Episode 7: "Hitches and Getting Hitched"

Sorry it took so long to get this episode out but I wanted to make sure things were perfect and I had so little time to actually get the episode done. So as usual, please excuse the bad grammar or spelling mistakes especially of celebrity names. And remember this takes place in December. Parts of the setup for the wedding came from Gilmore Girls Org 's Javajunkies L&L wedding that occurred on December 31st 2007.

Episode 7: "Hitches in Getting Hitched"

Lorelai was sneaking through the town park in the middle of the night wearing a very flashy costume at the same time Luke was also sneaking around. They spotted each other and carefully walked to one another.

Luke: "Do you think they saw you?"

Lorelai: "Most of them were too drunk on spiked apple cider curtesy of moi. You?"

Luke: "They wouldn't notice Godzilla attacking the town and they definitely wouldn't notice my prescence missing,"

Lorelai: "This is sad,"

Luke: "You're telling me,"

Lorelai: "Bachelorette parties are slowly becoming extinct,"

Luke: "Bachelor parties should be with the dinosaurs right about now,"

Lorelai: "God love them, they try but… a costume party… in December? Rory was shanghi'd by Babbette and Miss Patty to have a Holloween theme…. with cider and decorations. Normally a person like me would think that's a very creative idea but I love winter and snow…. they replaced all my snowflakes with leaves!"

Luke: "You should consider yourself lucky… Kirk and TJ planned mine…"

Lorelai: "Oh God, should I even ask?"

Luke: "Let's just say I think Osama had the right idea on hiding in a cave,"

Lorelai: "Not even a hint?"

Luke: "Butt Floss thongs and not a single female there either,"

Lorelai: "Ew, thanks a lot for that image, now I'll have nightmares!"

Luke: "That was the best hint I could give,"

Lorelai and Luke sighed.

Luke: "I'm favoring eloping very much tonight,"

Lorelai: "Yeah but then my mother would pounce on us the moment we got back and spring an attack on us that would make the Alamo feel lucky,"

Luke: "Should we go back?"

Lorelai: "Hmm, Butt Floss and Witches…. A good band name… not so good for us. But they are our friends and townies. We live with them and see them almost everyday. I do hate to dissapoint them… that's what families are for,"

Luke: "I guess I can't come over to your party,"

Lorelai: "Sure you can… dressed as a Cop with a tape recorder… then strip,"

Luke: "Okay going back to the Diner…"

Lorelai: "We still need to work out a few kinks on the wedding plans tomorrow,"

Luke: "I'll come over when the morning rush is done at the Diner,"

Lorelai: "Good, I'll be home… scraping the silly string off the walls and getting Paul Anka out from hiding underneath the couch,"

Luke: "What happened there?"

Lorelai: "Babbette got drunk and decided to spray silly string EVEYWHERE. Lulu tried to braid every single hair on Paul Anka and with pink ribbons. He's looking like a poor dog reject of "The Girls Next Door,"

Luke: "Seems he could've used a cave, too"

Lorelai: "Good night,"

Luke: "Night… yes… Good… not a chance,"

Lorelai and Luke kissed goodnight and then departed.


Luke entered the Crap Shack to see half the living room in silly string, leaves and pumpkins, and the other half of the room in snowflakes, bells and holly.

Luke: "Wow, the house has a split personality,"

Lorelai joined him.

Lorelai: "Just like it's owner, right? I know that's what you were thinking,"

Luke: "I wasn't going to say it out loud,"

Lorelai: "Oh stop. Come on, the problems have gotten bigger and I had to make coffee,"

Lorelai led Luke to the kitchen where coffee and tea were going.

Luke sat down at the table while Lorelai poured liquids into cup, brought them over to the table and sat down.

Lorelai: "There are so many final details that need to be done, my head is spinning like Beatlejuice's. First I have to get the Dragonfly Inn wedding-ready… complete with the Chouppa as an alter and canopy-like tarps over the seating just in case it rains or something. Not to mention get Jackson's heaters situated not too close to the tarps so they don't catch on fire. We don't need a Backdraft wedding. I have to get the vow written and I am NOT a good writer… Jane Austin would turn over in her grave,"

Luke: "Not true. What about the testimony letter you wrote on my behalf last year?"

Lorelai: "Oh you weren't here for the process of craziness that leaked out of me in trying to come up with something substantial. I only got what I did because I happened to run into you and April at the mall with Rory next to me. If I didn't have that mental connection you would've had a WHOLE different letter. One that even Carl Jung wouldn't of been able to interrupt,"

Luke: "Yeah but I'm not exactly a writer myself. I don't even know any writers to reference other than George Lucas. So I'm in the same boat as you,"

Lorelai: "And it's leaking. Great. Should we just nix the whole writing our own vows thing?"

Luke: "And stick with the old; "Till death do us part"? Tell me that isn't creepy,"

Lorelai: "Tim Burton wouldn't think so. Yeah I do hate thinking of something morbid like death at a wedding and with the rate of divorce I wouldn't want that to become literal,"

Luke: "What other things should I do.,. I know I have a lot of work to take care of with the Diner and all but I want to do something to help lift the load off your shoulders,"

Lorelai: "Get your Best Man and Ushers ready,"

Luke: "Best Man?"

Lorelai caught the slight hesitation in Luke's voice.

Lorelai: "Yes Best Man… why is that a problem?"

Luke: "Yeah, it might be… I had someone in mind but he probably won't come so I need to find a replacement,"

Lorelai: "Sounds like me with the Ring Bearer problem,"

Luke: "Isn't Davy doing it?"

Lorelai: "He has strepp throat and has been coughing all over the place. Germ smorgishboard anyone?"

Luke: "No thank-you,"

Lorelai: 'I think I came up with the perfect alternative to take his place, though"

Luke: "Who?"

That's when Paul Anka ran into the kitchen and sat down in the chair next to Lorelai. Lorelai pointed at him and said:

Lorelai: "Paul Anka,"

Luke with widened eyes: "You're going to have a DOG be the Ring Bearer? You're kidding right… God, I hope you're kidding,"

Lorelai: "Why not? Paul Anka can take direction like a GPA and he doesn't tear up any pillows,"

Luke: "But he's a DOG!"

Lorelai: "Really? This whole time I thought he was an Ewok,"

Luke getting fed up: "Lorelai!"

Lorelai: "Calm down Luke, everything is going to be fine. Paul Anka wants to do it… right Paul Anka?"

Paul Anka ran off the chair and zoomed out of the kitchen.

Lorelai turned to Luke a little sheepishly: "He's just acting like Lindsey Lohan right now, he'll be all set by the time the wedding comes,"

Luke sarcastically: "Sure, I'll just keep an eye out for flying pigs, too,"

Lorelai: "I'll take him with me to the Dragonfly maybe if he sees the place being set up then he'll be eager enough for me to practice it with him,"

Luke: "I think you should consider an alternative to your alternative,"

Lorelai: "One thing I don't think either one of us has considered yet though… a dress rehersal,"

Luke: "Do we really need to? I've been at a couple of weddings and I know you have been around tons of them. I think we have it down what we're supposed to do,"

Lorelai: "Good I hate rehersals… that's why I could never join any performing clubs in High School. That and I was pregnant at the time and would've had to run for a bathroom break every half hour. Okay this will give us more time to get things completed,"

Luke was back at the Diner finishing serving and Kirk was sitting at a table when TJ came busting into the diner.

TJ: "Luke, I hear you're in need of a Best Man,"

Luke: "My mistake for telling Liz anything,"

Kirk: "What? You need the position of Best Man to be fulfilled? I can do that. I've never been the Best Man at a wedding… I can finally cross that off my list!"

TJ: "What? No! Liz told me I should do it since Luke and I are family…"

Luke: "Uh, TJ… you and I are not related by anything. You married my sister,"

TJ: "Slight technicality that can be overlooked,"

Luke: "Um, no it can't. You see my blood and your blood don't mesh well together,"

TJ: "What did you mean by that? Are you a vampire or something?"

Luke: 'I'm…"

TJ: "You know that totally explains the "never leaving the diner during the day" thing of yours…"

Luke: "TJ I am NOT a vampire! What I meant to say is we don't share the same DNA, blood, genes, common sense… whatever it is… we don't share it! So you're not obligated to do ANYTHING involving my wedding,"

Kirk: "I'm not related to you either but we live in the same town,"

TJ: "Yeah! There's that! AND Liz told me how much she would like us all to be like one, big, happy family. I'll be your Best Man,"

Kirk: "YOU'RE not going to be his Best Man because I'M going to be his Best Man,"

TJ: "Oh really? You wanna fight?"

Kirk: "You bet I do… what kind of fight…"

Luke: "Oh goody; the Clash of the Idiots. Anything but a food fight please and definitely take it outside… in front of Taylor's store,"

TJ: "I got it… Thumb Wrestling!"

