Episode 5: "Dance, Dance Resolution"

I apologize for these episodes taking so long but life has a way of sucking you in sometimes. This episode is not completely finished… part of it is fully written and part of it is summarized due to time restraints and wanting to get the following episodes out sooner.

Thanks so much to everyone for your wonderful feedbacks. I'm glad my stories are helping GG cope more with the sudden ending.

Once again like usual please forgive my horrible spelling, run-on sentences and misspelling of celebrity names as those are some bad habits of mine.

Episode 5: "Dance, Dance Resolution"

Lorelai was pulling Luke out of the diner and towards the town square where most of the townies were gathered by the gazebo.

Lorelai: "Come on, hurry or we'll miss it!"

Luke: "That's what I was hoping for,"

Lorelai: "Luke, I know you hate these things but I have a feeling this is going to be one meeting you're gonna be glad you didn't miss,"

Luke: "That's an unlikely story,"

Lorelai: "No, an unlikely story would be Prince Von Anhalt actually being stripped naked and handcuffed to his steering wheel by fangirls," (100 points to Trinity108 who knew his name… thank-you so much!)

Lorelai and Luke arrived just in time to see Taylor standing in front of the gazebo flailing his arms trying to catch everyone's attention.

Taylor: "Town folk, town folk… attention please! Now you're all probably wondering why I called for this meeting here. Well, I'm proud to introduce to you for the first time ever; the "Annual 31 days of October Celebration,"!"

The crowd groaned.

Luke: "Taylor, what kind of crap have you come up with this time!"

Taylor: "No need to be so crude about it… and it's not crap. It's a brilliant idea (one of which I plan to patent by the way) that will pave the way for future generations of Stars Hollow town folk. Every day in October starting with today as being the first; I will symbolically light a new jackolatern so by Halloween we will have lit 30 pumpkins. That'll kick-start the Halloween, Non-Candy, Safety Seminar festival here in the town square,"

The crowd groaned again.

Gypsy dryly: "There's Taylor, once again sucking the life out of something that's supposed to be fun! Thanks a lot Suck Dracula,"

Taylor: "People, please remain open-minded otherwise you'll ruin what could be one of the best, safest and healthiest town functions of all,"

Sookie sarcastically: "You mean besides the "Dental Appreciation Festival" and the "We Love Our Neighbors Celebration?"

Lorelai: "Hey Jim Jones, we're not going to stand here and drink your punch!"

Luke dryly: "Oh yeah, I'm so glad I came to this meeting,"

Taylor: "It's apparent that all of you have lost your perspective on community spirit,"

Babbette: "No, what we lost was the ability to sense a "bad event idea" vibe coming from you a mile away,"

Kirk then ran up to Taylor.

Kirk: "Taylor, I found two boxes in your basement that look like candles. See? Which ones should I use? The red ones or the yellow ones?"

Taylor: "Kirk, can't you see I'm in the middle of something right now?! Just pick a candle and put it inside the jackolatern!"

Kirk pouted: "Fine,"

Kirk sat the two boxes down in front of Taylor on the table next to him. He removed a red stick and walked up to the jackolatern sitting in the gazebo. He placed it inside and was about to walk away.

Taylor: "Kirk! What's the use of a candle in a jackolatern if it's not lit?"

Kirk: "Oh… right. Sorry Taylor,"

Taylor: "Now back to the discussion at hand…"

While Taylor talked on Kirk lit the red stick and ran back to stand with the crowd.

Kirk was reading the letters in the front of the box where he took the red stick. His eyes lit up with horror and he hurriedly ran up to Taylor.

Kirk: "Taylor, what did you have in the basement?"

Taylor: "The candles, the decorations for Halloween and the Fourth of July, and also a box with left-over fireworks…."

The second Taylor caught wind of what he just said; he swiftly turned around to see the pumpkin explode while fireworks took out the gazebo. Everyone in the crowd ran away from the chaos as fireworks and gazebo debris flew around them.

Luke: "Never pull me into another town meeting EVER again!"

Lorelai: "Well, where else can you see a pumpkin grenade take out a entire gazebo and shoot pumpkin shrapnel at the audience?"

Luke: "You're right, there's no where else in the world but here,"

They ran for the safety of the diner.

