Episode 6: "What I'm TRYING to Say is…"

Episode 6: "What I'm TRYING to Say is…"

Lorelai and Luke were lying in bed asleep at night when sudden loud noises woke them up. They sat up with a jolt.

Luke: "What the hell is that?"

Lorelai: "It kind of sounds like the television. I better go and check it out,"

Lorelai began to shift out of bed.

Luke: "You're NOT going alone,"

Lorelai: "What… do you think it's a burglar who decided to blow his cover because he couldn't resist watching the Late, Late Show with Carson Daily?"

Luke: "Yes,"

Lorelai: "Well in that case I'm definitely going alone,"

Luke rolled his eyes as Lorelai crawled out of bed. She sleepily walked out of the room and down the stairs to see the television was on. Paul Anka was sitting on the couch with the remote under one of his paws. Lorelai turned around and went back upstairs. She walked back into the room and back into bed.

Luke: "SO, what was it?"

Lorelai: "Oh, just Paul Anka… watching TV,"

Luke: "Oh, okay,"

It didn't register in Luke's head until he closed his eyes. Suddenly they flew open with surprise.

Luke: "Paul Anka is WHAT?"

Lorelai mumbled: "Watching TV,"

Luke sat up mystified.

Luke: "You mean he's sitting down there watching the TV?"

Lorelai: "Like Beavis and Butthead,"

Luke: "Why… that's crazy,"

Lorelai: "Paul Anka and I used to have this routine where one night a week; we would stay up REALLY late watching old movies on AMC. But since you moved in we haven't done that so he took it upon himself,"

Luke: "But he's a dog!"

Lorelai: "What, he shuts the TV off when he's done,"

Luke: "That's not the point,"

Lorelai: "If he can lock himself in a car then he can figure out how to turn on the TV using the remote,"

Luke sarcastically: "Great, I'm living with the Shaggy Dog. Just promise me he won't start driving,"

Lorelai: "No problem, he's scared of the steering wheel,"

Luke: "I probably shouldn't ask but…. How do you know that?"

Lorelai: "Well I did the whole Britney Spears letting her infant drive thing because I was curious whether Paul Anka could do it or not. But he was terrified,"

Luke sighed: "Now I know where he gets it from,"

Loud screams from the TV echoed into the room.

Lorelai: "Paul Anka, can you turn that down please… we're trying to sleep!"

A minute later the volume lowered to a faint whisper.

Lorelai snuggled back into bed while Luke shook his head. Finally he went back to sleep with a sigh.

Theme song

Lorelai walked into the Dragonfly Inn's kitchen to see various cakes covering the entire room. Cakes on tables, stools, counters, and even in the sink. There was Sookie standing by the counter.

Lorelai: "Oh my god, this is one the best dream sequences EVER!"

Sookie: "This is not a dream, Lorelai,"

Lorelai: "That's too bad because if it was I would never want to wake up from it. What is going on here, Sookie? What's with the Cake Kingdom?"

Sookie: "I'm late,"

Lorelai: "Uh, Sookie we all ready know that…. we threw you a Baby Shower and everything,"

Sookie: "I mean; I'm past the due date again,"

Lorelai: "Oooh, now I get it. You're going spastic again,"

Sookie: "The first one was late, the second one was early, and now this one is late again,"

Lorelai: "Well maybe your fourth kid will have a timer in the womb with it,"

Sookie: "Don't say that! I can't handle a fourth kid!"

Lorelai: "I was kidding Sookie. Look, calm down and stop panicking about it so much. It will come when it will come,"

Lorelai's cell phone rang and she answered it.

Lorelai: "Lorelai's House of Cakes, can I help you?"

Rory: "Uh Mom, what was that?"

Lorelai: "Hm, long story. What's up kid?"

Rory: "Well things are a little slow news-wise here and I finished my articles early so I wanted to know if it's okay to visit?"

Lorelai: "Sure honey, that would be GREAT. You and I can take Sookie out of insanity for a couple of hours,"

Rory: "What's wrong with Sookie?"

Lorelai: "Baby Birth Blues,"

Rory: "She's going spastic because she's late giving birth again, right?"

Lorelai: "You are correct sir. We need to get her out of the kitchen because as we speak I may be suffocated in pastries if we don't,"

Rory: "Hm, death by cakes wouldn't be a bad way to go,"

Lorelai: "It is if I don't get to EAT them… then it's the worst way to go,"

Rory: "Okay I'll be over in a couple of hours,"

Lorelai: "See you then,"

Luke was cleaning the counter of the diner when Jackson came in looking muffled.

Luke: "What happened to you? Did you get mauled by a tiger?"

Jackson: "No…. Sookie,"

Luke: "Not literally I hope,"

Jackson: "She's gone over the deep end because she's late giving birth… she kept me up all night coming up with new cake recipes for today. At four o'clock in the morning Sookie couldn't take it anymore and went to the inn to start cooking! Of course I couldn't sleep because I would've felt bad if I didn't help her so I went too. I'm completely exhausted and I have to go to some craft shop in Litchfield to get specialized woodcarvings to put in the baby's room. I've never been to it before and I get lost a little too well…"

Luke: "I'll take you there,"

Jackson blinked.