Luke: "Thumb wrestling? Oh come on at least go with arm wrestling like in "Over the Top" it's a little more dignifying,"

TJ: "Are you kidding? I know I'll beat scrawny man over here… I don't want to snap his wrists in half,"

Kirk: "Whatever you dish out I can take it!"

Luke took a moment then he turned to TJ: "Thumb wrestling it is,"

TJ: "Can we use one of your tables?"

Luke: "No. Why don't you use one of the benches outside? That way if one of you passes out someone can call for help because I won't care enough to call myself,"

Kirk: 'Fine then, we will take this outside!"

Kirk and TJ marched outside.

Just then the diner's phone rang.

Luke: "Luke's"

Lorelai: "Hey, I called just to catch up,"

Luke: "Oh you'll love to hear this. Guess what Kirk and TJ are doing right at this moment?"

Lorelai: "Not kissing I hope… I'll never be sure about guys after watching "Brokeback Mountain,".

Luke: "They're thumb wrestling,"

Lorelai: "Close enough… why are they thumb wrestling?"

Luke: "They're fighting over which one will be my Best Man,"

Lorelai: "I thought you had some people in mind?"

Luke: "Originally it was going to be Jess but I haven't heard from him. Then it was going to be Jackson but he has to stay home to watch Davy because of the strep throat thing. I tried asking Douggy and Scooter but they're ice fishing in Alaska. So I guess I'm down to those two idiots,"

Lorelai: "I'm sorry to hear that. I'm at the Dragonfly we're trying to get things set up and Michel is driving me crazy. He keeps on insisting I let him in on the wedding planning and I had to record my voice saying; "No" on a voice recorder and play it over and over again. Rory just finished sending in her article for the newspaper so she's stopping in to help, which I am very grateful for. There's a plethera of things to be done…just Sookie and I aren't enough to finish it all,"

Luke: "I wish I could help but Lane asked for the day off and Ceasar had to do something today. Unless I want to close the diner… we've hit the midafternoon lull if you want I can stop by,"

Lorelai: "That's sweet of you but it's okay. Once Rory gets here things should pick up. Let me know who wins the big fight though,"

Luke: "Will do,"

Lorelai hung up.

Lorelai met up with Rory when Michel came along. Lorelai and Rory exchanged greetings when Michel interrupted them.

Michel: "Diz iz not fairer! I can't possibly take care of all deeze customers by myself," (translation: "This is not fair! I can't possibly take care of all these customers by myself,")

Lorelai: "Michel, there's only three guests at the Dragonfly right now and one of them is on the nature walk. You're just jealous because you're not helping me out with the wedding set up,"

Michel glared at Lorelai: "You KNOW datte I am better ten Trading Spaces with visualizations and creative decoration ideaze. It would be bettar ten just standin at te register like a manniquin! You are just doin this on purpose to be mean like Charlie Manson to his…"(translation: "You KNOW that I am better than Trading Spaces with visualizations and creative decoration ideas. It would be better then just standing at the register like a manninquin! You are just doing this on purpose to be mean like Charlie Manson to his…")

Lorelai: "Okay Michel, I got the point. No I did NOT do it on purpose. It's just that we need a very capable person to man the station while I'm working on plans for the wedding. Sookie is busy working her butt off making the cake and catering. Now if you're going to continue to whine about this like Tanya Harting at the Olympics, then I'll make a call to Kirk. I'm sure he'll want to do it and you won't be able to go to the wedding,"

Michel: "All right! All right! I will go back but just keep in mind datte I hate you,"

Lorelai: "Spare me the deep affection, I AM getting married. Now go Speed Racer,"

Michel stomped all the way back to the register just in time to catch the ringing phone.

Michel: "Dragonfly Inn, the place where fashionable men such as myself are discriminated against… how may I help you?"

Christopher: "Hi Michel, it's Christopher. I was trying to get a hold of Lorelai to wish her a Merry Christmas before I go to Paris with Gigi to see her Mom. But Lorelai's cell phone is off and I would like to tell her in person rather than leaving a message,"

Michel: "She is busy right now making my life miserable with this wedding,"

Christopher: "Oh somebody is having a wedding?"

Michel: "Yez and it waz such short notice dat I didn't even hav time to putte together a proper ladies man attirer,"

Christopher: "Anybody I know?"

Michel nearly snorted: "Of courz you know tem…. Lorelai,"

Christopher with his eyes widened: "Lorelai?!"

Michel: "Yez and dat very un GQ coffeeman Luke,"

Christopher nearly choked: "When is this?!"

Michel: "Tomorrow of courz… on December first. You are slow, aren't you?"

Christopher: "She told me that she was getting married to him but I didn't think this SOON!"

Michel: "Yez herre spontaneousness is enough to make you throw up,"

Chris suddenly fell silent. Slowly he said

Chris: "Well, I guess my Christmas wishing is no match for the festivities of a wedding. I'll just call her after Christmas then. Thanks Michel,"

With that Christopher hung up. That's when Lorelai walked into the front room.

Lorelai: "Hey Michel, have the people with the Chouppa arrived yet?"

Michel: "No and I grow tired of having to answerre your personel phone callz,"

Lorelai sarcastically: "Yeah, giving the Dragonfly Inn's number to the telemarketers… what was I thinking?"

Just then the sight of the chouppa sitting in the back bed of a truck pulled up right in front of the open door. Lorelai excitedly ran out to greet the people who moved it. She looked in horror as she saw Kirk head for the Chouppa.

Lorelai barked: "Kirk, back off!"

Kirk bewildered: "What? Why?"

Lorelai: "You remember that time when you had to hold part of Fran's casket and you dropped it..?"

Kirk: "Yeah…"

Lorelai: "…And when you were hanging the decorations for the Star Light Festival and got stuck up a tree…?"

Kirk: "Yeah…"

Lorelai: "Well step away from the Chouppa Jerry Lewis! If you put one hand on it… Alice; wham, bang, zoom… straight to the moon! Aren't you supposed to be thumb wrestling or something?"

Kirk: "Not anymore… at the last second Liz called out to TJ, he dropped his guard and I overpowered him,"

Lorelai: "YOU won?"

Kirk: "Sure did and as Luke's Best Man; I believe I should offer my services to help out with the wedding preparations,"

Lorelai: "Sorry Kirk but all your responsibility is to hand the Groom the ring… that's it,"

At that moment, Andrew and Zach emerged from out of the truck and came around to the back.

Andrew: "Kirk, find some other job to do! Lorelai made us promise to get this Chouppa alter set up without breaking it and you standing there is like having a black cloud over us,"

Kirk in a stuck-up voice: "Fine, I'll find some other way to help with Lorelai's wedding,"

Like on America's Top Model, Kirk strided away with his head held up high.

Zach: "Phew that was close. Hey Lorelai where do you want this to go?"

Lorelai: "Oh I'll…"

Lorelai stopped short when she noticed the tidal wave heading in her direction. Emily walked out of her car, caught sight of Lorelai and was walking towards her.

Lorelai in a panic: "What the Hell is my MOTHER doing here?!"

Michel joined up: "I got sick of answering all of your phone calls with one excuse or so I told her where you were. That's what happens when you stiff me out of the fun,"

Lorelai sneered at Michel as he turned and walked away haughtily. Emily walked right up to Lorelai.

Lorelai faked happy to see her: "Mom, what are you doing here?"

Emily: "What do you mean; what am I doing here? I'm here to help with the wedding preparations or course,"

In the distance, Rory's car was pulling into the driveway.

Lorelai: "Mom, it's MY wedding, you've all ready had yours… twice,"

Emily huffed: "Lorelai, you are my only daughter. It is only fair for the mother of the bride to pitch in her expertise of the wedding experience into the wedding process. What did you expect me to do? Watch you walk down the isle, sit through two hours of talking, eat a horrible cheap buffet and then leave? Well I don't think so! If you want me to participate in the wedding at all Lorelai, you will let me participate in the whole deal,"

Lorelai: "RORY!!"

With this you can use your own imagination as to what happens with the three of them.

It was night and Luke arrived in Lorelai's kitchen to see her in the same exact spot that he saw her in when he left that morning.

Luke: "Lorelai? You look worse than you did this morning,"

Lorelai: "My mother showed up and was a Sherman Tank today. She was insistent at helping me with all the wedding planning so now I'm exhausted. Do you know it's much easier to plan other people's wedding then it is to plan your own?"

Luke: "Ouch, sorry I know it must've been a lot for you to take care of. Is everything going to be all set for tomorrow or should we panic?"

Lorelai: "Everything should go according to plan. Even Paul Anka is ready. At the end of the day it was like he was Tyra Banks walking down the aisle. There are a couple of worries but hopefully they'll smooth out by the ceremony,"

Luke: "Worries?"

