a note to himself to remember to put a silencing spell on the chipper morning vampire, also.

Turning to see whom Vatarin was shouting at Harry saw a somewhat older boy walking over to their table with a cheerful smile.

"Good morning, little cousin. Who is your friend," the young man asked sitting beside a grumpy Harry.

"Oh no not another morning vampire," Harry groaned burying his head in his arms.

The young man looked to Vatarin questioningly and Vatarin fought down his laughter at his new friend's misery and told his cousin simply "I simply woke him up this morning and for some reason he has been grumpy ever since."

Harry turned to glare at him and hissed "You woke me up at bloody 6 in the morning and then dragged me into the shower and forced me to get ready."

By the end of Harry's little tirade he was nearly shouting and both of the other boys were laughing themselves sick.

"Damn it. Classes don't even start till nine why did you have to wake me up so early," Harry grossed as he buried his head back in his arms trying to ignore the two laughing hyenas to either side of him.

'Definitely have to put up a silencing spell,' he thinks sleepily.

"Harry come on breakfast is here and you don't want to miss breakfast do you," Vatarin tempted him and smelling the delicious smell of fresh waffles Harry reluctantly peeked out of his temporary shelter. Once he was assured that the two of them were no longer laughing at him he loaded several blueberry waffles onto his plate with lots of syrup. He had a feeling he would need the energy to keep up with Vatarin and his demented cousin.

"By the way my name is Kaltamatryin Salinto. But don't worry you can call me Kal. Everyone does," he assured Harry quickly as a dazed look enters his eyes at the shear length of his name.

"Thanks," Harry said in relief then stuck out his hand introducing himself. He had a feeling that he was going to like Kal.

"You're a wizard, aren't you," Kal asked and Harry nodded.

"Is there a problem with that," Harry asked casually but inside he was cringing. He really did not want the others to condemn him because of his species.

"No, it is just that I have not met many wizards or witches. There are not a lot of them at Ga'tarie since most wizards and witches do not have strong elemental talents," Kal reassured him with a warm smile and Harry smiled back.

"So you and Vatarin are cousins?"

"Yep, Vatarin's father is the older brother to my father so we are first cousins but I am only part vampire. My mother is a banshee," Kal explained to him and Harry blinked.

"Do silencing spells work on you," Harry asked fearing the answer.

"Ah…no something I inherited from my mother," Kal said clearly confused at why he would want to know.

"Can you enter our dorm in the morning," Harry pushed and Kal nodded clearly wondering where this was going.

"Do vampire repelling charms work," Harry asked once more and Kal nodded now wondering about his companions sanity.

"Good. I will use repelling charms then. That should make sure both of you respect the sanctity of my sleep," Harry said happy that tomorrow for sure he would be able to sleep at least till 8.

"Um, Harry repelling charms only keep us from getting with ten feet of you. Kal can definitely make himself heard over ten feet," Vatarin tells him and Harry looks between them in disbelief before groaning. He firmly ignores the other two as they howl with laughter deciding to just eat his breakfast.


Despite having been extra early for breakfast and having even left the great hall with a half hour to spare Vatarin and Harry still found themselves having to sprint to their first class of the day, Charms. Apparently Vatarin had an even worse direction sense than Harry and even with the trees help they had still managed to take several wrong turns.

Breathlessly they dashed into the classroom just as the bell rang. At least Harry was breathless Vatarin did not seem overly worked up even after the long dash they had just made. Harry felt happy as he realized that Vatarin could have dashed ahead of him at any time and gotten to his seat with plenty of time to spare but that he had intentionally held back to wait for Harry.

"Thanks," he whispered and Vatarin grinned back.

They sat back in their seats and Harry grinned apologetically as he saw David's father looking at them with slight amused smile on his face.

"I am so glad that you two could join us," David's father said but without any bite or malice.

"Sorry, Professor, we will try to be more punctual," Vantarin said contritely and Harry nodded his agreement.