Theme Song

Past the rubble that once was the gazebo (sniffling tears) in Miss Patty's dance studio; the town was in an uproar while Taylor stood at the podium and Miss Patty sat where she usually does.

Jackson: "What are you going about the gazebo, Taylor?!"

Gypsy: "I think Taylor should pay for a new one himself!"

Town: "Yeah!"

Taylor slammed the gavel in an attempt to quiet them down… it didn't work.

Taylor: "Everyone just calm down! There's no way I can pay for the damages myself,"

Lorelai: "Excuse me Donald Trump, why is that? You own half the buildings in town, a grocery store and a candy shop! Where the hell is all the money from that?!"

Taylor: "Well unfortunately the profits have been used for such things as town functions and celebrations. Also, there was a TINY, tax problem I needed to accommodate,"

Miss Patty: "Please explain to us how TINY the tax problem was,"

Taylor: "Apparently, I had forgotten to mention some of the property I owe since I have so much and the government reminded me of how much I owe that I missed,"

Sookie: "How much was that?"

Taylor: "Oh, thirteen thousand dollars worth,"

There was never a room where so many jaws dropped all at once.

Lorelai: "Nice move Wesley Snipes!"

Andrew: "So basically you're saying we have nothing to fix the gazebo with?!"

Luke: "A two-hundred year old gazebo and Taylor manages to make it ancient history like the dinosaurs in a matter of minutes,"

Taylor: "Hey, it was not entirely my fault! Who was the one that lit the fireworks? Kirk! That's who!"

Taylor pointed a finger at Kirk who looked like he was about to cry.

Lulu patting Kirk on the shoulders: "There, there Kirk… it's okay,"

Kirk looked at Lulu: "Gazebo go boom?"

Lulu: "Yes Kirk, gazebo go boom,"

Kirk: "Kirk made gazebo go boom?"

Lulu: "No, no. Taylor made gazebo go boom by placing a box of fireworks poorly labeled next to a box of candles in a dark basement,"

Lulu shot Taylor a glare and Taylor looked to see most of the townspeople folding their arms with glares of their own.

Taylor: "People, I called this meeting because I came up with a way to raise the very money we need,"

Jackson: "Oh goody, I can't wait to hear this one,"

Taylor: "I will be re-instating the Dance Marathon Competition,"

At the mention of that Lorelai and Kirk perked up to attention.

Taylor: "Yes, not only that but I will also be making improvements on the competition part of it to raise more funds than ever. I have sent out a notice and all towns across Connecticut are being contacted to place bids and sponsor the couple they believe will win the competition. Which means more money will be raised and there will be an even bigger reward for the pair that wins! Not only will there be a trophy for the one who makes it through the contest but there will also be an equally impressive trophy for the one who collects the highest amount of bids. More information will be available to everyone tomorrow night. Meeting is dismissed!"

Taylor slammed the gavel and the room began to disperse. Lorelai stayed seated as Kirk and Lulu passed by. Kirk shot her a sneer and Lorelai sent just as nasty a sneer back at him. She remained seated until Kirk was out of the building.

Lorelai: "Taylor, Sookie, Jackson, Gypsy, Miss Patty, Babbette, Zack… can I borrow you all for something important please?"

They looked at her curiously.

Rory was sitting at her desk in the newspaper office on the computer when the Boss marched up to Lina who was sitting in the desk next to Rory.

Boss: "You Miss Gilmore…"

Rory snapped to attention: "Yes sir?"

Boss: "Switch desks with Miss Norman, now!"

Rory: "Huh? Sorry, I don't understand what's going on,"

Boss: "What's going on is that I can't take this anymore, Miss Norman. How many times do I have to tell you that believe is spelt "B-E-L-I-E-V-E"… you know "I" before "E"! You can't spell any of the towns right and I've never read worse grammar in my life… there is no such thing as the word; "Best-es" and stop using the word; "ain't"! Besides, with your last article so well written Miss Gilmore it's a shame you are in a pointless position where your talent is being wasted away on CDs. With that said, switch… now. Rory you're in charge of "Local" and Lina you're on "Entertainment" starting tomorrow. I guess that cancels out "now" but… switch as soon as possible!"

Rory: "You're the Boss! Whatever you say,"

Lina: "Ditto here sir!"