Lorelai: "The weatherman said there's a chance it will rain tomorrow. The tarps will hold out but we can't have the heaters going outside if it rains. Meaning people might have to be soaked, wet and freezing. Unless we want to risk using the heaters and then barbacue our guests,"

Luke: "That IS a worry. I hope it works out,"

Lorelai: "I'm sure it will,"

Luke: "So I should sleep in my apartment tonight, huh?"

Lorelai: "If you don't want to jinx the wedding tomorrow… you remember what happened last time with the wedding dress?"

Luke: "I figured as much. I really don't want to sleep in the empty diner apartment tonight,"

Lorelai: "Worse comes to worse, you can sleep in the storage room… you did that before,"

Luke stood up: "Oh all right. I'll see you tomorrow,"

Lorelai stood up nodding her head: "Definitely, tomorrow,"

They had a long kiss goodbye and Lorelai nearly had to pry Luke off. With a slight whimper, Luke left the kitchen and Lorelai went upstairs to her room.

Somehow the next morning when Lorelai's alarm clock went off, she rolled over to see Luke sleeping next to her. She shook her head in amusement, reached over to the alarm clock, and then started poking Luke awake.

Luke: "Humph?"

Lorelai: "Morning Luke. Last night's time spent sleeping in your apartment went THAT well, huh?"

Luke now awake just realized what Lorelai was getting at and put his hands up to his face in embarrassment.

Luke: "I thought it was a dream,"

Lorelai: "Sorry pal, it wasn't. That must've been some record of yours. I went to sleep only half an hour after you left,"

Luke: "I thought I was dreaming of myself; walking through my apartment, down the hallway into the diner, out of the diner, into the street… oh my God,"

Lorelai was enjoying this A LOT.

Lorelai: "I'm glad you weren't NAKED, one step away from being Kirk!"

Luke: "I know!"

Lorelai: "You were very sneaky because I didn't even feel the bed move when you crawled in,"

Luke: "What was I DOING?!"

Lorelai: "I don't know. Maybe you've been feeling so comfortable sleeping next to me that when you're not sleeping next to me it feels wrong to you somehow,"

Luke: "That makes sense. It also feels pretty good to wake up and see you sleeping next to me in the mornings. It sucks to wake up to an empty bed,"

Lorelai: "Does your sleep walking thing still sound unbelievable to you now?"

Luke: "No, I guess not. I'm just relieved that you didn't start freaking out about it and panic about what happened last night or anything,"

Lorelai: "Of course not Gene Simons. I wouldn't act that way. I mean we are going to be married in a couple of hours so I should be used to you in bed by now…"

Luke: "Lorelai,"

Lorelai: "Really, to me; this is a sign that everything is working out better than expected. Being apart is scarier than being too close together. I never had that feeling before,"

Luke: "I know I feel the same way. Like life is less brighter without you around,"

Lorelai: "Okay we haven't even gotten to the ALTER yet and all ready I'm starting to mist up here. I might have to take a U-HAUL truck full of tissues to the wedding,"

Luke: "Well we better go our separate ways and get ready for the wedding,"

Lorelai: "Brides usually don't put on the dress until the last hour before the ceremony because their dresses are too long and uncomfortable to wear for a long time. Still I do have to check off last minute things and get the rest of me ready until then. Damn, I would much rather stay here with you in bed,"

Luke: "Maybe we should've been bears in another life that way we could hibernate instead of going to the wedding,"

Lorelai: "Then again bears have to miss out on dancing to "We are Family", tossing the bouquet and eating an amazing meal. It would suck to be a bear,"

Luke: "Right. SO I am going to leave… for sure… not to come back… until after we're married,"

Lorelai: "Just don't take a nap and I'll see you later,"

Luke: "Goodbye Lorelai Gilmore,"

Lorelai: "Goodbye Luke Danes,"

The next day the Dragonfly Inn was like something out of a fairytale. White and flower decorations nearly covered the outside of the inn. In the back, was a long white carpet as an aisle and many chairs on either side of it. A white canopy draped above the aisle and seats. At the end stood a stage-like alter with the chouppa beautifully added to truly capture the spirit of the special day. As guests started to arrive, Luke made his way towards the alter accompanied by Kirk.

Luke: "I still don't understand how you won over TJ,"

Kirk: "It's a thing called "perseverance,"

Luke: "More like "dumb luck,"

After a few minutes of people settling in, talking to each other and adjusting wadrob the piano outside began to play music. Meanwhile, a panicking April in a red dress approached Rory wearing her red Maid of Honor dress, waiting by the back door.

April: "Excuse me but there seems to be a slight delay,"

Rory: "What's taking so long?"

April: "Well… your mother locked herself in a room and refuses to come out,"

Rory: "WHAT?!"

In the next scene Sookie and Richard were banging on a door urging Lorelai to come out.

Richard: "Lorelai, this is ridiculous! You come out of there this minute!"

Sookie: "Lorelai? It's Sookie… can you let me in?"

Lorelai: "Not by the hair on Sean Connery's chinny, chin-chin!"

Finally Rory arrived.

Rory: "Mom? It's Rory, can we talk?"

Lorelai: "If I let you in… no one else can come in… is that agreed?"

Everyone: "Yes,"

With a slight hesitation, the door opened with enough room for Rory to squeeze through. Lorelai stood there with her hair a mess, makeup running and looking very upset.

Rory: "Mom, what happened?"

Lorelai: "I was trying to get the stupid tiara on but it got stuck and suddenly my hair knotted up all in it like a comb in Marge Simpson's hair. Then before I knew it, the gravity of what I'm about to get into hit me like a ton of bricks and now I feel like I'm that monster in Cloverfield,"

Rory: "Okay, let me help you with your hair. Where's your brush?"

Lorelai: "On the floor by the window. I tried to throw it out the window but I forgot I didn't open it,"

Rory: "A little Britney Spears freak out there but that's okay,"

Rory walked over to the brush on the floor and scooped it up. Then she walked over to Lorelai and started to brush her hair.

Lorelai: "I don't know what's wrong with me!"

Rory: "You're about to get married and you didn't have enough time to worry about it until now,"

Lorelai: "But, I shouldn't be doing this…"

Rory: "Freak outs are normal before weddings…"

Lorelai: "No, I mean I shouldn't be doing this… marrying Luke,"

Rory stopped brushing.

Rory: "Mom!"

Lorelai: "It's true! I'm a big pit of disaster that drags everyone into it! Mom, Dad, you, Christopher… Luke was dragged in a couple of times but he managed to save himself. Once we get married, that's it he's stuck forever. I mean look how horrible my marriage to Christopher went, there's the possibility things could repeat itself again but with Luke. I don't want to hurt Luke more than I all ready have in the past… it's not fair to him!"

Rory: "Mom!"

Rory raced in front of Lorelai.

Rory: "Luke is different. He's always been different. He chose to hang out with us all those years in the past when things would've been easier just to serve us and walk away. He's always been there if we needed him and he does it not just because he's being nice to us but because he really cares about us. He always goes the extra mile for you and that's because he loves you. I know things with Dad didn't work out but that was something never meant to be. If you two were meant to be you would've married him when you had me. But with Luke, as many times as you two fight; there's something that keeps you together. Fate… destiny… respect… love… whatever it is; it's exposed when you're with each other. You could never picture a future with Dad but you have pictured one with Luke… that's the only one that really matters. Don't worry about burdening him with your problems, he can handle them because you can handle his. This will work out, I know it will. I know you're scared… I'm a little scared too because we're extremely bonded with him but fear is what causes pain. You have to stop running away from your own happiness because you're scared. That's what actually causes people around you pain. The only way to stop that cycle is to just believe you're doing the right thing and jump in without doubting, "

Lorelai took a deep breath and then exhaled.

Lorelai: "I don't know what I'd do without you Rory,"

Rory: "I wouldn't want to know that either,"

They hugged and afterwards Rory finished brushing Lorelai's hair. Then she helped Lorelai touch up her makeup, and carefully placed the tiara on Lorelai's head.

When they were done, they headed for the door.

Rory: "Are you ready?"

Lorelai: "As ready as I'll ever be,"

Lorelai and Rory walked out the door and to where the others were standing.

Sookie: "Is everything okay?"

Lorelai: "It is now. Thanks for waiting everyone,"

Richard: "Rory, I know this may seem a little unorthodox but would you mind assisting me with walking your mother down the aisle? I think it would be the best for her,"

Emily: "What in Pete's sake is taking you all so long, the crowd is getting restless,"

Lorelai: "Just some hitches in getting hitched. We're ready,"

Richard: "Emily, please inform the minister that Rory will be walking along side of Lorelai and I,"

Emily: "What? That is completely absurd! Why would you ruin all my hard planning and the traditions of weddings?"

Sookie: "I think it makes more sense this way. Lorelai and Rory have always been by each other's side in life. I think it would be like them to keep that tradition going,"

Emily growled a: "Fine,"

She slinked off.