Jackson: "You'll what?"

Luke: "I said; I'll take you there. I know Litchfield pretty well and I think I know where that shop is. It's dead in here so I can have Caesar cover. You really look like you could use some help,"

Jackson: "That would be nice Luke, thanks. Can I just call Sookie and check in with her?"

Luke: "Yes but I have to charge you five cents for every minute,"

Jackson: "Are you serious?"

Luke sighed: "Of course not,"

Luke waved Jackson to the diner phone. Jackson dialed the Dragonfly's kitchen phone. It rang and Lorelai, Rory and Sookie were about to go out the door. Lorelai stopped and picked up the phone.

Lorelai: "Hello, Dragonfly Kitchen,"

Jackson: "Oh Lorelai, is Sookie there?"

Lorelai: "Nope, sorry. We're kidnapping her and taking her out for some serious female, YaYa Sisterhood pow wowing. She's restricted from any outside male contact or influences,"

Jackson: "You guys really don't have to do that…"

Lorelai: "Jackson, you and Sookie are close friends of mine. I've sensed serious strain between you two since she got pregnant and I don't want that to cause problems in your family life. She's at a very hyper-sensitive stage right now so we all need to pitch in and lend our support,"

Jackson: "You and Luke are two of the most considerate people I know,"

Lorelai: "Uh… Luke?"

Jackson: "The reason behind this phone call is because Luke offered to take me to Litchfield for some last minute baby room stuff. I just wanted to make sure it was okay with Sookie,"

Lorelai: "Of course it's okay unless it turns into a Brokeback Mountain thing,"

Jackson: "Trust me, Luke's not my type… I'm more into the Richard Simmons type of guy,"

Luke grumbled: "That's Lorelai isn't it? Stop bothering him, Lorelai!"

Lorelai heard that and shouted back: "Don't tell me you weren't thinking the same thing I was!"

Jackson winced in pain and had to pull the phone away from his ear but Luke heard that.

Luke: "I was NOT thinking anywhere near those lines!"

Lorelai: "Well then you've gotten too soft because ANY Clint Eastwood tough guy would be nervous about that!"

Jackson: "Not that I don't think this communication between you two is healthy or entertaining but I kind of want to go…. and get hearing aids now,"

Lorelai, Rory and Sookie were shopping, walking down the street of Hartford. Each one was carrying a shopping bag with one arm and food in the other hand.

Lorelai: "Was I right or what? This is the perfect solution to your Baby Woes,"

Sookie: "You were right, I feel lighter all ready,"

Rory: "That's funny considering you're carrying a shopping bag on your shoulder,"

Sookie stopped suddenly.

Lorelai: "Sookie? Did you forget something?"

Sookie: "No, I think I just went into labor,"

Rory: "Was that supposed to be a pun because I don't find that funny,"

Sookie grabbed a hold of her stomach and groaned.

Lorelai: "It wasn't a pun, sorry Jerry Seinfield. Sookie, we've got to get you to hospital and call Jackson right away. I'm hoping Luke has his cell phone on him (I'm not betting my house on it though),"

Luke and Jackson were loading the back of Luke's truck with a bunch of stuff. When all the stuff was secure, the two guys hopped into the front of the truck.

Luke: "Do you mind if we make a stop somewhere nearby?"

Jackson: "Why should I? It's your truck. What store are you stopping at?"

Luke: "Just a pawn shop down the street,"

Jackson: "What would you need to stop at a pawn shop for?"

Luke: "I bought something but every time I went to use it… something happened that made me doubt whether I should use it or not. Does that make sense to you?"

Jackson: "I'm getting the feeling you're not going to open up to me like I'm Barbara Walters. So I'll just ask… do you think it was worth buying?"

Luke: "Yes but I keep holding onto it not using it for the purpose it was made for,"

Jackson: "You don't want to keep holding it if you're not going to use it because you think it would be a waste? Then make it worth it if it means a lot to you. I think there are certain situations where you can't leave things up to fate or up time. You have to make fate or time yourself unless you really regret buying whatever it is. I know I must be sounding like Jimmy Stewart right now but…"

Luke: "No, no… I get it…"

Just then Luke's cell phone went off.

Luke handed it to Jackson to answer while he was driving.

Jackson: "Hello?"

Lorelai was driving while Sookie sat in the passenger seat. Rory was calling.

Rory: "Jackson, is that you?"

Jackson: "Yes, Luke is driving so he can't answer the phone right at the moment,"

Rory: "Actually you're the person I need to talk to. Sookie is having contractions. We're taking her to the Hartford hospital as we speak,"

Jackson: "What?! Sookie's in labor?! We'll be right there!"

Jackson quickly hung up.

Jackson: "Luke, step on it!"

Luke: "What am I… a taxi driver?"

Jackson: "For the moment… yes. Now step on it,"

Luke: "You're just lucky you're wife is having a baby or I'd kick you out for that,"

Luke and Jackson entered the waiting room area where Lorelai and Rory sat. At the sight of them Lorelai stood and waved.

Jackson: "Lorelai, where's Sookie?"

Lorelai: "Just down the hall in room 105 before the snack room,"

Jackson: "Right…. I'm off!"