Boss: "Ditto? Suddenly you're Sam Wheat… see what I have to put up with? But you are a pro at summarizing ideas and opinions so I guess I can't do anything about you,"

Lina: "Sorry, I'm the untouchable. But the "Entertainment" sections is the perfect niche for my writing talents so this is the right move, sir,"

Boss: "If I didn't know any better, I would think you two planned this,"

Rory: "Mr. Boss… I would never dream of it,"

Boss winked at them.

Boss: "That's what I thought,"

With that he walked away.

Luke served Lorelai coffee at one of the tables. The diner was also occupied with Taylor, Sookie, Jackson, Gypsy, Miss Patty, Babbette, Zack and Lane.

Luke: "I can't believe that stupid, tacky contest has been revived. I thought it was dead and buried… especially after the LAST one,"

Luke glanced at Lorelai.

Lorelai: "What, you're saying that was MY fault?"

Luke: "Oh gee, I don't know. Who was the one that discovered Kirk's dancing partner wasn't a US citizen and had all past titles he won stripped from him? Causing uproar and the eventual collapse of the entire competition? A blue-eyed devil woman who's a caffeine addict… oh wait, that IS you,"

Lorelai: "Hey, the Predator had it coming after the way he treated me. Okay everyone, get into position,"

Luke: "Yeah well thanks to what happened, I'm sure he'll be even MORE bent on beating you this time. I mean, he now has Lulu as a dance partner and she took ballet lessons until college. You know how Kirk gets when he's actually serious about something,"

Lorelai: "I do but that's okay. I'm ready for him this time. Oh yes, THIS time I can't lose,"

Luke: "Oh really and why is that?"

Lorelai: "Because what is a ballet compared to a waltz? Just a bunch of people in tights and slippers,"

Luke: "What, ballet…? Waltz….? Huh, wait… no!"

Luke's eyes widened as he started to piece together what Lorelai was saying by the intense look she was giving him.

Luke: "Oh no, Sanctuary…. Sanctuary!"

Luke started running towards upstairs but Zack and Lane blocked it. In fact any exit or entrance that could possibly be used as a means of escape (including the big, front window) were blocked by townies.

Luke: "Move if you know what's healthy for you!"

Zack: "Uh Lorelai, he's looking at me with Medusa eyes! What should I do?!"

Lorelai: "Unless you have a shield handy; I'd say don't look him straight in the eyes and let me handle this,"

Luke whipped back at Lorelai.

Luke: "Stay away from me Nelly Olsen!"

Luke ran but Lorelai pursued him. She chased him around the counter.

Lorelai: "I would cackle like her but I almost choked last time,"

Luke: "Stop chasing me around Lisa Nowalk, you're not getting me to go to that Sock Hop! I don't care what the hell you try!"

Lorelai: "Oh, on the contrary; you WILL go to the Dance Marathon with me as my dance partner or…"

Luke stopped to stare her down.

Luke: "Or what…?"

Lorelai revealed a paper she had hidden in her purse.

Lorelai: "One of the advantages to living with you is having complete access to all your personal files… including the license for the diner and the buildings attached to it that you own,"

Luke: "I don't believe this!"

Lorelai: "You better believe it. Go with me to the dance marathon as my partner and give it effort or Miss License here will have date with Mr. Shredder and trust me; it'll get messy. Mr. Shredder has a dirty mind and eats turtle soup,"

Luke: "You're willing to stoop that low?!"

Lorelai: "I'm in the Earth's Core at this point. I think Taylor would love to add your diner to his list of tax-missed property,"

Luke: "Just for some stupid, pathetic dancing competition?!"

Lorelai: "It might be like that to you but this dance means a lot to me and to the town! I KNOW I can get the most bids and help get our beloved gazebo back! That gazebo is more than some landmark in the town… it shares so many precious memories for everyone! For me… and even you. It's been there for years and it deserves to be there for generations to come. Say you'll do it, please Luke… please,"

Luke: "Oh, not the double please…"

Everybody in the diner: "Please Luke, please!"

Luke hung his head and leaned against the counter for support. Finally he took a deep breath and stood up straight to see Lorelai standing there.

Luke in defeat sighed: "Fine, I'll go to the damn Dance Marathon. But I'm NOT dressing up for it… got it!"

Lorelai saluted: "Yes sir,"

The people in the diner cheered.