The music for the ceremony started to play. Luke and Kirk snapped into attention.

First up was April as the Flower Girl walked by in the dress that Lorelai had made for her Winter Dance (red satin with black mesh). She carefully tossed red flower petals onto the aisle behind her until she reached the alter with Luke, who put his arm around her shoulder.

Then came Paul Anka in a doggy-tuxedo, with a small maroon pillow held up in his mouth where the ring was sitting ontop. He happily made it across the aisle and to the alter, where he let the pillow gently down onto the ground.

Next up was Sookie as the Bridesmaid. She was wearing a red dress and her hair was up being held by a hairpiece with beautiful small red flowers and green leaves. She held a bouquet of pointesettias, white carnations and golden bells which lightly jingled as she made her way to the alter.

Then the music changed to "Here Comes the Bride" and the people in the chairs stood up waiting for Lorelai. She came in an off-white wedding dress with long white sleeves, pure white on the sash and on the sides of the skirt. She had her hair curly and tucked behind a tiara with some veil flowing behind it. Rory was on one side holding onto her arm and Richard was on the otherside doing the same. Rory and Richard carefully guided her down the aisle and to the alter. Luke bowed at Richard, Richard bowed at Luke, gave him Lorelai's hand and then stepped to the side. Anyone who wants a better picture of the day can check out this link. On we hosted a L/L wedding. /forum/index.php?topic8793.7305

Everyone waited for Reverend Skinner to begin.

Skinner: "We're gathered here today to celebrate the union of Lorelai Gilmore and Luke Danes in Holy Matrimony. We of Stars Hollow are joined together to witness the merging of their two lives. Now the bride has arranged for a less conventional wedding. She wishes for the witnesses to give testimonials. Rory Gilmore, would you please come to the podium and speech on Lorelai's behalf?"

Rory hesitantly walked up to the podium. She cleared her throat, took a deep breath and started off with…

Rory: "Jack and Jill went up the hill…"

The audience laughed.

Rory: "No seriously! Jack and Jill went up the hill to catch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after. This proves that love indeed has its many ups as well as its downs. My mother as you well know, is infamous for this. With her many relationships she would start off with someone, get to the point where nothing could seem to be better and then all of it would go crashing down to the other side… leaving her at the bottom alone. Nevertheless even with all of that, she never once gave up on it. She always dusted herself off and kept on going even when she herself wasn't sure if she would ever make it safely to the top. When we first started getting to know Luke it was a bumpy ride from the very beginning. I thought for sure that Mom and Luke were annoyed beyond impatience with each other. They seemed to get off on trying to break each other down. But now that I look back on it, it wasn't hate at all. In truth, it was a fact that each one in their own stubborn way, was trying to conquer each other's Great Wall of personal defense.

As the years went by, I witnessed them bonding to each other in an odd way. I noticed how they actually enjoyed each other's company through all of their teasing and sarcastic comments. To this day I still remember many years ago when my mother first asked me if I thought Luke was cute. I also remember the panic that washed over me because unknown to either of us at the time; Luke somehow slipped into our secret group. I was scared of not having him in our lives anymore and I discouraged her. Now I'm not saying I was wrong and would take it back… all though I probably would. However, I think some times two people need to take long journeys in order to end up in the same place where they want to be… like in the Wizard of Oz. My mother has always understood that relationships aren't meant to be easy and BOY does she have her way of proving it. In spite of this, here she is at the top of the hill with Luke. Even though they had fallen before, they are here again. This time they have a sled so they can be safely at the bottom together if they do fall. Luke has always been kind of like a second father to me and he's been there for me so many times I've lost count. Therefore I'm really happy, relieved and proud to call Luke my Stepfather. I couldn't think of anyone else that I'd rather have as one. You two really do belong together and I hope you have the best marriage anyone can possibly have. I hope you both have the family you've always wanted because I will be the happiest daughter in the world,"

With that Rory Luke and Lorelai shared a moment of silent teary-eyed messaging then Rory walked back to her seat.

Skinner: "Will the second witness for Lorelai and Luke's marriage speak on Luke's behalf?"

Sookie got up from her seat and walked up to the podium.

Sookie: "Who would've thought, huh? I never would've guessed in a million years that these two would be at the alter together. But then again, ever since I have met Lorelai I have learned to expect the unexpected. "The Influence of Lorelai" has happened to each and every one of us who has dealt with her. Her loud, over-hyper Kate Hudson conversations that leave you dizzy, her Madonna stubbornness, her appetite for food, and her appetite for life. No one has been hit harder by this than Luke... and let me tell you; he's a better person for it. Many years ago it was so hard to approach him because of his attitude that pushed people away. He would snap at people, make kids cry, and say whatever he wanted to even though he knew it would hurt someone. Then when Lorelai came into his life… little by little… he began to change like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Luke in return, has been the only one who can handle Lorelai in all her glory. He has taken the brunt of the Hurricane Lorelai and has seen the stormy/ calm eye in the middle of it all. He has this weird way of seeing right through her and knowing when something is wrong, then this weird way of knowing just what to say to make her feel better.

Who would've thought how much of the town is affected by Luke? Who would've thought that he would be ready for marriage? Who REALLY would've thought he'd step up to being a wonderful father? Lorelai always did. We as Stars Hollow have seen everything from these two. We saw them meet, we saw them as acquaintances, we saw them as friends, we saw them as best friends, we saw them as rivals, we saw them as lovers, we saw them as an engaged couple, we saw them fall apart, we saw them pick themselves back up, and now we see them in marriage. Frankly folks, I'm exhausted! Who needs "Dynasty" when we have them to watch? How nice it is to witness two people who are total opposites of each other, blend together to make the beginnings of a wonderful family. I know for sure that they won't ever be bored. Who could be bored with Lorelai as a wife and Luke as a husband? As long as they have each other they'll continue to change for the better. After all, that's what love does to one another,"

With that, Sookie bowed, left the podium and sat back down. Reverend Skinner stepped up to the podium again.

Lorelai and Luke though couldn't help but smile until something in the distance of chairs caught Lorelai's attention.

Skinner: "If anyone has anything to say as to why these two should not get married…."

When Luke noticed she was looking in that direction far too long, he turned his head to see what she was gazing at.

Christopher wearing a dark blue suit was standing in the aisle making eye contact with Lorelai.

Skinner: "… Speak now or forever hold your peace!"

Luke shot Chris a warning glare but it went unnoticed as heavy eye messaging shot back and forth between Chris and Lorelai. Her eyes sparked with fear and begged Chris not to say anything. All she could think was if Christopher truly cared for her and valued her relationship with him at all then he would let her be happy even if it wasn't with himself. Tension filled the air until Chris bowed, walked up to an empty seat and sat down.

Lorelai was practically crying at this point but managed to hold it together so reverend Skinner could continue.

Skinner: "Who is it that brings this woman to this man in marriage?"

Richard stepped forward with a slight bow.

Richard: "I do,"

Richard guided Lorelai's hand to Luke.

Richard: "Emily and I fought too fruitlessly against you when it was really our own prejudices that kept us distant from Lorelai a long time ago. At this point all we really want is for Lorelai to be happy and to be in the kind of life asserting commitment that her mother and I have been in because the rewards for bonding with someone in such a way that transcends beyond the threads of time makes life worth living. Lorelai found it with Rory and now she has found it with you. What's in store for you with the future will be daunting however, if you can endure it all because you love her and value your time with her then there's nothing you can't overcome together. If you truly believe that, then I give you my blessing and her hand in marriage,"

Luke: "Thank-you Richard,"

Skinner: "It seems that Lorelai and Luke wish to say their own original vows,"

When Lorelai and Luke turned to look at each other and take each other's hand, snow began to lightly fall around them.

Lorelai: "Man, I had a speech all memorized and everything. It was witty and sharp… a real Barack Obama-type speech. However, I completely forgot what I was supposed to say… I'm just going to speak from the heart.

Twenty-one years ago I arrived in Stars Hollow a broken and desperate mother. I needed a place to be myself and be able to focus on raising my daughter Rory. I needed to devote all of my time and all my love to her because she didn't have a father at the time. As a result, for many years it was just the two of us (and occasionally Mia) living alone in a small shed in the back of the Independence Inn, like Robinson Crusoe. I never once felt discouraged or self-pity because I knew it would all be worth it someday. Not too soon after moving into our house, I began to realize I had distanced myself from the people of Stars Hollow and how important it was for me to become a part of this "South Park"-like town. I understood one day Rory would be grown up enough to leave and then I would be by myself. So I dived head first into town functions and relationships. Going back to dating was very hard for me but I knew it was necessary. Unfortunately, none of them worked out and I wouldn't even bring the man I was dating home. I was afraid of Rory and I getting too attached to them only to have them break our hearts again.

