I have some hidden themes in this episode. First is the obvious Wizard of Oz theme carried over from episode 7.19 because I thought it would summarize everything better. I also put in Disney movies just to remind people that things may not be easy but if you want it bad enough you can get your fairy tale happily ever after ending. I used luggage as a metaphor for emotional baggage and there are some hidden messages there.

This is written in story/script form because I like to give readers more visualization of what I see in my head and writing dialogs in script form makes it faster for me.

Season 8 is Great… Episode 1: "To Oz and Back"


Babbette and Miss Patty sat on bench outside of the studio looking very dismayed.

Babbette: "God, it's been boring around here lately. I never realized how freakin slow things here could be,"

Miss Patty: "Well, with Rory away and Lorelai and Luke on that boat trip; nothing exciting happens. I mean usually at least one of them has something interesting going on. They bring a certain amount of entertainment to otherwise boring events. We had to dismiss that town meeting the other day because even Taylor thought it was pointless without them,"

Kirk came by as they were talking.

Kirk: "Hey, does this mean I can put a wig on and pretend to be Lorelai? I can come up with some real snappy comebacks. Lulu will FINALLY be able to be Rory! But then we would have to find someone to be Luke. Miss Patty, I think that role is suited for you,"

Miss Patty: "Excuse me? Why is that?"

Kirk: "Because no one else has that deep, raspy, intimidating voice,"

Miss Patty glared at Kirk.

Kirk: "Five minutes head start?"

Miss Patty: "Two minutes, that's all you get,"

Kirk: "Right,"

Kirk took off running for the hills.

Opening Theme

It was morning and Rory was sleeping in her bed at the Crap Shack (Lorelai's house) when Lorelai came in.

Lorelai cheerfully: "Rise and shine Sleeping Beauty… you don't want to miss your first day!"

Rory groaned and pulled the covers more over her head in an attempt to ignore Lorelai.

Lorelai: "Come on Sleepy… Grumpy and Crazy want you to have breakfast with us until more dwarves join the breakfast club!"

Rory continued to try and ignore her mother.

Lorelai: "I swear if you make me say one more Disney movie reference I'm going to make you suffer for my discomfort…."

Rory just rolled over and waved Lorelai away.

Lorelai nodded for a minute until she jumped into the bed. She jumped up and down scaring Rory into a sitting position. With that Lorelai threw the blanket onto the floor.

Rory: "Mooomm… what did you do THAT for?!"

Lorelai: "I was jealous of the blanket being able to spend more time with you than me! Rory, you can't be late on your first BIG day as a famous reporter! Hurry up, get dressed and meet us for breakfast,"

Rory: "Us?"

Lorelai left the room so Rory could get dressed and Rory entered the kitchen in her reporter's outfit.

There was Luke cooking eggs in a pan.

Rory: "Luke? What are you doing here?"

Luke: "I'm just re-enacting the "This is Your Brain on Drugs" commercial,"

Lorelai who was sitting at the table shouted: "I would like those Drugged-Up eggs scrambled AND I want some Alcoholic French Toast with that!"

Rory: "I don't get it. Didn't we all agree Luke wouldn't cook breakfast here and we would only eat breakfast at the diner?"

Lorelai: "Hey, we can mix things up a little bit now and then, can't we? Unless you have to a blender to do that,"

Rory: "No, you're a woman… you're entitled to change your opinions just the same as me,"

Lorelai: "Sing on Alicia Keys… sing on!"

Rory sat down and minutes later Luke sat plates of food on the table.

Lorelai: "Prince William has nothing on you Luke, seriously this looks AMAZING!"

Luke: "I don't think a prince has much practice cooking so I don't know if that's actually a compliment or not,"

Luke then walked to the counter to pour two cups of coffee. He went back to the table, placed the coffee cups in front of Lorelai and Rory then he sat down.

Lorelai and Rory were about to drink when they suddenly stopped. They stared at the brown, steaming coffee and then sat back with disappointed faces.

Luke: "What?"

They just kept on staring at him until he finally cracked.

Luke: "Okay! Okay, so I poured DECAF instead of regular! There, happy now?"

Rory: "No we are NOT happy, can't you tell from the disgruntled looks on our faces. How could you?"

Lorelai: "Betraying your own coffee like this… Coffee Benedict Arnold!"

Rory: "Yeah, Coffee Benedict Arnold!"

Luke: "It tastes exactly the same… except it has no caffeine!"

Lorelai and Rory together: "That's the point!"

Luke threw his arms up into the air.

Luke: "That's it! I try to better your two lives and this is what I get. Fine, I'll never try to push decaf on you again,"

Lorelai: "Hey, can you do the same for the whole vegetable thing?"

Luke: "Sorry only one request per decade,"

Lorelai pouted: "Cheapskate,"

Lorelai went to reach for the eggs when something caught Rory's eyes and she gasped.

Rory: "What is that?"

Lorelai followed Rory's gaze to the diamond ring on her finger.

Lorelai: "It's a ring and not an union one either,"

Rory: "I know that, what I mean is where did you get that ring?"

Lorelai: "Well considering I'm married now… at my wedding. It's tradition and you know I'm a sucker for that sort of thing,"

Rory shot out of her seat and stood up.

Rory: "You're MARRIED? How? When? Huh?"

Lorelai: "Wow, Jessica Simpson has nothing on you right now. Why are you asking me that consider you were IN the wedding,"

Rory was perplexed.

Rory: "I was?"

Lorelai: "Of course,"

Rory: "You married Luke?"

Lorelai: "No, I married Orlando Bloom… of course I married Luke,"

Luke: "Otherwise we wasted thousands of dollars just for a buffet and some cake,"

Rory: "I was there, at the wedding?"

Lorelai: "You were my Bridesmaid so I hope you were, unless you cloned yourself and your stand-in was there instead. Davy was the ring Barer, April was the Flower Girl, you and Sookie were my Bridesmaids, Mom was dragged into it as my Maid of Honor and there were a few minor glitches at the ceremony but we got through it. Don't you remember? During the Reception Kirk got too close to the candle table piece and caught his tie on fire,"

Rory: "He did?"

Lorelai: "Oh yeah and then Lulu tried to snuff the fire out by throwing what was in her glass at him. She forgot she was drinking wine and so not only was Kirk drenched but also the flames got really close to his face. Jackson grabbed a fire extinguisher and doused Kirk with it. I've never seen someone so white before in my life… not even if Conan O'Brien was at an R&B concert,"

Rory: "Wow, that's worse than Michael Jackson and the hair grease incident… all though he did end up whiter after that,"

Lorelai: "It's because he's Spontaneous Combustible Kirk…. he should've been in "Heroes" he could have his own action figure,"

Rory: "Hmm, a Spontaneous Combustible Kirk action figure? I would buy one. Though I think it would be a little too dangerous for kids. So why don't I remember any of this?"

Luke: "Wait a minute Lorelai, I know why she doesn't remember. She doesn't remember because she wasn't there,"

Lorelai: "Oh, THAT'S right…. LANE was my bridesmaid because Rory couldn't make it,"

Rory: "Lane was? Instead of me? Why?"

Lorelai: "You were too busy with following Barrack Obama around that you couldn't make it to the wedding,"

Rory: "That's not true I would never chose my profession over…."

Rory stopped speaking and looked down at the table.

Luke: "It's okay. We understand perfectly,"

Lorelai cheerfully: "You're career is far more important than anything else and sure you were miserable at the time but look at you now! You're going to be traveling with Christina Amenport writing articles about your time with her! It was worth it, wasn't it?"

Rory looked up at Lorelai and Luke with a sad face.

Suddenly, a Death Metal song broke through. Rory woke up and practically fell out of bed as the loud music vibrated through her room. She looked around realizing where she really was. She was in a cramped apartment room, with holes in the ceiling that dripped water with the rain outside, she walked out of her bedroom to the living room where there was a beaten up green couch, she went to the kitchen where a rat ran across her the sink, papers covered her table and her apartment looked bare. She sighed heavily and then got ready for work.

Luke's truck attached to a boat behind it, pulled into the Crap Shack's driveway. Lorelai practically hung out of the passenger window.

Luke: "Well, we made to Stars Hollow,"

Lorelai: "Just barely! I know I should be grateful you uncancelled the cancelled boat trip to take me with you but I ended up puking the entire time we were there!"

Luke: "That definitely sucked,"

Lorelai: "When Dean Martin sang: "Don't Rock the Boat" he wasn't kidding! It was like being on an endless roller coaster while eating Hot Dogs,"

Luke: "Come on, don't you think you're exaggerating a little bit?"

Lorelai: "I am NOT! I have officially tossed so many cookies, the Cookie Monster now thinks I'm his best friend,"

Luke: "Sookie will be very disappointed to hear she has been ousted that position by a Muppet,"

Lorelai and Luke got out of the truck. They went to the bed of the truck to start removing their luggage.

Lorelai: "I'll never be able to look at a lobster the same way again,"

Luke: "The lobster sure got the last laugh in the end,"

Lorelai: "Not true; I was spewing Louie over the side of the boat,"

Luke: "Spewing Louie?"