Luke: "It's like "An Officer and a Gentleman" in here,"

Lorelai: "They know a good thing when they see it. Thank-you, Luke,"

Luke: "You owe me BIG time,"

Lorelai: "I'm your genie, just say the word. You're wish is my command… well within the realm of reason. Don't get too carried away either,"

Luke: "That's not necessary but appreciated. Can I save that card for later… like maybe after a fight?"

Lorelai laughed: "One freebee will be waiting,"

Lorelai was in the Dragonfly when she decided to call Rory and let her in on the exciting news.

Rory had just passed a paper to her Boss when her cell phone rang.

Boss: "Miss Gilmore, what did I tell you about cell phones…?"

Rory had a blank look on her face: "Nothing,"

Boss thought for a moment: "Oh, right. Well anyway, cell phone are permitted here as long as they are work-related,"

Rory: "Good to know, I'll make a note of it. Hello, Rory Gilmore speaking; may I help you?"

Lorelai: "Yes, I would a Big Mac and fries please,"

Rory: "I see this is a very interesting story, please continue,"

Lorelai had to think for a minute then she realized something.

Lorelai: "Oh, you're boss must be standing next to you… this is bad timing. I'll call you back later,"

Rory: "No, no if you have something to say I would like to hear it,"

Lorelai: "Okay…. Um, so the gazebo got blown up,"

Rory exclaimed: "WHAT?! The gazebo got blown up?! HOW?"

Lorelai: "Yosemite Sam,"

Rory: "Taylor has gone way too far this time!"

Lorelai: "I couldn't agree with you more. Since he and the entire town is pretty much broke he is reinstating the dance marathon,"

Rory: "The dance marathon is back? To raise money for the repairs to the gazebo?"

Lorelai: "You're a parrot today,"

Rory: "I can't believe this,"

Lorelai: "That's not all folks,"

Rory: "What do you mean?"

Lorelai: "Well you know how much of a hard competitor I am.."

Rory: "No one on Survivor would stand a chance against you. Hence, you're entering the contest, right? Wait a minute… then who's your partner?"

Lorelai: "Luke,"

Rory nearly choked: "Luke?! How did you manage that?"

Lorelai: "He couldn't resist my charms,"

Rory: "Which means you found something to blackmail him with…"

Lorelai: "Exactly,"

Rory: "You have to get pictures,"

Lorelai: "Why don't you come?"

Rory: "I can't go, I have to…"

Boss: "Excuse me, Miss Gilmore?"

Both Lorelai and Rory froze.

Rory finally was able to pull the cell phone away.

Rory: "Yyyes, sir?"

Boss: "An important story, huh?"

Rory: "Well it's…

Boss: "A gazebo was blown up and there's a dance marathon to raise money?"

Rory: "Yes, sir,"

Boss: "Where is this?"

Rory: "Oh in my hometown… in Connecticut,"

Boss: "That still counts as New England… so that could be considered Local. This is not an issue you can afford to pass up,"

Rory: "What?"

Boss: "That, right there, young lady; is a story about a community coming together to rebuild what they have lost…"

Rory: "But they used to have the Dance Marathon every year until it was cancelled,"

Boss: "…and an old tradition makes a triumphant return. It sounds like a great story to me,"

Rory: "It does?"

Boss: "Yes, it's full of inspiration and community spirit… families will eat it up!"

Rory: "Are you sure this is of their taste?"

Boss: "I know New England and I know they will love it,"

Rory turned to Lorelai on the phone: "I guess that means I'll be going to report on it,"

Lorelai was struggling not to laugh but before she could, the boss interrupted them.

Boss: "Oh no, you're not going there just to report it. You will take full participation in this event,"

Rory: "I will?"

Boss: "Yes, it's your chance to be right there… involved in the very story you're writing about. It will be practice for even bigger issues where you'll have to jump right in to report. Reporters risk their lives to get the scoops in Iraq, in order to tell us the truth of what's going on. This dance competition may be miniscule in comparison but you have to start small in order to work your way up to the top. I'm sure if you're not interested enough in it then Lina would without hesitation. That's what happens in the real world of news business. Either you get the scoop or somebody else does. You can't make it big if you can't be one hundred percent dedicated to a story… especially one of participation. I can't have a reporter just waiting by the stand-lines writing when it's a matter of getting involved for a great cause. So Miss Gilmore, what do you say?"