Then one hot summer day I entered Luke's Diner and met a kind of man that I've never associated with before. You were defensive, stubborn, and most of all truthful. Which was something I wasn't used to… people telling things how it really is instead of how they wanted it to be. I admired but I also hated that, because it made you seem mean and uncaring. I had enough of people like that in my life and I thought maybe I could annoy you out of it. The only reason I figured you pushed people away was because you didn't trust anyone enough to drop your Firewall. All I did was be as truthful as I could and not hold anything back, even if it sounded crazy. Because then you would know I was so open; I could be trusted. Eventually I came to find out what sort of person you really are. Luke Danes I learned; may seem to push people away but when he sees people he cares about in trouble, he jumps in to help like a knight of the round table. By that time, I finally started to feel like you didn't think I was Tom Green being overbearingly annoying anymore. Except it was replaced with this strange feeling of not wanting to get you involved with my life too deeply because I didn't want to end up hurting you. I didn't want to be a burden to someone who I could actually rely and count on for comfort when I needed it.

Unintentionally, little by little… you did get involved in my life and Rory's life. You were the first man I let into our house… into our lives. You didn't back out of our lives, you went along with us. It was our little routine. It was such a comfortable routine that I didn't want to doubt or question anything about it. You didn't even HAVE to do those things. Rory wasn't your daughter and I wasn't your wife but you wanted to be there for us anyway. We went through everything together. Even when people I knew pressured me about my feelings for you… I didn't want to believe it. It was dead set in my mind and by Rory that in no way could I allow myself to get into a serious relationship with you because I didn't want you not to be in ours lives if it didn't work out. But maybe I felt love for you all along. Maybe that's why it was so important for me to keep being close to you and why since I met you, none of my relationships with other men worked out. It was because I was already in love with you and couldn't stay in any other relationship. On the other hand, both you and I were too stubborn to admit it ourselves. We had some real big fallouts and we constantly didn't see eye to eye on things. But we some how managed to compromise and work things out.

Those were some of the best years of my life because I had the most fun of my life. I felt like nothing could get better than those days. I got into some big relationships, you got into some big relationships and Rory got into some big relationships. While they were great, when none of them worked out; all three of us ended up being still together. The weirdest version of a family ever, but that's what we were and still are… a family. The Flintstone/Rubble variety. I never knew what a family was so I couldn't determine for myself that we were in one, you or Rory didn't know either. To me, your diner had become a place of comfort. I found myself many times seeking your comfort when I was upset, discouraged or crying my eyes out. It was something I didn't allow anyone but Rory to see. But I knew I could just let go with you around because you only says things you believe are true and can make me feel better. You tell me things I need to hear that if anyone else would say them; I probably would've ignored.

I didn't want to risk destroying our relationship but when you and I finally started dating, I couldn't help but be in it all the way. It might have been selfish but it's what you wanted too. We both already knew each other so well that we didn't have to go all the way back to the beginning again like in the Matrix. We just moved the relationship up a notch and it was surprisingly easy. It feels really good to be in that sort of relationship with someone where I don't have to put on a tough mask all the time or a silly mask. I can just be myself and know that you can accept all of it.

Some of the happiest experiences of being in relationship took place with you but also some of the worst experiences. I think they happened to prove to me my feelings for you aren't something that can just go away. I had to overcome my own personal flaws to make the future I wanted for myself. Feeling the pain and hurt made me appreciate the feelings of relief and joy, when I did get back together with you. I don't want to give up those good feelings again! Ever! I understand marriage will be even harder especially with a future family involved but I am 100 percent determined to give all that I have and put it into the relationship. I want to possess the best family I could possibly ever have, with my old and new families. I won't let anything happen to ruin that.

So here I am on the grounds of the Dragonfly Inn in December, with snow falling all around me, and getting married to the greatest man in the world…. I'm the luckiest woman. I couldn't ask for anything better… I even feel like this is TOO good for me. But, I have a terrible fear that this is all just a dream and I might wake up to see all of it never happened. If it is just a dream then I want to stay in it forever with you, Rory and everyone else at my side. Thank-you Luke and Stars Hollow, for giving me everything I have ever wanted and more. For that I vow to always be here with you for the rest of my life,"

A little eye messaging went on between Lorelai and Luke until Luke finally spoke up.

"There was a long time when I thought that I was meant to be alone. My mother left us when she died, my sister left when she graduated High School, my father left when he died, Anna left when we broke up and then Rachel left the same way. All I really had was the diner. Naturally I thought; "Okay then, I have my health and the diner… that's all I really need." So I withdrew myself from the town. I guess I was afraid if I let someone into my life again that they would leave me, too. I just couldn't take another hit. I couldn't stand seeing everyone in town happy in a "Children of the Corn" creepy kind of way and it's probably because I knew I couldn't be like that. Sometimes Liz needed my help and I was gladly there for her but I felt as if no one else really depended on me or cared if I was around or not.

Then one day this Tasmanian Devil Woman came spinning up to me and demanded I give her coffee. I told you off but you refused to back down and just became more determined to get what you wanted. Boy did that get on my nerves! But at the same time it was like being in a competitive sport, I liked the rushed and I was anxious to see how to beat you in it. You weren't afraid to confront me to get your coffee and food. Then you just opened your life up to me. To me you were so; carefree, electrifying and charismatic that you seemed to lighten up the diner every time you came in. I was actually jealous of you for being like that. You never expected anything from me other than food or coffee but something about you made me want to. I looked forward to seeing you everyday and on days you didn't show up I couldn't function properly.

Then I learned about your past and the opposite way that you were raised… and of course about your relationship with Rory. I knew Rory previously from noticing her in stupid town plays and ontop of floats but I never could've imagined that you were her mother. Then, the two of you decided you would come to the diner every day to eat and annoy me. I know I groaned and complained like in "Dirty Old Men" but it was my way of keeping you from realizing how much I liked being with you two. The whole wanting to live my life alone thing was falling apart. I couldn't figure out why though. Maybe it was because you and Rory accepted me into your lives so unconditionally but for whatever reason, I wanted to make sure that I was there for you and her. I knew both of you would do the same thing for me. We supported each other in a way, I had lost a long time ago. You're right. It WAS like a twisted version of a family… that's exactly what it was. We had a routine, a life that revolved around each other in this mysterious and concealed way. Yes, I was still the same old grumpy self but I knew I was moving in a better direction.

It was because of you just being yourself. I was able to find in you the things that I lacked myself. There have been times when I needed your insight into the world because I couldn't see it. There have been times when I found myself running off to you because I needed encouragement to make sure I was making right decisions. You never once turned me away even if you and I were fighting. I never liked seeing you anything other than being happy. It bothered me too much to see you sad, upset or agitated. I understood how deep the situations must've been for you to be like that and letting me help you with it felt like an honor. We definitely had our share of fighting and not being able to see eye to eye on things but it was important to the both of us that we made up because we really do need each other. That's what it comes down to. When I knew no one else was looking, I could be this whole other person that no one else got to witness but you and Rory. When I was with you, it felt like we were the only two people in the world at that moment… with Rory; three. I also agree with you saying that; those innocent years were some of the best years of my life too. Because even though I might have been in relationships with other women, I still had you and Rory in my life. You both always tried your hardest to try to get me involved in the community and attempt to better myself. I never would've had so much happy and fun times if it weren't for you two always being around. I got so used to you being with me all the time that I never questioned why either. I always had it in the back of my head that you would never want to be romantically involved with me. Like I was never in your league. Even when women I dated tried to point it out to me… I guess you and I had a lot more in common than we thought.

I'm just glad the time I realized I was in love with you, was the same time you realized the same thing about me. It was such a huge relief to see that we really did have a lot in common other than mocking things. Going into a romantic relationship with you was nerve-wracking at first because I had no idea how you would react to things. I didn't have to worry at all. Once we got together, things just took off on their own like an airplane. Never in my life have I been in a relationship like this where I could love spending every waking moment with someone. Where I could actually set aside my reservations on things like marriage and kids because I realized I really wanted them all along. But I was too busy being caught up in mistrust and miscommunication to realize it. My uncertainties about our relationship was getting the best of me and when I found out about April it made them worse. But I couldn't handle both situations at the same time so I went with the one that was easier for me.

Even though April was in my life; I still felt as if something was missing and I felt alone again. When events in my life started to connect to you again I couldn't help but want to be with you through them. Suddenly it was us, together… back into our usual, past routines again. It seems like every step afterwards kept leading me to you and this moment. So I'm taking it for all it has to offer. Ever since I met you the feeling that I am never truly alone has been proven. I have you, Rory, Liz, Jess, April, Sookie, Jackson, crazy Kirk and even this crazier town that I wouldn't have otherwise known. So I won't ever feel alone ever again… especially with things to come. So I vow to love you and be with you for the rest of my life,"

They finished and by then most of the people in the seats were crying. The reverend turned to Lorelai.