"I'm sure you will," he said then smiled warmly at them before turning back to the rest of the class and asking them to turn to page 3 in their text books. Harry sighed in relief as he saw that they are doing the levitation charm Wingardium Leviosa. It was a simple enough spell and with his gauntlets on he was sure that he could perform it without any endangering anyone.

He paid attention to Professor Blackstone then turned to the feather that they had been given. He took out his wand and followed the wand movements with care. While he might know a spell from his old world and might remember the wand movements he had found that his body did not remember them and so he had to retrain it to do the movements automatically. Plus his magic now felt different. Before when he was at Hogwarts his magic had felt like a small stream that had been dammed but after everything with Voldemort his magic had seemed to break that imaginary damn and form into a wild rapids. He could grab a part of it only to have it twist to do something else that he subconsciously desired.

It was annoying and made it so that he constantly had to monitor his magic to make sure it would do what he consciously wanted it to do. The power suppressors had helped to tame his magic but he could tells that like a wild animal put in a cage it was just waiting to break loose. That actually made him afraid and so he repressed his magic even more. If it had not been for his promise to David he might have tried to repress his magic once more. But he knew he could not go back on his word so he had been coming up with ways to deal with his magic.

Besides the suppressors he had found that runes worked well to force his magic to take the shape he wanted and only the shape he wanted. His wand also helped slightly to control the magic but for some reason despite him feeling that it was a perfect fit he could also feel that something was wrong with it. He could not bring himself to tell anyone though least they try to fix it. Truth be told he did not want the wand to fit perfectly since when he had fit with his old wand he could literally feel his magic thrumming under his skin.

"Harry, are you alright," Vatarin asked from his side. Harry nodded automatically.

"Are you sure? You don't seem fine," he pressed then added "You are really pale and have been staring at your feather for the last ten minutes. Your heart is also racing and I can smell that you are afraid. I think I had best get the teacher."

Harry panicked at that and gripped his arm tightly.

"You can't," he hissed. Vatarin looked at him fearfully and Harry released him feeling sorry for hurting him.

"I am sorry. I didn't mean to grab you it is just that if you tell them then they may take me out of school. I promise that I can handle it. Just please don't tell," Harry pleaded and Vatarin looked at him seeming conflicted.

"I won't tell but you have to promise that you will be alright," Vatarin said worry still evident in his voice. Harry sighed and quickly promised.

"Is everything alright boys," Professor Blackstone asked from beside them and Harry jumped looking at him with panic filled eyes.

"Everything is fine. I was just showing Harry a variant of the charm that my brother's had taught me," Vatarin lied smoothly and Professor Blackstone smiled.

"Please demonstrate."

"Well….," Vatarin said blushing as many in the class turned to stare at them. Quickly he jabbed his wand forward then up saying clearly "Windosa."

His feather shot into the air and embedded itself into the ceiling. Professor Blackstone nodded approvingly.

"Does anyone know what spell that was," Professor Blackstone asked. No one raised their hand to answer and he nodded.

"That was actually a shorten version of Wingardium Leviosa. It is used in duels a lot. While this version packs a lot of power the user also has far less control especially over smaller and lighter objects. So one should only use it on heavier objects or objects that one does not care if they get broken. It should never be used on another living being," Professor Blackstone lectured adding the last part with a stern look at all of them.

They nodded quickly having no doubt that if any of them were found using it on another living being then their would be hell to pay.

The bell for the end of class rang and the students packed up the rest of their stuff.

"I want a foot and a half on the uses of this charm and the theory behind it," Professor Blackstone called at the mass exodus that his students had formed.

"Boy you would never guess but he can be just as scary as his wife," Harry joked. He was about to ask the trees which way to go when a hand grabbed his arm and pulled him into an unused classroom.

He spun around to face a very pissed off vampire and gulped.

"What was that back there," Vatarin demanded and Harry ducked his head.

"I just have panic attacks sometimes when I am stressed. It shouldn't happen again but if my family or the teachers found out that I had had one they really might take me from school," Harry told him leaving out the fact that it was the use of his magic that panicked him.