Rory: "I say….. I'm on a diving board waiting to jump right in,"

The Boss nodded in appreciation.

Boss: "Good. When is this taking place?"

Lorelai: "Next week,"

Rory: "Next week, sir,"

The Boss: "Tell your client; you will be there so put your name on the list of participants,"

Rory: "Did you hear that?"

Lorelai: "I sure did…. Sorry Hildy, Walter sure knows how to squeeze you to get a scoop,"

Rory: "Definitely. I'll see you in a week then,"

Lorelai: "In a week. See ya Hildy,"

Rory: "See ya… um, Lorelai,"

Lorelai hung up with a snickering laugh.

Rory turned to her boss.

Boss: "Well done, Miss Gilmore,"

Rory: "Taking the world by storm… one step at a time,"

The Boss walked away and Rory slumped in her chair exhausted.

Lina was busy trying to hide her laughter.

Rory: "This is not funny,"

Lina: "To you it's not but I wanted to record the moment so I could play it over and over again. Like watching "Holy Grail"

Rory: "What am I going to do? I have to find a partner and a dress,"

Ian: "What about Oliver?"

Rory and Lina turned to Ian in surprise.

Rory: "Oliver, as my dance partner?"

Ian: "His mother is a dance coordinator for Boston College and of course she taught him different kinds of dance moves,"

Rory: "Oliver could've been the next Fred Astare?

Ian: "He sure could have, Ginger,"

Rory: "He wouldn't want to do it though… it would be way too embarrassing for him,"

Ian: "I'm sure you could find a way to get around that and convince him to go with you,"

Rory: "Ah, right… the Gilmore Manipulation Power… passed down to generations. But I feel wrong using it,"

Lina: "Is it worth giving up your career?"

Rory sighed: "No,"

Lina: "Then dig your heels in and don't let go until he screams,"

Rory: "I hate wearing high heels but…"

Okay so since I'm on a tight schedule and I've all ready got the next episodes completely finished I'm going to just summarize most of the rest of this episode except towards the end of the marathon. I will come back to this episode later and fix it up when I'm done writing the 8th season episodes. For now here it is…

Lorelai visits her parent's mansion where Emily is insisted on attending the dance marathon with Richard. Lorelai is successful in convincing her otherwise and she leaves a bid ballot with them instead.

Lorelai and Luke are in line with Rory and Oliver. Lorelai is in another gorgeous 50's like outfit as well as Rory. Oliver is wearing a sort of Zoot Suit and of course Luke is Luke. No flannel (Lorelai managed to get him not to go in flannel) but instead he's wearing a black shirt and jeans (hey, it's more casual than what he usual wears and no matter how convincing Lorelai is; I don't think she can get him into a leisure suit and platform shoes which of course was what I would LOVE to see him in and laugh for an hour just thinking about it. Hm, I might change that eventually though… too powerful a visual to pass up. Luke in a lime green leisure suit and brown platform shoes… OMG that was MY dad! I'm SO glad my mother burned my Dad's leisure suit and buried the platform shoes in the backyard the first year they were married. I'm not exaggerating either. My father was a literal geek before they were married but thankfully my mother is a miracle worker when it comes to people. Er, sorry… back to the story at hand…)

Everyone in town who didn't have a number had a paper with bid ballot. Inside; only a few selected couples were allowed to participate in the event. Lorelai/Luke, Kirk/Lulu, Rory/Oliver, Lane/Zack, and a couple of others. Of course I'm mostly concentrating on the pairs mentioned. Sookie and Jackson couldn't come because Sookie was in her final month of pregnancy.

So the dancing started the usual way. Lane and Zack eventually had to quit because Lane got tired. Then, just when it seemed like Luke might actually summon up the nerve to propose to Lorelai; the Runaround siren sounded. Rory and Oliver were slow dancing when caught by the moment; they kissed. Rory murmured Logan's name. When she realized what had happened, she fled and Oliver followed her. They were out of the competition. They had a talk and Rory confessed she wasn't ready yet to move on from Logan onto him and for now she just wanted to be friends. He agreed. They went back inside to watch the rest of the marathon.