Skinner: "All right then. Now for the rings, Lorelai…"

Kirk: "Hold on, I'll get them!"

Kirk excitedly ran to Paul Anka and bent down. Paul Anka got spooked and ran off behind Lorelai leaving the pillow on the ground. When Kirk spotted the "rings" there his eyes widened in shock.

Kirk: "These are imposters! Some evil fiend has switched the real ones with fakes…!"

Luke: "Uh, Kirk…"

Kirk: "An unspeakable crime has been committed during one of life's most precious moments… staining it forever with pain and despair…"

Lorelai: "KIRK!"

Kirk looked up at Lorelai and Luke who had the most unamuzed faces ever.

Kirk: "Yes?"

Lorelai: "You know how some museums have replica paintings on display instead of real ones and the real ones are actually hidden away from view some place else in case someone attempts to steal the real ones…?"

Kirk: "Yes…"

Lorelai: "Welcome to the Museum of Lorelai Art,"

Luke: "In otherwords… we put fake rings there purposely. The last thing we wanted to happen was Paul Anka accidently swallowing one of the rings. I explained this to you yesterday but apparently you didn't listen,"

Lorelai: "So if the rings aren't on the pillow and Kirk had no idea…. Where IS the ring?"

Luke: "I gave it to Kirk this morning,"

Lorelai: "Oh my God…"

Kirk: "AH HA…!"

Kirk went fishing through his pockets.

Kirk: "I remember now…. Where I put it….!"

Kirk then proceeded to take his shoes off and everyone around him had puzzled looks.

Lorelai: "Rainman…. Why are you taking your shoes off?"

Kirk: "I made sure to put the ring in a place I couldn't lose it. I put it in my shoes,"

Rory: "It's sad but that actually makes sense to me,"

Luke: "Kirk, I swear… if you mess up one more time; even a blood hound won't be able to find your body,"

Kirk: "I got it… I got it… see?"

There in his hand was a ring. He placed the shoe in his other hand onto the floor and then stood up. He walked over to Luke presenting the ring… when he tripped over the corner of the chouppa. In horror everyone watched as the ring; flew out of Kirk's hand, bounced off the alter floor with a "tink" sound, headed off the stage and shot towards one of the heaters! Suddenly, Taylor stood up from where he was sitting, the ring rebounded off his stomach and Miss Patty was able to catch it.

Lorelai: "I never thought I would ever say this but… Taylor you're my hero!"

Luke: "Why did you have to say that?"

Lorelai: "Fine… thank-you Buddha,"

While Luke went to fetch the ring from Taylor, Lorelai marched up to Kirk.

Lorelai much like Donald Trump said: "You're fired!"

Kirk: "Fired? But I won this position fair and square!"

Lorelai: "Kirk, if you don't leave this stage right this minute… there's going to be a wedding AND a funeral! Of course it will totally suck afterwards because I look horrible in stripes!"

Kirk: "Do you think this is fair?"

Kirk turned to the audience and everyone adverted their looks. Kirk finally settled on Lulu.

Kirk: "Lulu…?"

Lulu stood up.

Lulu: "Sorry Kirk, I love you sweetie but you WERE an idiot,"

Kirk: "Fine, I don't have to take this… I'm going home!"

Kirk ran off stage bawling while Lulu ran after him.

Luke returned to the alter where Lorelai was standing.

Luke: "Great work, now we're out a Best Man,"

Lorelai: "I'm sorry but I feel safer without him on stage,"

Luke: "Like he's Michael Richards or something? Lorelai, I understand you're upset but… now what are we going to do?"

Lorelai: "Just continue where we left off. We really don't need a Best Man and luckily for me I was wary enough NOT to let Kirk anywhere near MY ring…"

Rory took out a ring that was hidden in her bouquet and handed it to Lorelai.

"It looks like you could use a replacement Best Man,"

A very familiar male voice caused a stir. Lorelai and Luke turned to see where the voice was coming from.

At the beginning of the long white carpet down the aisle stood Jess. The audience talked among each other in excitement whispers while Lorelai and Luke just stood there stunned. The only person who actually said: "Jess" aloud was Rory.

Finally as Jess began walking towards the stage, Luke snapped out of it.

Luke: "What are you doing here, aren't you supposed to be in jail or some place like that?"

Jess: "What a kind greeting, Luke. Actually, I was in England for a month with my art buddies trying to sell our stuff out there when I came home to find your message on my machine. I didn't know if I'd get here in time but I figured I could at least get here for the buffet. Then Kirk came running by me, crying something about being an ex-Best Man and rings… I put two-and-two together and realized you might be out a Best Man. So, do you need a replacement?"

Luke: "There's no one more qualified than you. Go ahead if you want to,"

Jess: "I think I will,"

Jess walked up to the stage shook Luke's hand and then nodded to Lorelai.

Jess: "Lorelai,"

Lorelai: "Hi Jess…welcome"

Skinner turned to Luke: "Luke, now repeat after me; "With this ring, I thee wed. Take it and wear it as a symbol of all we shall share." Then place the ring on her finger,"

So Luke took Lorelai's hand and said,

Luke: "With this ring, I thee wed. Take it and wear it as a symbol of all we shall share. "

He placed the ring on her finger. Lorelai turned to Rory. Rory acknowledged it was her turn and carefully approached Lorelai with the ring and placed it in her hand. Rory returned to her place before the alter and Lorelai turned back to Luke.

Skinner: "Lorelai, now repeat after me; With this ring, I thee wed. Take it and wear it as a symbol of all we shall share. Then place the ring on his finger,"

Lorelai took Luke's hand.

Lorelai: "With this ring, I thee wed. Take it and wear it as a symbol of all we shall share. "

With that she put the ring on his finger.

Skinner: "By the power invested to me by the state of Connecticut, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride!"

Lorelai and Luke kissed happily.

Skinner to the audience: "Please stand for Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore-Danes!"

Everyone stood up clapping as "Here Comes the Bride" played, which interrupted the kiss.

Lorelai: "Hey, we're trying to kiss here!"

Luke: "I think you'll have to save it for later. Now come on,"

With that they walked down the aisle escorted by everyone else.

The reception was set inside the newly remodeled Independence Inn. The place still had no furnature or anything telling it was an inn but the walls were nicely painted and there was enough room to have buffet tables. There was also enough room to sit all the guest at smaller round tables in groups. The decorations were holiday colors of red and green. The sound of ringing glasses prompted kisses from them (followed by some grunts of embarrassment from Luke).

Luke: "When are they going to stop that?"

Lorelai: "When they have food in their mouths,"

Luke: "Then let's get going with it,"

Sookie with a microphone: "Now we will be eating in a moment but first Emily Gilmore would like to say something. Emily?"

Lorelai nearly choked and Luke sat up straight as Emily rose (sitting next to Richard of course) from her table, poised and all. Sookie walked over to her and gave the microphone to her.

Emily began with: "Well… at least Lorelai made it to the reception this time,"

Everyone laughed uneasily while Lorelai's face had a different emotion (more of "you're glad there's all these witnesses around so I can't kill you" look).

Emily: "I never really thought much about any of the men in Lorelai's life. Christopher never quite understood why she kept him at a distance and I honestly detested the thought that Lorelai would ever fall for someone like Luke. Lorelai comes from a wealthy, proud, high-class family and she has never liked it. In fact she constantly did everything in her power to break out of the "good breeding" mold by defying her father and I! The more we pushed her, the harder she pushed back. I thought for sure when she ran away with Rory, there was no chance in Hell anyone could ever be able to handle her.

Then as Lorelai re-entered our lives, I came to Rory's 16th birthday party to see her…. with Luke. She was smiling happily, hugging him, and being completely unguarded! And I hated that! I was jealous of that! The thought that some filthy diner owner could affect her in a way I never could, twisted every bit of envy in me! Even though I confronted her many times about it, she refused to see it herself. That I found, was the most evidence of all. In every single one of her relationships with other men, once she had determined she liked them; she would jump right into a deep relationship. Then when the relationship became too intimate and tensions roused, she would get scared off and everything would fall apart. I could tell she didn't want to do that with Luke, which was why it took her so long to figure out her true feelings about him. Even a mother like me knows these things when we see it.

I tried so hard to keep her on the path I most believed she was suited for but every time I did, I kept coming out empty-handed and she was there with Luke and Rory. I found every bit of negative quality in him and tried desperately to make Lorelai aware of them. Even when she and Luke weren't in speaking terms, I unfortunately knew it was eventual they would find each other again. When the engagement was off and Lorelai was with Christopher, I could tell that she wasn't as happy as she was with Luke. It made me angry to know she wouldn't end up with Rory's father but instead end up with a man that hurt her as much as Luke did then. Suddenly I looked up and Lorelai came rampaging through my house threatening Richard and I to come to her wedding with Luke. Her father and I sat there afterwards totally flabbergasted. Then as we discussed it, we began to realize that Lorelai was fighting for it. She was sticking with Luke for nothing other than the simple fact that she loved him and loved being with him. I suppose that's when we thought she might actually go through with marriage this time. She finally GOT it… what marriage really is about. The family stuff can only come from THAT. It would be nice this time to have grandchildren I can truly say; I saw them growing up. That's all that I demand from them for now on. To Lorelai and Luke,"

Emily held her glass up for a toast, the rest of the room followed. They toasted and drank.