Lorelai: "Yes, Louie the Lobster,"

Luke: "You named the lobster you ate?"

Lorelai: "Well I did that because if I tried to explain what happened and said: "I was spewing a lobster over the side of the boat" it's a little too descriptive. Also a little dirty. But when I said: "I was spewing Louie over the side of the boat" it give it an air of mystery… a little whimsy"

Luke: "No, it just made it sound like you threw a pirate over the side of the boat,"

Lorelai: "Or that,"

Lorelai and Luke were busy gathering their stuff until a sudden thought hit Lorelai.

Lorelai: "Hey wait a minute… how come YOU didn't get seasick?"

Luke backed away from the truck being thrown by that question.

Luke: "Ah well… you know… I just have a high tolerance for it comes from all those years of fishing,"

Lorelai: "But you always fished at the LAKE, you never fished in the ocean,"

Lorelai now backed away from the truck to stare at Luke trying to read his face.

Lorelai: "You did…. didn't you? You took one of those thingies!"

Luke: "Thingies?"

Lorelai: "Yes, one of those seasickness Chiclets!"

Luke: "They are called…"

Lorelai pointed to Luke in triumph.

Lorelai: "Ah ha…. So you DID take one of those! I can't believe this! How could you Luke?"

Luke: "Well I was the captain of the boat, I couldn't afford to be spewing Louie. Besides I only had one left,"

Lorelai: "So you didn't think to share it with me or even be gracious enough to sacrifice your own personal discomfort for your girlfriend?"

Luke was trying to defend himself.

Luke: "I didn't think you would be THAT bad. Especially since you were so busy at the time talking to the whales and dolphins in that annoying, high-pitched fake dolphin noise,"

Lorelai: "I was only trying to warn them away from me! I didn't want to be spewing Louie all over them and then have them attacking the boat out of anger like Moby Dick. I did it to save us!"

Luke sighed: "I'm sure they appreciated the warning but I thought it meant you felt okay at the time,"

Lorelai: "When we went to the hotel; why didn't you buy a pack of the seasickness Chiclets since I was really bad at that point?"

Luke: "I didn't think of it and you didn't think of it either,"

Lorelai marched away.

Luke: "Lorelai, what about the stuff?!"

Lorelai: "After what I just found out, you're lucky I'm even still talking to you! You're going to make it up by bringing all the luggage inside by yourself,"

Luke rolled his eyes.

Luke groaned: "I guess so,"

Lorelai was going to head for the door when the mailbox suddenly caught her attention. She diverted to the mailbox and by the time she got there Luke was right behind her carrying luggage.

Lorelai bent down to open the mailbox when suddenly postcards literally came flooding out. Lorelai had to squat down to catch them all before they landed on the ground. Her arms were FULL of postcards.

Luke: "I've never seen so many postcards in my life. Rory has gone postcard crazy,"

Lorelai: "I guess there isn't much else to do when you're so busy on the road following politicians… unless you're Monica Lewinski that is,"

Luke headed towards the house; Lorelai started reading some of the postcards as she followed him. As he opened the door, he heard Lorelai gasp; "Oh dear,".

When he walked inside the door, she gasped again: "Oh dear,". When he reached the family room she gasped once again; "Oh dear,"

Luke: "Okay, that's it… what kind of "dear" are you gasping about? The "Yes, I shot Bambi's mother" kind of deer?"

Lorelai: "More like: "Dear God, why is it always the nice ones who get eaten first?" kind of dear. These postcards are reading like an Alfred Hitchcock script,"

Lorelai sat on the couch and Luke joined her after he literally dropped all of the luggage on the floor.

Lorelai: "This one states; she got so bored with having to write about the same things over and over again that she decided to talk to the online magazine about following other politicians around as well. They thought she might be better suited for an actual newspaper so they got her a job at a small newspaper in Ohio,"

Luke: "What?"

Lorelai: "Yeah and THIS one told me; she was forced to rent an apartment where it makes "Joe's Apartment" look like the "Sheraton". She's on the top floor and the ceiling leaks when it rains, rats have invaded the kitchen, the place is practically falling apart, and the girl who lives in the apartment under her plays Death Metal music just as the sun comes up every morning. Some kind of wake up call, huh?"

Luke: "Geez,"

Lorelai: "That's not all, either. THIS one says; the newspaper where she works at is horrible. The boss gives her too many assignments to do at once. Also one female reporter she works with is CONVINCED Rory's there to try and replace her so she's out to get her like Tanya Harding to Nancy Kerrigan. The girl gave her a name of a witness to a crime but it turned out to be a fake witness and Rory is getting in trouble for it,"

Luke: "I can't believe all of this happened in just a month,"

Lorelai: "Luke…."

Luke turned to look at her pleading face.

Luke: "Lorelai, no. You told me before the boat trip to pinky promise and make sure you don't visit Rory. Because you didn't want to interfere with her new life and make it harder for her to deal with issues on her own,"

Lorelai: "I know but she's BEGGING me to visit her…"

Luke: "She is not,"

Lorelai held up a postcard with huge letters: "COME GET ME OUTTA HERE!", another one that said; "REDRUM", one that said: "I DON'T CARE, I WANT MY MOMMY!" and another one that said: "PLEASE WIZARD GET ME BACK HOME- Dorothy"

Luke: "Lorelai I know it's hard for you but what you made me promise you to do is the best thing for her,"

Lorelai: "But I can't just IGNORE her when she needs me,"

Luke: "But if she asks you to help her now, what will stop her from doing the same thing every time something doesn't go the way she wants?"

Lorelai pouted: "Not fair,"

Luke: "No it's not, but that's life. Now I have to get back to the diner and put in a few hours because April will be here in three days. She and I are going to have two weeks to spend together and I would like to make sure things are in order at the diner. Is that okay with you?"

Lorelai put on a bright smile.

Lorelai: "Of course, go and do what you have to,"

Luke nodded, kissed her and left the couch. The second Luke left the house, Lorelai was looking around fidgeting. Finally, her eyes fell to the phone and she ran for it.

Lorelai dialed a number and then took a deep breath.

Lorelai: "Hello, can I speak to Emily Gilmore…. Yes, it's her daughter; Lorelai,"

Lorelai waited for a minute until Emily answered the phone.

Emily: "Oh Lorelai…. What are you calling me for?"

Lorelai: "Uh, just letting you know that I'm back,"

Emily: "Oh… all right. So how was the… business trip, was it?"

Lorelai laughed nervously: "Oh you know business trips… just one, big stomach ache,"

Emily: "I wouldn't know,"

Lorelai: "Right, right… sorry,"

Emily: "Okay Lorelai, that's it. Why on Earth did you call me and why are you stalling?"

Lorelai sighed.

Lorelai: "I got a huge pile of postcards from Rory…"

Emily: "If you are trying to rub that into my face, it won't work because she also sent us postcards,"

Lorelai: "That's not what I'm trying to get at here so please at least let me FINISH what I'm going to say before you bash me,"

Emily huffed: "Fine,"

Lorelai: "Okay so I don't know what kind of postcards you got from Rory but I doubt they tell what is really going on with her…"

Rory entered the newspaper office and ran past a couple of desks until a short blond lady literally stepped in her way.

Lady sarcastically: "The boss is waiting for you…. I wonder what that angry face of his is all about?"

Rory: "I don't know Amber maybe it's because of the false character witness you gave me,"

Amber batted her eyes while she replied innocently: "I have no idea what you're talking about,"

Just then a man with gray hair and a mustache interrupted them.

Man: "Miss Gilmore, my office… NOW,"

Rory gulped, passed Amber a death glare and then walked away. She entered the office where the boss sat down at his desk.

Boss: "I assume you know why I called you here,"

Rory: "Yes but I was setup… I didn't purposely…"

Boss: "It doesn't matter to me whether it was a setup or not. If you do claim a setup among your co-workers you better have proof. Otherwise, you have to take responsibility for this yourself. It's a reporter's job to dig for the truth and keep sources confidential. It's also a reporter's duty to double-check facts and sources before having their articles publish. We hate Judy Miller-type reporters because they hurt a newspaper's credibility. It's a harsh world out there Miss Gilmore and I'm not sure you are fully prepared for it,"

Rory: "I am sir! I am totally capable of being professional when it comes to reporting! It's just, Amber gave me the name of the source and I assumed it was reliable,"

Boss: "Amber? Amber would never do such a thing. She is a hard, dedicated reporter of whom you should aspire to be more like. Now I've had enough of your excuses. Suck it up Miss Gilmore and be a fighter,"

Rory: "Yes, sir. I won't let you down again,"

Boss: "I hope not because most other reporters in your place, I would have fired by now. I'm a little more lenient on you because you're a nice girl who is new to this field of work and I feel sorry for you. However, pity isn't going to last forever. I'm giving you tomorrow off so you can reflect on your mistakes and come into work the next day with the kind of attitude you are going to need if you're going to make it in the Real World,"

Rory nodded as she replied with: "I understand, sir. Thank-you, sir,"

Boss: "Please call me Mr. Jones… sir makes me feel like a drill sergeant,"

Rory: "Yes si… I mean; yes, Mr. Jones,"

Mr. Jones nodded and then waved her to exit. Rory quickly bowed and then made her way to the door. She opened it and closed it behind her just as Amber walked by.