Jackson ran ahead while Luke joined up with Lorelai.

Luke: "It's sort of strange Sookie would go into labor on the day she was supposed to be relaxing,"

Lorelai: "God has a twisted sense of humor…. likes to use irony as a weapon,"

Rory: "Uh, actually that's called a Coincidence… not irony,"

Lorelai thought for a moment: "Curses Alaniss Morisette… you failed us all!"

As they were talking a doctor started to walk by but stopped when he spotted Lorelai. He caught her attention; she looked away from Luke and to the doctor.

The doctor was the one in 5.21 episode "Blame it on Booze and Millville".

Doctor: "I remember you from a couple of years ago. Not many people would stop a doctor on the way to surgery to ask them pregnancy questions,"

Lorelai: "Well I'm a rarity… especially since I had a kid of my own at the time,"

Doctor: "I'm assuming with the use of past-tense in the sentence that everything worked out okay and you were simply over-reacting at the time,"

At this point Lorelai started getting nervous.

Lorelai: "There was a lot of baby stuff going on at the time… kind of made me paranoid,"

Doctor: "I think a lot of past mothers who go single and have unprotected sex; get that paranoia once in a while. It's normal actually. I'm glad in your case; it was just a false alarm,"

If Luke were a dog, his ears would've perked up when he heard that. But of course he's not a dog but picturing him with dog-ears sure makes me giggle. Ah, anyway…. So instead his eyes widened.

Lorelai: "Oookay… well thanks for the um…. just…. Thanks. I think I heard someone page you to the maternity ward,"

Doctor: "I don't hear the pages some times. Good bye, miss,"

The doctor walked out of view leaving the three in complete silence. They eyed each other nervously as if waiting for a damn to break. Finally, a crack showed.

Luke: "What was that all about?"

Lorelai: "Irony,"

Luke: "Irony? That wasn't irony; it was a slap in the face! Did I get this wrong or was there a time you asked a doctor questions about pregnancy because you thought you might've been pregnant?"

Lorelai: "Luke…"

Luke: "Was it me? Was it when you were with me?"

Lorelai: "Luke…."

Luke wouldn't let her get a word in.

Luke: "It WAS, wasn't it! Why didn't you tell me?!"

Lorelai: "Luke, I…"

Luke: "What possible excuse could you give me for not telling me?!"

Lorelai: "I…. Forgot,"

Rory slapped her forehead with her hands knowing that was stupid.

Luke: "You forgot? You forgot!"

Lorelai: "Yes, Robert De Niro I forgot. So many things were going on at the time and then happened afterwards that…"

Luke: "Oh yeah right…"

Rory: "It's true, I forgot about that myself…"

Now Rory realized what she just said and tightened her mouth shut.

Luke: "You knew about this too? The two of you conspired together to keep this away from me,"

Lorelai: "What do you think we are; the FBI on the X-files?! We didn't MEAN to…"

Luke: "So you two decide to hide something and that makes it okay if you conveniently forget?!"

Lorelai: "No of course it doesn't but…."

Luke: "I don't want to hear it, Lorelai! I thought… we had changed but… we haven't! We're still worlds apart arguing with each other because you've kept things from me!"

Lorelai: "Luke, calm down we're in a hospital and you're shouting at me like Joe Torre! You're not letting me explain myself and feeding your own anger with all these doubting thoughts!"

Luke: "Fine! I'm going to the cafeteria to calm down but when I get back; we're finishing this discussion!"

Lorelai: "Fine, we'll take it outside!"

Luke: "Even better!"

Luke turned and huffed away. Lorelai stood there sternly until she was sure he was gone.

Lorelai: "Let's go, Rory. I'm not in the mood for more fighting,"

Rory: "Okay Sugar Ray… I'm with you on that one,"

Lorelai: "We'll say goodbye to Sookie, hopefully introduce ourselves to the new baby, and then go to wallow away with Casablanca,"

Rory: "Sounds like a good plan,"

Luke returned from the cafeteria and went into the waiting room to see Lorelai and Rory were no longer there.

Luke: "Mutiny on the ship. Oh well, I better go and tell Sookie I'm leaving,"

Luke left and walked up to the door of the room where Sookie was staying. Instead of going inside, he stalled at the door and just peered in through the open door. Sookie was lying in the hospital bed holding her new baby boy.

Jackson: "So I think we decided on naming him John, right,"

Sookie: "That's right… after John Lennon. Davy, Martha… what do you think about your new little brother?"

Davy: "I like him,"

Martha: "We should keep him,"

Sookie and Jackson laughed.

Davy suddenly got defensive.

Davy: "But that means I have to give all my toys to him!"

Martha: "Uh uh, I can give my toys to him!"

Davy: "He's a boy he doesn't want a Barbie!"

Martha: "It's not fair! You get to share with him and I don't!"

Sookie: "That's true but you and John will be in the same school so you can look out for him,"

Martha: "Ooh yeah… I can be his bodyguard and fight bullies like Matilda!"

Davy: "No I wanna be Matilda!"