Sookie: "For you Luke someone wishes to give you and Lorelai her regards…"

Maisy (the co-owner from Sniffy's Tavern) stood up.

Maisy: "You came into my restaurant almost everyday since your father died seeking some sort of comfort I assumed. Then about ten years ago, you came by less and less. Sometimes not for weeks. I always wondered why. I figured it was because you found something else that gave you comfort. No matter what though, you always came to my restaurant alone. That was until one night when you brought Lorelai along.

From the moment I first laid eyes on you two, I knew Lorelai must be someone special. You were laughing, rolling your eyes but enjoying it, and never once was there a glance to anywhere else besides who was sitting next to you. Never since before your father died had I seen you like that. It was like you two were teenagers; in your own little world. It made me curious to know what kind of person Lorelai was to have you act like that. It was immediate the moment I said; "I like places with a seedy past… the best places do" because when she added with: "…And the best people" it made sense to me. She was like that herself. But you had your own burdens to bear too and it didn't faze her at all. Since that night, I hoped you two would be the way Buddy and I are. There are some times when we don't get along and don't agree on things. However as I see it, if you are willing to get over yourself and respect the other person; you'll always realize how important it is to stay together and work out those pesky problems. Because when you're with someone who makes life worth living, it would mean everything if you lose them. Like you're less of yourself or missing a piece of your heart. I know that you had to go a long way to figure it out yourselves. I have confidence in the both of you because I know you feel it too. Never have I known you to be a quitter Lucas and I hope I never do. Your father and mother would be proud, knowing that you've found what makes you happy and made the right decision in wanting to be with her forever. They themselves were different from each other and often didn't see in the same way. But they always appreciated the time they spent together and the loving family they created with it. I hope that passes onto you Lucas and I hope you have a longer time to spend with her than they did. You certainly deserve it. To Lorelai and Luke: may you live a happy, long life together…!"

The room toasted.

Sookie: "We have another person who would like to give a toast,"

A lady stood up from her seat and said: "I would like to give a toast to Lorelai and Luke.

Everyone realized it was Mia.

Lorelai: "Mia, I would be honored if you would give a speech it's an equal exchange,"

Mia: "Lorelai, as you grew up in this Inn… I remember constantly being scared for you. I was scared of the thought of Rory moving on with her life and leaving you behind. It terrified me. At the same time I was also scared for another person. After Luke's mother died, he started to become quieter and then when his father died it was hard for him to open up to anyone or anything. So I was terrified he would become a miserable person. Then I moved to California and left you in charge of the Independence because I knew you were the right person for the job. But those fears stayed in the back of my mind. Then, I returned to Stars Hollow and right away I could tell things had changed. The second I stepped into the Diner and saw it was different; I was taken back. The last time I had left the diner it was dark, there was this negative feeling that resonated throughout the place, and Luke was adamant not to change anything in the diner or in his life. But walking into the diner when I came back was like walking into an entirely different place. It was colorful, lively, and there was a sense of comfort there. Then you told me you had convinced Luke to change it. I couldn't have been happier to hear that. Some time while I was away, the two people I was worried about the most had found each other and started to change. I sat and I watched as they interacted with each other. Teasing and laughing… normally in the past Luke would've felt insulted by what people said and start threatening to hit them or storm off… but he didn't. Instead he just went right along with everyone and teased back. Lorelai meanwhile, you seemed to be in your element. I could tell you made a deep connection to someone other than Rory or I where you let them see your vulnerable side. It made me feel relieved to know that. Since then I've heard about the ons and offs of your relationship but I had intuition that told me you two would be here someday. To Lorelai; the daughter I never had… To Luke; the other son I've never had… I toast to you on this day. I hope you never lose the bonds you have with each other!"

Everyone toasted.

Sookie: "One last person wishes to speak,"

Liz stood up laughing.

Liz: "Oh man, I am not good at this kind of thing without a stiff drink but I'll give it a shot. Luke… my big brother… my only support system… my hero… I couldn't be prouder to see you here married to Lorelai. It's funny but when I ran into her that first time; I thought she was Nicole because she talked about you like you were her husband. When she assured me she wasn't I couldn't get over it. We talked and she agreed with me on everything I had to say about you. I remember very clearly, her telling me you were one of the good ones… maybe THE good one. That was when I knew you two were destined to be together. For someone to see you the way I see you… that meant you allowed her to get to know you and ever since Dad died that was something I thought wouldn't ever happen. I was so afraid you would be like Dad after Mom died… ragged, tired all the time, closed off your heart to people, and not wanting to be alone for up to your death but deciding that's how it's going to be. To tell you the truth; the more we talked after I met Lorelai, the more I noticed the changes in you. That hot temper and short patience of yours that would make you snap at me… it wasn't there as much. You smiled and laughed especially when I would bring up Lorelai. Even when you were left alone with TJ I thought for sure you would've gone off on him but you didn't. I was always rooting for you two to realize what I image the future could hold for you. It took a while, and took a lot of getting over pain but you finally did it… and I am so happy for you. Because Luke you really do deserve someone who will keep you happy and wanting to live life to the fullest and the only person I know who can do that for you is Lorelai. To Luke and Lorelai… may you live the rest of your lives in harmony, peace, and happiness!"

Everyone cheered.

Sookie: "Now for the food!"

So they ate. A video camera was passed around to tables where the townies gave their wishes. Anna stopped by to pick up April. Andrew left to drop off Paul Anka at his. Then there was cake.

Lorelai managed to sneak away to head towards the bathroom when she ran into Christopher.

Chris: "Lore,"

Lorelai: "Chris,"

Chris: "I wanted to find you so I can say goodbye. I really should go now before things get harder for me to bear,"

Lorelai: "I'm so sorry Christopher, being here must be killing you but it really means a lot to me,"

Chris: "I have to confess some things. I was away on a business trip. I called earlier today to wish you a Merry Christmas before taking Gigi to see her mother but it was while you were setting things up for the wedding… that I didn't know about until Michel told me. At first I wasn't going to come but then as I thought about it more, I found myself getting more upset. Upset that you didn't tell me about getting married to Luke… like I didn't matter to you anymore. I have to admit that I did head towards the door with the idea in my head of breaking the wedding. But as I walked towards my car, I stopped by the mailbox because it was overflowing with mail. Inside there I found this…"

Chris revealed an invitation.

Lorelai: "I have to admit I almost didn't send one to you… I was scared you or Luke might be offended if I did send it. But when I brought it up with Luke, he insisted I send it to you. He wanted to make sure there were no bumpy roads between any of us,"

Chris: "Which ass why I decided to come here just for you. You and I will always have the past to connect us so I owe it to you and to our friendship to be there for all the important moments in your life. It's too bad I just realized that. I'm sorry,"

Lorelai: "We're okay Chris… there's no need to apologize anymore. I'm really glad you came,"

Chris: "Me, too. Goodbye Lorelai… good luck,"

Lorelai: "Thank-you Christopher. I hope you find something that makes you happy like I have,"

With that they had a very short and uncomfortable hug before Chris left. Lorelai then went to the bathroom and came out in a totally different white dress. One that is easier to dance in. She carried the wedding dress back over to the reception. Emily happened to be walking by when she spotted her.

Emily: "Lorelai, what is this a Calvin Klien ad? Why aren't you wearing your wedding dress!"

Lorelai: "Actually I thought this was going to be like an Andy Warhol kind of party. I had my leather and chains ready but I decided to save them for our one year anniversary. Seriously Mom, I'm gonna have to shake my grove thing on the dance floor soon and I can't do that in that dress. Besides, this is me… this is the way I am and the way I like to feel,"

Emily: "I don't have time to be frusterated with you right now because we have to do the cake ceremony and then dance but believe me when this thing is over…"

Lorelai: "…I'm going to move to Antartica,"

Emily sneered at Lorelai but walked away.

It was cake time! Lorelai and Luke cut the cake. There were evil looks on both Lorelai and Luke's faces but neither one actually went through with anything. Finally there was the first dance. Lane and the band were set up on a stage-like area. Lane took the microphone.

Lane: "My band and I are going to play after the first dance but for Lorelai and Luke, we have specially arranged guest singers! First, Lorelai and Luke please come to up to the dance floor,"

Lorelai and Luke with slight bashful faces, walked over to the dance floor.