Amber snickered: "See you later, Judy Miller. Have fun with your pity party,"

Rory wanted desperately to say something back at her but she couldn't think of what to say. Instead she just turned around and marched away.

She entered her apartment to see a huge enveloped with a letter attached to it under her door. She read the address and she could hardly believe whom it was from.

"Paris Gellar"

Rory quickly opened the letter.


It doesn't take a genius to figure out that you are probably going crazier than Britney Spears right now. Political aspirations were never your cup of tea… especially considering you HATE tea. Not to mention, I'm assuming living in farming country is giving you horrible: "Children of the Corn" flashbacks when you're not bored to death. In this case being the genius and saint that I am; I kept an eye out for a job more suitable for you. I think I found just the position for you. A full time columnist for the Entertainment Section of the "Boston News" paper. It includes; television, movies, music and theater. I thought you could start small and work your way up to front page. You can thank me when you get here. I sent you not only an application for the position but also the newspaper clipping where I saw the Want Ad. Of course you have to send them a resume and references because it's the only way they are going to hire you. Don't disappoint me Gilmore,"

Emily: "You want me to buy an airplane ticket for you today for tomorrow morning, so you can go and visit Rory in Ohio?"

Lorelai: "Yes, it's too late for me to get a ticket but with your amazing influences I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem for you to get one…"

Emily: "Two,"

Lorelai: "Two, what?"

Emily: "Two airplane tickets to Ohio. I'm going to join you there as well,"

Lorelai's eyes widened in horror.

Lorelai: "What? Don't you have a DAR function or something?"

Emily: "There is a function tonight and then an opening ceremony tomorrow morning for something I am sure would bore you to hear about. After that, I'll be available to go,"

Lorelai: "Mom…"

Emily: "Lorelai, if Rory is having problems in Ohio and needs the support of her family, then why can't I go? Just because you're going to be there too?"

Lorelai sighed in defeat: "Of course not, Mom,"

Emily: "Good. I'll make a call and get you a ticket for tomorrow morning, a ticket for myself in the afternoon and have both of them mailed to your house. Just don't forget to have Rory pick me up from the airport at 3 PM or I'll never cooperate with you ever again. Got it?"

Lorelai: "Loud and clear… unfortunately,"

Emily: "Pleasure doing business with you,"

Lorelai: "Business… I've had enough of that word,"

Emily: "See you tomorrow Lorelai,"

Emily hung up the phone and Lorelai hung up too.

Lorelai then dialed another number.

Lorelai: "Hey Michel, it's Lorelai. Is Sookie there? Enough with the complaints just put her on the phone all ready! Hello… Sookie? Hi, it's Lorelai. Well, I'll tell you about the trip later but I called to let you know I can't come into work tomorrow… yeah my mother and I have a certain arrangement to attend together. I will definitely tell you about THAT later, too. Thank-you so much Sookie, I hate that I've been away from the Dragon Fly for so long especially with you being pregnant and all. Thanks again, Sookie,"

Lorelai hung up, looked at one of Rory's postcards and then smiled with relief.

The next morning Luke flipped over the chairs of the diner when Lane came through the door.

Luke: "Lane!"

Lane: "Oh Luke, you're back!"

They hugged a little and then backed away.

Lane: "How was your trip?"

Luke: "Very interesting…. to say the least. How was Zach's touring gig?"

Lane: "It was amazing. It was like he was Jim Morrison, minus the drugs. The crowd cheered so much I almost went deaf a couple of times there! Even though I could only make it to the New York and Boston concerts, I had a great time. He was happy and I was happy for him,"

Luke: "Good for him. How was it coping without him for a while?"

Lane: "It was hard but with Momma and Brian helping to keep me company; I managed,"

Luke was done with the tables and so he went behind the counter to set things up to open.

Lane: "You know, at first it was really hard with him being far away and me alone with the babies. But the more I thought about it, it was the best decision I could've made. We're in a marriage together. We have to be able to compromise and make sacrifices for each other. In the end when he came home; we had such a good time together it made up for all the times I missed him. It was a great feeling. I enjoy the moments I spend with him even more now. Do you know how good that feels like?"

Luke replied with: "Yeah… I think I do,"

Rory was rudely awakened by the drowning sounds of the Death Metal music that flooded through the floor. Very groggy she shuffled away from the bedroom, passed the living room and into the kitchen. She tried to turn the faucet on to pour water into a pot for coffee. The pipes suddenly made terrible noise and nothing came out. Rory was so scared that she quickly shut it off. She stared at the empty pot in her hand.

Rory groaned: "Figures,"

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Rory could barely hear it through the music blaring but she finally did. She walked up to the door and opened it to see Lorelai shoving coffee in a cup at her.

Lorelai: "Door to door coffee, kicking vacuums' butts,"

Rory was confused.

Rory: "Mom? Is that really you or has the music scrambled my brain and I'm imagining you're here?"

Lorelai: "Nope, I'm not a music hallucination or a coffee-deprived mirage,"

Rory jumped and hugged Lorelai so fast Lorelai hardly had time to secure the cups of coffee so they wouldn't spill.

Rory: "I'm so glad you're here… you have no idea how…"

Lorelai: "I can guess considering you're practically breaking my spine hugging me,"

Finally after a long minute, Rory stepped back and let Lorelai into the building. Lorelai looked around and her jaw almost dropped to the ground.

Lorelai: "This is so much worse than what you described!"

Rory grabbed the coffee from Lorelai and gulped it down.

Lorelai suddenly covered her ears when the Death Rock music got louder.

Lorelai: "That's it! I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Lorelai took something out of her purse and showed it to Rory. It was a CD.

Rory: "Mom, what are you doing?"

Lorelai: "Fighting fire with fire. A battle of the bands, so to speak,"

Lorelai marched over to Rory's pathetic excuse of a CD player, placed her coffee down next to it, popped in the CD, turned the dial all the way to the other side and a second later: "You Give Love a Bad Name" from Bon Jovi played even louder than the Death Metal music. Lorelai and Rory covered their ears in an attempt to try and lessen the impact.

A minute later a female figure bust through the door and she placed her arms on her hips. The girl was about Rory's age but all in black and definitely dressed the Death Metal part.

Lorelai lowered the volume on the radio.

Girl: "EXCUSE me but I am TRYING to work and your loud music is interrupting my creative process!"

Lorelai and Rory shot each other amused looks. They then turned to the girl and shot her serious looks.

Rory: "We will if you will. I don't know if you're aware of this or not; but there are other people who live in this apartment besides you and I don't think they are pleased being woken up early in the morning by the sounds of Death Metal echoing through the walls. I know I hate it. If you don't play your music loudly during the morning then I won't play my music loudly during the afternoons when I'm writing articles. Otherwise, it's full blast all the way,"

The girl huffed: "Fine,"

She whirled away from them and stomped to the door. She exited with a "Bang!" as she slammed the door behind her.

Lorelai and Rory sighed in relief when they heard the Death Metal silence.

Rory: "Thanks,"

Lorelai: "That's what I'm here for. Now that we can talk I think we seriously need to discuss some things,"

Rory and Lorelai sat down on her bed.

Lorelai took a deep breath.

Lorelai: "Honey, you don't have to put up with this. I'm not telling you to quit or you can't do this. You're young and because you're young there are so many opportunities out in the world for you to try. Even if plans don't work out the way you want them to, you can still make a change to work through it. You shouldn't have to live in conditions like this and with a job you hate. It will just make you miserable and you'll lose your determination to thrive. When I had you and my parents went control hungry I knew that if I had stayed there I would become a person I didn't want to be… and you would be like that too. So I had to gather my courage and remove myself from that situation. I had to go and be somewhere I loved even though I knew it would be hard. I didn't have anything other than my own determination not to let you down… or myself. I not only built up a career but also my life and now my whole life is in Stars Hollow. It's an incredible feeling when you find a home where you belong. Like in the "Wizard of Oz", I'm the Wizard and I'm saying; it's up to you which road to take in your life. You can do it on your own but chances are you won't make by yourself. But if you let people in to help build up your confidence and your life, then before you know it; you'll find your way home to where you truly belong. So Dorothy; go all the way… to Oz and back,"

Rory looked at Lorelai with gratefulness in her face.

Rory: "Thank-you for being here,"

Lorelai: "Anytime, honey. I'll always be around for you… remember that. Even if I'm not there physically,"

Rory nodded.

Lorelai: "What do YOU want to do about your life?"

Rory: "There is a job I want in Boston but I probably have to excel at work here in order to get it. With what happened recently I know I won't get it unless things are fixed here first,"

Lorelai stood up.

Lorelai: "Well, let's go then. Just call me Miss Fix-It,"

Lorelai started walking out of the room. Rory had to jolt off the bed and run to catch up.

Rory called out to her: "Mom, wait!"

Luke walked to the Crap Shack's door. He knocked but no one answered. He tried the knob and found it swung open easily.