HOWEVER, they got back just in time to see Luke limping and throwing his fists in the air at Kirk. Apparently, Kirk flipped Lulu… right into Luke and Luke fell, twisting his ankle. Luke was in the infirmary getting his ankle attended to while Lorelai continued to dance alone. Kirk being the hyena he was decided it was the perfect moment to attack. He got everyone's attention, reached into his pocket, pulled out a small box and presented it to Lulu… while still dancing. Lulu opened the box and inside was an engagement ring. Kirk proposed to her making sure to do the Russian squat dance there (whatever that's called… sorry dance is not my area of expertise) the shock of the proposal caused Lorelai to stop. Much to the delight of Kirk who pointed that out to Taylor. Kirk won and ran around the room in triumph. He was getting his trophy when of course Lorelai argued with him. Kirk however was eager to bring up Lorelai losing and being a bad sport about it. He continued to rag on her with how she'll never win because she'll always be a loser bringing up all the questionable things Lorelai has done in life. Including her rocky relationship with Luke and how Rory was eager to leave her instead of working someplace near by. Lorelai full of hurt and emotion; punched him in the stomach, he grabbed onto his stomach in pain when the trophy slipped out and fell onto his feet. Lorelai ran out in complete tears of pain and Kirk also had tears of pain.

Rory ran to Luke and informed him of what happened. They decided to try and find Lorelai but she seemed to have disappeared. Rory had to go back to Boston but made Luke promise to contact her. Luke agreed and Rory and Oliver left. Luke had stayed up all night waiting for Lorelai to come back to the house. He was asleep on the couch when Lorelai snuck in. She quietly retreated to the bedroom where she sat with Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Her face was red and swollen from exhaustion and crying so much. She sat and ate quietly until Luke came in.

Luke: "Where the hell have you been? Rory and I were looking all over town for you,"

Lorelai refused to answer she simply sat there staring into space.

Luke: "Lorelai? Are you okay?"

Lorelai didn't react at all.

Luke: "Um, can I get you anything… A glass of milk? A stray-jacket? Some Prozac, perhaps?"

Lorelai finally answered: "Nope, I have everything I want right here,"

She indicated the ice cream in her hands and then Luke.

Luke: "I leave you for one minute at the marathon and all hell breaks loose. I'm lucky I came back without a scene from "Carry" happening. Rory didn't tell me the details of what happened but I can't believe you let Kirk get to you like this. What did he say?"

Lorelai: "If I tell you; I'm going to start crying again. I just stopped fifteen minutes ago,"

Luke: "Unless you cry me a river, I think I can handle it,"

Lorelai: "I might cry an ocean…."

Luke: "I'll have my boat ready,"

Lorelai sighed: "I must have been so exhausted and stressed from everything… that's only explanation I have for why I let him get to me like this. But when someone opens painful doors in public, I get a sense of how celebrities feel. It makes everything you've put behind you; come back again and it hits you harder than it did the first time…. like Leukemia. I just didn't anticipate how far Kirk would go to win some stupid competition. A competition that is supposed to be fun and for a good cause. None of that mattered to him; the only thing he was focused on was winning. Maybe that's why I lost. But the more I thought about what he said to me; the more I started to wonder if it was true. Is everything bad that happens to me because I cause it? Rebelling against my parents, getting pregnant at 16, running away from my parents, Christopher not being a part in Rory's life for a long time, raising Rory in poor conditions, getting attached to guys only to end up hurting them or have them hurt me, doing things without thinking about how they effect other people, the way I treated you, Rory choosing a profession that will take her far away from me, and being so convinced that it's not my fault. I feel like George Bailey wondering if the world would be better off without me. I really don't deserve to have a saint daughter like Rory or to have such a caring guy like you around. I just seem to cause you two more pain and trouble than what I'm worth,"

At this point Lorelai started crying hysterically. Luke sat down on the bed next to her not knowing what to say or do. It was a dangerous kind of depression Lorelai was in and he didn't want to make the wrong move. Finally he reached over and hugged her tightly. She struggled very hard to squirm out of it but if there's one thing Luke is good at; it's holding onto Lorelai. Eventually she relaxed and wept against him.