Sookie: "First of all; nobody is going to bully your brother, second; violence doesn't solve anything, and third; BOTH of you should look out for your little brother. We're a family and we all have to be there for each other,"

Jackson: "You're mother's right, kids,"

Davy: "Okay Momma… Daddy. I'm sorry,"

Martha: "I'm sorry too!"

The entire time the scene unfolded; Luke stood by watching quietly a hundred thoughts shown through his eyes. Finally he gained a determined look and then ran off.

Lorelai and Rory stormed into the front room of the Crap Shack.

Lorelai: "I can't BELIEVE him!"

Rory: "I agree with you on that one! For once Luke's thick-headedness has gone too far!"

Lorelai: "He was a king-sized jerk accusing me of purposely trying to hide the false alarm! He didn't even let me explain!"

Rory: "He wasn't just a king-sized jerk… he was a Titan-sized jerk!"

Both of them sat on the couch in exhaustion.

Lorelai: "So… Casablanca before round two?"

Rory: "Absolutely,"

Lorelai and Rory were in the front room when Luke entered hastily. Both of them noticed him and groaned.

Lorelai: "Oh great, screaming at me in the hospital wasn't enough General Hospital for you so you felt like you had to take it home?"

Luke: "Would you stop talking for one minute of your life and just listen to me?"

Lorelai: "Sorry Nurse Ratched but I'm not interested in hearing anything else you have to say. It was inconsiderate of me not to tell you about what happened with the false alarm. I know that but I didn't want you to worry about it! You are "Mr. Responsibility" and I knew something like that would've made you flip out and blame yourself! At the time you didn't even know April existed and I had no idea you had a thought of having kids so I was scared of how you'd react! I never meant not to tell you about it but with Rory stealing the boat, the fight she and I had, and then the engagement… I totally forgot! If it HAD turned out to be the real thing I would've told you after the first grade…. I promise,"

Luke: "Lorelai…. Stop! I didn't come here to argue with you about that,"

Lorelai: "Then what DID you come here to argue with me about?"

Luke: "Nothing… would you just come over here… so I can look you in the face while I say this!"

Lorelai: "Okay but if you turn out to be a shark, you're gonna be sorry,"

Lorelai got up from the couch and walked around to see Luke.

Luke: "I blew things out of proportion. Everything I heard sort of built up more shock and I went off on you. I'm not mad about that anymore. That's not what I wanted to say to you,"

Lorelai confused: "What did you want to say to me?"

Luke: "If you could have one thing…anything at all in the world… money or miracle alike what would it be?"

Lorelai: "The Earth to be renamed: "Lorelai World,"

Luke: "Lorelai, please answer me honestly,"

Lorelai: "Okay, okay…"

Lorelai made direct eye contact with Luke.

Lorelai: "You know what I want. All I want… is to have a big, happy family,"

At this Rory stood up.

Rory: "Mom…"

Lorelai turned to look at Rory.

Lorelai: "I was so worried that you would never be able to know what being in a family is like. I wanted you to have the things I never did and I'm so happy that you have that family now. You have me, Luke, your father, Gigi, Grandma and Grandpa, and an entire crazy town. But I still don't know myself what being in a real family is like because I ran away from mine and never had one of my own. I just always wanted to live in a house with a husband and kids driving me insane. A normal, happy family that supports each other no matter how angry they might get with one another. I still don't have that with my parents and I don't have that for myself. I had it with you but you're an adult now and you don't need me to be like that. I guess maybe it's called "Empty Nest Syndrome" but right now I'm feeling like I'll never have that again,"

Rory got closer to the two of them.

Rory: "Mom, you don't have to feel that way. You have much more of a family than what you realize,"

Lorelai: "But I can't recognize it… I can't tell. I won't be able to tell until I have a nice, happy family of my own so I have something good to compare family to,"

Luke: "That's exactly what I want too… a nice, big happy family,"

Lorelai whipped around to look at Luke with surprise.

Lorelai: "You do?"

Luke: "Yes. Look, I had pretty much as crappy a childhood as you did but I had a little bit of a taste to what a family is like. The memories I have of walking around town with my mother, father and sister are the happiest ones that don't include you in there somewhere. I never let go of it… maybe that's why it was so hard for me to move on from it. Maybe that's why it's so hard for me to let things in general go. I want to have those same kind of happy, family moments again. I just never found the right time or person to make that happen.

But today when I was at the hospital after you and Rory left; I walked by Sookie's hospital room and I couldn't help but look through the open door. Her kids and husband were around her bed laughing and smiling…. I got a real picture of what a family is supposed to look like. Suddenly I thought of my relationship with you and how we messed up with the chance of having that. We would've been married by now with a possible kid in the house if we hadn't let our personal issues get in the way. Then I felt like the biggest idiot in the Lorelai World. I don't want to make that same mistake again.

I have to be able to let go of things that hold me back. I've told myself over and over again that I have changed each time something happens… but I never really do. You know; bad habits are hard to break and all. Doubting people and doubting myself is something I'm too good at. But all it does is push people away from me. I don't want to push you away from me again. I don't want to doubt you or not trust you… sometimes it's NOT about you at all but my own fears of getting too close. You are a big part of my past and you are a big part of my future too. I want it to be that way. So I really do need to change if I expect it to happen,"

At this Luke nervously tried to pull something out of his jacket pocket but it fell out and bounced on the floor. It landed right in front of Lorelai's feet. Lorelai bent down, picked it up and stared at it in disbelief.