Luke commented dryly: "Why doesn't she just put a big target symbol on her door to advertise and let every crook in the state ransack her house?"

He walked inside. He went looking around when he spotted a note on the answering machine. It read:

"Luke, in Ohio visiting Rory. Will be back tomorrow. Take care of Paul Anka…. Thanks!- Lorelai"

Luke: "I should've guessed,"

Just then Paul Anka came by with some sort of paper in his mouth.

Luke: "What is that?"

Paul Anka sat so Luke could take whatever was in his mouth.

Luke bent over, grabbed it… wiped it against his shirt with a disgusted look on his face, and then examined the paper. It was an airplane ticket. Suddenly, the phone rang and without thinking Luke picked it up.

Luke: "Hello?"

Emily: "Uh, hello…?"

Luke winced.

Luke: "I guess it's too late to pretend to be the answering machine, right?"

Emily: "Luke, is that you? What in the Devil's Palace are you doing answering Lorelai's phone?"

Luke: "Oh well, I'm breaking into houses answering phones and since I was in the neighborhood I decided: "Hey… why not?"

Emily paused for a long moment.

Luke: "That was a joke,"

Emily: "I'm not an imbecile, I got it was a joke. I'm trying to figure out why you would be answering Lorelai's house phone,"

Luke stuttered: "Well… she…. And…. Well, I…. Um…. Then…."

Emily: "Are you capable of making full sentences some time soon?"

Luke: "Lorelai went to Ohio to visit Rory and before she left, she asked me to take care of Paul Anka. Then she told me she was expecting an important phone call and I didn't think so I just answered,"

Emily: "I suppose that make sense. I called because I wanted to see if Lorelai actually went to Ohio or not. I was going to accompany them there in a little bit…. my plane ticket should be there,"

Luke: "Yeah, it's right here,"

Emily: "It seems I won't be needing it any longer,"

Luke: "Why not? What happened?"

Luke walked over to the couch and sat down. Paul Anka jumped up and lay down next to him. Luke studied the ticket.

Emily: "Oh one of the ladies at the DAR, her husband lost his job last night JUST before this banquet. We had to postpone the banquet and make it for tonight. Now we're scrambling around trying to find someone to replace her,"

Luke: "Replace her?"

Emily: "Yes, she was the Treasurer of the DAR. How would it look to have a member of a highly respected organization being the treasurer while living off of Welfare and retirement money … it's a felony waiting to happen,"

Luke sarcastically: "So what would happen if someone went Bankrupt there? Would they have to face a guillotine like in the French Revolution or something?"

Emily: "We are not French Aristocrats, we are merely trying to avoid a future catastrophe. Anyway, I have no idea why any of this is of any concern to you,"

Luke: "I was just curious,"

Luke looked around while there was a moment of silence.

Emily sarcastically: "Are we done now or do I need your permission to hang up?"

Luke: "Go ahead, fine by me. I mean Lorelai made me promise not to let her go and visit Rory if she was having a hard time. Obviously she didn't care about permission there,"

Emily: "Are you moping? I can't believe this. Listen; supposing it was APRIL who was having a hard time and asked YOU to go and help her out… would you?"

Luke: "Yes but she's just a teenager… Rory is an adult now,"

Emily: "It doesn't matter. Some girls get discouraged very easily no matter how old they are. Rory is one of those kinds of girls. She is talented and stubborn but when Rory becomes overwhelmed by uncontrollable situations; she needs the support of the people she cares about. Rory needs us to remind herself of the ability to exceed. Lorelai is only doing what a mother in that situation should do. Once a mother… always a mother. Whether we like it or not. When we are not mothers to our own children, we're mothers of our children's children because once there is a bond there it can't be broken. There have been many times when Richard and I have tried our best to encourage Rory when she was unsure but we ended up falling short. Apparently Lorelai is the only one who she has a level of understanding which rivals that of Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson. Having a relationship like that is something, which should be cherished and honored. I myself wanted to be there but with the sudden crisis at the DAR; again I'm falling short. Do you understand now or do I need to simplify my vocabulary?"

Luke was so busy looking around at the empty house and then staring at the ticket, he didn't hear Emily's last snarky question.

Emily: "Being ignored by Lorelai is bad enough but I refuse to be ignored by you,"

That got to Luke.

Luke: "I was NOT ignoring you…trust me there is no way I can do that. I just thought of something and I didn't know if I should bring it up or not?"

Emily sighed.

Emily: "What now?"

Luke: "Are you absolutely sure you can't make it to Ohio?"

Emily: "We had to postpone the banquet ceremony because of this situation and I need to address it first so we can run the banquet tonight. There isn't the slightest possibility that I can make it to Ohio and back in time,"

Luke: "So you definitely don't need the ticket?"

Emily: "Of course not. Why do you insist on asking me these ridiculous, obvious questions?"

Luke: "I know this is probably inappropriate for me to ask but… is there anyway you can let me have the plane ticket and have the name switched on it?"

Emily was totally thrown by that request.

Emily: "What? Are you serious? You want me to change the ticket to under your name? Does that mean you want to go to Ohio?"

Luke: "If everything really is like what you said then I think I should be there for Rory too,"

Emily: "I swear sometimes you confuse me more than Lorelai does. If you really feel that strongly about it then…all right. I'll make a call but you have to be at the airport for the exact time on that ticket… which is in an hour,"

Luke leapt off of the couch in a hurry. He scrambled to feed Paul Anka while talking on the phone.

Luke: "An hour? I'm going to have to switch into overdrive here but I'll definitely make it,"

Emily: "Fine, I'll make the call,"

Luke: "Thank-you Emily,"

Luke quickly hung up the phone without even thinking about what he just said.

Richard called out for Emily and when he entered the room where Emily was with the phone, he stopped. Emily stood there staring at the phone in her hands until she finally hung it back up and turned around to face Richard.

Emily: "Our suspicious are correct; Lorelai and Luke really ARE back together,"

Richard: "How do you know that? Did one of them just tell you?"

Emily: "Oh no… but Luke answered her phone, he actually listened to what I had to say, and he called me Emily. I KNEW it! When those two went off together during Rory's departure party, they came back completely different then when they left. They just kept on shooting revolting "goo goo" eyes back and forth between each other the rest of the night. They smiled a lot and I caught them hugging goodnight VERY tightly. Not to mention I kept on asking her where she got that necklace of hers and she avoided giving me an answer EVERY TIME. She has yet to go one day without wearing it. He must've given her the necklace. I mean Lorelai, on a month long business trip? You don't have to be Sherlock to figure out she probably went somewhere with Luke the entire time,"

Richard: "So why didn't you just confront them about it?"

Emily: "Because I'm going to let Lorelai sweat it out until she has enough guts to tell me herself. She still isn't able to understand; the longer she holds things from us, the worse it's going to be,"

Richard: "That's why you're called the cobra in the DAR. You know just the right time to strike. Do be careful she doesn't bite your head off before you are able to make your move. The last thing we need is a dragged-out fight between you two,"

Emily: "Don't worry, she won't see it coming. I have to go and get the next mess out of the way,"

Emily left the room and Richard followed her.

Lorelai and Rory entered the newspaper building. They approached a room with many desks in it. There, Rory spotted Amber sitting and writing furiously at one of the desks. She pointed her out to Lorelai.

Lorelai: "Okay Rory, now just like we rehearsed…"

Rory: "I don't know if this is going to work but it's worth a try,"

Rory marched up to Amber.

Rory: "Amber, we need to talk about something… in private,"

Amber: "Whatever you say to me you can say in public,"

Rory: "I have proof that you spoke to the witness ahead of time before I did,"

With that Amber rose to her feet and met glares with Rory.

Amber: "The film developing room seems private enough,"

Amber lead the way to the tiny, Dark Room and the two went inside. Lorelai waited a few minutes until finally they both came out. Amber was cocky as ever and paraded around the room in triumph. Rory stayed behind feigning being upset until Amber passed by Lorelai and left the building. When the coast was clear, Rory smiled and joined up with Lorelai.

Lorelai: "So, did you get it?"

Rory held up a tape recorder with a huge grin.

Rory: "Every last word,"

Lorelai: "Good to see all those years of watching "Charlie's Angels" is going to good use,"

Lorelai and Rory walked to through that room into the newspaper room where Mr. Jones's office was close to. Lorelai stayed behind while Rory walked up to her boss's door and knocked.

Mr. Jones: "Come in,"

Rory took a deep breath and then opened the door. She made sure to close it behind her.

Mr. Jones: "Oh Miss Gilmore, I thought I gave you the day off?"

Rory: "You did but just because you gave me a day off doesn't mean I'm going to sit around all day doing nothing. I'm a reporter so I've been getting to bottom of something,"

Mr. Jones: "I like your way of thinking. So what are you here for?"

Rory held up a videotape.

Rory: "THIS is a video tape from the garage where we park our cars. In it you will Amber talking to someone. This same someone turns out to be the witness I talked to the day after this was taken,"

Mr. Jones accepted the tape.

Mr. Jones: "How did you get this? Aren't security tapes supposed to be confidential?"