"Harry…….," Vatarin started then stopped seeming at a lose as to what to say.

"Listen I know it is weird and if you don't want to talk to me anymore I will understand just please don't tell anyone," Harry pleaded looking up at him. Vatarin stared into his eyes for a second that seems to last much longer then sighed.

"I have already said I will not tell and as for wanting to speak to you, you are my friend and I don't abandon my friends ever," he declared with such sincerity in his voice that Harry grinned and on impulse hugged him.

They stayed like that for a moment before Vatarin ruffled his hair as he bolted for the door. He shouted over his shoulder "You better hurry up or we will be late for class."

Harry groaned and rushed to catch up. He has a feeling that if nothing else he would be in excellent shape before he graduated.


Harry hurried out of the great hall after dinner and ran to the Charms classroom. He was slightly nervous about his detention tonight but also rather excited. He wondered if he could talk Professor Blackstone Senior into telling him about his pranking days it would certainly be informative.

Professor Blackstone calls for him to enter and he opens the door to find him sitting behind his desk with his feet up on the desk reading a Quidditch magazine. Harry grinned relaxing slightly.

"Ah, Harry I am glad to see that you were prompt. We have much to do," Professor Blackstone exclaimed allowing his chair to rest on all fours once more.

"What would you like me to do first, Professor Blackstone," Harry asked but the man simply waved him to a seat in the front of the classroom.

"That was quite some prank you pulled last night. Mind telling me how you did it," Professor Blackstone asked then added "And Harry please call me William. There are far to many Professor Blackstones at this school."

Harry couldn't help but grin back as the man's smile was infectious.

"Well I just simply placed the rune for head then placed on top of that the interlocked runes for favorite and flower. After that I just put around the interlocked runes for favorite and flower the rune for growth. Then it was just a matter of triggering it," Harry told him honestly.

"Quite good," William told him with a chuckle then asked "How long have you been studying runes?"

"A while but I only really started studying them this summer," Harry explained happily.

"Was that so you could use them to do magic without while still being able to restrict your innate magic," William asked and Harry looked up at him in alarm wondering how he had guessed.

William did not wait for his reply just simply continued "Harry, I know that runes allow you to contain and control your magic better but the whole point of you being at school is for you to learn to control your magic without having to rely on outside forces. Runes are wonderful things and I am glad that you are learning them but I would rather you were learning them for a better reason."

"I am sorry," Harry apologized quietly wishing he could just disappear instead of having to face those kind and concerned eyes.

"You don't need to be sorry. I just want you to promise me that you will try to use your magic and if you ever start to panic you can always come talk to me."

Harry looked up at him startled but he is already moving back to his desk to retrieve something. Harry wondered if his words were just by chance or if he actually had realized what was going on in his class today. He had a feeling that it was the former.

William came back to sit in front of him and handed him a book.

"I think we have talked enough about such things. For detention tonight and for the next two nights I am going to have you read this book and see what practical applications you can come up with for the spells in there," he told him then added as Harry started to take out a quill and paper "Any notes that you take are of course for your use only."

With a mischievous grin he sits back behind his desk in order to grade some essays.

Harry stared at him for a few more moments before looking down at the book in his hands. The title reads Useful Spells for the Everyday Occasion by William Blackstone. Harry blinked and looked back up at the professor who is seemingly busy grading papers.

Shrugging, Harry turned to the first page and found a spell for creating a mini lake complete with Slimy Eels on the first page. Flipping through the rest of the first chapter he finds many spells that if used correctly could become the basis for great pranks.

Harry whooped in joy before setting to work making notes on just how he planned to use the different spells.

At the front of the classroom William allowed himself a small grin. His wife and son just did not get it. They thought that talking to Harry would be enough to dispel Harry's fear of his magic but William knew that the only way Harry was going to get past this was if he saw that his magic could help people. And what better way was there to help people than to make them laugh with a good prank?


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