Luke: "I'm sorry but isn't this scene five months too late? Because I thought we missed it but I guess not. I really wish we had missed it… I HATE seeing you this way. It's not like you. I especially hate even THINKING about living in this world without you. I mean, first of all the thing with your parents happens… not just to you. Parents and children some times can't get along because they have different ideas on how a family is supposed to be run. Your parents think differently than you do and even if you HAD done what they wanted you to do; things would've fallen apart. You would've been miserable living that way and who knows what might've happened. Secondly, Rory is the way she is because she had a wonderful caring mother like you raising her. You always made sure to fill in the gap left by her father with more love and attention than most people could give. You never forced her to do anything unless you thought she needed it. She respects that and loves you for it. She chose a profession that would get her out into the world because you reminded her of how much world there is for her to see. She did get the job in Boston to stay closer to you don't forget. Third, only you could get me out of the diner to go to some stupid dance. It's more than just a dance you convince me to be a part of.

You've pushed me relentlessly to be a part of this crazy town and be a part in this world. In the past when I tried to open myself to people, I was quickly reminded why I thought I was better off alone. Avoiding people meant I avoided being hurt but it also meant I was missing out on a lot in life. If you hadn't been so energetic and optimistic about it I would still be in the Diner… in my apartment… alone. I would be a hermit like so many people thought I was. I definitely wouldn't have been able to take the situation with April. I wouldn't have Liz being determined to stay closer to me and I wouldn't have people there for me if I needed it. Most of all; I wouldn't have someone who believes in me… someone who accepts me for being the way I am and loving me for it. I enjoy every moment I spend with you and only those moments matter to me. The bad moments only mean something needed changing…. That's all. I'm not a deep enough thinker to examine why the bad things happened. I just know they did and I hated it. That those bad things make me appreciate the good things so much more now and I wouldn't feel this way if it wasn't for you,"

Lorelai: "Okay, okay Clarence I get the point. Thanks,"

Luke: "I think you could use some recouping time to sleep and hopefully chase the Gremlins in your head away,"

Lorelai: "But the Inn…"

Luke: "Forget it… the last thing you need right now is more stress via Michel. I'm sure he and Sookie can take care of things for a couple of hours so you can sleep,"

Lorelai: "But…"

Luke: "Lorelai, I don't want to hear one more "but" from you,"

Lorelai: "Hey, I resent that; I have a great butt,"

Luke: "This conversation has gone in the wrong direction. You…bed… sleep… now,"

Lorelai: "Ooh goody Caveman talk. You're not going to club me over the head, are you?"

Luke: "Not if you listen to me for this once and go to sleep,"

Lorelai huffed: "Fine,"

Luke: "Good. I'll come back later and wake you up so you don't have an off sleeping pattern,"

Luke left and closed the door behind him. He returned hours later and woke Lorelai up.

Luke: "Lorelai, you have to get up… there's something special waiting for you downstairs,"

Lorelai mumbled: "I'm too tired for foreplay right now…"

Luke barked: "LORELAI! That's not what I… get out of bed and get down stairs!"

He threw off her covers and practically dragged her out of bed. Lorelai was going down the stairs when she spotted something gold and shiny sitting on the Living Room table. She ran up to it. It was a gold trophy.

Luke: "It would seem going to the dance marathon for a good cause and to have fun really is all that counts,"

Lorelai: "I don't get it, what's this?"

Luke: "You forgot there were two chances to win the competition. One was for the duration of the marathon and the other was gaining the most bids. Apparently most of the people in this town, your parents, and surrounding towns thought you and I would win. We didn't but we ended up winning after all,"

Lorelai: "Boy do I feel stupid. I don't think there's a rock big enough for me to crawl under,"

Luke: "This was supposed to make you feel better… not worse,"

Lorelai: "You know me; I live in reverse psychology. I guess I also forgot what the contest was really all about. I really let the thing with Kirk blind me to everything and ruin what fun I should've had,"

Luke: "I see your point now…"

Lorelai thanked Luke for being there for her in more ways than one and he responded with: "You're welcome,".

Next episode…

Episode 6: "What I'm TRYING to Say is…"- After several failed attempts to pop the question to Lorelai, Luke is about to sell the ring to a pawnshop with Jackson when Sookie goes into labor. Lorelai and Rory take Sookie to the hospital where they all meet up. Luke learns of a secret there both Lorelai and Rory have kept from him and it causes a huge fight with Lorelai. However, when Sookie has her baby the tides change and so does Luke's attitude on everything. Thank goodness for him Rory is there to lend support.