Rory: "I had someone help me who is very persuasive and she got the tape for me,"

Mr. Jones: "I still think that's illegal, but okay,"

Rory held up her voice recorder.

Rory: "THIS is a conversation I secretly taped when Amber and I were having a discussion about this situation. In it she clearly states how she convinced the fake witness to lie to me by giving him money (which you can see happen in the video tape). It also states the reason why she did it; because she was hoping to sink me in fear that you might be trying to replace her with myself,"

Rory played a little bit of the voice recording so Mr. Jones could clearly hear Amber's voice saying "I did it, so what?"

Rory: "This is not the behavior of a professional workplace if associates are allowed to manipulate co-workers by making illegal arrangements in attempts to make themselves appear superior. I am not here for people to step all over me or for people to have pity for me. I am here to be a reporter and tell the truth about things sometimes people might not want to hear. It has been my dream to become a famous reporter and I'm not about to let all that I have worked for be for nothing. I have bigger aspirations than this but I am willing to stick it out so I can get there. So give me whatever you've got because I can take it,"

Mr. Jones sat there for a minute until he finally smiled.

Mr. Jones: "Just what I was hoping to see from you Miss Gilmore… guts. You need guts to make it in this business. I will have a talk with Miss Adams but this may not have any affect on her. Reporting is a hostile profession. You need to be able to stand up for yourself and push other people out of your way so you can stand out. Keep this in mind,"

Rory nodded.

Rory: "I will,"

Mr. Jones nodded.

Mr. Jones: "Good. Then you may leave. I will see you here tomorrow,"

Rory: "I look forward to it,"

Rory left the voice recorder on his desk, turned around and walked out of the office. She closed the door behind her and met up with Lorelai.

Lorelai: "How did it go?"

Rory smiled.

Rory: "Just like you thought it would. I'm glad you were able to flirt with that security guy so I could swipe the tape. I had to leave the voice recorder on his desk, I hope you didn't need it,"

Lorelai: "I had bought that for business class because I thought it might help me but I always ended up forgetting to hit the record button so I gave up on it. I kept it for no apparent reason and when I read the postcard I got the idea to take it with me,"

Rory: "I'm glad you did,"

Lorelai suddenly looked at her watch.

Lorelai: "Oh, I almost forgot about Mom! We have to hurry over to the airport to pick her up or she'll NEVER forgive me,"

Rory: "Let's go then,"

Lorelai and Luke were in the front of Rory's car while Rory sat in the back. All three of them sat in silence until finally Lorelai broke the ice.

Lorelai: "Oh I get it now, you pulled a Freaky Friday with my mother and switched bodies, right?"

Lorelai gasped in melodramatic horror: "Oh my God, I can't tell you how this is going to effect my sex life!"

Luke growled: "Lorelai,"

Rory: "Really Luke, why are you here and not Grandma?"

Luke: "Well Emily called the house when I was there and I accidentally picked up the phone…"

Lorelai: "Oh Luke, you didn't…"

Luke: "I got the feeling she didn't know about us right away,"

Rory: "Mom, you didn't tell Grandma you're back together with Luke yet?"

Lorelai: "I'm sorry but I JUST couldn't tell her! The last time I saw her was before our trip at a Friday Night Dinner. She was only mildly insulting and kept the judgmental comments to an under five minimum. When I was talking to her on the phone yesterday, I just didn't want all of that to come crashing down twenty-four hours before we would have to take a plane together back to Hartford,"

Luke: "Good thing I picked up on that because I did my best to mislead her away from suspicions,"

Lorelai: "Ah ha, so YOU didn't tell her about us either!"

Luke: "She's not MY mother so it's not MY responsibility to tell her. I'm not going to get my head bitten off in place of you,"

Rory: "Anyhow, what did Grandma have to say?"

Luke: "She wanted to see if Lorelai was in Ohio because she couldn't make it here. I had her ticket so I thought I would just take her place. End of story,"

Lorelai: "But the ticket was in my mother's name…."

Luke: "I asked her if she could make a switch,"

Lorelai: "And she listened?"

Luke: "On occasion I guess even Saddam Hussein had days when he cooperated with people he didn't like… of course it would change the next day after he had them killed,"

Lorelai: "Okay but why did you come here?"

Luke paused for a minute then he confessed.

Luke: "It was a little too quiet in Stars Hollow without you being so loud and obnoxious. Besides, after a few things your mother said about being there for Rory I sort of realized I should be here too. If Rory needs support from the people who care about her then I need to be here,"

Rory: "Luke, you don't HAVE to be here,"

Luke: "I WANT to be here, Rory. So leave it at that. I'm here now and I assume your mother has plans to liven things up with you. So where to?"

Lorelai: "Since there isn't much to do around here I figured dinner and a movie. Followed by a night stroll through farming country,"

Rory: "Sure, that sounds like fun,"

Lorelai, Rory and Luke were walking from Rory's car to a Chinese Restaurant. They passed by several small stores and Luke got distracted by one of them. Lorelai had to grab his arm and drag him along to a building called: "Dragon Foo". Outside, it was a VERY small, run-down looking place. However, when they walked inside; it was a beautifully decorated Chinese establishment. It was small with only ten tables, a large fish tank and a stage area for Karaoke but this gave it some charm.

Lorelai: "Wow, Mulan Rouge,"

Rory: "I am definitely liking this place,"

Luke: "Why don't you sit down and decide what to eat. Knowing you two I'm sure you'll order enough that I can pick something out of. I just have to go out… I forgot to pick up something I need,"

Lorelai: "You flew all the way over here to be with us and you're sick of us all ready?"

Luke: "It's not that big a deal, I just have to take care of something and I don't want to interrupt your dining rituals,"

Rory: "It IS dangerous to do that. It's okay Luke, you don't have to escort us around we'll be fine,"

Luke: "Just stay here, order and then I'll be right back,"

With that Luke took off and Lorelai and Rory found a table to sit at. They were looking over the menu when a thought occurred to Rory.

Rory: "So how was that boat trip with Luke?"

Lorelai: "Oh Rory, not before I'm about to eat Chinese food… please,"

Rory: "What does that mean?"

Lorelai: "I spent the entire time puking my guts up,"

Rory: "Ew, Mom!"

Lorelai: "I'm sorry I should've said; I was spewing Louie,"

Rory: "Lobster, too? Mom, I'm so sorry to hear that! You sounded so excited to go when you called me and told me about it,"

Lorelai: "Yeah well, the ocean was too excited as well,"

Rory thought for a minute.

Rory: "That's strange, you've been on plenty of boats before including fishing boats and you never got sick like that,"

Lorelai: "I was never in the ocean on a boat and all the waves showed me why I shouldn't,"

Rory sat in silence until her eyes widened.

Rory whispered across the table: "Hey, you're not….. are you?"

Lorelai had to stare at Rory for a while to understand what she was getting at.

Lorelai: "Rory, I can't believe you just asked me that! Of course NOT!"

Rory: "Well you dodged the bullet with Luke before, it's eventual to hit you…"

Lorelai: "Oh my God! Honey, we didn't do anything the entire time on the boat trip because I'm sure he was afraid of my spewing Louie. We only did it ONCE before we left for the trip and believe me I was extra-careful! The last thing I wanted was to screw up our relationship again… literally! Now stifle, would you Edith? Can we drop the subject?!"

Rory: "All right, subject is sunk. We should decided on what to eat,"

Just then they were interrupted by a couple of Chinese businessmen singing HORRIBLY at the Karaoke stage. They were so terrible Lorelai and Rory covered their ears in wincing pain.

Lorelai: "This is agony! I can't read the menu while I'm too busy jamming my hands through my ears!"

Rory: "Chinese Water Torture would be better than THIS Chinese torture!"

The two of them stayed like that until Rory started grinning.

Rory: "Hey Mom, why don't you show them how it's done?"

Lorelai: "Oh my God, I will NEVER be able to live that down, am I?!"

Rory teased: "Nope… oh and THIS time you should serenade Luke with; "Up Where We Belong!"

Lorelai stood up in embarrassment and stomped over to where Rory was sitting.

When the Chinese businessmen JUST finished singing Lorelai declared loudly: "Ladies and gentlemen here we have Rory Gilmore who is about to sing "Sweet Caroline!"

Rory looked as if a car was about to hit her.

Rory: "MOM!!"

Lorelai teased: "Don't worry, she might be resisting and shy at first but she'll be a pure diva on stage! Come on Rory, resistance is futile!"

Lorelai tried to pull Rory out of her chair but Rory fought back. The two of them struggled for a while until Luke came in.

Luke: "What the Hell are you two doing?"

Lorelai and Rory paused, looked at Luke and then looked back at each other with mischievous looks on their faces. They both shot up and grabbed hold of Luke.

Lorelai: "There's been a sudden change of plans, folks! We have a new singer about the join the fun!"

Lorelai and Rory tried to drag Luke towards the stage.

Luke: "That's it, you guys have officially gone crazy! There is NO way, you are EVER going to get me on there!"

Lorelai: "He should sing; "Copacabana"

Rory: "No; "I am the Walrus!"