Luke: "I bought that for you because I wanted to say something important to you,"

Lorelai: "I don't get it…. are you a jewelry thief now or suddenly turned into Prince?"

Luke sighed.

Luke: "Of course not! What I'm TRYING to say is…."

Luke gulped and shifted nervously. Finally he took a deep breath and barely able to look her in the face, he asked…

Luke: "Will you marry me?"

Lorelai exploded with: "That was NOT funny the first time and it's definitely NOT funny now!"

Luke: "I wasn't joking! Believe me even Ed McMahon wouldn't of laughed at that one!"

Lorelai: "You're serious?"

Lorelai tried to look through Luke with her eyes to detect any hint of teasing.

Luke confirmed: "Al Gore serious,"

He stood firm and looked her straight in the eyes.

Lorelai quickly ducked her head to glance at the ring in her hand. She started muttering to herself over and over again "he's serious".

Rory: "Uh, Mom?"

Lorelai continued to mutter. Luke walked over to where Rory was standing and waved at Lorelai.

Luke: "Lorelai…?"

Lorelai yet again continued to mutter to herself.

Rory to Luke: "Uh Houston, we have a problem,"

Luke: "Now this is an unexpected development,"

Rory: "I think she broke,"

Luke: "Did I say something wrong?"

Rory: "Not really. Maybe it wasn't so much what you SAID, maybe it was what you DID,"

Luke: "Did? I thought I did it good?"

Rory: "Well, I think it was the execution,"

Luke: "Execution? I did it fine. I held on until the right moment and then gave it to her,"

Rory: "Technically you DROPPED it to her,"

Luke: "It was really hard to bring it up but…"

Lorelai suddenly interrupted them by snickering in a trans: "Dirty, dirty… dirty,"

Luke and Rory eyed each other.

Rory: "I guess it never fails,"

Luke sighed: "No matter how out of it she is; that part still works,"

Rory: "Okay that's it!"

Rory marched in between them.

Rory: "You two are the most pathetic couple I have ever seen! You would give Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy a run for their money! You can't even get a proposal scene right! I have to step in as a director if there's any hope for you guys!"

Rory stormed over to Lorelai.

Rory: "Mom, let me take your hand,"

Lorelai: "Okay, where do you want to put it?"

Rory: "Well Groucho Marx, I'm going to hand it over to Luke,"

Lorelai: "But he has a hand of his own,"

Rory: "Mom! Just go along with me here!"

Lorelai nodded still in a trans-like state. Rory grabbed her hand and pulled her within inches away from Luke. Then she gave her hand to Luke. Rory then went to her other hand.

Rory: "Now give me the ring,"

Lorelai: "Nooo, it's MY ring… Luke gave it to me,"

Rory: "Yes Mom, it IS your ring but I need it for a minute so Luke can give it back to you… okay?"

Lorelai: "I guess if I get it back…"

However, Lorelai was reluctant to let it got and Rory nearly had go into a tug-of-war to release it from Lorelai's grip.

Rory gave the ring back to Luke who held it in one hand.

Luke: "Uh all right… now what?"

Rory: "Get down on your knees soldier,"

Luke shook his head firmly.

Luke: "Nooo way! Asking her to marry me then getting that kind of response was embarrassing enough but there is NO WAY, I am going to sink down to that level of…"

Rory furious shouted: "LUKE!"

Luke nearly yelped: "What?"

Rory: "Do you love my Mom?"

Luke: "Yes…"

Rory: "Do you want to marry her?"

Luke: "Of course I do… that's what the proposal was for,"

Rory: "Then you're going to have evolve the way you handle this Luke! You know Mom; some times things just don't sink in if they're not presented the right way and maybe she didn't see that as a marriage proposal. You have to work harder at that. I know it's difficult for you to switch into Romantic Mode but you've done it before and it worked. You need to do that now more than ever. You're going to have to be Prince Charming with the proposal if you want Mom to take this seriously. Some times actions speak more than words can say and for this; you need it to speak novels. Go outside of your normal comfort zone. Once she does realize what you're asking; she'll go into a panic where she'll bombard you with questions. She'll have more questions than the press at a President Bush live conference. Be open, honest and answer any uncertainties she might have about it… otherwise this will never work. If you can't get through to her now how will you ever be able to handle being married to her?"

Luke: "You're too smart for your own good you know that. But you're right. I'm going to have to suck it up and just do it,"

Rory: "You're not alone. I'll be here cheering along side of you… I want you two to be happy and you're only the happiest when you're together,"

Luke: "Thanks, I'm glad you have my back,"

Rory: "I'm always armed and ready to go… comes from years of experience with her and my grandmother,"

Luke: "Right,"

Rory: "Now you put your one knee in, you leave your other knee out… do the Proposal Hokey Pokey,"

Luke started to turn beat red with embarrassment.

"Not if you keep going with that… and no Oompa Loompa references either,"

Rory quickly stood stiff.

Rory: "Gotcha,"

Luke nodded then finally managed to mentally push himself down onto one knee.