A lady stepped up to the microphone along with another lady. The first lady was Sam Phillips. The second person was Carol King as "Sophie".

Sophie: "Many of you know me as Sophie who owns the Music Store. I started out a long time ago as a struggling musician when I met Sam Phillips here. When I heard Lorelai and Luke were finally getting married I wanted them to have the best wedding they could possibly have. I wanted to give them a special present and so I asked Sam to help me sing a song to you,"

Sam Phillips sang the first chorus of "Reflecting Light"

Lorelai and Luke danced beautifully together grinning and smiling, until Lorelai made funny faces to try and get Luke to laugh. Luke in return, "accidentally" stepped on her foot causing HER to laugh. By then Sophie was singing the second chorus. Finally getting the hint, Lane flagged for everyone else to join them.

Rory was sitting when Jess approached her.

Jess: "You're sitting along by yourself? I can't stand by and let that happen. You don't owe me anything but would you like to dance?"

Rory thought for a minute then she replied.

Rory: "Sure,"

Rory and Jess were making their way to the dance floor as the song was switched to "Natural Woman".

Jess: "Rory, there are things I've wanted to tell you… that I never had the courage to say before. I've learned so much about myself and the world during the past few years. It's only because of that, I've realized the mistakes I've made and what I want to happen. I messed up my chance to be with you. Half of me was scared of opening myself to you and the other half of me was scared of hurting you. By running away; I did end up hurting you and that guilt hurt me. But there's nothing I can do about that now. With Luke marrying Lorelai it's official. I wasn't there for you in the past but with this marriage I guess it kind of makes us like family. I just wanted to let you know that from now on I'll be more involved in your life. I'm going to try to be here for them and for you if you ever need me,"

Rory: "Jess, the timing was never right for us. The chemistry never quite added up to what a deeply committed relationship should entail. I wish things could have been different but when they fell apart; I wasn't surprised… just disappointed. I've learned a lot about myself as well. I've gained more confidence in myself and gained insight about the Real World. What would be the best thing for me gain now is a family life so I can have one of my own someday… like my mother has said for herself. I would love it… to have you… be in this family of ours. As much as you and my mother haven't gotten along… you two really do think a lot alike and your attitudes get in the way of accepting each other,"

Jess: "It's because we're so much a like that we clash but I have evolved since we last interacted with each other. I hope the past can be overlooked,"

Rory: "I know it can… my mother is working on it,"

By the time they finished talking the first dance was over and people started sitting back down. Lorelai and Luke sat back down. They watched as Rory and Jess kept dancing and talking.

Luke: "I think that has been long overdue,"

Lorelai: "It looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship,"

Luke: "You never miss the opportunity to slip a Casablanca reference in,"

Lorelai: "You bet,"

Luke: "I probably should bring this up since we seem to have a moment to ourselves…"

Lorelai: "What? Oh no, I didn't marry Gary Busey cleverly disguised as Luke did I?"

Luke: "No…. I'm not Gary Busey… I'm Nick Nolte,"

Lorelai: "Okay… that'll do,"

Luke: "We forgot about some thing kind of important when we planned all the wedding stuff,"

Lorelai: "What's that?"

Luke: "It involves dirty jokes…"

Lorelai: "Oh my God, we forgot about the Honeymoon! How did we manage to skip over that?"

Luke: "Well, we were concentraiting so much on the actual wedding part that I guess we didn't have enough brain power to think of the Honeymoon,"

Lorelai: "That's not good. What kind of married couple forgets about their Honeymoon?"

Luke: "Ones that were passed out from drinking on their Honeymoon,"

Lorelai: "Not funny… everyone is going to expect we have a flashy Honeymoon,"

Luke: "How? We would have to book something right now. You have no money because you invested everything into renovating the Independence Inn. I have little-to-no money because of paying for April and saving to buy expensive things we'll need. Besides that when we come back it'll be around Christmas week,"

Lorelai thought for a moment… then an epiphany hit her.

Lorelai: "I've got it… the PERFECT plan…!"

The reception continued with throwing the bouqet and stuff like that. As that went on Lorelai spent most of the time talking to her parents and Rory. Luke watched on in curiousity. Finally the reception ended. Lorelai and Luke hopped into a waiting limo and it drove.

Luke: "Uh, where are going?"

Lorelai: "It's a surprise… you'll see when we get there,"

Not too soon afterwards the limo came to a stop.

Lorelai: "We're here,"

The chauffer got out and opened the door for them. Lorelai and Luke stepped out.

Luke: "Uh, Lorelai…?"

They were at Lorelai's House.

Luke: "Unless the house magically turns into a hotel or a spa like in Cinderella… I don't get it,"

Lorelai: "We'll love shack it up here for a few weeks,"

Luke: "Nope… I still can't quite grasp the concept of this…"

Lorelai: "The townies were informed we went to some kind of secret location for our Honeymoon when in reality we'll be here… just you and me. My mother sent someone to drive the Jeep my parent's mansion. Occassionally Rory will "stop by to check on the house" but instead she'll sneak us out so we can go to have dinner in New York or something like that. If it lasts beyond Christmas week my parents will "stop by to pick up something" and sneak us out. We'll go to Liz's to say hi to her and Doula, go to my parent's Christmas party, and then go with Rory to Boston. My parents are willing to pay for a hotel in Boston for the week until New Years Day. Then, Rory can sneak us back to the house. My main objective is for us to have a vacation from the mundane, daily life thing but not on the expense of missing out on what's really important to us,"

Luke: "I'm still not sure how this thing is supposed to go but I don't care as long as I can spend some time with you,"

Lorelai: "Okay then, let's try it out… if it sucks then we can improvise something else,"

Lorelai walked up the steps to the door and Luke joined her.

Luke: "Uh, am I supposed to carry you across the threshould…?"

Lorelai: "Um Luke, you're not exactly a spring chicken… I have this horrible image of hearing a cracking noise and then you breaking your back and having to spend our honeymoon in a hospital,"

Luke: "Do you think I'm as old as Larry King or something? Maybe you're saying this because you're not as LIGHT as a feather anymore…"

Lorelai: "Okay this is going to a bad place, very fast… let's change subjects because I know there's no way you could carry me,"

Luke: "Excuse me?"

Lorelai: "Yeah, I bet Rory earlier that you'd back out of it… Andrew Jackson come to Mama,"

Luke: "Hey now…"

Lorelai: "Don't worry Luke, the most important thing is your health… I hear the calcium in elderly's bones decreases so it makes it harder for them to carry even groceries without breaking bones. At least you can lift a paint can without your knees cracking. I mean you cook a lot and I know you don't have arthritis yet…"

Luke: "This is reverse psychology isn't it?"

Lorelai: "What? Of course not, if it WAS; I would've told you that when my parents married the second time; my father carried my mother across the threshould and he's ancient. But I'll avoid dipping into the unnecessary waters to ensure your safety,"

Luke: "Get over here,"

Lorelai: "I think I'm better off right where I am,"

Luke: "See, you instigate this and then back out…. you're the real whimp,"

Lorelai: "Fine, the only way to put this to rest once and for all is to suck it up and just do this,"

Luke: "Fine,"

Luke started to move towards Lorelai.

Lorelai: "Luke…?"

Luke: "What?"

Lorelai: "Door…"

Luke: "What about it?"

Lorelai: "Open it first. The last we need is for my head to knock on it,"

Luke: "Oh… right,"

So Luke swung the door open and with some minor discussion on how to do the whole thing, he finally managed to carry her through the door.

Lorelai: "Wow, I can't believe you actually fell for all that stuff I said… I was just kidding. Thanks, though this was fun,"

Luke: "I should've known. Lorelai…?"

Lorelai: "Yeah?"

Luke: "Can you close the door? I can't move right now, without screaming in pain,"

Lorelai sighed.

Lorelai: "Great I broke my husband on the first night of our marriage,"
With that Lorelai closed the door behind them.

I kind of had problems with how I should end this episode. I didn't know if it was realistic to have Luke carry Lorelai through the door but after watching "Raincoats and Recipes" I decided it totally made sense.

My grandmother died during the making of this episode. So I would like to dedicate this episode to "Maisy" may you be with "Buddy" in heaven. You'll be in my heart forever. Thanks for all the kindness and understanding you gave to everyone around you.

Next episode….

Episode 8: "Shoots and Ladders,"- While on the street Rory spots something and her instincts kick in telling her to investigate. She ends up diving into a HUGE scoop that will give her one hell of a headline… or perhaps DEADline. Lorelai and Luke's month long honeymoon comes to an end but could their marriage also come to an end? Lorelai and Luke have one of their classic fights but it suddenly spins into a tornado as Lorelai refuses to back down. Just as it may seem like getting married might have been a mistake, something unpredictable happens and it causes ripples that continue to effect them… spilling into the next episode. Hint- it's NOT what you're thinking… or is it?