Lorelai: "Oooh, even better! Oh, I know… "Disco Duck!"

Rory: "We have a winner!"

Lorelai and Rory weren't doing too bad moving him closer to the stage.

Luke: "Hey, FOOD! You still have to figure out what to eat… remember?!"

Lorelai and Rory dropped their grips when the realization hit.

Lorelai: "Oh, he's right. If we don't order soon, it will be too late to catch a movie,"

Rory: "Quick, back to the table,"

They scrambled back to the table and left Luke standing there, sighing in relief.

Lorelai, Rory and Luke approached a pathetic excuse for a movie theater.

Lorelai: "Wow, just when I thought things in this town couldn't get worse,"

She looked up at the one movie playing.

Lorelai: "Spiderman Three? You have GOT to be kidding,"

Rory: "They just got that in a week ago,"

Lorelai: "So sad,"

Luke: "Well I haven't seen it,"

Lorelai blinked: "Come to think of it I didn't have time to see it either,"

Rory: "I've somehow missed it as well,"

The three of them entered the movie theater and then they left when it was night.

Lorelai and Rory walked away from the theater with disappointed looks on their faces.

Lorelai: "Curse of the Triquel strikes again!"

Rory: "Triquel? It sounds like a cough syrup,"

Lorelai: "Well a second move is called a Sequel, what do they call a third movie?"

Rory: "The third movie of a trilogy?"

Lorelai: "Seriously though, why do good movies have to suffer this fate? I mean first; I love Toby Macguire and all but when he "turned evil" he was an even BIGGER dork just with greasy hair. And Mary Jane for Gods sake… you would think after the first two times she was kidnapped by the bad guys that she would get the hint and take some self-defense classes. A little karate or Tai Kwon Do. Or go out looking for a radioactive lady bug to bite her,"

Rory: "Adventures of Spiderman and the Lady Bug… I don't think that has a good ring to it,"

Lorelai: "Maybe you're right. Audiences would be worried Spiderman might try to eat the Lady Bug. Then after he DOES eat her, maybe he could find a girlfriend who wouldn't be so whiney,"

Rory nudged Lorelai with her elbow when she noticed Luke behind them. He was staring off into the distance.

Lorelai: "Luke? What's the matter?"

Luke snapped out of it and realized Lorelai and Rory were looking at him with concerned faces.

Luke: "Oh, nothing. I wasn't expecting it would be this dark outside so soon,"

Rory looked at her watch.

Rory: "It's nine o'clock right now,"

Lorelai: "It's too early to go and sleep. I'm betting every store in town is closed,"

Rory: "Unless you want to watch Spiderman the Triquel again,"

Luke: "I suppose we should call it a night then,"

Lorelai: "Wait a minute. I just remembered something we can do! It's something I've heard about but have never done,"

Rory and Luke looked at her curiously. In the next scene the three of them were in a pasture surrounded by cows sleeping while they stood up.

Rory: "COW TIPPING?! Mom, we can't DO this!"

Luke: "Of all the things she thought of to do…. It ends up being against the law,"

Lorelai: "Oh come on; when in Rome, do what Romans do,"

Rory: "Yeah, well look how it turned out for the Romans,"

Lorelai: "We're only pushing one cow over just to say that we've experienced all there is to do in this town. Then we'll leave,"

Luke: "I'm staying far away over here so the bullets from the gun-toting farmers only fire at you,"

Lorelai: "That's okay, I know you've always been a big chicken. Rory, teenagers do this all the time and nothing bad ever happens to the cow besides it can't get up,"

Rory: "You aren't going to leave me alone without forcing me to do this are you? Some parental guidance, huh? If Grandma was here you wouldn't dare,"

Lorelai: "Not true, I would just sneak out of your apartment at midnight and do this,"

Rory sighed: "I give. Let's get this over with so I can wash this blood off of my hands,"

Lorelai and Rory approached a tan cow that was sound asleep. They rolled up their sleeves and then slammed up against the cow. It didn't budge. So they tried it again… it still didn't budge an inch. The cow woke up and turned to look at them curiously.

In an effort not to piss off the cow who had both of them in her sight, Lorelai and Rory switched into pretending they were there to pet her. They stroked her with sheepish looks on their faces until they started to really get attached to the cow. They pet her like she was a dog.

Luke: "Um guys, I don't think you have the whole concept down yet. You're supposed to push the cow, not give it a massage,"

Lorelai: "Luke, how could you think of such a mean thing?"

Rory: "How could you be so cruel, Luke?"

Luke was taken aback.

Luke: "How did this become MY fault?"

Suddenly a small tan calf that was hidden behind the cow, walked up to Lorelai and Rory.

Rory: "What would've happened if we weren't such wimps and actually pushed the cow?"

Lorelai: "Either calf pancakes or veal,"

Rory: "I am so glad we didn't do this. It is MUCH more dangerous than what people say,"

Lorelai: "I'm SO sorry little cow!"

Lorelai knelt down and hugged the calf. The mother cow shifted a little nervously but Rory pat her in reassurance. Lorelai stopped hugging the calf to pat it instead. As she and Rory stood there patting the cows Luke watched them. He focused on watching Lorelai and then smiled.

A backlight from the farmhouse flooded the pasture. Lorelai and Rory gasped when two men suddenly appeared. They were definitely farmers in full attire

Farmer: "What are all of you doing with our cows?"

Lorelai and Rory were at a loss for words. Luckily for them, Luke thought of something quickly.

Luke: "We were walking by your farm when we noticed a couple of teenagers climbing over your pasture fences. We were suspicious of them so we went around the back and came over here. They were about to tip over the cows when we stopped them and then they ran before I could grab them. Those two were just trying to console the cows so they wouldn't freak out,"

The farmers observed the situation and eventually believed him. Everyone sighed in relief.

Farmer: "We appreciate what you have done for us in this day and age. In a token of appreciation you can have the first pick of milk for tomorrow,"

Lorelai: "My daughter here just got out of college and is working for your town's newspaper. She doesn't have spare money to pay for it,"

The other farmer: "Ah, it's a tough world out there for people just getting started. How about a deal then? If you come around at least once a week to groom the cows or help out around here; then we will give you free milk, eggs and anything else from this farm you might need for food,"

Rory's eyes lit up: "That sounds great! I'll be busy most of the time writing for the paper but I'm sure I can get a couple of hours out to lend a hand. This will definitely help cut down expenses if I don't have to pay for certain groceries,"

Farmer: "Okay then, we'll see you around next week. Just call ahead of time to let us know you're coming,"

It was midnight. Lorelai and Luke were staying in Rory's room while Rory was supposed to be sleeping on the couch. Lorelai was sound asleep but Luke finally gave up trying. He entered the kitchen where he saw Rory at the counter writing a paper.

Luke: "I thought you were a mouse,"

Rory: "No, just a night owl. I gave up sleeping every since I moved here. I just can't seem to sleep until 2 in the morning,"

Luke: "Even I can't sleep here so I don't blame you. Maybe because it doesn't really feel like a home… it feels more like a prison,"

Rory: "I never thought of it that way. You can't sleep either? You've been acting strange all day… Mom and I noticed. She's worried about you and me. I think it's weighing heavier on her than what she realizes,"

Luke: "What do you mean?"

Rory: "She told me about what happened on the trip. I don't think it was a simple case of seasickness. Mom would never get THAT nauscious on a boat, especially with eating lobster. Not for a month straight. I think something else triggered her sickness and the boat trip made it worse. She's worried, Luke. She's worried about me being alone and she's worried about her relationship with you. I think Mom is scared she's going to end up all alone,"

Luke: "I'm starting to realize that myself but I can't do anything about it. We are both afraid of crossing lines again. I don't think she'll ever be able to forgive me for the whole April thing and I don't think I'll be able to forgive her for the Christopher thing. It's always going to get in the way no matter how hard we try to ignore that they happened. We just keep getting stuck in this same relationship merry-go-round cycle,"

Rory: "I'm assuming you haven't read the book "Catcher and the Rye" before,"

Luke: "No, of course not,"

Rory sighed: "Good,"

Luke: "I don't know what to do about it,"

Rory: "TALK to her and tell her what you told me. You keeping things bottled up inside away from her, just makes her doubt herself. It drives her crazy to constantly wonder what you are really feeling… and if it's her fault you can't trust her enough to tell her,"

Luke: "I'm a man, I'm not good with the whole showing feelings sort of thing. It's not natural for most men to do that unless you're gay…. Or Kirk,"

Rory: "Not true. The guys that do are the ones who aren't bachelors for the rest of their lives. Mom is like that herself. She grew up in a house where she had to repress all of her feelings to be someone she didn't like. She felt trapped by Grandma and Grandpa and the more she felt trapped; the more she wanted to break free. She took her frustrations out by being wild and doing things she shouldn't have. When she moved to Stars Hollow with me, it was moreso for myself and not for her own sake. She didn't want me to become someone who couldn't admit their own feelings like herself. I think my being in Stars Hollow or at least being close to it; kept her from falling too far back into old habits. But the more I've been away, the more she slips back to it. I think she's feeling trapped by her life again and it makes her want to break free like usual by fleeing. She needs a reason to stay where she is and I don't think the Dragonfly Inn or Stars Hollow is enough. She needs someone who can bring more fulfillments into her life. She needs someone to be strong enough to put up with all her faults but also be able to appreciate her good points. She needs someone to encourage her to admit her own feelings. I can't be there to do that because I have to find my own life. She knows that and she's worried not only about me making it in the Real World but also that I won't be around to hold her together anymore. I couldn't think of anyone else who would be able to do that other than you. I know you love my Mother, Luke. I know she feels the same way about you. There's a chance you've seen more sides to my mother than maybe even I have witnessed. But love sometimes just isn't enough to solidify a relationship. There is a lot of emotional baggage between you two and they have to be worked out if there's any hope you will be happy together,"

Luke: "Oprah has nothing on you, Rory. But it's not as easy as it sounds,"

Rory: "It CAN be easy if you let it,"

Luke: "What about you? Are you okay with being so far from your mother?"