Rory slipped the ring to Luke and he gulped. All this pressure on him made Luke VERY nervous and he had to fight the urge to look away from Lorelai or to run. Ultimately he presented the ring to her with his free hand while the other hand was still holding onto her hand. He swallowed hard then Rory kicked him from behind to make sure he was looking Lorelai in the eyes.

Luke gathered the courage to ask: "Lorelai, will you marry me?"

Lorelai looked at the ring, then at Luke's face.

Lorelai: "But you don't want to marry me,"

Luke: "Uh, yes I do,"

Lorelai: "Uh, no you don't,"

Luke: "I SAID I do and I do!"

Lorelai: "No, no you don't!"

Rory: "Well at least the maturity level has gone down so that's a good sign,"

Luke: "Why can't you accept me wanting to marry you?"

Lorelai crouched down so she was at eye level with Luke. They were at equal level.

Lorelai: "I don't want to be engaged again… it sucks. It really does. Like being in a line waiting to get to the roller coaster not sure if you'll get to ride it before the park closes. I don't want to be there again,"

Luke: "Then we'll make it a short one,"

Lorelai: "Short? How short?"

Luke: "Tomorrow?"

Lorelai nearly freaked out.

Lorelai: "WHAT?!"

Luke: "Okay, obviously you're in a very literal mood right now, I was half joking," (half-joking, meaning he was half-serious).

Lorelai: "Don't joke like that!"

Luke: "Sorry, how about in like a month…. Or two. In December… the first… I mean you love winter and snow and all and if you don't want to remain engaged for long…"

Lorelai: "December? That's soon! You thought six months was soon when we got engaged last!"

Luke: "That was an entirely different proposal and engagement. Since this is a new proposal/engagement it cancels out the previous one,"

Lorelai: "It can do that?"

Luke: "Who says it can't?"

Lorelai: "But where are we going to have the wedding on such short notice… I don't want a big, church wedding. Part of what made me nervous the last time was the feeling of being confined in the church with hundreds of people watching me…. made me feel like I was in a "Saw" movie or something,"(sorry I had to go for that reference I couldn't help biting into that Golden Apple)

Luke: "Call me crazy but I think the Dragonfly Inn would be a perfect place for the ceremony,"

Lorelai: "Yeah, you thought I was crazy all these years but in fact it was YOU all along! I mean getting married at the Dragonfly in December with snow… oh no what if it snows?!"

Luke: "I'm sure we can figure something out… like tarps…"

Lorelai: "And Jackson's plant heaters could keep it warm if things get cold outside…. Wait what am I saying?! We can't get married!"

Luke: "We're back to this again? I thought we were making progress here,"

Lorelai: "There's just so much at stake this time, Luke. I don't want it to all fall apart again! I mean; I'm getting older… I don't want to be fifty years old and have a two year old kid,"

Luke: "You have a kid who is grown up and I have a kid about to grow up… and I still missed out on being a parent. I want to feel like an actual parent before I'm the new Rod Stewart. So we're in agreement there,"

Lorelai: "I don't want you to marry me just because you want kids!"

Luke: "Oh boy… I have no idea what to say anymore because you're gonna twist whatever I say. I wouldn't marry you just because I want kids… I want to marry you because I love you,"

Lorelai: "What about April and Rory I mean this house is NOT big enough… in case they need to visit and there are kids in the house…"

Luke: "I don't think all married couples have kids as fast as Kelly Rippa… we can save up and worry about that later,"

Lorelai: "What if we get into a HUGE fight… it would be much worse with kids around!"

Luke: "We'll just have to learn how to compromise... isn't that what married couples do? We can work on that together,"

Lorelai: "But what…"

Luke: "Lorelai, stop! No more! I don't want to hear another word! Stop trying to rationalize everything and worrying about things that might not happen. Don't even THINK about using the "D" word, either! I went through it once before and so did you… we both know why that happened,"

Lorelai: "Yeah… but…"

Luke: "Aren't you the type of person who likes to experience everything head-on…. even if it's a mistake. Aren't you the type of person who takes chances especially on something you believe in? Because a person who can do that knows how to live a full life and I need to be with someone like that. Here…. look inside the ring,"

With a shaking hand, Lorelai took the ring and peered inside.

Lorelai: "There's something written inside,"

Luke: "Read it,"

Lorelai: "Lorelai You Are My Coffee. I don't get it,"

Luke: "I don't like the taste of coffee but from serving so much of it I know how people enjoy it. Coffee is something that wakes you up in the morning. The quiet, peaceful time you have in the morning to drink it gets you ready for the hectic day ahead. It's; warm, is better when mixed with cream and sugar, and offers its warmth to whoever drinks it. Everyone who drinks coffee appreciates the feeling it gives them. You're like that for me.

At this point I can't even imagine my life without you. It would be harder than whatever challenges might come from being with you for the rest of my life. Isn't that what you love… a challenge,"

Lorelai was practically crying at this time. She could barely even whisper what she wanted to say.

Lorelai: "You're a challenge… that's why I love you,"

Luke: "You still haven't answered my question and I can't stay in this position much longer or I'll fall over,"

Lorelai: "Which question?"

Luke: "Will you marry me?"