Rory: "I'm going to try very hard to get this job in Boston. I want this job more than anything, on a plus; I would be closer to Stars Hollow. This way I wouldn't have to miss anything I should be there for. I can be there for her and she can be there for me,"

Luke: "I think that's a better step than where you are now. For yourself AND your mother. Your mother won't have to worry about you as much. You can be a very strong person once you put your mind to it,"

Rory: "I'm only like that when I pretend to be like Mom,"

Luke: "You're wrong. Maybe it's where the strength starts but in the end; it's all you. Looking at you now compared to ten years ago; you have your own strength whether you recognize it or not,"

Rory: "Thanks, Luke. You know, all these years you've been there for me the same as Mom and I've never really thanked you for it like I should have,"

Luke: "You can thank me when you become a famous writer,"

Rory: "On my best selling self Biography; "Dedicated to my Mom… and Luke for always encouraging me when I needed it the most,"

Luke: "I'd like that,"

Rory: "Good. You know, a lot of difficult, complicated, and overwhelming stuff have happened with the three of us over the past couple of years. Our personal lives have been up and down so much no wonder Mom is seasick. But no matter what has happened between all of us; here we are the three of us again. It's good to know there are some things that won't ever stay broken if we just keep on rebuilding them. I think it makes us stronger and able to appreciate it more when we are all together like this. Today was fun and because of it; I am motivated to work hard with all I have but in the meantime, not to forget to have fun. Because if I can't have fun then I'm not somewhere I want to be. I want my life as an adult to be as great as my childhood growing up in Stars Hollow,"

Luke: "If you just keep thinking that way, then you'll get it,"

Rory: "You're better at this support stuff than what you know. I'm getting tired of all this "Growing Pains" talk. I think I'll go to sleep,"

Luke: "Do you want to sleep in the bed with your mother? I can sleep on the couch,"

Rory: "I wouldn't dare. I don't want Mom to mistake me for you,"

Luke: "I'm sure it wouldn't be like that,"

Rory: "No, that's okay. I think I have better chances sleeping on the couch. You go, I'll be fine,"

Luke nodded.

Luke: "Goodnight Rory,"

Rory: "Night Luke,"

Luke left the living room and entered the bedroom. He closed the door behind him and looked at Lorelai sleeping on her side in the bed.

Luke: "You're awake, aren't you?"

Lorelai turned around in bed to look at him.

Lorelai: "How did you know?"

Luke: "When you're asleep you move around like a dog having a dream and you were in the same position as when I left,"

Lorelai: "You left for a long time. What happened? Did you fall in?"

Luke approached the bed and climbed in.

Luke: "Rory couldn't sleep so we talked a while,"

Lorelai: "You didn't think to ask me to join you, did you?"

Luke: "I didn't think you were awake,"

Lorelai: "It's impossible to sleep in a room when you're convinced Freddy Krueger will appear any minute or that you'll get sucked into the closet where there's a gateway to the underworld"

Luke: "You have to lay off watching those horror movies, but I know what you mean,"

Lorelai turned back to her side and Luke just sort of lay there awake.

Lorelai suddenly spoke up.

Lorelai: "I don't think it's working between you and me,"

Luke nearly jolted out of bed.

Luke: "What?! Where did this come from?"

Lorelai turned onto her back.

Lorelai: "I thought maybe we could do it, you know. If we dropped all the crap that has happened and appreciate the fact that we still have feelings for each other then maybe it would work. But you've been so distant with me lately. I thought the boat trip would help but it hasn't changed anything. Being here has only made it even harder for you to keep up with me. Why is it we can't ever go anywhere together and have a good time? Are you really attached to the diner that much?"

Luke: "I've just been thinking a lot, that's all,"

Lorelai: "Why can't you tell me what you're thinking? Why do I always have to guess? You don't trust me, do you?"

Luke: "Why does it bother you so much? We've known each other for a long time you should be used to it by now,"

Lorelai: "When you have confidence, I have confidence. When you don't, I get lost. You have to have more confidence in yourself or I can't allow myself to let my guard down. I'll be in constant fear of being hurt. I'm all ready close to losing Rory, I don't want to lose you again too,"

Luke: "You haven't lost Rory, she'll still be around and I'll be damned if I let anything get in the way of us again!"

Lorelai: "YOU are what's getting in the way of us! You're not letting me in and you have to trust me enough to do that!"

Luke: "I have been thinking about us lately, okay? That's all I do keep thinking of. I can't help it. I feel like we're putting on a fake show to make it seem like nothing happened between us… but they DID happen. I was at the diner and Lane came in. She told me about how happy she was that she let Zach go on that tour even though she had to sacrifice her time with him. Then when we watched that SpiderGuy movie, he was saying how being in a marriage is sometimes about putting the other person ahead of you. I didn't give you the seasickness Chiclets because I kept it for myself. I'm starting to realize where it went wrong with us and how it's still not right. When we first got engaged I really was happy. Heck, I bought the Twickham House hoping someday we would get married. Then as the months went along, I started to wander if it was too soon but I didn't say anything. When April came along I couldn't put you ahead of her. I could've at least let you help me to understand some things but I wanted to be alone. I started freaking out because I was worried if I married you I wouldn't be able to do things on my own or April might like you better. I didn't want a big, huge church wedding with millions of people staring at us and I thought you did. I know it was stupid but those were the things I panicked about. I know I asked for your opinions on if things were okay and assuming they were. You were only saying what you thought I wanted to hear and I didn't have time to really think about it. You were miserable, I was miserable and I couldn't let go. I didn't even realize I was hurting you until you exploded at me outside the diner. That's not true, I didn't realize until AFTER that when my diner was destroyed just like our relationship. But I waited too long to say something and before I knew it; you went to HIM who WAS there. I didn't have enough time to really think about it all until I finally did and then I started feeling guilty,"

Lorelai: "I was in wedding mode. I wanted to get married SO bad I couldn't think of anything else but I didn't want to do it when Rory wasn't around. Suddenly she was back and you were with April. Maybe I was jealous at first but then I really wanted to help you out. When you wouldn't let me, it made me feel like I wasn't good enough to marry you. I was in such denial; I didn't care HOW we got married, I just wanted it to be around the time we were supposed to. Even when I was with Christopher I just wanted to be married. I think in my mind when I married Christopher, in some twisted way I think I was still marrying you. I had replaced you with Christopher but your image was still there. I hurt his feelings because I tried to make him be like you and when he wasn't there for me because of that when I needed him; it made me realize. As much as I wanted to be in love with Christopher I couldn't because I was still stuck with feelings for you,"

Luke got up and went through his pant's pocket. He pulled out something and handed it to Lorelai. It was a familiar little scrap of paper.

Lorelai: "The horoscope?"

She gasped when she saw the condition it was in. Luke crawled back into the bed.

Luke: "When we broke up I got so mad, I gathered up all the stuff we had shared and threw them out. I took that and ripped it. I was convinced there was no way in the world we would ever get back together again. I threw it in the garbage and when I saw it laying there in the trash; I just couldn't bare to throw it away like that. So I fished it out,"

Lorelai: "Without a rod?"