Lorelai: "Luke….. I…. Don't…"

Luke nearly choked back his disappointment.

Luke: "Oh well, I uh… wow… okay you don't. I feel like a class idiot… I should've got the hint with all the negative thoughts you had. But I ignored them and now my knees are killing me…."

Lorelai: "…I wasn't finished,"

Luke: "You weren't?"

Lorelai repeated: "Luke I don't…. know what else to say but yes,"

Luke blinked: "What are you doing?"

Lorelai seriously: "Being a challenge,"

Luke: "Is that a yes?"

Lorelai teasing: "Si,"

Luke: "Lorelai…"

Lorelai: "Oui,"

Luke: "Please put me out of my misery and tell me… what are you saying?!"

Lorelai: "What I'm trying to say is…. Yes. I'll happily marry you,"

Luke placed the ring on her finger and the second he did; she sprang and hugged him. They wobbled while Luke carefully rose to his feet so not to fall over. They hugged tightly and then kissed passionately. Rory clapped happily. However, one thing still remained….

Lorelai pushed away from Luke in a sudden hit of epiphany…

Lorelai gasped: "I have to tell my parents!"

Luke: "Oh, right. I forgot about that. Do you want me to go with you?"

Lorelai: "This is my duty I'll handle it… Rory, you're coming with me,"

Rory: "Huh, what? Why?"

Lorelai: "In case I need a buffer. You can jump in and distract them so I can make a quick get-a-way,"

Rory sarcastically: "Yes because it usually works well when we have this plan…"

Lorelai: "Might as well get it done tonight before word gets out to them,"

That night Lorelai was driving like a maniac, Rory ducked in her seat fearfully.

Rory: "Mom! I'm too young and cute to die in a car crash with you!"

Lorelai: "Sorry hun, but I have to keep this fire of determination burning before it gets put out,"

Rory: "Where's a firefighter when I need one?"

Just then Lorelai reached her destination… Emily and Richard's mansion. She barely had time to put the Jeep into park before she leapt out of the door… leaving the vehicle on. Lorelai ran straight to the door and flung it open. Rory scrambled desperately trying to catch up to her. Rory finally caught up to Lorelai when she met up with Emily and Richard who were sitting in the Living Room.

Lorelai: "Richard Gere…Betty Davis… I have to talk to you two!"

Emily and Richard were so caught off guard that Emily jumped a little bit startled and the both of them were speechless.

Lorelai: "Now, I have some very important news and I will in no shape or form, pause for the audience to throw tomatoes at me until the end of the show. You will sit there, you will listen to me, and you will probably hate it… but you always complain how I never tell you anything about my life until you find it out from somebody else. So now that you get your chance, don't blow it like Ashley Simpson on "Saturday Night Live","

Emily and Richard nodded nervously.

Lorelai: "Okay…" she took a long, deep breath then exhaled all at once: "Luke proposed to me today and I said yes. We're having the wedding on the first of December at the Dragonfly Inn. Mom; you are going to be there as the Mother of the Bride. Dad; you're going to be there and walk me down the aisle. Both of you will attend the ceremony because if you don't then all of Stars Hollow will know and think of you as Joe and Katherine Jackson. If you go and interrupt the ceremony in anyway then I will NEVER talk to either of you ever again… I'm pretty sure Rory will join me in that. We are going to have a big, happy family that includes you two whether you like it or not! Badededed that's all folks! Thanks for riding Lorelai Air… Buh Bye!"

With that Lorelai spun around, marched right past Rory who was saying: "Mooom!" and out the door. Leaving Rory standing there awkwardly.

Rory: "Ah, uh… so… Grandpa, is that a new tie?"

Lorelai and Rory entered the Crap Shack and walked towards the kitchen.

Rory: "Mom, I can't believe you did THAT?!"

Luke's voice chimed in from the kitchen: "Lorelai, what did you do at your parent's house?"

Lorelai and Rory entered the kitchen to see Luke sitting at the table with the phone next to him.

Rory: "Mom dropped the Big Bertha-sized bomb on them and flew out of Hiroshima without seeing the wreckage caused, not to mention that she left me standing there like the last person alive in a horror movie!"

Luke shaking his head: "Lorelai,"

Lorelai: "Sorry! I had the momentum going and I couldn't stop until I was driving away,"

Rory: "It took you a half an hour to come back and pick me up… I almost had to take the bus here!"

Lorelai: "Well it would've been a ride down memory lane for you. Besides you're the one who always complains about how I back out of telling my parents things. SO I told them,"

Rory: "Yeah well I think I prefer Chicken Lorelai over Cruella Deville it was safer for me,"

Luke: "How much damage do you think this will cost us with your parents, Lorelai?"

Lorelai thought for a moment, then she replied with: "They probably won't dare to cause trouble for us at the wedding but I wouldn't expect me to receive an inheritance after it when in the very far future they die. Also, I'm not sure but they might put a voodoo curse on us so if you all of a sudden feel sharp pains in your back you'll know where they came from,"

Luke groaned: "Great. I called April, by the way,"

Lorelai: "You did? How did she react?"