Luke: "But with a hair net. Seriously, I ended up stuffing it in my blue cap and then hiding them in the deep part of my closet. I didn't want to give up on us completely,"

Lorelai: "I threw out all of your stuff. I didn't think that far ahead, I'm sorry,"

Luke: "It's okay, I'm the sentimental old fool remember? I can't let go of anything. When we were starting to talk again, I was afraid I might push you into a relationship corner again. So I just went along with things but the whole time, I thought where we were wasn't right. Like something was missing that should be there. After the car thing I wanted to make sure we were good with each other. I went to the closet; got the blue hat out, when Zach saw me with it I panicked and told him it was because I lost the black one. When he walked away I hid the black hat in the corner behind the dishwasher. I was cooking when the horoscope pieces fell out and onto the counter. I was in such a rush with the food and then the boat trip cancellation that I put it my pocket before I went to the karaoke thing. When you sang that song I got what you were trying to say but I wasn't sure that's what you were meaning. I heard you telling Miss Patty at the diner it didn't mean anything and I felt so stupid for thinking it did. I guess I might have taken some of my fears out on you but I just couldn't tell you,"

Lorelai: "THAT'S why you got mad at me! I didn't know you heard that, I should've guessed! Miss Patty and Babbette kept on bugging me about the song. They wouldn't let up until I told them that to try and get them away from it. If I had known you were there I wouldn't have said it like that,"

Luke: "I wouldn't have admitted anything even if you hadn't. When Rory got that job, I guess I got scared you might go traveling with her. I don't know why, I just did. Then I would be in Stars Hollow as the Town Idiot, replacing Kirk of the title. Because living there has been so much better ever since I met you. You add every little bit of something to anything and it seems much more special. You listen to my rants and even have psychotic ones of your own. When people in town were against me, you always defended me even though you really didn't have a reason to. You were never scared of me no matter how mad I got, heck you found a way to scare me when you got mad or upset. You made me do things I didn't want to do and pushed me to try new things. Stars Hollow would only feel empty without you and I didn't want myself to be part of the reason why you left. I wanted there to be a reason for you to stay and so I set up the party. On the other hand, I knew you must've been feeling miserable about Rory leaving so soon; I didn't want to see you upset when she left. I just worked hard on it out of habit for her and for you. I didn't mean to lead you on or anything,"

Lorelai: "You didn't… I was so caught up on wandering where you wanted me to be in your life, that when you did that; it just lit something inside of me. It showed me you actually did care about me and when you said you like to see me happy; I knew I had to let go. I had to let go of whatever negative feelings I had inside because I didn't want them to get in the way again. But I didn't stop to think maybe we shouldn't get romantically back together. I don't want to risk something tearing us apart like that again. Ever. Maybe I'm still stuck where we left off because we shouldn't be the way we are now. It's not good for either one of us to not trust each other completely. There is no way we can have a real, successful relationship without; communication, trust and compromising. Maybe it's best if we stop it here before things get worse,"

Luke: "Don't say that damn it, I still love you! Got it? I can't ignore that and I refuse to ignore that! If you don't feel the same way, then FINE let's go back to just being friends! But if you feel the same kind of intense need for me that I have for you then I'm not willing to step back and let it all fall down like London Bridges! If it means I have to tell you everything I think or feel then I'll do it! Don't give up on us just because it's tough! Fight it out instead of flight it out!"

Lorelai: "You don't have to tell me EVERYTHING, you're entitled to keep things private because I do that too! But I want us to have discussions! I'm sick of fighting, that's all we do! That's the only way we seem to communicate!"

Luke: "Then let's fight! At least that way we're talking! After we fight, don't you feel some sort of relief? Doesn't it make things so much better afterwards? We can work on the whole discussion thing together over time, can't we?"

Lorelai: "You know; I am the only one who can match up to you in a verbal fight. Like Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump,"

Luke: "I'm hoping I'm Donald Trump in that comparison,"

Lorelai: "I'm not spilling the beans,"

Luke: "SO? What's your verdict in all of this?"

Lorelai: "GUILTY!"

Luke: "That's not what I meant,"

Lorelai thought in silence for a moment.

Lorelai: "I can't deny the fact that I still love you. Being just friends would only hurt us more. We would be hiding our feelings from each other and that's what gets us every time. But talking with you this whole time has cleared up a lot of things. A lot of things we had to hear and things we were surprised to hear. If we can keep doing this every so often maybe we can actually make it this time. As long as you let me in on anything that could affect our relationship. With Rory busy in the Real World, I can't bother her with my problems or tears and I need someone who can handle that from me. Otherwise I can't risk it in fear I might break beyond repair,"

Luke: "Then I guess I'll have to be ready with a safety net because that's not going to happen. You said before you have confidence when I do and I'm saying this with every bit of confidence I have. Whatever problems might hit us; we'll get through it together if we really want to,"

Lorelai nodded.

Lorelai: "No matter how many times we fight, we can get over it as long as we don't give up on each other. Because love lifts us up where we belong,"

Lorelai laughed a little. Luke looked terribly confused. She pulled him in and kissed him. She still giggled. Luke broke away to ask,

Luke: "What's so funny?"

Lorelai: "Nothing. Now I'm completely exhausted, time to get some beauty sleep,"

Luke: "Beauty sleep?"

Lorelai snapped: "No comments from the peanut gallery please. I would like to wait at least another day before getting into a fight with you,"

Luke: "Okay then, I'll be ready for it,"

They resumed kissing.

It was morning and they woke up in each other's arms (fully clothed, come on they're in Rory's bed I wouldn't have them do anything there).

Lorelai: "Mmm, I feel ten times lighter for some reason,"

Luke: "I do too,"

Lorelai: "It's really nice to wake up with someone next to you, isn't it?"

Luke: "Sure beats the heck out of waking up alone,"

Lorelai: "We have to hurry up, get dressed and head for the airport. But I just wanna stay like this, it's so comfy,"

Luke: "I don't think Rory wants us to be living in her bed for a month,"

Lorelai: "Why not? Some people do that in Jerry Springer,"

Luke: "And this conversation ends there. I'm getting up,"

Luke had to practically pry Lorelai's arms off of himself and then he got out of bed.

Lorelai, Rory and Luke walked through a small airport.

Rory: "You two were very loud last night. Half of me was hoping you were fighting and half of me wasn't,"

Lorelai: "You've developed multiple personalities since you've got here, you need to get back to the East Coast as soon as you can. We just had the best fight ever, that's it,"

Rory: "I hope it changed things for the better,"

Luke: "I hope so too. Thanks for letting me take a piece of tape,"

Rory: "Sure, what did you need it for?"

Lorelai winked: "It's a secret,"

Rory: "Let me know as soon as you get back to Stars Hollow,"

Lorelai: "Don't you have your tracking device on me? Always take it with you like a voice recorder. Okay honey, good-bye. Call me whenever you need to, I don't care if it's midnight where I am. I'll call you once a week just to check in with you,"

Rory: "You'll only have to do that for two more weeks, I'm going to work hard to get that job in Boston,"

Lorelai: "Let me know when you get it and I'll help to move all of your stuff,"

Luke: "Same here,"

Rory: "Deal!"

Rory and Lorelai hugged tightly. The broke their embrace and Lorelai went to her purse to look for her ticket while Luke snuck around her to hug Rory. When he did, something fell out of his coat pocket and landed on the floor next to Rory. Rory quickly scooped it up to see a white handkerchief. There was a glint of something inside and when she saw it she gasped.

Luke had an alarmed look on his face and pleaded with Rory not to indicate anything to Lorelai. Rory swiftly handed the handkerchief over to Luke when Lorelai caught sight of it.

Lorelai: "What are YOU doing with a handkerchief, didn't you say before you thought it was revolting?"

Luke: "Uh, I got it as a present from April and I had to show her I use it so I tossed it in my coat pocket,"

Lorelai: "Oh, okay,"

Lorelai turned away and Rory grabbed onto Luke's arm forcefully.

Rory: "Don't do ANYTHING without me present! If I miss anything I'll hate you for the rest of my life…. Capesche?"

Luke was taken aback by Rory's aggressiveness and in fear he replied,

Luke: "Yes, yes um capache! Trust me I'm going to wait until the moment feels right,"

Rory smiled while she replied with: "Good,"

Lorelai: "That's our boarding gate, come on Luke. Let's go home,"

Lorelai dragged Luke away because he was still astonished Rory had reacted the way she did.

Lorelai and Luke continued walking while Rory stayed behind and waved. They stopped, turned around waved back and then walked into the terminal. She watched as they disappeared through a gate. Later, Rory was walking through the newspaper room when she approached Amber.

Amber: "Mr. Jones spoke with me this morning because you ratted me out! I have to miss a full day's of reporting!"

Rory: "I just want to let you know; your kind of slimy reporting gives us a bad name. If it's a war you want, you got it because I'm not backing down from a fight like this ever again,"

Amber: "Either you're extremely brave or extremely stupid,"

Rory: "Oh, I'm brave. I'm Joan of Arc. I am bound for bigger and better things than you. Do whatever you want because you're small and insignificant. You will always be stuck here in Smallville Chloe, while I will make it in the big city as a big time reporter. This Lois Lane doesn't need a superhero to rescue her… just her Mom and her own determination. Because of that, I will leave you in my dust and you will see my name someday. Maybe then you'll be able to get over yourself and realize there is more to life than just your job. There is a responsibility to yourself and to the people counting on you to do what you want to. To find your happiness and not give it up for anything. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some reporting to do,"

Rory started walking away and at first Amber was speechless.

Amber: "You'll never make it!"

Rory: "I will make it Wicked Witch… just watch me!"

Next episode….

The Dragonfly Inn is being challenged by people who want to restore the old Independence Inn and it launches them into a panic. Lorelai enlists the help of Kirk to play spy. Lorelai will find the help she needs from the least likely source. Luke tells April about him dating Lorelai again and receives a less then thrilled reaction. Meanwhile, Rory who has just moved into her new apartment in Boston settles into her new surroundings. Unexpectedly she receives a call from Christopher wanting to visit. Episode 2: "Spy Kirk and Caught in a Spy-derweb"