Luke: "She was happy for me. She said she has been worried I would be sitting alone in my diner when she isn't around. She was glad to hear I have someone to be with and she can't wait to be in the wedding,"

Lorelai: "She's the only person I thought of as the Flower Girl,"

Luke: "That's what I was thinking too,"

The doorbell rang. The three looked curiously at the door and then got up from the kitchen table. They walked over and by then Paul Anka was there. They opened the door to see Emily and Richard standing there.

Emily: "Can we come in or do we need an invitation at the wedding?"

Emily and Richard were escorted inside. Everyone sat together in the front room. Lorelai and Luke sat next to each other on the couch, Rory sat on the other side of Luke. The three of them stared over at Emily and Richard across from them who were sitting in separate chairs side by side.

Luke: "Should I get them a drink or something?"

Richard: "No need Luke, this won't take long,"

Lorelai: "Uh oh, that can't be good,"

Emily: "Did you really think giving us news like that in the manner of which you did was appropriate? I know you like to live your life in a blur but coming in like a hurricane and blowing us away before we had a chance to react was not fair at the very least. We have just as much a right to have our voices heard as Rory does,"

Richard: "She's right and with that said; we need to establish some details before this wedding can continue. Important factors need to be considered and steps need to be taken…"

Lorelai: "Uh excuse me, what does this mean?"

Emily: "Do you really expect us to do nothing but sit at the wedding, eat cheap food and then leave after rice is thrown getting all in my hair? No way. If you want me in this wedding at all then you'll let me help you plan the wedding,"

Lorelai blinked.

Lorelai: "You want to help with the wedding?"

Emily: "That's all I really wanted in the first place. What you want to do with your life you're going to do it… you've always been like that. I'm too tired to argue with you about it. At this stage; as long as I have part in it and whatever life you have with Luke… we'll go along with it,"

Richard: "All we ask is for you to consider us part of your family. I know there have been issues in the past that tends to get in the way but we hope to overcome it. In the meanwhile, we're all trying to live our lives the best we can. Of course we are going to require some time to get used to the idea of Luke being more integrated with your personal life and thus more occasions of his presence at Gilmore functions,"

Luke whispered over to Rory: "What did he say?"

Rory: "They're not too sure about you yet but don't do anything to make them mad and they'll accept you eventually the more they see you around,"

Luke: "Oh, wait a minute… how often do you request my presence before you get used to me?"

Emily: "Hm, well since we have a regular routine with Lorelai it's only fair that you attend as well,"

Lorelai bust out laughing.

Luke: "What?"

Lorelai: "They want you to come with me to the Friday Night Dinners,"

Luke paled.

Luke: "Really?"

Emily shot a death glare.

Emily: "Really,"

Lorelai waved finale farewells to her parents for the night and closed the front door behind them. She returned to the couch where Luke was still sitting.

Lorelai: "Are you still so sure you want to marry me?"

Luke: "Yes but…. I have to go to Friday Night Dinners with them? I can't eat that disgusting rich food, I'll get gold rocks in my stomach,"

Lorelai: "Welcome to the family,"

She pat him on the knee. Rory tried to hide her laughter but Luke noticed it.

Luke: "Not funny,"

Rory: "Not to you it wasn't, but we had the best seats in the house,"

Luke: "Can we change the subject?"

Rory: "No problem…. What should I call you?"

Luke: "Call me?"

Rory: "Well, you're going to be marrying my mother but calling you my "Stepfather" makes it sound so formal,"

Lorelai: "Oh you want to give him a informal title. Hmm, Flannel Stepfather?"

Rory: "Father times three?"

Lorelai: "A father twice removed,"

Rory: "Second Father?"

Lorelai: "No… I got it! Second Daddy!"

Rory: "Doesn't that sound a little "Two and a Half Men" to you?"

Luke: "How about just calling me Luke?"

Rory: "What's the fun in that? How about calling you; My Stars Hollow Dad?"

Luke blushed at that one.

Luke: "That's a long title,"

Lorelai: "I like that. It makes him sound special but it recognizes she has a father somewhere else,"

Rory: "It's getting late and I have to get back to Boston. Goodnight Mom, congratulations,"

Lorelai and Rory hugged. Rory stepped back and then approached Luke.

Rory: "Goodnight, My Stars Hollow Dad,"

They hugged and Rory left.

The next morning news must've gotten around the entire neighborhood because the minute Lorelai and Luke stepped out of the house; they were met by a swarm of Stars Hollow townies. Each one was asking a question. A flash from a camera went off and nearly blinded them. Lorelai and Luke just stood there…. Then they quickly retreated and threw the door closed behind them.

Lorelai: "God, how did the news get out?!"

Luke: "Babbette DOES live next door… maybe she saw Richard and Emily,"

Lorelai: "Well at least we have a little more than a month to let this simmer down,"

Luke: "I don't think that's long enough,"

Lorelai: "I hope we don't have to move to another town,"

Next Episode….

Episode 7: "Hitches and Getting Hitched"- No summary needed. Okay, so I'm obligated to tell. Lorelai and Luke finally walk down the aisle… sort of. This is Lorelai we're talking about here so of course the wedding isn't a normal one. There are some minor glitches but thankfully it all comes together to make a day nobody will ever forget.